Palmer, Hanson, Katter, Newman go head-to-head from the Gold Coast in Paul Murray’s Live Pub Test

United Australia Party chairman Clive Palmer, One Nation leader Pauline Hanson, firebrand independent federal MP Bob Katter and Liberal Democrats senate candidate Campbell Newman have partaken in Paul Murray’s Live Pub Test.

They passed with flying colours.

These figureheads are four of Australia’s most colourful figures and have gone head-to-head in Paul Murray Live’s The Pub Test which put them in front of a live audience in an unscripted and televised Q&A format.

United Australia Party chairman Clive Palmer, One Nation leader Pauline Hanson, firebrand independent federal MP Bob Katter and Liberal Democrats senate candidate Campbell Newman answered questions from voters in the forum hosted by Sky News Australia’s Paul Murray.

Following the debate and Q&A, Murray was joined for analysis by Sky News Queensland Editor Peter Gleeson, Courier Mail editor Chris Jones and Senator Amanda Stoker.

“I’m thrilled to be announcing our ‘Paul Murray Live Pub Test: The Mavericks’ episode,” Murray said.#

Cairns News strongly supports these independent party leaders being the best of a bad bunch. We would also add Riccardo Bosi to this group and urge readers to get this video to everybody they know. Under no circumstances vote for LNP, Labor or Greens.

Be careful of ‘independents’ read story in Cairns News about Climate 200 supported candidates.

Watch out for GetUp and voter fraud. There is a story coming.

About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. Hanson, we have a Problem!

    Meet Mav, One Nation Senate hopeful for Tasmania, a serial car waver, who haunts the approaches to Hobart’s Tasman Bridge.

    Ex member of the Liberal Party, worked in remote north of WA when an Alderman, representing voters on the multi million dollar corporation of Glenorchy City Council in Tasmania.

    Must have spent 10’s of thousands, if not a 100 in advertising, at previous attempts to enter the state parliament of Tasmania as an Independent.

    On a head to head before an election a few years back, he said he would not oppose any legislation of the Tasmanian government of the day (Liberal).

    Posse vote.

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  2. Seeing as the abc said it “I believe it” you’re a fucken nut Paul Murray when are you going to start telling Australians you’re audience the truth you make me sick 🤒


  3. Hi Ed,

    My point was, the posse of 4 were members of Coalition parties and voters generally being creatures of habit, if voting for them, will preference coalition party candidates, as they have previously.

    Like, football players change teams for whatever reasons, maintain life long friendships with old team mates, but supporters are life long faithful followers of the team.

    We will end up with a Stalemate.

    Yes Green is Red, but his figures are taken from the Australian Electoral Commission’s elections results.

    I will be voting the Triad last, with any Posse members just above them.

    Cheers Peter.


  4. Bit off course Peter. Remember One Nation and Katter do not direct preferences. Nobody can tell a voter
    how to distribute preferences. If voters voluntarily direct preferences to the LNP or Labor that is their wish. It has nothing to do with the person for whom they gave their first preference. PS Anthony Green is from the ABC’s dodgy left. Editor

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  5. Oh the joys of preferential voting! Having to number every square means we are NOT permitted by law to vote ONLY for the persons for which we wish to vote. We have to cast a vote for EACH person on the ballot whether we wish to or not.

    Preferential voting laws are ANTI DEMOCRATIC! Which of course is the main idea.

    Who said it has to be like that for all time? The DUOPOLY, of course. There’s never been a better time to trash their vote than at this election. Put them last otherwise we’ll continue to get more of the same garbage they’ve been increasingly dishing out for years..

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  6. Bring on the Durham Report!….it will be a domino affect around the world including here in Australia!

    It will start with Downer, Scomo and the list goes on….


  7. Sad anyone fooled by these Independent Imposters.

    This is not a tri-series game of football like media promotes.

    It’s become a life and death choice.

    Anyone with a connection to the Triad should be rubbed from the Senate ticket.

    Palmer 🤧 👎
    Ex Liberal, ex National
    2013, 54% of electors preference votes on his gangs No.1 tickets, went to the Coalition
    2019, 65% of preferences went to the Coalition
    Financial Review: worth 4.09 billion in 2019, 13.01 billion in 2021

    Hanson 🤒 👎
    Ex Liberal
    1998, 53.7% of electors preference votes, went to the Coalition
    2001, 55.9% of preferences went to the Coalition
    2016, 50.4% of preferences went to the Coalition, but the electors preferences favoured Labor in Herbert and Longman, gaining two Queensland seats for Labor
    2019, 65.3% of preferences went to the Coalition, favouring all 59 seats Hanson’s Party contested

    Katter 🤒 👎
    Ex National, at times his life as a pollie has survived on electors preference votes from Liberal or Labor
    2019, 67% of electors preference votes were for the Coalition

    Newman 🤕 👎
    Liberal paternal and maternal upbringing
    Ex Liberal, ex Liberal National
    His Resilience was voted World’s 5th best Mayor

    May be coincidental, but I 👀 a Coalition of Conspiracy.
    Ex liberals Senate stacking.

    Greens 🤢 👎
    2019, 82.2% elector’s preferences went to Labor

    Labor 💩 👎

    %’s courtesy of stats guru Antony Green.


  8. old kodger…. Sonny is a bright boy! Must take after Dad. 🙂


  9. “Sooner they do a royal commission or whatever is needed….”
    Yeah, that’s the way NOT to go.
    “They” will do whatever is needed. For sure, as they are doing it and have done it already! BUT its always THEM, not us. WE will never be THEM. They make sure of it.

    Aussie “maverick” politicians??? The only hope for Aussies and the future for Australia? One wishes! Pub test anyone? Get me a schooner but don’t expect my shout.

    Aussies have been forcefully injected with demolition jabs, dropping dead with side effects and our mavericks sit in parliament (just like the other crooks) or in the senate on a fat taxpayer funded salary and do a public pub test LIVE, but all are silent in regards to treachery and treason on the populace.

    A government (and its MP opposition) that demands you kill your own children – how much worse does it have to get before real resistance instead of VOTING or waiting for Christ begins? A lot worse! Once deceased one is removed from voting Mavericks or crooks.

    How about another pub test of the “Mavericks” inviting multiple embalmers that talk about blood clotting to our political Aussie experts and Mavericks?


  10. My son made a comment the other day that we have the left wing, and we have the right wing, and between them we have the greens acting as go betweens. Now when you look at a bird, you have the right wing, and the left wing and in the middle is the body, and that’s where the arsehole is. His point is well made.


  11. Good debate… I was waiting for one of them to mention covid and Pauline Hanson was the only one who had the guts to do it right at the very end… for that reason alone she will get my vote… I also liked Katter and Palmer. if Australia One gets in this mix also we will have a good chance of regaining our country and our freedom.

    I did disagree somewhat with the China threat… the US owns more of Australia than they do. And China didn’t just waltz in and buy all this stuff, the government allowed it and approved it !! Exports to China were once the cornerstone of our economy until the government started insulting and intimidating them, probably at the request of the West.

    Regarding sustainability of our land – I think the book Dark Emu should be recommended reading for all politicians and all Australians… Most of Australia is a wasteland because of European mismanagement – the Aboriginal people knew exactly how to treat the land through sustainable and domestic farming of native crops that needed almost no water, aquaculture, – they also built wells, dams and much much more. A lot of these things were destroyed by the colonists when they came here from Europe/UK because they knew nothing at all about this land or its climate.. Some early botanists and pastoralists described the landscape as looking like a parkland back then..


  12. It’s interesting that the “fringe parties” here are concerned with the “main issues” while the “main parties” are spruiking the “fringe issues”.

    Vote for Australia! Trash the LNP-Labour/Greens vote before they turn us into “fringe dwellers”!


  13. Fake independants colors are all turquose, a mix of GREEN (the real agenda) and Yellow (the refusal to admit they are all Labor /Green


  14. I’ll be even a little more thrilled when the four of them are put together with Scumo and El Banese in the next debate. As it is, the Scumo-El Banese Duopoly is kept in quarantine, unchallenged and protected from the alternatives.

    It’s good for their views to be heard but it is still a clear and obvious marginalisation of everyone but the LNP-Labour/Greens Duopoly.

    Next time put them all together so we can GENUINELY test their policies against each other. Let’s see some courage and sparks for a change.


  15. Patrick Mcnamara

    Sooner they do a royal commission or whatever is needed to invest age the covid vac genocide on ppl in Australia and around the world. Then prosecute and then EXECUTE

    Vote greens last then lab libs Nat and any other radical left wing.
    This may be our last chance.
    Look out for voter fraud like the last Qld state election 👎👎


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