Russian troops meeting no resistance in operation to demilitarise Ukraine

MOSCOW, February 26. /TASS/. Russian forces have swept into Melitopol meeting no resistance during the operation aimed at demilitarizing Ukraine, the Russian Defense Ministry told reporters.

Ukranian soldiers who lay down their weapons are not being targeted by Russian troops and no civilians in spite of accusations the lying ABC are being targeted

“In the evening of February 26, after an amphibious landing near the populated locality of Azovskoye (Ukraine), Russian units were on the march, and entered Melitopol, meeting no resistance. Melitopol residents welcomed the Russian troops who were moving around the city. Some elderly citizens took to the streets [waving] red flags,” the defense ministry said.

Russian President Vladimir Putin said in a televised address on Thursday morning that in response to a request by the heads of the Donbass republics he had made a decision to carry out a special military operation in order to protect people “who have been suffering from abuse and genocide by the Kiev regime for eight years.” The Russian leader stressed that Moscow had no plans of occupying Ukrainian territories.

When clarifying the unfolding developments, the Russian Defense Ministry reassured that Russian troops are not targeting Ukrainian cities, but are limited to surgically striking and incapacitating Ukrainian military infrastructure. There are no threats whatsoever to the civilian population.

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One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. Yeah Laurie we always give everyone a go here including Vladimir. Ed


  2. Hello again , Editor , Here we go again ! – why are you publishing this bullshit from the Russian Defense Ministry and the former KGB murderous thug Putin , as though they are saving the world ???? Of course they are not getting much resistance from the areas in Crimea or the two eastern provinces of Ukraine which are all controlled by Russia and their “ separatists “ , but they are getting plenty of strong resistance from Ukrainian civilians and military as they attack residential areas and buildings throughout Ukraine . Of course there have been massive corrupt dealings between Ukraine and globalists like the Biden crime family, George Soros , the Clintons and Obama’s, etc , but allowing the country to be taken over by an alternative globalist NWO thug is not going to help !!! Also , Putin and his rich cabal of thugs running everything in Russia don’t seem to have commented on the fact that thousands of ordinary Russian people have been taking to the streets to object to his attempts to take over Ukraine , despite the threats of jail time and worse for exercising what would be their rights to freedom of speech in any democratic country . Laurie Eastwood South Perth

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  3. Hi John.. Thank you and Bravo! for sharing your personal Truth. It’s unimaginable and utterly unforgivable how your brave and stoic friend and thousands like them have suffered so immensely for so long, whilst the West used them as pawns in their nefarious agenda. But their day of reckoning has finally come. Love and strength to your friend.


  4. Hi OhSmeg…Well don’t that paint a picture and a half?! But that’s the absolute best thing about all of this…the Black Hats who have been masquerading as White Hats BS’ing all along, are finally and stupidly revealing themselves to us. Love it! Give us more I cry! Talk about shooting themselves in their clay feet. I need more popcorn lol.


  5. “Okay, people. I usually do not create political posts here. But it looks like the situation in Ukraine needs a bit of clarification. If anyone is interested in information about the situation in Ukraine now, here is first hand information. These are not my thoughts. An hour ago I was talking with my friend who lives in Ukraine, in the city of Kharkov. I have known her for many years; she has lived in Ukraine all her life, and all her ancestors are from the Ukrainian land. Here is our conversation. V – it’s me. T – is my friend.
    V: What is going on there right now? Are you okay?
    T: We hope and pray that Russia will free us from the nationalist fascists who sit in our government. We really hope that we will be able to join Russia.
    V: So you have a war there now? Russia attacked you?
    T: Russia did not attack us. It’s all propaganda. Russia is conducting an operation to destroy the military facilities of the nationalist regime of Ukraine with precision strikes. I hope they destroy them all. They don’t shoot at cities. We don’t have a Russian army in our city. But we have the Ukrainian army that is shooting in our city. They drive through the streets in armored military vehicles and shoot everything and everyone indiscriminately. And then they present it as if it were Russians. We are sitting at home now, trying not to go out. We hope that this will end soon, since all banks are closed, cards do not work.
    Q: Do you have cash now? Or do you need help?
    T: Thank you, we have.
    Q: What do you think is the reason that Putin started this operation?
    T: But how long can this crime be tolerated? Donetsk and Luhansk regions (regions that Russia recently recognized as independent – V.), or Donbass in other words, have been living in fear for the past 8 years. All these years, the Ukrainian government has been shooting unarmed civilians in Donbass who dared not accept real fascism in the country. Putin should have done this a long time ago.
    Here’s a summary of our conversation this morning. We also talked about how, why, and when the US showed interest in the borders of countries located in the other hemisphere, although they themselves actually have the same problems in their own country … And more: who and why is trying to push foreheads and sow hatred between peoples who have lived in harmony and peace for many centuries…. But this information is not for discussion on Facebook … Otherwise, I will be blocked!
    * Historical note: In 2014, collaborators – Bandera = fascists – seized power in Ukraine. Two regions – Luhansk and Donetsk did not agree with the new nationalist / fascist regime and tried to defend their independence, they asked for autonomy, but remain part of the country. The Ukrainian government practically ignored their demand and began to simply shoot the people of these regions for insubordination.
    * A small explanation of who the Bandera people are. Stepan Bandera led a Ukrainian far-right nationalist organization during World War II. They fought on the side of the Nazis. And since those times, the word “Bandera” for the Russian and a large part of the Ukrainian people means “fascists.”
    And finally, Putin’s words on the situation: “Its (operation) goal is to protect people who have been subjected to bullying, genocide by the Kiev regime for eight years, and for this, we will strive to demilitarize and denazify Ukraine, as well as bring to justice those who committed numerous bloody crimes against civilians, including Russian citizens.” – Valentina BalanceKeeper Vlasova-


  6. Craig Kelly of UAP just posted the Ukrainian Flag on his Telegram, making it clear where UAP stands. As Craig Kelly said “You can never trust an ignorant politician.” I should’ve realised Craig was talking about himself. “Freedom, Freedom, Freedom” for NATO expansion and neo-nazis in Ukraine. But not for the people being murdered and tortured by the CIA stooges.


  7. While commentators are at it, why not regurgitate the conversation about 911.
    Did Airliners really crash into the twin towers or were they missiles?
    Was it a controlled demolition?
    Why were some told not to go to work that day?
    Why did the reporter report it before it happened?
    What changes were able to be made after that event?…

    ….An Emergency Act in the USA which has never been revoked.

    This Russian/Ukraine drama has the hallmarks of a staged event.
    Especially when it has MSM fingerprints all over it.
    Churning it out like they did with the floating Covid spike.
    Garbage in, garbage out.
    Day in, day out.

    It doesn’t matter if one thinks Putin is a hero, or the Ukrainian President (a previous Actor) who quickly rose to Politics is the hero.
    Both parade around as though they are strong men in Uniform.
    Normal for that part of the world.

    They are all part of an end game.
    A UN plan.

    “Order out of chaos”.
    Remember those 4 words.
    The ultimate goal.
    Their NW “Order”

    It’s getting to the point where MSM lies are completely swamping any thread of truth.
    Yes, it’s becoming nearly impossible to sift out.
    Controlled Opposition work day and night to confuse us, whoever they are.
    If anything, we understand that much now.

    At least keep an open mind to the numerology and gematria involved.
    Even if you choose not to follow it.
    Know the wiles of your enemy.

    Reference: www.


  8. Hi IvorMcTin, Comic genius!!! Thank you.


  9. Hi daviddd2, Ssssh…did you just hear that squeaking noise? Oh hang on it’s only ‘Pnut Guy’ again! Lol


  10. You’re welcome, Ed.

    Thank you for giving all of us a platform to bring out the truth which is so needed in these days of lies and deceit.


  11. How much like the movie “Wag the dog” are we getting. The west so desperately want Putin out just so Sleepy Joe can say his “Son-of-a-bitch got fired” tagline before the midterms.
    Where’s the ‘ old Shu’ soundtrack & the peasant girl with the puppy, no wait green screen that, it’s a dolly. No wait a woke, black lesbian Ukrainian transgender freedom fighter / mma fighter with vegan credentials is being held hostage by ugly White Russian communist Nazi rapists, send your donation to secure she/her release to Gofund me do not send bitcoin b/c only eco-criminals use that? What? Too much? How many of these boxes will CNN tick before this thing is over? ( That’s next Tuesday apparently) Stay tuned for the sequel, “Taiwan-Operation Dragons Breath” coming soon.


  12. Reality Check,

    Oops… ‘Tank’ Brutally Assaulting Elderly Civilian Turns Out to be Ukrainian

    Tragedy nearly struck in Kyiv, as a large vehicle on tank tracks drove over a small civilian car with an elderly Ukrainian man inside of it. Miraculously, the driver survived, despite his entire automobile being crushed and destroyed.

    While many mainstream media sources were quick to report this as a violent Russian soldier attempting to murder peaceful citizens, many knowledgeable internet users were quick to point out that the vehicle was actually a Ukrainian Army 9K35 Strela-10 Surface-to-Air Missile system.

    While the Strela-10 is a Soviet anti-aircraft vehicle, used by the militaries of both Ukraine and Russia, it is important to note that the Russian ground forces had not yet reached the city of Kyiv at the time of the vehicle’s destruction.

    Always remember: Truth is the First Casualty in War.

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  13. Yes even Ukraine has woken up that crisis actors are available. Ed


  14. This was exactly how they ‘forced’ Hitler to invade Poland, – to protect his people.

    Gangs of violent Communists were systematically ‘butchering’ the German population within Poland (hideous crimes), especially the Pomeranians and Silesians (do your own research). Genocide – just as Mr Putin says.

    They use this dirty trick to force the hand of peace-loving leaders, obliging them to assist their people by military means.

    They then shout from the rooftops – that the peace-keeping force are the aggressors!

    And if the leaders do not respond, they continue their genocide until the survivors flee the region, and the Communists get their land. And not one mention of their genocidal activities in the Lying-Press.

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  15. I’ve never seen any army attacking with one tank without support, so not everything you see is true. Have you seen the acceleration of the tank like formula One


  16. Reality Check: Are you sure it’s a Russian tank as opposed to a Ukrainian one? Or that it took place in Ukraine?


  17. Typical gang, counter gang operation. Ed


  18. Obviously you didn’t see the Russian tank turn to deliberately run over a civilian car.

    It is shameful to support Putin and the Russian invasion. This opinion piece is so easily proven as false by footage from Ukraine of civilian targets being attacked. But of course it will be labelled as false or CGI.

    This is from right wing MSM.

    The far right support Putin, it makes sense.


  19. One wonders what to think of the “War in Ukraine”? Is it a War or just Kabuki Theatre?

    They even came up with the story and footage of a Ukrainian Ace pilot, “The Ghost of Kyiv”, having shot down 6 Russian fighter planes on day one of the “Russian Invasion”.

    Or is Ukraine the Plan B attempt by Klaus Schwab’s World Economic Forum to push through their Great Reset by other means now that their COVID-19 narrative is falling apart? War is always a good distraction from economic sabotage caused by the worldwide COVID SCAMDEMIC.

    Putin the Jew is part of part of Klaus Schwab’s WEF. So are all the so-called “Leaders” of the Western countries and China. Forget the East/West Paradigm. It is simply not true that the Globalist Agenda is a Western Agenda and that Russia and China are opposed to it.
    Looking closely at the interactions between Russia, China and the Globalists that becomes blatantly obvious.

    The Globalists are the Communist Jews and they run the show.

    Putin the Jew is a good friend of War Criminal and Jew Henry Kissinger:

    Putin is also a good friend of the Jew Klaus Schwab:

    In January of this year, Putin gave a keynote (virtual) address before the World Economic Forum. The theme of the January 2021 forum: “The Great Reset.”
    Beginning his speech with a warm “dear Klaus,” Putin recalled how he first met Mr. Schwab in 1992 and since then had regularly attended events organized by the Fourth Industrial Revolution visionary.

    Putin used his address to urge for “expanding the scale of [COVID] testing and vaccinations” across the globe–policies that have ushered in worldwide medical apartheid.
    Echoing the sentiments of western leaders, Putin also argued that the global economy would need to be rebuilt from the ground up by central banks:

    [T]he key question today is how to build a program of actions in order to not only quickly restore the global and national economies affected by the pandemic, but to ensure that this recovery is sustainable in the long run, relies on a high-quality structure and helps overcome the burden of social imbalances. Clearly, with the above restrictions and macroeconomic policy in mind, economic growth will largely rely on fiscal incentives with state budgets and central banks playing the key role.

    The Russian president has repeatedly stated vaccination should be voluntary–but his personal opinion has had no impact on actual policy. All 85 regions of Russia now have decrees requiring certain segments of the population to get the shot.


  20. And the Ukrainian Press says that major cities are being shelled. Poland says that Ukrainian refugees are pouring across the border.

    Invasion of Ukraine: A VICE News Tonight Special Report
    Feb 27 2022
    VICE News


  21. Basically, what we are seeing here is the puppets of the UK and US geopolitical manipulators getting their arse kicked. And not before time.

    I am getting a little fed up with fixated observers mouthing on about Russia being anti-white, and other extraneous and baseless allegations.

    Nobody is perfect. There are no goodies and baddies. As Acton noted, there are no great leaders; just bad men, and they write the histories.

    A don’t give a flying eff about Putin’s purported imperfections, or that he is a Jew (a meaningless term); just that the Yanks have invaded and occupied my country, and especially my NT, and I want them out and to take their missiles and 5 eyes with them. If Putin goads Biden and his psycho buddies into war this suits me just fine. The US will get thrashed, which will weaken their grip on Australia.

    My other source of annoyance is panic merchants who worry about nuclear war. You moronic fools seem to have forgotten that Fukushima is still a much bigger nuclear threat. Nobody is apparently prepared to build a containment wall to keep the thousands of fuel rods submerged, yet it was America that created this mess. Until this threat is resolved, the entire Northern Hemisphere could become uninhabitable.

    I come back to my original position, the world will be well served by the death of the American Empire. After this event, maybe we can eliminate the WEF and other threats.


  22. we may just need russia to help out round up thug cops and maybe UN troops when the SHTF


  23. Editor , – I pressed “send” accidentally before finishing my email below ! – – – Putin is now threatening to invade Finland and Sweden if they agree to join NATO – who does he think he is ?? The Ukrainian Foreign Minister has apparently also been trying to contact NATO with a view to joining , but no response – what is going on here ?? Perhaps creepy , sleepy Joe is holding them back because he wants to get rid of PM Zelensky , because he has too much knowledge and evidence about the criminal Biden family’s corrupt ( billions of dollars ) dealings with Ukraine going back to when he was Obama’s Vice President , then the Hunter Biden / Burisma corruption , etc ??? Putin’s claims that he is opposing the Nazi’s and the New World Order sound fine ( for public consumption ) , but in reality he would love to have a NWO run by him !! ( viz., from the frying pan into the fire for the rest of us ! ) – I wouldn’t trust him or his communist/ Fabian Socialist dialectics as far as I could throw him , or any more than the Gates , Soros , Rockefeller , Rothschild oligarchs who are currently in charge of de-populating the world and getting the rest of us into their Digital ID data bank for future manipulation . Laurie Eastwood South Perth Sent from my iPhone

    Begin forwarded message:

    > From: Laurie Eastwood > Date: 27 February 2022 at 12:51:15 pm AWST > To: Cairns News > Subject: Re: [New post] Russian troops meeting no resistance in operation to demilitarise Ukraine > > Hi Editor , > Whose side are you on ? > These reports from the Russian Defence Ministry are the usual > atheistic, communist lies and disinformation they spout continuously > – there are plenty of other reports ( eg., The Epoch Times , Tucker Carlson on Fox News , etc ) that the criminal Russian bullies are facing very stiff opposition from the Ukrainian military and civilians , > and Putin’s latest lies that he doesn’t intend to occupy Ukrainian > territory are one step up from his lies last week that he wasn’t going to invade Ukraine !!! > He’s even threatening now to invade Finland and Sweden if th > > Sent from my iPhone > >>


  24. LOL I’d already posted that TOO, even quoting the Defense Minister word for word. Seems to be a time lag on here suddenly.


  25. I personally know people who live in Turkey and Kazakhstan and both say from 2014 the American government talking over land was disturbing. All it done wepanise natzi groups who were involved in child trafficking and Ukraine people were living in fear. The Ukraine people have been begging for Russia to save them.

    Putin has never shot his citizens with rubber bullets in Russian streets.

    Slomo and Dud need to look in there own back yards before sticking out there chests.

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  26. Hi Editor , Whose side are you on ? These reports from the Russian Defence Ministry are the usual atheistic, communist lies and disinformation they spout continuously – there are plenty of other reports ( eg., The Epoch Times , Tucker Carlson on Fox News , etc ) that the criminal Russian bullies are facing very stiff opposition from the Ukrainian military and civilians , and Putin’s latest lies that he doesn’t intend to occupy Ukrainian territory are one step up from his lies last week that he wasn’t going to invade Ukraine !!! He’s even threatening now to invade Finland and Sweden if th

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