Albanese plan to smash Australia’s 2 million self-employed

The duopoly government only works if you VOTE them back into dictatorship on May 21st


There’s now clarity on what Albanese’s Labor intends to do to self-employed small business people if elected. Labor intends to attack us.
The ALP Secure Jobs Plan says:
  “Labor will extend the powers of the Fair Work Commission to include ‘employee-like’ forms of work…” Labor intends to attack “…new forms of work such as gig work.”  
Last Monday (2 May) this was further made clear at an Albanese street-walk rally in Brisbane. The Australian Financial Review reports from the rally that Labor will legislate to invent new law that says that self-employed people are a ‘little bit’ an employee, like being ‘a little bit pregnant’. It’s clear that the policy is directed at giving unions control over gig workers and any other self-employed person they choose to target. Hairdressers, for example!
The policy is a direct lift from the Californian law called AB5, introduced in early 2020. It was a job killer which hit the most vulnerable self-employed people. Think of single mums running their own transcription business from home! Closed down! There are thousands of examples.
The United Kingdom has an old 1986 ‘little bit pregnant/employee’ independent contractor law. This was used by the UK transport union in 2021 to attack gig ride-sharing. It’s thrown commercial contracts into chaos in the UK.
Albanese’s Labor says it wants to do ‘nice’ things such as giving ‘little-bit-employee’ self-employed people access to collective bargaining, superannuation and the minimum wage. But this is a beat-up.
Self-employed people (us) already have easy access to collective bargaining authorised under competition laws. Superannuation is clearly required when an individual, self-employed person (not structured as a P/L company) works for a business. The Independent Contractors Act requires that independent contractors should not be paid less than employees.
The truth is that self-employed people are protected under commercial law regulations. Think of the unfair contract laws. Albanese’s Labor wants to drag us into the mess of union-controlled industrial relations law. Forget it!
And quite recently the Australian High Court reaffirmed that self-employed people operate under commercial law. The Court also stated that UK-type (little-bit-employee) laws are not part of Australian law.
Further, the International Labour Organisation, a United Nations body, declared in 2006 that national laws should not interfere in the commercial relationships of independent contractors.
The Albanese plan defies international labour rulings and secure (High Court-determined) contract law. It is a repeat of the disastrous Road Safety Remuneration Tribunal introduced by the 2012 Gillard Labor government. This ‘protection’ invention was about to destroy the businesses of 50,000 self-employed truckies before the Turnbull government abolished the Tribunal.
The obsession Labor has with the ‘evil’ gig economy is silly. Only 0.19 per cent of the Australian workforce earned their full-time income through gig work. But Labor is using a near-hysterical, anti-gig campaign as an excuse to attack self-employed people.
It’s clear that if Labor wins government, we (self-employed people) will have a big fight on our hands to retain our right to be self-employed. It’s about our right to decide how we want to earn our living and to control our working lives. Labor wants to attack that right.

With best wishes.
  Ken Phillips and the
Team at Self-Employed Australia

About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. periguinfalcon

    Jew world order


  2. crisscross767

    Bill Gates Now Says COVID Disease Of Elderly, Low Fatality Rate And Kind Of Like The Flu
    May 11, 2022

    Recently, Bill Gates said COVID is kind of like the flu and called it the disease of elderly people with low fatality but eventually hedged.

    So why are they vaccinating kids? – To make sure that they don’t get old?


  3. ahh..


  4. From Lincoln’s time the military were in charge of the money. See this:

    Click to access hopium2.pdf


  5. I tried ringing a few of them, but they are out of office until after the election, so you can’t talk to them, nor their staff.
    They are technically not in office.


  6. Still don’t know who Bill Hell Gates is? Bill Gates’ GERM Team Lays Out Game Plan for Global Corporate Medical Tyranny Takeover.

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  7. People should remember that the WHO Masking, Is A Social manipulation tool. And the mask represents slavery.
    Yes the WHO wants to enslave the whole population, alternatively you just take the Jab and die…

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  8. Yes explained. “JFK was the last US president to oppose the military/industrial complex. and US-funded coups to topple elected presidents and he paid the ultimate price.”

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  9. I agree – surely we can do something.. Why don’t we agree on a day and then all ring Canberra – worked for the cash issue..


  10. YES, Anna is on the -|- Money, Sorry – GOLD.” Thanks “obviousbob”.

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  11. Not much time left to stop the WHO, by Bill Hell Gates is by far the Worse one.
    Maybe the following articles might help?
    What You Need to Know About the WHO Pandemic Treaty.
    The globalists that brought us the wildly exaggerated COVID pandemic to cement a bio-security grid into place are now hard at work on the next phase of this New World Order.
    Below is the whole article and video.

    What You Need to Know About the WHO Pandemic Treaty. Below Video only.
    Bill Hell Gates will keep pushing his Eugenics… Do NOT forget this one!

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  12. Yes. I would say that there are agents in Geneva or wherever the vote is going to take place, and these agents will be ready to go.
    The greatest betrayal in world history, but one must remember that the masons and everyone else have been infiltrating every position of control, for a very long time now.
    Perhaps they should all have been massacred when we all still had guns?


  13. crisscross767

    Commenter on Richardson Post
    VicTar • 24 minutes ago



  14. Albanese is a C…T

    Sold out to china and now this .. may he rot from the inside out


  15. crisscross767

    World Affairs
    5/8/2022, 6:00:42 PM

    VICTORIA, AUSTRALIA: Premier Dan Andrews is passing a bill that prohibits people from growing their own food.

    The Agriculture Legislation Amendment Bill 2022 has had its second reading in parliament. Biosecurity is stated as the reason for changes.

    New Zealand Government sending letters to unvaxxed people – telling them that if they are not vaxed by the 1st June 2022, or they will face $15,000 fine or 6 months in prison


  16. aapkoning: “he was a little too strong for the let’s say: The Establishment behind the scenes.”

    My previous post has gone into the Internet wilderness so here’s another go.

    Kennedy found that he could say what he liked as long as no one was paying attention. Once people started to pay attention that’s when his troubles started. 😉

    Outing the deep state was one thing….

    Making a move against it was entirely another…..

    A look into the future is a person’s fantasy and imagination. A look into the past turns out to be the same thing, except someone else’s.

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  17. Yes @aapkoning, as much of our so-called history has been dictated & written by the victors themselves, it is indeed worthless garbage & trash, expect for the perpetrators of course.

    The key to understand the present events, is to know of what really happened in the past & the perpetrators responsible.

    I wonder if they will take this down:

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  18. Anna von Reitz claims (and she is usually right) that after Kennedy’s assassination, LBJ shipped 264k tons of gold to the Philippines.
    An article about this here:

    Click to access phillippinesfraud.pdf

    Anna has a searchable website, for anyone who wants to investigate further.

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  19. Yes, you are on the right track. In his early years (just after WWII) Kennedy once commented in Berlin, “I have been told many times, what the so called truth is, That I cannot accept,” – It does NOT make sense. (With that statement he signed his death warrant.) Also, he was a little too strong for the let’s say: The Establishment behind the scenes.
    After spending a lot of time in that part of the world, Poland, Germany, Russia, and Austria, I would like and can / will repeat Kennedy’s words. Based on my own physical experiences and observations. “History, as has been pushed into most people, is just Garbage.”

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  20. obviousbob: “My belief is that Kennedy got done in because he wanted to return to the gold standard.”

    “KENNEDY EXECUTIVE ORDER 11110 (On June 4, 1963, President John F. Kennedy signed Executive Order No. 11110 that returned to the U.S. government the power to issue currency, without going through the Federal Reserve (US Central Bank). ”

    Congress had the CONSTITUTIONAL obligation to issue and control the US money supply via the US Treasury, an obligation it gave away to the privately owned Federal Reserve consortium of money merchants in 1913.

    It was one thing to blow the whistle on the “deep state” in America but entirely a different thing to actually attempt to bring it under control. His “secret societies” speech also gives us a pointer regarding his disappointment in not being “the most powerful man on earth”:

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  21. My belief is that Kennedy got done in because he wanted to return to the gold standard.

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  22. NATO started as the Bovver Boy of Europe-now it is the Bovver Boy of everywhere else.
    It needs to be dissolved, like the UN does.

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  23. Hi aapkoning, Well stated. Yes, I’ve always maintained that Kennedy’s assassination was a real turning point. That was when sh*t got brazen I think. It must have been so very hard and sad to live through those times.

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  24. I Agree with You – Verbatim. After my 5 years of military service, Nato Germany, (My eyes opened up completely during 1963 when Kennedy was shot dead). I moved to Australia in ’67. Have to admit the veil of respect for various governments & military establishments (Nato) collapsed. You summed up the rest, I only can back up your words. Let’s hope people will, be Voting, Creating, and forcing a future without all the WEF disciplined creatures that have infiltrated most governments. Klaus Schwab’s words.
    Dr. Robert Malone: Time to Flush Out All WEF Members from Our Governments…

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  25. A digital one.


  26. Is Bill bringing his own brown paper bag?


  27. crisscross767

    @ obviousbob

    “venture capital”
    1. capital invested in a project in which there is a substantial element of risk, typically a new or expanding business.
    Shorten to study Israeli superannuation
    Friday, April 27th, 2012
    SOME of the leading figures in the multi-trillion-dollar superannuation sector will join federal Financial Services Minister Bill Shorten on a visit to Israel later this week as the government examines ways for the retirement savings system to help kick-start the Australian venture capital business.
    Joining Mr Shorten on the visit will be Australian Prudential Regulation Authority deputy chairman Ross Jones, MLC chief executive Steve Tucker and Challenger Group retirement income chairman Jeremy Cooper, author of the contentious Cooper Report on the superannuation sector.
    During the visit, co-ordinated by the Australia-Israel Chamber of Commerce and the Israeli embassy, the group will meet executives of leading Israeli financial services companies, including its largest insurance group, Migdal, and fellow insurer Clal Insurance Enterprise Holdings.
    It will also meet officials of the Capital Market, Insurance, and Savings Department, which supervises insurance and the long-term savings market.
    Mr Shorten is also planning one-on-one meetings with Bank of Israel governor Professor Stanley Fischer, chief scientist Avi Hasson and Israeli and Palestinian leaders.
    “The chamber is very excited about the Shorten-led trade mission,” said AICC chairman Paul Israel, who is based in Tel Aviv. “For the first time Australian pension funds will be exposed to the vibrant and innovative Israeli venture capital and hi-tech scene.” ……………………”


  28. My video deals with this, and was made some years ago.
    What you see now-COVID lockdowns, etc, are just the same thing turbocharged:


  29. What you are all saying here is basically related to the corporatisation of everything.
    One could have seen this happening many years ago, one instance being the cereal companies giving coupons and tokens that when you had enough (like you’ve spent hundreds of dollars on your corn flakes) you could retrieve them for a football for your school, or some such thing.
    Sport has been corporatised (anyone in a suit is dodgy, or at least: guilty until proven harmless!!!) as has everything else.
    Even the C+BUS superannuation scheme is operated by a foreign entity called United Super, who are probably owned by Black Rock, Vanguard, or State Street, who are the biggest funds managers there are.
    And that means, with the intended WEF-led global financial reset, that every builder boys’ super is in jeopardy, as is everyone else’s.
    If you care for the longish read, Clint Richardson does a great job on this one:


  30. crisscross767

    @ D Johnston – The quotes in my post are from “MEIN KAMPF” by Adolph Hitler. I should have checked to see if the link still works before posting.

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  31. Same with the big push with NBN, so Amazon would benefit

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  32. In response to crisscross we all recall how the local Community newspapers were ‘consolidated’ and how the MSM media became ‘one voice’ and ‘one source’ of information’ just before ‘covid-19’ reached our shores.

    At the time we suspected that something was up.

    They were lining up the dots for such a time as this.
    The power of the media and the press were key to selling the people this lie.


  33. Yes periguinfalcon, I totally empathise with you.
    I too have “witnessed the demise of a once great country”, having called Australia my true home for the majority of my life. Unrecognisable. It’s heartbreaking.

    And yes as ‘purebloods’ we are now unable to leave and/or go anywhere for that matter. Who could ever have imagined that? Brings to mind that groan-inducing Hotel California…”We are all just prisoners here of our own device”. (Lyrically, it was actually really good!).

    Like you, I cannot understand when or how we became so insular and complacent. The same in my native NZ, but worse..being coupled with an almost childlike innocence/naivety. (Used to drive me nuts). Except there’s stuff all of that left anymore since Jumpin Jack Flash Ardern arose from the depths of hell. That’s been a gigantic wake up call.

    So I guess there is only hope and perseverance. Living only in the moment and navigating our own lives as best we can. Which means sadly, becoming a lot more selfish. You can’t continually expend much needed energy trying to ‘save’ people…especially those who flatly refuse to be ‘saved’. They will only drag you down with them.
    Sink or swim… Fight or die.


  34. Only an idiot pays taxes to fund this crime syndicate…

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  35. Hi crisscross767, Excellent.


  36. crisscross767

    Our Daily Media

    “……….If we consider the attitude of various Governments towards a whole series of really pernicious phenomena in public life, we shall at once recognise the fearful significance of this policy of half-measures and the lack of courage to take responsibilities. I shall single out only a few from the large numbers of instances known to me.

    In journalistic circles it is a pleasing custom to speak of the Press as a ‘Great Power’ within the State. As a matter of fact its importance is immense. One cannot easily overestimate it, for the Press continues the work of education even in adult life. Generally, readers of the press can be classified into three groups:

    First, those who believe everything they read;

    Second, those who no longer believe anything;

    Third, those who critically examine what they read and form from their judgements accordingly.

    Numerically, the first group is by far the strongest, being composed of the broad masses of the people………………….

    ………………………………………………The third group is easily the smallest, being composed of real intellectuals whom natural aptitude and education have taught to think for themselves and who in all things try to form their own judgements, while at the same time carefully sifting what they read. They will not read any newspaper without using their own intelligence to collaborate with that of the writer and naturally this does not set the writer an easy task. journalists appreciate this type of reader only with a certain amount of reservation.

    Hence the trash that newspapers are capable of serving up is of little danger —— much less of importance——-to the third group of readers. In the majority of cases these readers have learnt to regard every journalist as fundamentally a rogue who sometimes speaks the truth. Most unfortunately the value of these readers lies in their intelligence and not in their numerical strength, an unhappy state of affairs in a period where wisdom counts for nothing and majorities for everything. Nowadays when the voting papers of the masses are the deciding factor; the decision lies in the hands of the numerically strongest group; that is to say the first group, the crowd of simpletons and the credulous…………………………

    ………………………………Particular attention should be paid to the Press; for its influence on these people is by far the strongest and most penetrating of all; since its affect is not transitory but continual. Its immense significance lies in the uniform and persistent repetition of its teaching. Here if anywhere, the State should never forget that all means should converge to the same end. It must not be led astray by the will-o’-the-wisp of so called ‘freedom of the Press’, or is talked into neglecting its duty, and withholding from the nation that which is good and does good. With ruthless determination the State must keep control of this instrument of popular education and place it at the service of the State and the nation………………………….

    ………………………..Was it not the German Press that understood how to make all the nonsensical talk obout ‘Western democracy’ palatable to our people, until an exuberant public was eventually prepared to entrust its future to the League of Nations? Was not this Press instrumental in bringing a state of moral degredation among our people? Were not morals and public decency made to look ridiculous and classed out of date and banal,until finally our people also became modernised?……………………………..

    …………………………………The function of the so called liberal Press was to dig the grave for the German people and Reich. No mention need be made of the lying Marxist Press. To them the spreading of falsehood is as much a vital necessity as the mouse is to a cat. Their task is to break the national backbone of the people, thus preparing the nation to become the slaves of international finance and its masters, the Jews……………………

    …………………………………….And what measures did the State take to counteract this wholesale poisoning of the public mind? None, absolutely nothing at all. By this policy it was hoped to win the favour of this pest—–by means of flattery, by a recognition of the ‘value’ of the Press, its importance, its ‘educative mission’ and similar nonsense. The Jews acknowledged all this with a knowing smile and returned thanks.”

    From page 132, “……….Of course it would be out of the question to enter into an arguement with these liars who deny at one moment what they said the moment before. I should waste no further words on them were it not for the fact that there are many thoughtless people who repeat all this in parrot fashion, without necessarily being inspired by any evil motives. But the observations I am making here are also meant for our fighting followers, seeing that nowadays ones spoken words are often forgotten and twisted in their meaning..”

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  37. Here is how they zombie everyone out periguinfalcon:

    Governments are very good perception managers.


  38. periguinfalcon

    I’m English ex forces ( Falkland vet) lived all over Australia and now reside in Tasmania. I’ve witnessed the gradual demise of a once great country, unfortunately I’m unjabbed so unable to leave. I’ve spent all my time and energy trying to inform as many people as possible but about 99% are unable or cannot grasp that their own governments are the real enemy! You’d have thought that a convict nation would be more weary of the powers in charge? Coming from Europe its fairly common knowledge about the Agenda 30, Rothschilds ( Black rock, Vanguard etc etc) and that being in the UN means that you all have a two party system designed to create the same outcome. Common knowledge for years that both sides of the same coin get in power! Government will not teach you to revolt! I notice how many have succumbed to wearing the awful and ridiculous hi viz shirts classification of plebs.

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  39. Hi periguinfalcon, Yeah pretty much unfortunately. No need to stick a fork in us to tell that we’re done!
    Judging from your previous astute and candid comments, I imagine you too were screaming about the stolen election as it was actually happening.
    The very same footage, data, witnesses testimonies et al that are in 2000 Mules, many of us watched in real-time via independent sources. We already knew way back then.
    But nobody would listen. We were ‘conspiracy theorists’ subjected to ridicule.
    They were too busy sucking from the cathode nipple (aka TV) and/or simply weren’t interested. “That’s just America”. Ignorance and apathy. A dire warning ignored. And so here we are today.
    Now, however, many of those same normies are all of a sudden “OMG this is incredible!” What? They were sitting waiting to be spoon fed once again?
    As hugely vindicating as this is, it is still infuriating.
    When the True The Vote data is released shortly there’ll most likely be the exact same response.

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  40. periguinfalcon

    Australia has fallen, the globalist elites two party system has selected labour to “win”, media has already announced it! Good bye and good luck Australians. You were caught napping, been warned time and time again only to mock the messengers as tin hats and conspiracy Nuts! Oh i bet you’d wished you’d listened. All a little too late now, no turning back the clocks. Social engineering has turned a good bunch of hard working blokes into a fruit cake nation.

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  41. Stuff “Oh by Cheesy”!! He’s done and so is Labor they have destroyed my faith 8n them as a people’s party!


  42. Give up monkey-king: the younger generation are the future, young CN readers need practical solutions, not pseudo-intelligence, or illogical superstitious beliefs.

    If things were satisfactorily worked out in your youth, your comments would possibly benefit the younger generation.

    This young working class Aussie chick worked it out correctly, and acted upon it, which is why she don’t whine.

    She completely gets it, . . . ‘She Owns Nothing, and is Happy!.’

    Young CN readers need useful, innovative and positive leaders; coffin-dodgers cannot provide this, – Biden is a case in point.

    All that enslaving tech stuff you mention, intelligent people, such as this chick, use it to escape your plantation.



  43. crisscross767

    Can anyone name one politician who is eligible to sit in parliament under section 44 of the constitution given that politicians past sold the governments bank – the Commonwealth Bank of Australia to foreign entities, thus givng foreign ownership to the issue and control of this nations money?

    Statute law or Admiralty Law, is the Law of the Sea. The various arms of government are known as “departments” such as the Judiciary, Justice and Treasury etc, all of these “departments” belong to corporations.

    Realise too that corporations are not a separate and distinct entity from the government. They are the government which operates under Roman Civil Law outside of the Constitution.

    Politicians do not work for the people, they are the servants of their corporate masters and carry out their bidding. The Prime Minister is the CEO of the corporation called The COMMONWEALTH OF AUSTRALIA

    The COMMONWEALTH OF AUSTRALIA (all capitalized) government is basically a corporate instrument of the international bankers. The corporation owns the people from birth to death [by means of your straw man, a legal fiction and artificial entity created at birth using your name in UPPER CASE. Whereas you are a living flesh and blood human being, your straw man is a corporate sole person established under legislative authority and considered by statute a citizen of the government. It is in fact a government agency by definition of the way in which it was created. [ Read this ]. The corporate government also owns all the assets, property, and children of its citizenry.

    The parties have chosen to ignore the constitution.

    Website no longer available


  44. Hi brigs66, Yeah…think it’s called denial.


  45. Why cant the Australian public get this into their thick heads….The voting system is rigged always has been and always will be….It doesnt matter who you vote for its already been decided……

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  46. Exactly. This is the most serious election ever, and if people do not vote “right” we may all be history.


  47. If you haven’t forgotten Scumo’s and the LNP’s treachery you will certainly never forget Albo’s and the Labour-Greens treachery when they get in.

    The only hope we have of protecting ourselves and our families is to trash the LNP-Labour/Green Duopoly vote in the Senate. Another blank cheque to the Duopoly would be disaster for Australia and Merry Christmas for its foreign sponsors and handlers.



    Just a little refresher for the ‘open minded’ that we are not living in normal times if normal is what the cabal want you to believe

    I thought I would post an alternative news source to compliment Cairns News

    Take from it what you want

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  49. Most citizens that must vote, suffer from the Stockholm syndrome and will bring the criminals back in. They look up to the WEF, WHO, Google, Fakebook, and WhatApp, Twitter, not knowing they will enslave you… They cannot think for themselves.

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  50. Brian Johnston

    I sense an over reaction here or a lack of understanding.
    Dont get me wrong i am not an Albanese fan nor a fan of Labor.
    Not a fan of the Liberals either.
    Albanese claims to come down on Labour Hire companies where workers do not receive the same benefit and that is good because many of the Labour Hire companies are parasites.
    Employers use Labour Hire companies to hire and fire.
    It is very hard to get a good deal if you work for Labour Hire. They are useful for workers on a temp or holiday visa.

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  51. Never forget what they have done to us. Vote them all out and put them last.. Libs Labs, Greens and Nats


  52. I said that with tongue in cheek…lol.


  53. Janicew37… They know exactly what they are doing. The Tavistock Institute has trained them in these techniques to eliminate any power you have over your life. You are to become a slave of the WEF bureaucracy. Never imagine for a second that these are stupid people.


  54. periguinfalcon

    Easy import more Indians from India

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  55. On the Sunshine Coast, it was estimated that 30% of the workforce is self-employed, either full time or part-time. Many are officially unemployed, but pick up cash-in-hand jobs to supplement the unsustainable dole.

    Others are age pensioners, who do likewise, forced to by Paul Keating’s completely illegal application of means-testing The original SS Act outlawed means-testing).

    The clear message to all people living in poverty is… put the major parties last, especially Labor. The worker’s party is no more. It is now the Tavistock/WEF party; the worker’s worst enemy.


  56. We just can’t vote for these criminals again – surely?


  57. The other thing about attacking the self-employed is that if those self-employed are in the private, ie: not registered with anyone at all (the hint is: do not register anything, because if you do you are giving up full or part ownership of your registered business operation, to whomever you register yourself with. And then you also have to play by the rules of whomever you a re registered with) then you are in the private, and Albo and his henchmen will have no jurisdiction over you.


  58. lindesymonds

    The LNP (with all the other coprorate party politutes) established the UN CoVID regime – running the Corona Hoax 2020 and then with covid injection mandates – the LNP has done the hard work of breaking the self employed business class . All Albanese has to do is mop up.


  59. Do these idiots ever really think through what they’re planning to do?


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