Letter to the Editor

Voter ID bill not presented

I just saw this story   Major change to voting that will impact all Australians (msn.com)

Liberal Senator James McGrath is Chairman of the Joint Standing Committee on Electoral Matters and warned his party to support the Voter ID bill which they refused

  And so I did some research on www.aph.gov.au and found out that:

  • federal Parliament will not sit again until Tuesday 29 March, which will be the presentation of the federal Budget by the Treasurer
  • both houses (Senate and HoReps) will sit on 29&30 March
  • according to the calendar. the Senate is then not due to sit till 9 May,
      BUT that will not happen,
      because a Senate election must occur on or before 28 May to allow enough time for the AEC to process the preferences to determine which new Senators will start on 1 July 2022
  • three Bills were passed yesterday relating to voting
     * Electoral Legislation Amendment (COVID Enfranchisement) Bill 2022 – introduced into the Senate on 9 Feb and passed the HoReps yesterday 16th – its Explanatory Memorandum is attachment one – it relates to allowing voters who are isolated by COVID to do telephone voting,
     * Electoral Legislation Amendment (Authorisations) Bill 2022 – ditto re dates — attachment two is the Revised Explanatory Memorandum – it relates to the use by political Parties of their names
     * Electoral Legislation Amendment (Foreign Influences and Offences) Bill 2022 – ditto re dates – attachment 3 is the Explanatory Memorandum – it relates to banning foreign donations
  • but the two key Bills for Voter ID were not passed, due to the federal govt wimping out, due to so many LINOs & NINOs among their Lib/Nat MPs & Senators (people who favour ALP vote frauds)
      # Electoral Legislation Amendment (Voter Integrity) Bill 2021 – introduced 28 Oct, 2021, adjourned 24nov21
      # Electoral Legislation Amendment (Voter Identification) Bill 2022 – introduced 9 Feb, 2022 by Senator McGrath, chairman of the JSCEM, as per recommendations he made TWICE


This means that “it is all over red rover” for conservatives and for the left-leaning coalition current govt:-
   — i.e. Vote Frauds will swing the next election to the ALP;  regardless if the polls show the Coalition ahead of the ALP on a two-party preferred basis
     It will require only a few hundred fraudulent votes in a few key marginal seats
     and the result will be Anthony Albanese as PM, ruling with a Greens-controlled Senate all favourable to China.

I shall continue to tell various coalition MPs and Senators to get ready to spend a long time in opposition, kept there by ALP/GetUP Vote Frauds.

regards, Lex Stewart


Editor: GetUp has moved into many Aboriginal communities to ensure all Aborigines vote for the Labor Party. Their usual modus operandi is to warn community members they will lose their sit down money unless they vote for Labor. When we look at voting patterns across most communities in northern Australia the poll results reflect a dominance of Labor voting. There are sufficient numbers of Aboriginal votes in these communities to swing a tight election.