Dutch farmers say no to EU climate cult move to shut down farms, cull livestock

Dutch farmers have taken to the highways to raise their alarm over EU-driven plans to kill off 30 percent of their livestock.


DUTCH farmers are furious and in a fight for survival as green politicians attempt to shut down 30 percent of the nation’s livestock supply allegedly to stop “nitrogen pollution”. Watch for similar moves by Australia’s new Labor Government that has signed up to the net-zero insanity.

The Netherlands has 100 million head of cattle, pigs and chickens and is a major exporter of meat across Europe. The protests forced Prime Minister Mark Rutte to break off his visit to Madrid, where NATO was inducting Sweden and Finland, and condemned the protests.

The Farmers Defence Force has resorted to blockades of major highways and is threatening to go to airports next in an attempt to stop their government’s EU-dictated “compulsory climate edicts” to cut nitrogen use by 30 to 70 percent.

Nitrogen pollution, to the extent that it does exist, is a temporary problem caused by over-use of nitrogen fertilizer that gets washed into waterways, causing algal blooms. It’s a technical issue that can be solved by more precise application. It certainly does not warrant the wholesale shutdown of farms.

New Zealand dairy farmers have to deal with the issue, but as far as we know there’s been no shutdown of productive land to stop it there. Instead Kiwi farmers have to contend with a “livestock emissions” (fart and burp) tax to be imposed by Jacinda Ardern’s Labor Party.

In The Netherlands arable and livestock farming is blamed for “41 percent of the nitrogen-based pollution in habitats” which EU environmental law designates as “Natura 2000 locations”. It probably never occurred to the EU bureaucrats that farms are also habitats for all sorts of animals, wild and domestic.

Dutch farmers, who have a long and proud history as high-quality food producers, are not willing to comply with the ill-considered and sinister move to shut down farms, which just happens to coincide with their government’s promotion of lab-grown fake meat for public consumption.

Internationally it also coincides with the Gates Foundation buying up North American farms and the highly suspicious destruction of US food processing plants.

It also coincides with the bizarre push at the Glasgow COP26 Conference to encourage the eating of factory-farmed insect protein. It’s “more sustainable”, the climate cultists tell us.

Late in June the farmers blocked the border between Holland and Germany and visited the residences of politicians to make their anger known.

“Our country is run according to the rule of law, not the rule of the tractor,” said Jan Paternotte, parliamentary leader of the Democrat 66 party, a so-called “social liberal” party similar in outlook to the left-leaning Australian Liberals and Teals. Paternotte did not explain how forced shutting down of farms by bureaucrats aligned with “the rule of law”.

FDF leader Van den Oever, a pig farmer, compared the position of farmers to the persecution of the Jews during World War 2 and threatened blockades of roads and food supplies.

The country’s main farming lobby group LTO called on farmers to protest ‘appropriately’ and said using tractors was justified but not at politicians’ homes.

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One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. Bravo !!! People power indeed.


  2. Germany went All in on Green Energy. Now its Economy is on the brink of Collapse https://yournews.com/2022/07/05/2372494/germany-went-all-in-on-green-energy-now-its-economy/
    They should be telling everyone a good thing >> plant more trees globally and stop destroying forests !!!!!!!
    Will these Greens Climate Terrorists stop their dangerous and damaging and erroneous actions destroying our world and our lives!

    Mark Purdey and the Pesticide ConnectionThe mad and useless slaughter of animalshttp://whale.to/v/purdey.html 
    Pesticides play a huge role in the mass extinction of Bee Colonies https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC8398688/

    NSW Report of varroa mite Miticides NOT the answer to varroa parasite 

    Chemical Free treatment for Varroa Mite and save your bees 

    Cairns News Story originally from the totally Government controlled/Narrated ABC News about Foot and Mouth Disease
    Comment > Again  I smell a filthy big rat and those revolving doors between Treasonous Tyrannical  Politicians/Governments and their  Associates Big Pharma /  Globalists who are calling the shots and the destruction of our Democracies Globally.
    The people of Australia and the world must stop Big Pharma, Big Medicine, Big Media and Globalists et al and their almost completed control of our World via Treasonous Tyrannical  Politicians who have hijacked our Democratic Countries and have us headed for Government Totalitarian Regimes.
    It’s always been about total control over every aspect of global populations’ lives; the Treasonous Politicians’ lust for Total Power and control over people and money.
    See  changing Animal Jabs from last resort to jab jab jab > https://www.agriculture.gov.au/biosecurity-trade/pests-diseases-weeds/animal/fmd/review-foot-and-mouth-disease/national_foot-and-mouth_disease_vaccination_policy

    Our Politicians have used quick poisons slow poisons everywhere; polluting everything and everyone and then the Lunatics been running amok jabbing everything that moves. 

    Reminder Bill Gates The Vaccinator is allegedly  buying up huge numbers of farms in USA and his Globalist Mate who is also allegedly a WEF Mobster Globalist Tyrant – Amazon Jeff Bezos is allegedly  buying up huge numbers of Mum and Dad Grocery Stores across USA  allegedly with the evil plan of refusing to sell food to those who have not had the dangerous Clot Shot.

    Somebody has to stop all these subhuman power crazed lawless democracy destroying  lunatic tyrannical politicians and all globalist  vermin mobsters from  completely taking over total control of the world populations – stop them all from totally destroying our lives and our world as we previously knew it.  We had at one time freedom everywhere to choose – Let us all fight for our lives and all freedoms now !

    MUST SEE > Covid Update What is the Truth by Dr Russell Blaylock – Retired Neurosurgeon 


  3. Hope this goes viral… so the world can see what is happening… share with everyone.


  4. To: Pat from Vic, Some of the Dutch are realising that they are being pushed into another: “Disaster Year.” Please note My notice comment above to ” old kodger 4d ago.
    “In Dutch history, the year 1672 is referred to as the Rampjaar (Disaster Year).
    The word is already out that the Dutch are heading into Rampjaar (Disaster Year) number II.
    History repeating itself? I hope so and the many Psychopaths will face the sound the Guillotine.

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  5. 1. Good on the Dutch farmers (although the only people more evil anywhere in the world than the Belgians is the Dutch – and the only thing I won’t abide is intolerance for other peiople, and the Dutch).

    Seriously, though, clearly the Dutch farming community “get it” – the psycopathic Globalist agenda is an existential issue. If they’re not stopped, then we’re all going to DIE.

    Humanity has an absolute right to exist, irrespective of one’s religious or philosophical persuasion. Ergo, humanity also has the inalienable right to self defence. Under the current circumstances, that should logically include turning the tables on the likes of Klaus Schwab and Bill Gates and their horde (and let’s be honest here, it IS a horde, entrenched throughout the governments, beauracracies and corporations across the planet) – if Bill Gates can openly plot the extermination of the human race in a publicly broadcast TED talk, then humanity can also openly and rightfully plan for the extermination of Bill Gates and the rest of his Satanic family.

    What’s going on in the Netherlands right now is a promising sign. I won’t be satisfied until all of those complicit in the Great Reset are swinging from gallows – even if that means chopping down a few hundred thousand trees for the lumber.

    2. Note the pointless and meaningless one-word posts here by Anglia and Aleena. Those are “test” posts, a sure sign that Anglia and Aleena are about to spam Cairns News with tales of the fortunes they are making from home working online for just a few hours a day. Happens like clockwork all over the web – first a preliminary “test” post, then the deluge of spam.

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  6. That’s the way to do it… shut down the entire country… God bless them all on behalf of all of us.

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  7. Total Non-Compliance: Dutch Farmers Show the World How to Protest the WEF World Government’s Psyop Climate Change Coup.
    “Yes text available in English and other languages.”
    Steve Bannon – voormalig adviseur van Trump – doet verslag van de #boerenprotesten in Nederland. Steve Bannon – video in English…Reporting re the Dutch farmers protest.
    “They are trying to break the back of society and culture. That’s what they are trying to do. This is the party of Davos. This is the global administrative state at work.”

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  8. The gloves are offf, SHOTS FIRED: THE SITUATION IN THE NETHERLANDS INTENSIFIES AS POLICE OPEN FIRE ON PROTESTER(S) ! Yes they are shooting. https://www.bitchute.com/video/ADBfXO7nSmcQ/ 34 second video July 6th, 2022
    Followed by a Dutch link via twitter don’t know how long this will stay on-line.
    (Para-militaire Polizei neemt Boeren onder vuur.) Para military Police are shooting at Dutch farmers. (“Bij ongehoorzaamheid zal gericht worden geschoten”.)
    If the farmers are not listing, we will aim and shoot.
    Dutch: “From website”. De georganiseerde Para-militaire Polizei laat zien wie ze zijn en voor wie ze “werken”, bereid zijn tot moord op de eigen burgers. De Polizei is een staatsorganisatie, door de Boeren betaald om de STAAT tegen Burgers te beschermen. Ook vrouwelijke huurlingen trekken pistolen om hun onmacht te verbergen…. VROUWEN?

    Wat moeten we nu doen…. met onze positieve gedachten terugschieten met zijn allen??

    The organised Para-military Police* shows who they are working for, they are ready to murder their own Dutch citizens. The police* is a state-sponsored organisation, that is paid via taxes by the farmers, and now the government is protecting itself!
    Also, female hired personnel have pulled out their guns, to show their lack of confidence…Woman?

    “What are we going to do now….shoot back all together with positive thinking??”

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  9. Germany went All in on Green Energy. Now its Economy is on the brink of Collapse https://yournews.com/2022/07/05/2372494/germany-went-all-in-on-green-energy-now-its-economy/

    They should be telling everyone a good thing>> plant more trees!!!!!

    Will these Greens Climate Terrorists stop their dangerous and damaging and erroneous actions destroying our world and our lives!


  10. Agree…


  11. Jen Re your above quote, 200 years ago? Yes your spot ON. However, this is not the platform to continue. (Nothing to do with Cairns News) I’m sorry, my sincere apologies…


  12. hallo


  13. nice


  14. “On a practical level what is to be done?” The same OVER & OVER again. Bring/take UNITY to ALL those who have been getting glimpses that a world of surreality, cruelty and perversion is here to stay. Unity in mind and actions will be necessary. Division KILLS like lethargy!

    Even if greens might have wilderness between their ears, they have been DISRUPTING the fake life of deceit and treason programmed by our money changer overlords. Instead of criticizing others that actually bring “havoc” to “normality” and the fake governments happy Australian dream, to join in would rather be appropriate. Total disobedience and disruption in all public and governmental matters big or small – even as a small minority, will put a hard strain on the tactical rulers of the morons in Parliament and especially to those who are paid for “to restore order/control”.

    Make the protests personal! Seek out those bribed puppets on private ground. Make THEM aware with “spot visits” that enough has been enough and that YOU CARE for Australia. Bring the same fear that was sown by “authority” back to them, BUT keep it “civil” (at this stage) even if we are at war already as THEY have been demonstrating clearly during the last two years. Show that patience will come to an end but DO NOT sink to their level of ignorance.

    Wear out the “machine” which will react with the same old mechanisms. Bring THEM to a point where the “useless neutered army” will be send to intervene and to support the overwhelmed Israeli IDF trained Aussie riot police. Let once decent Aussies in uniform bring violent opposition to their “family and friends” – it will be a great mind changer and many who will be awaken from their PATRIOTIC dreams change sides.

    To sit on ones arse and write nasty comments and rants in social media 24/7 is no revolution or guerrilla warfare nor does it “awake” the (still well fed) gullible.

    BUT isn’t that what Tony Ryan is preaching here to the commentariat of CN since years? Why do we still ask others what to do and do NOTHING?

    Stop COMPLYING! And it does not matter how small “disruptions” will be. Bureaucracy is always going around in circles. Use it that the circles go into overdrive and are reversed in performance. Make the machine overheat or boil on purpose or at least make it stutter real bad.

    Stop ALL electronic communication with your controllers, choose your global gadgets wisely and avoid ALL apps. Especially ALL of them that are linked to those who are hurting you and your families and the world in its entirely!

    Even a small percentage of the population will make a difference.

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  15. Thanks TonyB. Well people what can we do to bring about change ? If anything ? Our adversaries have been at it for a hundred years and more. There are thousands out there who want this chaos, and they are supported by evil men. It seems the mostly young activists are totally unaware of the fire and brimstone they are calling down on the world.

    I do not want to be melodramatic , but many of them actually seem possessed . I know many
    who will not have any type of conversation about any of it. It really seems some are totally brainwashed. I am talking of family as well. So I no longer get too involved over it,
    I would really like to avoid the gulags just waiting for inmates.

    I hope by writing these thought we may help others become aware of the rapidly approaching danger. I find it incredible that our politicians and health officials are telling us everything is safe and effective, and think nothing of taking away our freedoms placing us all under constant tracking, like criminals.

    Could somebody tell me this is a figment of my imagination ? If not, apart from praying. On a practical level what is to be done ? I keep asking this question hoping someone will come up with a brilliant answer.

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  16. Alison… I hope the US supreme court ruling has a ripple effect here…! – because what these brain dead greenies want will kill our planet.. The every day human is not responsible for the pollution on our planet… it is the big greedy corporations that are creating it all with their large manufacturing plants, deforestation, pollution or rivers and oceans with chemicals and plastics, pharmaceutical drugs etc… the list is endless….. Shut them down and the planet will be fine..


  17. aapkoning… Yes, I know… this has all been a long time in the planning… I just hope that people wake up in time to do something – but even that may not be enough unless its en masse around the world.

    Will be watching out for the foot n mouth here soon then… Can’t see the politicians eating fake meat or crickets can you?

    You may find this site interesting..stolenhistory.org. Its a very interesting site, some articles say our past history is hidden from us and has been changed, and that something happened 200 years ago and earth was taken over by an evil outside force… I leave it to you to check it out.. there is so much stuff on there, some of it quite amazing..


  18. “The Supreme Court has issued one of the most important environmental rulings ever, which will make the battle against global warming even more difficult. It is a major setback to the U.S.’s ability to keep its promises to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

    The court was asked to consider whether the Environmental Protection Agency has the authority to issue broad, aggressive regulations on climate-warming pollution from power plants that would force many of those plants to close. In a 6-to-3 decision, the justices ruled that the agency has no such authority.”

    Mike King – So goes the USA, so goes the rest of the “international community” ™ — in due time.

    Source: The Supremes Kill the Climate Con – The Real History Channel


  19. To: old kodger, “Gomorra changed into a Sodomite…” You have an Dutch saying: ” Sodomite fuck off”, really meaning you lying ass crawling below life evil bastard. And so much more because they had the Jewish control shit in the Rampage year of 1672. Ending in the Jewish Brothers the Witt, (Shear slime-balls) being torn to pieces in The Hague.
    The citizen at that time reached the bottom of being: Radeloos – Redeloos – Reddeloos.
    Meaning: No wisdom available – No words to safe – Beyond saving. “In other-words they reached the END. See Painting of The Corpses of the De Witt Brothers, Jan de Baen (attributed to), c. 1672 – c. 1675 https://www.rijksmuseum.nl/en/collection/SK-A-15
    Also, The Corpses of the De Witt Brothers. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Corpses_of_the_De_Witt_Brothers
    Remember their is very little truthful information available by Wikipedia because they are completely Jewish owned and controlled, so they control the context, “You try to rectify and replace the LIES with the Truth you get deleted and banned.”
    In Dutch history, the year 1672 is referred to as the Rampjaar (Disaster Year).
    People should realise: The Dutch East India Company – The VOC, was 100% usurped completely by that time (1672) by the Jew money lenders, aka the Amsterdam banks since 1602. Sorry to many links, this will take a bit of time before approval. Pity…


  20. The politicians can decide to starve us into compliance, but we mustn’t disturb them at their tax-payer funded residences. Something rotten in the state of Denmark( and Netherlands and the west).


  21. Some good sense coming from a French court has ordered the shut down of a 4G antenna to determine the antenna’s impact on a milking cow herd. The cows have been feeding less, suffering from diseases and producing less milk since the antenna installation, according to the owners. The telephone relay antenna of the Orange 4G network is located near the communal agricultural cooperative known as “GAEC de Coupet” in Mazeyrat-d’Allier (Haute-Loire), France.

    “I can see from my tractor that they are all skin and bones. It’s enough to make you cry.”
    On the other side of the small road that winds along his property, a short distance from the town of Mazeyrat-d’Allier, in the Haute-Loire department, Frédéric Salgues can spot what he considers to be the cause of his cows’ problems, less than 300 meters away: a cell phone tower commissioned by Orange on June 28, 2021.

    Torn between anger and dejection, the breeder, who runs the communal agricultural co-operative GAEC de Coupet with his wife Géraldine and his brother Yannick, was nevertheless starting to regain hope. On May 23, the administrative court of Clermont-Ferrand ordered the 4G antenna’s cessation of operation for a period of two months.

    This measure, unprecedented in France, should become effective within three months. The objective is to carry out an expert assessment in order to “establish a potential causal link between the behaviour of the cattle and this antenna.”

    The administrative court highlights “a significant drop in the quality and quantity of milk produced, a serious disruption in the behaviour of the herd and its voluntary de-nutrition and abnormally high deaths.”

    Standing in front of his herd of Prim’Holsteins, the black and white cows that are champions of milk productivity, Mr. Salgues was distressed. They are all thin,” he said. “They don’t get up at night to eat, and they hardly drink at all. And this one, which stays completely still with her jaw stuck on the side and her head down, you can see this is not normal behaviour!” Then he added, “These cows, they are sad.”

    His brother Yannick showed us the calendar from the co-operative that collects the milk every two days. The quantities are carefully noted. In June 2021, the average was 4,200 litres. On July 3, less than a week after the antenna went into operation, the Salgues registered 3,792 litres. In the days that followed, the drop was staggering: down to 2,700 litres by the end of the month.

    Since then, production has not recovered. On top of that, there are other difficulties. “We have had 40 dead cattle in a time span of 11 months, as opposed to ten or so in normal times. Reproduction is becoming uncertain.”

    The Haute-Loire Health Defense Group, an association that monitors animal health in conjunction with the public authorities, is closely monitoring the GAEC de Coupet. “There are very disturbing phenomena in terms of animal behaviour with animals that do not eat or drink,” says its director, Julien Bachellerie. “We’ve looked at all the usual hypotheses and haven’t found any that stand out. The quality of the food or water, the breeding methods, the presence of diseases… nothing could be pointed out. And the autopsies did not reveal anything.”
    Link: 4G antenna suspected of disturbing cows will be shut down (lemonde.fr)

    “There are no medical elements that could [otherwise] explain this brutal drop in milk production.” “Livestock mortality has quadrupled over the past six months and the degradation of the herd has been observed to the nearest day at the time of the installation of the antenna”, declared his lawyer Mand Romain Gourdou.

    The legal expert appointed by the court decided in favour of the temporary interruption, to allow him to continue his expertise.
    “This herd is among the top 10% to 20% in the department” and “I have no medical evidence to explain the sudden drop in milk production, from 15% to 20%, in the days that followed. setting up the antenna”, he explained.

    The mayor of Mazeyrat-d’Allier who had authorized the installation of the antenna, came to testify to the alarming state of the herd, fearing “a catastrophe on a human level” and evoking “concern” growing of the 1,500 inhabitants of the village.
    Link: 2022 – Haute-Loire A breeder from Mazeyrat-d’Allier demands the interruption of a telephone antenna accused of killing his cows (gettotext.com)

    Operators have 3 months to act
    “There is reason to order this temporary shutdown of the operation of this antenna for a period of two months, given its general implications, with monitoring, by the legal expert, of the behaviour of the herd, and dairy cows in particular, over this period”, specifies the court in its order.

    The court gave three months to the State and the operators, including Orange, to carry out the interruption and organize security and emergency calls in the area concerned. Asked, the Orange operator did not wish to comment on this decision.
    Link: A farmer suspects a 4G antenna of harming the health of his cows, justice agrees with him and orders his suspension – ladepeche.fr

    June, 2022


  22. Tony B, Yes indeed like your written comments… Might even say MORE than 2000 years.


  23. comeinspinner, Please read my comment to Jen above… Thanks if you take the time.


  24. Hello – Jen, The globalists are and have been for a long time >45 Years. Very organised. Various people who are very Awake are too few and above all Not organised. Spoke to various family members in The Netherlands/Germany/Belgium/France and some have started to realize they are as stuffed as we are in Australia. They are not allowed to even say: The Jew Judaism is behind this, because if you do, you end up in jail, This Without a court-case…” You have to realise Each European Country has a JOG in power. J = Jewish, O = Occupied, G = Government.
    For a good revolt, each Country needs the military on its side to be successful.
    Will this happen? I – Just looked in my Crystal ball and the only thing I can see is that we have a very good chance of acquiring, “Foot and Mouth disease from Bali, this is especially introduced so Australia’s meat industry will collapse and food shortages will occur quicker…” Clever move by the Evil Globalists.


  25. The lunatics/ psychopaths from the WEF ordered (6 months ago) Citizens to Stop Washing Their Clothes to Fight (FAKE & Engineered) Climate Change:

    A bizarre new video of the globalist World Economic Forum is ordering citizens of western countries to cease washing their clothes in order to fight climate change, following the WEF’s commands that the populace of developed nations eat bugs and renounce all possessions in order to lower carbon emissions.




    “The country’s main farming lobby group LTO called on farmers to protest ‘appropriately’ and said using tractors was justified but not at politicians’ homes.”

    Agree wholeheartedly, tractors are not appropriate when dealing with the war on the people by corrupt bureaucrats, plundering property and public coffers for top end criminals.

    Bull dozers and rope are more appropriate than so called illegal protests and vacant words.


  27. I’m forced to ponder the question: – is Australia, Sodom, or Gomorra?


  28. Agree…. In Russia every citizen family was given 1 ha of land to grow their own food, Russia is the highest producer of organic food – food market stalls are everywhere. This is what happens when a leader cares for its people. So much spare land in Australia..!.

    Community gardens may be the go… if allowed that is.


  29. If common sense prevailed the whole Regulated industry across the world would realise that the day they signed up to mass food production, mass fertiliser use, mass Corporate controls, was the day it would one day do more harm than good.
    If Communities and their farmers worked together as they did before the Corporations came along, then the balance would not be so out of kilter now.
    Biodynamic farming methods, Organic controls without heavy nitrogen rich fertilisers, carbon capture in the soil, community markets. Small scale Industry. Education and training.

    The world can be fed.
    If they learn to feed themselves.

    So I agree, get Governments out of the way.
    The Communities have to take back control.
    The village idiots at the top don’t know what they are doing.


  30. Yes, something terrible has happened in Australia – it has sold its soul. Agree with John B and comeinspinner.

    People will have to choose a side – freedom or slavery – and also rediscover their spirituality which they have traded away for materialism – the same thing that happened in Babylon and other civilisations..


  31. To: Come in Spinner,
    Don’t worry, no offense taken mate, ive been watching this deterioration for years, its going to get worse and the ones that are not ready are going to suffer. I know our politicians have been bought and paid for by the lucifarians, they are corrupt and treasonous in my opinion, and not to be trusted , always believe the opposite of what they say and you cant go wrong, most of them are roman catholics, and are controlled by the Jesuits. so dont be deceived by them. Im also well aware of the chemtrail operations that are taking place above us, Ill put a link below to Dane Wigington’s website. he has done a lot of research into this.

    For the record I believe whats written in scripture, and we were warned 2000 years ago of what is coming to pass, wars rumors of war, earthquakes in divers places, starvation pestilence, famine , and mass human, animal and plant die off. Its all in The Revelation, all this is on our doorstep. ,for the people that cant see and some nay sayers I say to you ;you can dispute this till the chooks come home, but its happening, you need to get your head out of the bucket of sand , stop watching the idiot box, and start doing your own research.

    There is no physical solution to a spiritual problem, I’ll leave that comment for you to work out, that should give you an idea where all this chaos is coming from.


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  32. Tony B, I do not mean to be rude. But have you been asleep. Our government sold us out years ago.I am glad you are waking up. Far too many will not look at what is going on. I cannot understand what the hell is the matter with them.
    Our farmer have been going to the wall for decades, with the full knowledge , and help from the governments.The Constitution has been stripped to the bare bones , illegally.Any changes to it were to be decided by referendum. I guarantee most people doe not know of the Constitution, let alone know what it says.

    The point is, how the hell do we handle this mess ? Even taking the last two and a half years , with all the rallies and marches, all the pepper spray,violence , curfews, lock-downs. masks, people being shot at with rubber bullets,etc,etc. All the needles, all the adverse re-actions. Still they go merrily on their way.

    So farmers go to the wall, nurses, teachers tradesmen , small business owners, losing jobs The top police not having the jab, of but the underlings must.No disrespect meant toward the honest to God hardworking members, Members of parliament not mandated to have the experimental shot.

    Everyday, more and more spying on the population.And on it goes.
    Note NATO, to my suspicious mind, it is starting to shape up like the the NWO military arm.But of course that is my mind working overtime.
    My government does not have my best interests at heart signing onto the Climate Change Agenda.. I wish they would stop playing with the weather. Seeding the clouds has been a bit overdone.Somebody should tell Anastasia.

    And Bill Gates sticking all that muck in the skies.And those millions of mosquitos. I mean what could possibly go wrong ?
    Life was much more fun before they started this game .Surely someone has told them they are wrecking it for everyone but themselves.

    Back to the point, where to from here ? Feels like we are in a whirlwind. About to be blown away.

    God Bless Australia.

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  33. petercottaar0985
  34. Looks like the globalists are upping their game… its so evil and it will be out in the open soon.

    Ukraine has been a big disappointment and failure for them re getting rid of Russia – and has in fact had the opposite effect, more and more countries around the world are joining BRICS and siding with Russia in their fight against the NWO – more in numbers than those that back the NWO –

    I think the globalists are getting desperate now and hopefully people will at last make a stand such as the Dutch are doing.

    If you are wondering how so many governments are on board with all this, a friend of mine said its because they are all in debt to the eyeballs to the IMF (City of London Jewish bankers) – they have to play ball or the debts will be called in and of course no one can pay…Sri Lanka is now starving because it’s debt was overdue and many other countries are facing the same… I think they will all band together too and ditch the Western banks.. just like China and Russia are doing now.

    All it takes for evil to win is for people to do nothing….

    aapkoning… thanks for the Dr Coleman video… scary stuff… something everyone should read.


  35. Robert Scource



  36. Fucking hell, this is mind boggling!


  37. More people start to realize that, “We all have been screwed…” BUT — We need to REVOLT…
    Reiner Füllmich and 50 Lawyers no longer doubt:
    “The vaccines are designed to kill and depopulate the planet”


  38. Quote: “Our country is run according to the rule of law, not the rule of the tractor,” said Jan Paternotte, parliamentary leader of the Democrat 66 party, a so-called “social liberal”
    THE Dutch GOVERNMENT, Has NO Rule of Law they are Bloody criminals following the W E F. The bastards have been on the Farmer’s back for years. As far as I’m concerned and I do KNOW, most people in government deserve to be SHOT…Apart from a very few Small minor parties…
    Yes, the same rules will come here in Australia as well… We do not have much time left…
    dr. Coleman: We have six months left. >>> At Best<<<…
    "Yes, I estimate we have six months of freedom unless we fight this war with more determination."


  39. yep the tribulation is virtually on us, wait till our government starts in our country, we wont know what hit us.


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