Barb Hyman, CEO of recruitment company Sapia. Photo: Women’s Agenda.


IF you believed the spin in Barb Hyman’s company PR, you might think the business of recruitment has been revolutionized. Actually, it has and it’s along the lines of the social revolution being pushed by the World Economic Forum, the UN and other assorted globalists.

Barb Hyman is CEO of recruitment company Sapia, a trendy recruitment company that employs AI technology in a process they call “predictive hire”.

Apparently Sapia’s whizzbang tech can work out what sort of a potential employee you are just by the words you text to them – forget your old-school letter writing skills, apparently it’s too complicated with grammar and all those other outdated skills.

So, text the right trigger words like “diversity” “caring” “environmentally aware” and “climate change” into the AI predictive hire system and bingo, the predictive text comes back, highlighted in green: “LGBTIQA+, environmentally aware candidate! Move to favoured status!” OK, we’re exaggerating here, but you get the drift.

Sapia actually claims the AI system filters out bias and focuses on soft skills. But in the same breath they note that you can adjust your AI system to “set realistic DEI (diversity, equity, inclusivity) targets and measure them, at scale, with little extra effort – ensuring you access the best talent from the widest possible pool… For example, our conversational Ai is able to analyse interview responses to gain deeper insights about each candidate’s personality and competencies, in a fair and objective way.” 

Ms Hyman explains the Sapia system in a spiel published by the left-wing feminist media outlet Women’s Agenda: “One of our customers in the UK not only hired three times more ethnic minorities and one-and-a-half  times more women than they did before they implemented our technology, but they also hired twice as many LGBTQI+ colleagues in their business than they did three years ago. They attribute this directly to the fact that they consider every candidate ‘blind’ and on the merit of their soft skills alone.”

That AI high-tech can filter out human bias in hiring is almost a convincing argument, until you dig a little deeper in Sapia’s own background information and the guidelines fed into the AI system.

Sapia is yet another corporate entity touting the Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) system developed by the WEF and proposed to be foisted on every enterprise and organisation everywhere on the planet. This system is supposed to advance the idea of “socially responsible” business practices.

Put simply, ESG is a checklist for political correctness as approved by the globalist gaggle. The big and not-so-big corporations like Sapia love it. For them it’s a badge of moral superiority, or at worst a way of making your company look good. Some cynics call it green-washing. In reality it’s the tiresome and totalitarian leftist/globalist ideology of environmentalist control of property and “gender equity” i.e. destruction of gender and the nuclear family.

A Cairns News reader put a question to Barb Hyman on Twitter, since her company’s online feedback system did not accept private account email addresses. Hyman was asked if this recruitment system was inherently biased against people who might not subscribe to ESG or DEI (diversity, equity, inclusivity) values. So far there’s been no response.

Exposing woke ideology has become a daily task for the likes of us at Cairns News and numerous other non-mainstream media because it has seeped into the minds of so many. That we should even question it is unthinkable to those who have drunk the globalist KoolAid.

Anthony Albanese and the so-called Teal Independents say their election means “and end to the climate wars”. Just what the heck does that doublespeak mean? What they imply is that debate on the so-called “climate crisis” is no longer acceptable. And how dare anyone challenge the LGBTIQA+ insanity!

Ms Hyman’s leftist-feminist bias is clearly evident in her Women’s Agenda article: “If your C-suite (coporate executive or managers) or board looks anything like the major parties candidates – that is pale, male and stale – then there will be consequences. The election is a canary in the coalmine for every company that has dragged its feet on taking action to build a leadership team that reflects the broader Australian population.”

The statement “pale, male and stale” is sexist and racist, according to the standards of leftist ideology spouted by Ms Hyman and others. In this ideological bubble, boards are simply made better by inserting token non-white women and gays. But her own words “then there will be consequences” might point to the very real threat of totalitarian enforcement of the New Left ideology incorporated by ESG.

Read between the lines of this statement from Ms Hyman’s company: “Executives that care about diversity know that an effective strategy must start at the top – take Australian superannuation fund HESTA and its 40:40 vision as an example. But, to be truly successful, we need DEI goals at all levels, and we need to track, accurately, the degree to which we meet them.”

Tracking certain politically correct ESG goals like gender equity and “climate action” has literally become an industry. And we wonder which government agency with what sort of powers will be given the job of tracking DEI goals?

Traditionally a company is held to account by ASIC regulations i.e. regulations to ensure the law is not breached in respect of financial management or fiscal responsibility. But now, the game is to ensure you are ideologically or politically correct. That’s totalitarianism. It’s the business model in China where everything is controlled and monitored and ultimately owned by the party.