UAP leader Craig Kelly has denied claims being circulated by Aussie Cossack and others that UAP is preferencing Liberals in the election.

Aussie Cossack, who has had some sort of falling out with Kelly, cited how to vote cards from three Victorian seats which showed Liberal candidates preferenced higher than freedom parties.

But Reignite Democracy, which had earlier accused UAP of preferencing Liberals, issued a retraction saying this was not the case.

“It is being alleged we are giving our preferences to the Liberal Party. That is simply false and untrue,” says Kelly in a video released over the weekend. He says it’s the voter who gets to decide on preferences. “The only person who allocates the preferences is the person who marks the ballot paper – the person with the pen In hand. Parties can only make recommendations.”

Kelly said official UAP Senate preferences in all states had no preferences to Liberals, Labor and Greens. Liberal Democrats, One Nation, IMOP, Australian Federation Party, Jack Lambie Group, and Australian Christians (WA) and a non-aligned group (SA) were all preferenced 2-6 in varying orders. In the House of Representatives, depending on the seat, either Liberal or Labor appeared last on the UAP cards, as is the case with Anthony Albanese and Scott Morrison.