George Soros’ GetUp and unions ready to manipulate voting ensuring ALP wins election

Letter to the Editor

Voter ID bill not presented

I just saw this story   Major change to voting that will impact all Australians (

Liberal Senator James McGrath is Chairman of the Joint Standing Committee on Electoral Matters and warned his party to support the Voter ID bill which they refused

  And so I did some research on and found out that:

  • federal Parliament will not sit again until Tuesday 29 March, which will be the presentation of the federal Budget by the Treasurer
  • both houses (Senate and HoReps) will sit on 29&30 March
  • according to the calendar. the Senate is then not due to sit till 9 May,
      BUT that will not happen,
      because a Senate election must occur on or before 28 May to allow enough time for the AEC to process the preferences to determine which new Senators will start on 1 July 2022
  • three Bills were passed yesterday relating to voting
     * Electoral Legislation Amendment (COVID Enfranchisement) Bill 2022 – introduced into the Senate on 9 Feb and passed the HoReps yesterday 16th – its Explanatory Memorandum is attachment one – it relates to allowing voters who are isolated by COVID to do telephone voting,
     * Electoral Legislation Amendment (Authorisations) Bill 2022 – ditto re dates — attachment two is the Revised Explanatory Memorandum – it relates to the use by political Parties of their names
     * Electoral Legislation Amendment (Foreign Influences and Offences) Bill 2022 – ditto re dates – attachment 3 is the Explanatory Memorandum – it relates to banning foreign donations
  • but the two key Bills for Voter ID were not passed, due to the federal govt wimping out, due to so many LINOs & NINOs among their Lib/Nat MPs & Senators (people who favour ALP vote frauds)
      # Electoral Legislation Amendment (Voter Integrity) Bill 2021 – introduced 28 Oct, 2021, adjourned 24nov21
      # Electoral Legislation Amendment (Voter Identification) Bill 2022 – introduced 9 Feb, 2022 by Senator McGrath, chairman of the JSCEM, as per recommendations he made TWICE


This means that “it is all over red rover” for conservatives and for the left-leaning coalition current govt:-
   — i.e. Vote Frauds will swing the next election to the ALP;  regardless if the polls show the Coalition ahead of the ALP on a two-party preferred basis
     It will require only a few hundred fraudulent votes in a few key marginal seats
     and the result will be Anthony Albanese as PM, ruling with a Greens-controlled Senate all favourable to China.

I shall continue to tell various coalition MPs and Senators to get ready to spend a long time in opposition, kept there by ALP/GetUP Vote Frauds.

regards, Lex Stewart


Editor: GetUp has moved into many Aboriginal communities to ensure all Aborigines vote for the Labor Party. Their usual modus operandi is to warn community members they will lose their sit down money unless they vote for Labor. When we look at voting patterns across most communities in northern Australia the poll results reflect a dominance of Labor voting. There are sufficient numbers of Aboriginal votes in these communities to swing a tight election.

About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. Geez Tony you had better get hold of Dundee with his SMLE and hold them off. If you need some help let us know. Regards Ed.


  2. Graeme Palmer… Give us a break. I am in the middle of genocide here and you want me to identify where I am? There were two attempts to kill me just before Xmas and I have learned to lower my profile.


  3. The outcome of the Federal Elections has already been determined by the WEF global elites who have too much at stake for anything but their choice of totalitarian government for Australians. Voting is pure theatre to keep the masses calm. Protests against totalitarian rule are the best method of voting in these exciting times. You still need to vote constructively but remain skeptical and keep on bucking.


  4. Graeme Palmer:

    You haven’t explained how and why ID would “unfairly discriminate and build up a level of mistrust between the wealthy/privileged and those of us that are on the fringes of society”.

    If I were ideologically brainwashed why wouldn’t I vote 100 times if I could get away with it?? Plenty of people do much worse in pursuit of their party careers and ideologies. Fortunately I’m not interested in such stupidities.

    Your faith in the goodness of politics is less than realistic given the enormous evidence we witness every day from out treacherous politicians. Ever heard of “rent-a-crowd”?. It’s a world wide phenomenon, it even supports “colour revolutions” for those who have the money to pay for desired outcomes.

    But do please explain about discrimination and mistrust., I can’t quite figure it as such. Maybe I’m missing something?


  5. Thanks for the education… which aboriginal community do you live in?


  6. Would you really do that?


  7. Whether in New Zealand or Australia the political parties have their dedicated supporters.
    The election is about attracting the swing voter which is not necessarily a large amount.
    Another factor is marginal seats which can be 1% or less.
    Therefore any fraud may not be obvious.
    I suspect the voter has been played for decades.


  8. Graeme Palmer… As somebody who lives in an Aboriginal family, and has been intimately associated with Aboriginal communities for more than fifty years, a decade of which was as a representative of government department, let me advise you, that your kindly outlook and faith in local humanity is seriously at odds with reality.

    In the NT, people in communities have no idea what is going on. I just listened to a debate on covid, in which one side said to have faith in Jesus and he will save us, and the other side said “It is just the flu.” Politics is at a similar level.

    You appear to be oblivious to the fact that few here speak other than very elementary English, just enough to do the shopping with not too many misunderstandings. Everybody here, including myself, speaks at least a couple of Aboriginal languages because that is necessary to communicate.

    The concepts to which you refer do not exist here.

    However, the ruthless manipulation of Aboriginal communities has been going on for 46 years and a voting ID would go a long way towards achieving one man one vote.

    In Nhulunbuy, ALP officials and candidate were canvassing former NT residents to get them to vote to prevent an Aboriginal candidate from winning, in an Aboriginal electorate. The President of the ALP was so outraged he resigned and assisted the Aboriginal candidate to win.

    Then along comes somebody like you, with no bloody idea of what goes on in the world, to undo what has taken good people decades to almost achieve.

    Thanks a lot mate. Go lecture the world about engineering.

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  9. Yes, Sunnycoaster, they’ve given themselves so many emergency powers they can pretty much do as they like at the whim of an individual. All they need is a pretext for an emergency like Turdeau or Psycho Dan or Palechook.

    Morrison and the “National” Cabinet have been tearing Australia apart for the last two years and no one seems to notice. Federal Parliament is completely absent and sidelined, leaving the Premiers to call the shots while the Fed Govt pretends it’s powerless.

    Oh yes, I forgot, we’re all in this together as Australians, except for WA, SA, NSW, Victoria, Tasmania, Queensland, N. Territory, and the ACT all going their separate ways.


  10. Graeme Palmer: “A voter ID requirement to vote will unfairly discriminate and build up a level of mistrust between the wealthy/privileged and those of us that are on the fringes of society.”

    How and why? If I turn up at a booth and say I’m Graeme Palmer and vote, and then I go to a few other boots and vote in my name and/or your name …. You think it’s OK if scumbags like me did that? I mean it doesn’t bother you?


  11. Take a pen and share a screenshot of your selections it may help others with filling out the ballot paper so it counts….a bit hard to rub out ink and if we all had a record of our vote then it may assist down the track…I still feel the last federal election was rigged as well as the QLD state elections October 2020.
    I don’t trust any of them (govts) or their departments. The voting system needs an overhaul …preference voting is crap and a bs system and another thing if the leader selected falls out of favour ….then we vote again ….who the fk do they all think they are by choosing a new leader within their own party, who gave them authority???Not voted in by the people so change of leadership during a term should not be allowed or even valid.


  12. Nobody in their right mind wants Lib/Nat or Lab/Green in parliament. The reason it has become a two-party system is that it is a farce. They are two sides of the same coin, owned by the same company, bought by the same criminals that have brought you such exciting entertainment as covid-19 (still not proven to exist). If we rely on the election to get us out of this mess, most of us will be dead and the rest of us will be marching to the drum of the WEF/UN/WHO/NWO (pick a name, they are all the same thing). Read page 105 of The Great Reset. Are you one of the Committee of 300 (quick, check your surname).


  13. Graeme Palmer said – “I expect that very few Australians would stoop low enough to vote against someone else’s name on the electoral roll.’

    That faith in the good nature of the Australian people is commendable, but on the flip side, it only takes a small number of people in positions of leverage to cause a great deal of mischief, and “only very few Australians … [stooping] low enough” to vote repeatedly in key electorates might make a huge difference to the outcome of an election.

    That’s without even considering the impact of electronic voting machines and whatever other crooked schemes the political class dream up.

    If you’re in the middle of a mouse plague, leave any little crevice open and before you know it you’ll be drowning in mice. These arsehole politicians and their handlers and paid stooges will leave no stone unturned to accomplish their objectives.


  14. I saw a headline – you can vote by phone at the next federal election.
    If true – then The Fix is on.

    The only way the ALP will win is if Smug Mug Morrison isnt granted another “Miracle”


  15. They are not listening to any of us. Its business as usual. Next “election” will be our last if we are not able to stop these criminals. Whilst huge numbers of brainwashed imbeciles are still queuing up to get jabbed – believing the 24/7 MSM BS – I am not sure this is going to end well for us.

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  16. Thanks for what you do.
    Do you think that voter fraud is that prevalent in Australia? Voting in Australia is compulsory, whereas, it is optional in the US where there appears to be a high level of voter fraud. Surely people in aboriginal communities do think and can make their own decisions on who to vote for. I personally am against Voter ID. A voter ID requirement to vote will unfairly discriminate and build up a level of mistrust between the wealthy/privileged and those of us that are on the fringes of society. Voting is compulsory in Australia and most of us greatly respect our hard fought for right to vote in our democracy, I know that I do. I expect that very few Australians would stoop low enough to vote against someone else’s name on the electoral roll. If someone is listed on the electoral roll they must be allowed to vote – ID or no ID – we must demonstrate that we Australian citizens have some trust (I know that I trust others to not vote using my name) in each other to only vote for themselves AND we must show and actively foster this trust very publicly by NOT requiring ID to vote – otherwise our great free civilisation will slip down a bit further towards exploitation of us as less free and untrusted individuals with more big brother control and restrictions. We must all be treated equally when we vote for those who we chose to represent our communities in decisions made by our government – we cannot all be there to decide and rely heavily on the integrity, community contact and a deep understanding of what our communities want by those that we choose to represent us.
    Kind regards,
    Graeme Palmer
    Senior Electrical Engineer
    Wellington Point, Redlands Coast, Queensland 4160


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