TPR supporters on the streets of the Brisbane CBD on Saturday.
Tristan Triccy speaking at the rally at Musgrave Park. Below: On the streets with flags and banners.

TRISTIAN “Triccy” Vanrye, the leader of The People’s Revolution anti-globalist protest movement, which marched through Brisbane last Saturday, has been “cancelled” by his own banking providers, the Commonwealth and Bank West.

Bank West was the institution which held Triccy’s mortgage and recently cancelled it simply by sending him a text message. Cairns News wonders if the executive general manager of Bank West, an expat Kiwi named Jason Chan, is proud of his move. He shouldn’t be because thousands of people heard about in a public address by Triccy at the rally.

Prior to Chan being appointed chief of West Bank, he (according to his official bio) “led large teams at Commonwealth Bank (CBA) in critical customer-focused areas including remediation, responsible lending, home buying, and strategy and innovation”. Chan’s CBA links might also help explain why they cancelled his account with them.

It also explains to Cairns News what a total phony Chan and everything he supposedly stands for, is. What sort of “customer focused” corporate guy is OK with one of his managers sending a text to his customer cancelling his account.

What this also confirms is that Chan, his board members and the other big shot banking gurus at the CBA, are a bunch of sniveling little corporate cowards totally lacking in decency. The CBA bosses’ own statements reveal what prime hypocrites and liars they are: “The Bank has a dedicated Customer and Community Advocacy team. This team represents the voice of the customer and community within the Bank to enhance and protect customer outcomes.”

Triccy told the rally that he now has to refinance his mortage and is looking for a financial institution with the decency not the indulge in political warfare and discrimination against its own customers.

Triccy’s battle with the banks follows several years of rough treatment from the Queensland Police, who falsely charged him on two occasions and cancelled his firearms licence. Triccy won all his battles and amazingly, has won a level of respect from the cops who no doubt are impressed by the integrity and persistence of the man.

On Saturday the protest leader outlined the battle against the globalist forces and laying down a strategy on multiple fronts to expand the influence of TPR. It is now even clearer to the thousands who attended the rally, that the battle against totalitarian globalism is real at a local level.

He warned that banks that get away with political cancelling will do the same to them. Account cancelling was the tactic used by Canadian PM Trudeau against the leaders of the trucker protest.

“We’re in a war of information and a spiritual war,” Triccy told the rally. “We can’t win this with just rallies. They key things are morale, momentum and planning.”

He noted the world pushback against globalism such as the ongoing Dutch farm protests, the destruction of the Georgia Guidestones and the Sri Lanka uprising.

TPR will now be focusing activities in community and school groups, among health practitioners and TPR Connect, a type of guerilla force for non-violent actions. Be Ready groups will focus on learning skills, while other groups will work in industrial action and business.

  • More to come on health sector action against jabs and mandates.