Is AI recruitment enforcing woke ideology bias in the workforce?

Barb Hyman, CEO of recruitment company Sapia. Photo: Women’s Agenda.


IF you believed the spin in Barb Hyman’s company PR, you might think the business of recruitment has been revolutionized. Actually, it has and it’s along the lines of the social revolution being pushed by the World Economic Forum, the UN and other assorted globalists.

Barb Hyman is CEO of recruitment company Sapia, a trendy recruitment company that employs AI technology in a process they call “predictive hire”.

Apparently Sapia’s whizzbang tech can work out what sort of a potential employee you are just by the words you text to them – forget your old-school letter writing skills, apparently it’s too complicated with grammar and all those other outdated skills.

So, text the right trigger words like “diversity” “caring” “environmentally aware” and “climate change” into the AI predictive hire system and bingo, the predictive text comes back, highlighted in green: “LGBTIQA+, environmentally aware candidate! Move to favoured status!” OK, we’re exaggerating here, but you get the drift.

Sapia actually claims the AI system filters out bias and focuses on soft skills. But in the same breath they note that you can adjust your AI system to “set realistic DEI (diversity, equity, inclusivity) targets and measure them, at scale, with little extra effort – ensuring you access the best talent from the widest possible pool… For example, our conversational Ai is able to analyse interview responses to gain deeper insights about each candidate’s personality and competencies, in a fair and objective way.” 

Ms Hyman explains the Sapia system in a spiel published by the left-wing feminist media outlet Women’s Agenda: “One of our customers in the UK not only hired three times more ethnic minorities and one-and-a-half  times more women than they did before they implemented our technology, but they also hired twice as many LGBTQI+ colleagues in their business than they did three years ago. They attribute this directly to the fact that they consider every candidate ‘blind’ and on the merit of their soft skills alone.”

That AI high-tech can filter out human bias in hiring is almost a convincing argument, until you dig a little deeper in Sapia’s own background information and the guidelines fed into the AI system.

Sapia is yet another corporate entity touting the Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) system developed by the WEF and proposed to be foisted on every enterprise and organisation everywhere on the planet. This system is supposed to advance the idea of “socially responsible” business practices.

Put simply, ESG is a checklist for political correctness as approved by the globalist gaggle. The big and not-so-big corporations like Sapia love it. For them it’s a badge of moral superiority, or at worst a way of making your company look good. Some cynics call it green-washing. In reality it’s the tiresome and totalitarian leftist/globalist ideology of environmentalist control of property and “gender equity” i.e. destruction of gender and the nuclear family.

A Cairns News reader put a question to Barb Hyman on Twitter, since her company’s online feedback system did not accept private account email addresses. Hyman was asked if this recruitment system was inherently biased against people who might not subscribe to ESG or DEI (diversity, equity, inclusivity) values. So far there’s been no response.

Exposing woke ideology has become a daily task for the likes of us at Cairns News and numerous other non-mainstream media because it has seeped into the minds of so many. That we should even question it is unthinkable to those who have drunk the globalist KoolAid.

Anthony Albanese and the so-called Teal Independents say their election means “and end to the climate wars”. Just what the heck does that doublespeak mean? What they imply is that debate on the so-called “climate crisis” is no longer acceptable. And how dare anyone challenge the LGBTIQA+ insanity!

Ms Hyman’s leftist-feminist bias is clearly evident in her Women’s Agenda article: “If your C-suite (coporate executive or managers) or board looks anything like the major parties candidates – that is pale, male and stale – then there will be consequences. The election is a canary in the coalmine for every company that has dragged its feet on taking action to build a leadership team that reflects the broader Australian population.”

The statement “pale, male and stale” is sexist and racist, according to the standards of leftist ideology spouted by Ms Hyman and others. In this ideological bubble, boards are simply made better by inserting token non-white women and gays. But her own words “then there will be consequences” might point to the very real threat of totalitarian enforcement of the New Left ideology incorporated by ESG.

Read between the lines of this statement from Ms Hyman’s company: “Executives that care about diversity know that an effective strategy must start at the top – take Australian superannuation fund HESTA and its 40:40 vision as an example. But, to be truly successful, we need DEI goals at all levels, and we need to track, accurately, the degree to which we meet them.”

Tracking certain politically correct ESG goals like gender equity and “climate action” has literally become an industry. And we wonder which government agency with what sort of powers will be given the job of tracking DEI goals?

Traditionally a company is held to account by ASIC regulations i.e. regulations to ensure the law is not breached in respect of financial management or fiscal responsibility. But now, the game is to ensure you are ideologically or politically correct. That’s totalitarianism. It’s the business model in China where everything is controlled and monitored and ultimately owned by the party.

About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. Joy, Mmm, well I’m praying you are WRONG, but fearing you are RIGHT! God help us all. I learned today from bumping into one member of a fearcing fighting group I belong to, she was on her way back to her car, sat down and all three of us had a vigorous conversation about what you mentioned exactly, but one good thing came from this talk. She said you have no idea just HOW MANY of us are working around the clock, against all this BS, from cloud seeding (flooding), stopping fundraising accounts, refusal of entry into areas to help those families who are sleeping in their cars to every other thing you mentioned. So that helped me tremendously mentally to know. Then we read the newspaper article about Labour selling farms to international buyers which we posted on FB….it’s certainly in our faces now, as bold as ever, so we’re bracing ourselves and in FOR THE FIGHT OF OUR LIVES, We Will Not Give In or Give Up. Thank you Joy 😦

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  2. Yes, D Johnston all is correct observations and lets hope they are truly ‘outed’!!

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  3. Thank you Blisskitt for the snapshot of the Stockholm+50 Conference, I poured through the agenda and descriptions of what is going to be discussed. What infuriates me so much is the fact these topics have been tossed around literally since the early ’70’s and the world is in worse shape! Total waste of money for these bureaucrats to rave on about their garbage. (sigh) Anyway, just another layer of NWO BS we have to put up with in my opinion. Can’t stand it.

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  4. Well that puts paid to homely women at work then going home to look after kids. Ed

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  5. Well I think we’ve probably given enough air-time to this cloned sub species. It’s apparent that most of us have had the misfortune to come up against at least a few of them at some stage. However…

    Having chosen a number of career paths, traversing varied industries, including a foray into psychology, I have always found them ensconced in upper management or at least HR roles where their psychopathy can be best utilised.
    They are always women.
    And most often are under qualified and/or have limited life experience or skills. Arrested development basically.
    They are hired soley because such women can be very adept at relational deception techniques; gossip, bullying, manipulation, passive aggressive behaviour etc. Men generally tend to lean more towards physical threat or aggression. (Except maybe for the likes of Amber Heard who employed the whole nine yards!)

    Over the past 10 years or so, companies have increasingly relied heavily upon such interview procedures as Psychometric Testing. These are an excellent and time conserving means towards unearthing socio/psychopathic individuals. And not in a good way.
    If an applicant, although being far more than qualified and experienced for a role, displays empathetic tendencies and/or team player/social interactive qualities etc…they are instantly overlooked in preference of the above-mentioned – who essentially are real nasty pieces of work and past masters at control whilst all the while being shielded by their ‘womanhood’. Because that’s not the way women behave right?!!
    I’ve witnessed such highly questionable selections countless times.
    Scary stuff.
    And they’re coming out of the woodwork now, largely due to the protection afforded them by all the PC/Inequality/’Me Too’…poor victim me bs.
    Though hopefully like Heard, they too will eventually be outed for what they truly are.

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  6. Is anyone familiar with this I stumbled across today? Going on as we speak 2nd/3rd June.

    A quote from their website. “Stockholm+50 commemorates the 1972 United Nations Conference on the Human Environment and celebrates 50 years of global environmental action. By recognizing the importance of multilateralism in tackling the Earth’s triple planetary crisis – climate, nature, and pollution – the international meeting aims to drive action toward a healthy planet for the prosperity of all.”

    And this is what to expect this week.

    “Amid the triple planetary crisis of climate change, nature and biodiversity loss, and pollution and waste, the meeting will feature four plenary sessions to give leaders the opportunity to outline the bold and urgent action needed to safeguard planetary health and accelerate the implementation of the2030 Agenda and the Sustainable Development Goals.

    Shifting to net-zero emissions, restructuring the food system to prevent loss and waste and recalibrating financial systems to prioritize environmental health are just some of the many priorities.

    Three leadership dialogues will also shape the outcome of the meeting by generating concrete recommendations for action among all stakeholders. Experts from around the world representing all stakeholders – including women, youth, older persons, persons with disabilities, indigenous peoples and local communities – will engage in debate and discussion around the following themes:

    Reflecting on the urgent need for actions to achieve a healthy planet and prosperity of all

    Achieving a sustainable and inclusive recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic

    Accelerating the implementation of the environmental dimension of Sustainable Development in the context of the Decade of Action

    Hundreds of side events , associated events and webinars – including many held ahead of and after the meeting – will address relevant themes of Stockholm+50 and further expand the scope of the conversation.

    Ultimately, the meeting aims to highlight how governments and other stakeholders can mobilize the global community to ensure a healthy planet for the prosperity of all. The meeting will be held ahead of World Environment Day 2022 on 5 June, which Stockholm will also host.”

    May be worth following.

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  7. In the early 2000’s I was talking to a career advisor who said that one particular organisation was not hiring anyone over the age of 40. It didn’t take AI to implement a bias.

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  8. Alas Donna, you are far to kind and my understanding is quite different. Nothing will die down with NWO, WHO, WEF as they FORCE their dictates upon us with few choices– the Eugenics Caravan of forced Vaxxes, Mandates, LGBTQI+ indoctrination, the Climate Change nonsense is here to stay eg the Big 4 Banks & other banks will lend money to to Energy business, Explorers and all related businesses ONLY if they are into “sustainable Energy” and can prove it.
    That is only ONE example of many in the work place hiring eg in Theatre, Clothing, Food (Coals has a drive to hire mostly LGBT + and not ordinary people).
    It is time we got a grip and found ways to FIGHT back, Ignoring is useless as they will run over us like a 1000 mile/ hour train.
    Cairns News publishes articles on all various ways the Global Vice is coming down on us.

    One needs to devise many ways to do all of the following (as one sees fit, in no particular order) actively Push Back where possible, Not participate where possible ( eg get out of NWO stuff eg facebook, Instagram etc all of that) not participate in many behaviours and attitudes we take for granted that serve those masters eg quit Netflix, Amazon, etc and stop being “sickaholics” depending on our Doctors for good advice when most are working for Big Pharm or are just Stupid.
    DETOX from as much as possible to live a clear, natural, healthy life.
    Barb Hyman is just one of thousands of this distorted, demented thinking that Aussie women who think they are “trendy, at the cusp of a new era, Sustainable, intelligent” are flocking like flies to embrace and become face to face mouth pieces for the NWO, WEF, WHO etc are now in our faces every day.
    Family members are becoming Woke in front of our own eyes…. so no donna you mean well but your “softness” to this issue will hurt us all… the younger you are the worse it will be for you. Please remember the Eugenics wave , Climate Change crap is here to stay and the next wave of Forced stuff they will land on us is not far off – their inventiveness to eliminate us knows no bounds.
    Be well everyone and remember, best to do our part, wherever and whenever we can.
    PS the Eugenics program to depopulate the world has been going since Darwin put it together & it has been fairly successful with WW1, WW2, and all the other mayhem and in every aspect for about 150 years or more. Will they stop now? NO

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  9. kendovecartoons

    This little book may help some to cope with the “Woke Frillies” they encounter:

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  10. Yes Donna well said probably not everybody;s cup of tea. Ed

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  11. Used By Dates….NO! No such thing….seriously acronyms have annoyingly been around for donkey’s years…..just rise above it all and ignore the weirdo women (and guys), I just think it’s so ridiculous we have to adjust ourselves to the LGBYGT (or whatever they damwell are) all these stupid movements for gays, leso’s, half gays and lesbenisms, robots and what-the-heck-ever…..I’m sick of it all. Where is normality? But remember, since time began there have always been weirdo’s and we just work around them. Don’t give in and say your use by date is over….they are the ones who are ‘over’ the top!! haha


  12. “Come on women, lets start standing up for honest, sensible, unwoke values and make our voices heard.” Finally hope has arrived in the mental institution of gendering humanity. Thanks Joy!!!

    “Confucius”very wise words indeed.

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  13. Why not just stick a potential candidate on a lie detector. Would do the same thing I expect.

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  14. This sort of rubbish just tells me that I have passed my use by date and it’s time to check out. Maybe that’s politically incorrect as well? Thought police are well entrenched. Where would they be without acronyms?

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  15. Confucious say: Women in Australia are being channeled and brainwashed into stupidity more quickly than the men. Their relevance is being diminished while it is supposed to be promoted.

    The trojan horse ball busters promoted to prominence are simply retarding the cause of women while enhancing their own egos and personal causes.

    Men and women need to complement not compete with each other. But that wouldn’t promote the interests of the “guvernors” would it!.

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  16. Just reading Joy’s comment, I agree completely. As I said in my comment earlier, ‘people are people’, MOST of us are still fun loving, down to earth and trying to enjoy life, no matter what is thrown at us, we try our best to land on our feet, heels or not! haha There will always be the groups of weirdo women who struttt around thinking they are just the bee’s knees to EVERYTHING and EVERYONE. Then, there are the others. But no matter where you go or what you do where you go, you’ll always find pocket of these strange women. I love to watch them actually because I find them entertaining, they try and be intimidating, but only if you let them in my opinion.
    Then I walk away thinking, imagine being married to that, or working alongside her, where do they come from? They are graduates some degrees at uni and have often been appointed because of their age, the way they speak and their style of thinking….it’s all a bit weird to me, we can’t get hung up on it….just have a laugh and pray it goes away.

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  17. My perspective on this New World Order (NWO), LGBTIQA, ESG, WEF business incorporated within Government Agencies like ACCC or the ASIC for example is definitely totalitarianism at it’s best in my opinion. I believe many agencies/companies will or may, (hopefully not) adapt to this this new way of doing business and particularly in the recruitment arena is ‘trendy’.
    My background is sales and marketing in dozens of industries, including the Chamber of Commerce sectors. People love to be trendy, they love to be able to speak, wear, act in a way where they feel they are superior and if you aren’t ‘up with the lingo’ brother, your out! A bit like miniskirts, hairstyles and what brand of cigarettes you smoke or type of coffee you drink.
    It’s unrealistic to think the world will follow their orders.
    But I also believe many are going adopt some of these ways, which will put them in a good light for doing business and obtaining grants etc.
    My only fear is at this stage I’m picking up through listening to discussions across the board, general comments on FB groups, Twitter and the like, and just speaking to friends in business, that this NWO gumf ridiculous adaptation of AI and behaviours could be a ‘the new thing’ as the landscape of business in general has changed sadly. Some have survived, or closed and reopened, but many have closed shop entirely, thrown in the towel, gone into retirement or simply can’t be bothered fighting as they have been driven-out of what they know and loved before all these insane lockdowns and mandates came into play. People are people. Still going along the same lines as they always have. These types of trends I’m thinking will die out eventually and hopefully just not caught on by the masses as they are hoping it will. They being the NWO groups.
    I can’t see operations like CCIQ, ACCC ASIC and even Macquarie Bank adapting to this NWO way of doing business, especially from a recruitment perspective. Many businesses couldn’t cope entirely with all the rules of WP&S for example. They aren’t going to want to hire staff who specialise in AI and anything else that this WEF tries to pressurise onto business.
    I think people are struggling at this time and are just coping with coming out of the numbing phase of mandates is going to be enough of an aftershock, rather than now adapting to this new authority from the group WEF gathering of the beautiful ones, the ‘elite’ of the world out of Switzerland.
    It’s going to be interesting to see the way things go.

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  18. I am a female & often I am horrified at my gender. It is as if most women who have a voice and were educated by the woke teachers of the last 30 years, are more than dysfunctional and wear their delusional attitudes as trophies.
    Women, it is time we stopped these dysfunctional/delusional women who have some axe to grind to get the hell out of executive positions.These women do not reflect us they make the “notion of women” codependently, severely thought damaged that I denounce such screwed up beings that need to be placed in some Mental Care where thy influence noone.
    Come on women, lets start standing up for honest, sensible, unwoke values and make our voices heard.
    I am a retired Psychologist & corporate Consultant & when these kind of hateful, discriminating women who have an “axe to grind” from their “damaged childhoods” become vocal, their noise, words and intentions are insane/wierd & ugly. The worst is they are unaware of how absolutely horrible they really are, and unfortunately they are everywhere now and in our own families as well.
    I have 2 sisters who are devotees of MSM and they have no awareness of how woke they are becoming and they think they are “trendy”.
    So spending time with my sisters is becoming scarce and finding “like minded friends” is a far better way of spending happy times with others.
    The women coming up as politicians or Captainesses of Industry are mostly gross and when one well balanced, tolerant female rises to these ranks it is a miracle she survived. (please not I will always use pronouns such as he, she, mother, father etc and I am a binary person because I like being a feminine woman) and never support those “psychologically damaged women”. There are men who are also damaged, but the way women express their dysfunctionality always amazes me to the fine particularity of their nuanced derangement.
    It is so characteristically particular for each “dysfunctional female” as most seem so proud of their particular wokeness hidden in their deluded , manicured, intelligence.
    I cannot be bothered with such women as some have given up their Right to be called “women” and some do not want to be recognised as “women”.
    I practice tolerance and walk away…. women, find your own tribes and push back as often as possible. May sanity, love and balance be restored by us in our daily practice of being human.

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  19. Hi Robyn Stephens, Hey but we could still wear heels…our feet would be the same hahaha.

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  20. Robyn Stephens

    @D Johnston.
    I hear you but I love wearing heels so much.

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  21. Robyn Stephens

    I didn’t read it all.
    I don’t think I have too.
    Years ago going to a recruitment place I had some just of of college not much working experience tell me who is much older and more experienced in the workforce that I am not suited to the job.
    WTF would I waste my time applying for a job I am not suited for.
    This AI stuff does not surprise me at all in the slightest.

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  22. Uuuuurggh, Yet another broomstick riding, cauldron stirring, psychopathic ‘female’. Where are they all coming from?! Seriously considering changing my gender out of disgust.

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