Ardern’s thugs accused of ‘ritualised rape’ in arrest of alt media couple

Hannah Spierer and Kelvyn Alp as they are normally seen on their Counterspin channel, part of the Infowars network. Spierer was forced by NZ cops to give a DNA sample by being bent frontwards over a table.


DETAILS have emerged of the brutal arrest of the hosts of Counterspin, New Zealand’s leading alternative media site, by Christchurch cops on August 25th. The pair face 28 years in jail under draconian censorship legislation for sharing a link to “an objectionable publication” about the Christchurch mosque shooting.

The “offending information” was at a link made available on February 22nd, and declared “objectionable” two days later. It was to a small cut from an online commentary about the shooting by the Australian video maker Max Igan, who fled Australia during the pandemic and is now a resident of Mexico.

A squad of 20 cops, some heavily armed, raided the home of Hannah Spierer and her partner Kelvyn Alp, who regularly feature as co-hosts on the media channel. All electronics including production equipment, mobile phones, drives and computers were seized.

“It seems the state via its Chief Censor, believes it’s the sole arbiter of what information people have access to. Kelvyn and Hannah reject these allegations,” Counterspin reported.

“Counterspin Media have at least four open investigations into Government, Police and State Service corruption, including, but not limited to crimes against humanity. We believe this current action is an attempt to shut down our ability to bring information of vital public interest/importance to the people.”

Prominent NZ broadcast journalist Liz Gunn was told by Spierer she was grabbed by three cops, thrown to the ground and handcuffed, but not Alp (CN: provocation attempt?). Spierer said she was dragged into the medical room at the police station because she refused to give a saliva sample for DNA.

She said five officers then bent her forward over a table to give a sample before taking a blood pin prick. “What does that tell you?” said Gunn. “Imagine being a woman and having five burly men bend you over a table. You know what I’m saying. It’s a ritualized version of rape.”

Gunn said the arrests and charges did not add up. Why, for instance did they wait six months to make the arrest and to whom was the material objectionable? She suggested the arrests were designed to coincide with Stuff Media’s hit piece documentary Fire and Fury, demonizing various so-called conspiracy theorists active in the country.

“Is there something they want to hide about that (the massacre)? Why would they go after two people who put a small cut from an overseas person who’s investigating it? Why would they come down with such severity? They charged them and would potentially put them behind bars for 28 years for playing a small cut of something that someone else is doing?” Gunn asked.

“Jacinda Ardern, is there something more that we the people of New Zealand need to ask you about what actually went on in Christchurch?”

Counterspin also reported on the mainstream media response: “New Zealand’s NewsHub TV news dragged out of the basement or from under the foot bridge outside your child’s school New Zealand’s top disinformation troll Byron C Clark to comment on the recent arrest of Counterspin media hosts Hannah Spierer and Kelvyn Alp.

“Without thinking he managed to confirm that Counterspin Media and Alex Jones are winning the infowar and the numbers of people getting caught up in ‘conspiracy theories’ is growing. But rest assured, Byron has some comforting tips to help those who are not buying the mainstream and government BS narrative.”

Alp and Spierer were charged under the Films, Videos and Publications Act 1993, which was amended by the Ardern government in 2021 as the Films, Videos, and Publications Classification (Urgent Interim Classification of Publications and Prevention of Online Harm) Amendment Bill, which included draconian jail terms for online content deemed harmful.

The pair were remanded on bail to enter pleas on September 21. Supporters, labeled as “anti-Government demonstrators” by media, gathered outside the court and clashed with a group of rent-a-mob Antifa types who back Ardern. 

After being forcibly moved into the dock by court security guards and police officers Alp and Spierer read from a prepared script: “I do not argue the law, facts, jurisdiction or venue,” Spierer said. “I am only here to settle this matter.”

When asked by media why he didn’t go to the dock, Alp said “we’re the captain of our vessels, not them”. then accused them of “going on to spread false information about the Christchurch mosque attack”.

Stuff Ltd (previously Fairfax New Zealand) is a privately held news media company in a duopoly with NZ Media and Entertainment. Stuff Ltd owns the country’s largest news website, nine daily newspapers, including The Dominion Post (Wellington) The Press (Christchurch) and the Sunday Star-Times.

The organisation has been running a vicious campaign against the growing freedom movement and political candidates it labels as conspiracy theorists i.e. someone who questions mainstream media and government narratives.

About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. DJ: Just read the poem, words can’t describe the feeling. Arden “really has” underestimated the Maori spirit

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  2. DJ: Thankyou! Wanted to look it up, I will

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  3. **Hi Editor and readers** More Truth and evidence emerging. Guarantee this has also been happening here in Australia…


  4. Hi auntieet, Thanks. Reckon you’d love the poem in it’s entirety…yeah definitely goosebumpy in it’s prophetic context! As it was too lengthy to post here, just a quick search on “Tieme Ranipiri My Law poem” will bring it up as well as other interesting info.

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  5. Thankyou WW DJ
    Your comment re: My Law – Ancient Karmic Law. The last stanza, “You are your own Devil”… Well that gave me goosebumps & touched my soul, so thank you warrior woman. Someone asked amongst the comments, “where are the Maori Warriors”?, Well they’ve always been there, Horsemouth underestimates them, however, about time we all backed them up

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    Blanx14 taking cheap shots is divisive.

    I searched and found and read and pondered before writing DJ.

    Story tellers deliberately insert double meanings to pass down in an easy to remember form.

    The journey of the Maori is our own life’s journey.

    We are responsible for our own actions and every action we take has an equal and opposite reaction, what goes up eventually will come down, yin & yang, good bad, negative positive.

    We all share common goals of freedom and making this fragile, life long and easy; even politicians, doctors, Schwab and Gates, but they repress then oppress.

    When faced by oppression we can kick our mate in the nuts, leave him to the wolves and run to save ourselves.

    Negotiate a compromise that leaves us vulnerable to future exploitation, as experienced by societies when confronted by more technologically advanced or cunning Earth bound alien cultures with their legal systems.

    Use the system against the oppressor.👍


    Eliminate the hazard.👍

    United we stand, they divide us we fall, as they are doing with Queensland teachers and voices of freedom with reach.

    But ultimately along comes Sun and Earth with their life cycles.

    I’m not a cult member of any written belief system, personally I feel we are given this life of opposites, as a chance to redeem past wrongs and take our memories to the next process of existence, as judgement proving worthiness of redemption.

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  7. Hi CATACLYSMIC DUCK, Although having no relevance to your own comment, I’m pleased you liked and re-posted the first stanza of “Tieme Ranipiri’s 18th century prophetic and theosophical poem “My Law” (referring to ancient Māori Karmic Law)…” I had only posted the first and last stanza’s as it is quite lengthy. Would highly recommend a reading of it in it’s entirety, for a full understanding.


  8. Perfect post catduck, Thank you!
    A “little spring cleaning” while down under is flipped to the top always came with a “new beginning”. A proper reset uncle Klaus and his political correct mob could only dream of.



    “The sun may be clouded, yet ever the sun
    Will sweep on its course till the Cycle
    is run. And when into chaos the system is hurled
    Again shall the Builder reshape a new world.” – D Johnston

    “On the seventh day the horrendous rampage is over.
    (The great cities of our time) have joined the legends of the seven cities of Cibola.
    The Arctic Ice Age is ended – and a New Stone Age begins.
    We join Noah, Adam and Eve, Atlantis, Mu and Olympus.
    Jesus joins Osiris, Ta’aroa, Zeus and Vishnu.
    The cataclysm has done its work well.

    The story of the world gives silent testimony:

    The Beresovka mammoth, frozen in mud with a buttercup in it’s mouth (both without time to rot).

    The present growth of the Antarctic ice cap, approx. 293 cubic miles of ice per year.

    (‘The northern polar region consists mainly of floating and pack ice, 2 – 3 mtrs. thick floating on the Arctic Ocean surrounded by land masses…the cap of the southern polar region averages about 2 klms in thickness underlaid by Antarctica surrounded by oceans. – Britannica’)

    The fantastic evidence of burgeoning tropical plants in Arctic Siberia, Alaska and Antarctica, frozen (without time to rot) and preserved for thousands of years.

    The existence of a coral reef on the floor of the Arctic Ocean.

    The legends of primitive man in Tierra del Fuego of the day the Sun set in the wrong direction.

    The legends of primitive man in Peru of the day the Sun stood still.

    The Piri Reis map showing the North Pole in Egypt.

    The Egyptian water clock showing agreement with the Piri Reis Map.”

    (Uluru – Ayers Rock, a sedimentary sandstone rock; according to the guide some years back Uluru is a historical timeline, the oldest end of the rock, the east end on the left when viewed from Yulara to the north, the most recent where the old track started. Horizontal layers aren’t visible, water erosion is highly defined by vertical lines, like it eroded the soft layers. The feelings generated by the place had me spellbound).

    Unless (), Refs are taken from the Adam and Eve Story, The History of Cataclysms by Chan Thomas.

    As with all theories his have been questioned, the historical facts are set in stone, the magnetosphere is weakening, psychopathy is plaguing the ruling class, the poles are wandering, the Eskimos say the stars have shifted, the jet stream is moving into the lower latitudes, more ice less liquid, famine.


  10. Hi Dandy, Neglected to include the following link, which previews the soon to be released documentary ‘River of Freedom’. Another example of NZ’ers continual proactiveness. Documenting and broadcasting as much as possible.
    There is also a great presentation and interview with the filmmakers on Sean (call-a-spade-a-bloody-shovel) Plunkett’s The Platform. Another excellent independent site.


  11. Hi Dandy, Unfortunately many on this side of the ‘ditch’ have been, and still are, mostly unaware of the massive amount of NZ’ers’ retaliatory actions that have been taking place and gaining momentum for a long time now. Which is odd considering the plethora of truthful information out there if one chooses to look.
    As a nation of 5,127,100 (stats of March 2022), NZ was the initial testing ground for the NWO, courtesy of Schwab’s ‘implanted’ Ardern – who was groomed by her mentor Helen Clarke. NZ was the first country to be completely locked down and have since been relentlessly subjected to also the harshest restrictions in the world. During this time, NZ’ers have not only been questioning the Ardern regime, the police force (who it has been proven WERE in fact hired and largely international thugs), MSM – but basically EVERYTHING (including the Mosque Massacre; that the vast majority of NZ’ers of all race/creed/religion never believed anyway) – which has transpired since Ardern was first given control. This has become a real Pandora’s box. NZ’ers have not just been confining their retaliatory actions to flag waving protests like their Aussie mates – or “a lot of war cries and chest thumping” following by……crickets. They have also waged war across the country on local councils and governments – which has resulted in much weeding out of the globalist minions. Akin to what is taking place across America, and which interestingly, from where NZ’ers have always taken their cues. Not tethered by British/Crown ideology or a Westminster system.
    Regarding the “crims” aka 501’s that have been deported to NZ – it is well known that a large percentage of these people either left NZ in infancy or were even actually born in Australia to NZ parents. Having no tangible connections to NZ they have become outcasts there. Many have suicided or become part of the homeless population. But many have also joined bikie gang chapters such as The Mongrel Mob and Hell’s Angels etc. Now again, what most people here do not know, Ardern has basically bought the bikie gangs (as with the MSM), for her ‘protection’ to carry out the agenda. Millions of the NZ taxpayers money. Which begs the question, how long before they bite the hand that’s fed them?! Not long at all, the way things are ramping up.


  12. Hi blanx14, Re: “Ardens just a minion whore.. where are the Maori warriors?”
    Well, those of us who are descendants (Tohunga and otherwise) of the thousands slaughtered – resulting in a continuous swathe of destruction ever since and arriving at the inevitable current dystopia those ancestors and ancient prophets foretold and warned of – can hardly now be expected to be the ‘saviours’. Māori adhere to their own life journey of survival based upon their sound and proven knowledge systems.

    The first and last stanza’s of Tieme Ranipiri’s 18th prophetic and theosophical poem “My Law” (referring to ancient Māori Karmic Law)…
    “The sun may be clouded, yet ever the sun
    Will sweep on its course till the Cycle
    is run. And when into chaos the system is hurled
    Again shall the Builder reshape a new world.

    You are your own Devil, you are your own God
    You fashioned the paths your footsteps have trod.
    And no one can save you from Error or Sin
    Until you have hark’d to the Spirit within.”

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  13. Liz Gunn (NZ) in the link provided was obviously still shaken by what happened to Hannah (5 Officers bending her over a table) in a symbolic rape like gesture, but my question remains, were they actually NZ Police Officers, or were they UN designated NATO Officers in uniform?

    Why are we hearing that NATO in Africa are forcing children as young as 9 to perform oral sex for food? Is that true?
    Ask Haiti about NATO.
    Is it true that NATO ‘forces’ don’t bring with them medical help because that’s not in their job description?

    Given the abusive overtones that occurred to Hannah, it’s worthy of questioning if overseas forces (in uniform) are already on NZ soil…
    As we saw in Canadian videos, the Canadians were being intimidated by ‘forces’ that were unnamed and presumed to be their police at the time, despite their uniforms having no identifiers on them.

    The NZ’ers have become easy prey but if I recall Australia sent the NZ crims back to NZ.
    One wouldn’t want to be on the wrong side of them.
    There does appear to be a lot of war cries and chest thumping going on right now.


  14. Here is what readers can do to hasten public recognition of the democide.

    If you have a local notice board (online or physical), invite people to provide their own contributions to statistics. How many people do they know who have died unexpectedly? How many women have suffered spontaneous abortions? How many couples cannot conceive? How many babies born with abnormalities?

    We will quickly notice a dramatic fall in the birth rate. UK stats suggest 14%. Pregnant women who miscarried is likely to be 72%.

    As the only event that could possibly be causal, mRNA jabs will be exposed as the villain and therefore not “safe and effective”.

    Pfizer knew this even before release of the first batch.

    Government will never permit official estimates so it is up to us.


  15. Another Port Arthur?

    Strange, they allow the showing of overseas atrocities committed by terrorists, mass murdering shooters, and past and present warfare. All are commented on (in detail) in the NZ media.

    If there can be no comment about the NZ shootings, then there should be no comment about any of the above mentioned types of atrocities.

    It is not like it happened just last week and there are full-on investigations being carried out to find what happened.

    The 2002 Bali bombings, Killed: 202, 88 of them Aussies, also 209 suffered injuries. Dead and injured came from many other countries.

    The media all over the world smothered the Bali bombing site for months.
    Did the NZ media cover and show the results of the Bali bombing?
    My bet is they did and in detail.

    What the hell – why now so secretive in NZ.
    All I can put it down to is the NZ government(s) may have something to hide or they may be playing their part for the NWO.

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  16. D Johnson, that sounds way to nice for what they have done, aided and abetted…


  17. Hi Ian Stevenson, How about ‘Pseudo Reality’?


  18. I think the circumstances surrounding it was all very strange at the time.
    Mostly that the NZer’s were not allowed to even say the Australian gunman’s name.
    They were not allowed to question it.
    It was all on the PM Ardern’s terms and the attention was drawn towards her so-called ‘act’ of compassion.
    When Parliament invited the Mosque leader to attend and say a prayer, they all stood up and gave homage to his speech and prayer (as seen)

    This is what he said, as transcribed:

    “all who believe ask for help and patience and prayers. Verily god is with people who are patient.
    Do not call those who are killed in the way of god as dead, in fact, they are alive but you do not realise this and indeed we will test you with something; fear, hunger, loss of wealth, lives and *fruits and give glad tidings to those who are patient in trial….when those who afflicted with calamity say verily we belong to god and back to him we shall return”.

    The people of NZ didn’t even know this Parliamentary speech had occurred.
    Or that the very people in Parliament even allowed it to be said.
    ….we will test you with….
    What on earth was he talking about?

    More telling is that Ardern went overseas and we saw her speak recently at an American University.
    Her speech was about controlling (and obviously sharing) so called ‘misinformation’.

    The NZ’ers are being clamped down on (as declared) and this is just another example of it but NZ is small, only a few million people, and she is on a par with what Andrews did with his lot.

    She will have her day.
    She continually shows her hand.

    Someone needs to remind her that in the world scheme of things, she’s a nobody.
    So she can control a few million people.
    Whoopy do.

    It’s why the free world should never allow these idealistic control freaks into power in the first place.

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  19. When conspiracy theory is found to be the fact, then what do you call the “fact” it replaced? Perhaps the Fact-checkers then need a new label also?

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  20. The whole thing stinks like Port Arthur


  21. Max Egan has nailed it. Fetzer and other flaky conspiracy theorists are propelled by the Adern Government to divert attention from evidence that the CC Massacre was, like Port Arthur, a genuine shoot-up but orchestrated by government in order to provide pretext for disarming civilians.

    Hard to believe decades ago but today, we all can see psychopathic behaviour on the part of politicians and bureaucrats. These people do not care how many innocents they kill, men, women, and even children.

    Time to throw them out.

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  22. Ardens just a minion whore.. where are the Maori warriors


  23. Always said she was Hitler’s daughter. Why can’t the truth be told, it happened

    Sent from my Galaxy

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  24. ** Hi Editor ** Thank you for pursuing this and substantiating my previous comment to you regarding same. An excellently written article by TM as always. Re the Ardern regime; one would think that if your closet is so chock full of skeletons that the door barely closes – the last thing you’d want to do would be to create even further suspicion, inviting a much closer inspection followed by…discovery. Boom!! They’ve severely underestimated the tenacity, strength and wrath of NZ’ers.

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  25. dear god of goodness please help our leaders { and us too } return to goodness truth and you

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  26. Max Igan on The Christchurch Shooting:

    “There are many claims of fakery and hoax being spread in regard to the shooters video made during the March 15th Christchurch Massacre. My position has been to investigate these claims to determine for myself whether they were in fact valid.

    “With this in mind, I conducted my own frame by frame investigation of the shooters live stream video and did so without having a desire for either side to be true. Now I am simply reporting my findings.”

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  27. Is there any more objectionable creature existing that Ardern? This specious Trans Mutant shell of a thing – a non biological – bowing and scraping to her psychopathic controllers – what a shameful waste of space.

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  28. Cops and politicians have addresses, seems kiwis don’t have the balls to be honest!!

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