From Cossack Colonel YURI KOMONYISKI military correspondent

The fighting has quietened a little, the troops are being swapped out and given some much needed time out. Our Cossacks have fought well achieving outstanding results particularly as they have teamed up with the Chechens. There is significant infighting between the Ukrainian right wing sector and the regular Ukrainian troops. Many are fleeing the front line, stealing cars and heading home, these Ukrainians are being butchered by this rightist sector.

Germany is refusing to provide the Ukrainians additional armored infantry carriers as they believe the Ukrainians can’t fight and lack the ability to learn how. In many instances the equipment is abandoned as the militants flee the battles. The UK has provided the Ukraine with approximately 25% of its military stock and is now in a position where it can no longer afford to reduce its stock. The RF are destroying and capturing more weapons than the west is able to provide. Mercenaries continue to flee across the Polish border, in particular the UK mercs. Presumably returning UK mercs will face a five-year prison term. Personally I think they are shallow threats typical of the UK establishment.

Nikolaevka has a significant number of Jews living there. They remember the WWII Nazis and their atrocities, well. Historically the Jews fight alongside the Russians and their descendants still do by feeding intelligence back to the RF. I expect the American Jews are working behind the scenes trying to talk sense to the US establishment. If Biden can’t stabilize the price of oil and I very much doubt that he can, then I expect there will be a default in the US, the worst ever. Biden is successfully destroying American industries; he is even selling off America’s strategic oil reserves to the Chinese. Time for an impeachment, this time a real one.

The RF forces are steadily mobilizing former or retired police from the Federal Security Services. Their task will be to secure liberated territory and maintain the social order and safety. We need experienced people to perform these roles.

There is infighting between members of the RADA (Ukraine broadcasting network). It is degenerating into public fist fights on national television. Presumably some want to start discussions with the RF others are against. Zelensky has no interest in peace. In the meantime, missiles continue to rain down upon Kiev I believe that in two months there will be a major shift in attitudes towards continued aggression.

The saga of snake island continues, the Ukrainians attempted to claim the island by raising a flag. In response one of our MIG-29’s leveled the flag and those that were erecting it. They act like 16-year olds that need to make a statement to impress their buddies. The Ukrofascists attempted to enter Chisinau located along the Moldavian-Ukrainian border where there is a giant soviet warehouse housing 1000s of tons of military munitions. Our ground forces based there coupled with our air power decisively repelled them, most of these combatants will not leave Chisinau.

We estimate that the RF has destroyed 80% of Ukraine’s ability to generate electrical power and  many of their power stations are down. Fuel is scarce everywhere and very expensive, beyond the means of most. 92-petrol is now retailing at about 310 RUR (USD 4.90). It won’t be long before Zelensky starts asking for NATO all terrain donkeys to move his manpower around. Sourced from Romania, three oil tankers delivering fuel to Odessa, Ukraine, were destroyed. We assume they struck Ukrainian-placed sea mines. Lavrov has said time and again if the Ukrainians remove their sea mines, then the grain stores will become accessible to the world. I would strongly advise people to start stocking up on the basics, difficult times are coming many will go hungry.

The RF has completed phase one of the special operation and phase two will now focus on the Kherson region, Nikolaevka and Odessa. On Zelensky’s behalf his UK/US puppet masters are conducting secret discussions related to a peace deal. NATO, in the guise of Zelensky, are losing the special operation and they need a way out to save face or perhaps to regroup and strike at Russia’s back. There is talk of replacing Zelensky with the Minister of Defence Valery Zalyznii, who is highly placed in the Ukrainian military. It is being reported that Zelensky’s mental and physical condition is deteriorating because of drug and alcohol abuse. Our intel indicates he is quietly making plans to exit the country. It is expected that the nationalists will push him out.

You may ask why the Chechens are fighting lock-step with the Russians. Some years ago, the date I do not recall, the Americans wanted to bring democracy to Chechnya so they secretly armed, trained and instructed Chechen mercenaries to undertake a coup. As a result, the leader of the Chechen people Kadyrov senior was murdered. Russia was able to stem the aggression and help Chechnya remain a sovereign country. His son Kadyrov junior eventually became president and he, his family and his country remember the NATO lesson well. They are “fully vaccinated” against NATO. Kadyrov is well loved by his people and he is surrounded by loyalists. Kadyrov must be one of the few if not the only leader that can truly walk freely amongst his people. The Chechens are born warriors; their forefathers spent centuries fighting and raiding caravans travelling the silk road that traversed their territory. They fought, perpetually living off their victories.

Like the Chechens we have no faith or trust in the EU/NATO (G20). They have gone back on their word, obligations and formal agreements and I doubt anyone could ever take them at face value and should not. The illegal blockade being conducted by the pre-Baltic states separating Russia from its satellite country Kaliningrad is more EU/NATO treachery. A formal agreement existed indicating that such an action would never be taken by said establishments. In response Russia set a deadline by which the blockade will be lifted after which point, Russia reserves the right to act in accordance with its needs to acquire access to our fellow countrymen. I understand that the EU and the pre-Baltic politicians are now having round the clock meetings trying to nut this issue out tic-toc, tic-toc. The Europeans have a rubber club that they’ve used to smash the head of the bear, only the club bounced off the bear and hit them back knocking them out. Now they’re sprawled out on the ground wondering about what went wrong.

Finland and Sweden, the two NATO nominees, pose a large burden to the North Atlantic Alliance according to Daniel Davis. They have limited military capability and are incapable of launching an adequate defense or attack against Russia. The pentagon will need to take them in under their wing and defend them. The US is under obligation to protect another 29 countries, I wonder what priority these two will be assigned. There is no direct land access to these two countries for NATO,  except of course through Russia. Hence there are only two alternatives sea or air. It would have been prudent for both Finland and Sweden to have maintained their neutrality, they would have been better off.

In Latvia the prices of goods and services related to housing increased by an average of 40% over the year. The cost of heating, electricity and gas have risen dramatically. The cost of transport, goods and services have increased by 32 % over the year, due to a 60% increase in fuel prices. In health care the annual price increase to date is 7.3% and climbing.

The Russian Ministry of Defence reported that the USA planned to study the Ebola virus in Odessa. The Ukrainian military personnel carries antibodies for said infectious diseases: 33% of the surveyed “got sick”, 20% from West Nile fever. This is suggesting that the Ukrainian army was preparing for the release of bioweapons. The US DoD retrieved the Ukrainian collection of micro-organisms, delivering them to the US. Some of the Ukraine bioweapons testing programs were implemented by the German Armed Forces.

I note that the American paper “The Hill” is writing that the American sanctions could well be the last nail in the coffin for America. Biden has led America into a dead end and their assumed dominant global position is rapidly being eroded. Biden has essentially finished the US currency. The majority of countries have not signed up the American led sanctions against Russia and if anything, are viewing the BRICS initiative as the only real alternative. Biden has left Russia with no alternative other than to pursue an alternative currency. It’s time for the west to stop stealing from other countries and start fending for itself. Japan should consider joining the BRICS initiative I feel that it would be a wise decision.

The collective West is facing an unprecedented economic disaster, driven by unsustainable debt, ever rising inflation, declining competitiveness, and a looming energy crisis. This situation impacts Germany more than Russia and logically Germany should pursue de-escalation. Instead, Berlin is consumed by ideological fervour moving deeper into quicksand. The Germans have speculated for years that Russia would use its “energy weapon” and cut energy supplies to Germany, but in the end the Germans inflicted this madness upon themselves. I guess if you wish for something long enough it can come true. The Germans are transitioning from a bad situation to a worse one. All of the German councillors backing green projects i.e., alternative energy projects, have failed. The Germans do not have their own LNG tankers and as such are at the mercy of the tanker operators. For some reason they assumed there was sufficient hydrocarbons available and that all they needed to do was whistle and it would come.

Two British and a Moroccan mercenary have appealed to the DPR courts. This will temporarily delay the inevitable, but once the sentence is executed, I believe it will save the lives of many other mercenaries deterring them from the same fate. As it is many of the mercenaries are fleeing back over the Polish border and back into the arms of NATO.

As part of our “scorched-earth tactics” we are introducing a new weapon into the fray. We call it “Sunbake”, an aerosol that we drop on enemy positions. In its gaseous form it seeps into every nook, cranny, trench, dung out, bunker and fortified position. When ignited it reaches a temperature of 2000C turning bodies to dust. The only thing that remains are metallic objects and they are generally molten beyond recognition. We refer to it as the “dream gas” as it is a liquid explosive that exceeds the effectiveness of napalm. It is delivered by GRAD multiple rocket launchers utilizing 220mm shells. The GRAD can launch 16 shells that are spread at intervals of 120m2, hence they have the capacity to cover between four and 6sq/km. The weapon burns out to a depth of 2 metres. The liquid is pressurized and specialized detonators are used to ignite the liquid. It results in a detonation orders or magnitude more powerful than standard missiles.

Meanwhile the Russian Navy received a new submarine named the Belgorod. It can be equipped with Poseidon thermonuclear unmanned torpedoes. These marine drones are capable of covering the enemy’s coast with artificial tsunamis and destroying entire fleets. The Poseidon torpedo is nuclear powered and can travel thousands of kilometres. There is no other device of its kind.

HIMARS (High Mobility Aircraft Rocket System) have been supplied to the Ukrainian army, they are precision artillery launchers with a strike range of 80km. Washington’s 15th lethal aid package will include 1000 rounds of advanced 155mm Howitzer shells. We are looking forward to receiving these precision munitions as we’ll be sending them all straight back to NATO- backed Ukraine.

On Thursday July 7th  (the Kremlin spokesman) Peskov noted that when Putin mentioned that Western leaders were seeking Russia’s defeat on the Ukrainian battlefield, his response was “Let them try. We haven’t started any serious military campaigns as yet,” he claimed. The president “reminded [his audience] that the military potential [of Ukraine and Russia] were incommensurable,”. Apparently, China is building its arsenal of new weapons six times faster than the US and at a fraction of the cost. For every $1 China spends America needs to spend $20 to achieve the same capability. In mid-August Russia, China and Iran are preparing to conduct a series of major military exercises in Latin America. This is one of our responses to NATO.

In answer to your question about Russian losses in the conflict. Yes, we have lost more than I would like to admit. Some were friends, many I knew, but this is inevitable in the battle. But our losses are minimal compared to that of the Ukrainians we estimate that for every 1000 Ukrainians we would lose 20 our own. For every 30 pieces of heavy military equipment, we would lose five pieces. The RF has commenced mobilizing large divisions and personnel and equipment, I just hope these guys know where the brakes are otherwise, we may end up in the heart of Europe. I’ve always wanted to visit London.