Governor General Hurley left his post, gone from office in January

Victoria state Governor appointed as replacement – Constitutional crisis not mentioned in MSM

Former Senator Rod Culleton (WA) served notice on the Governor General on Jan 26, he vacated Government House next day.

Coat of Arms


WHEREAS Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the Second, by Commission under Her Royal Sign Manual and the Great Seal of Australia dated 19 July 2016, appointed me, the Honourable Linda Dessau, Companion of the Order of Australia, Governor of the State of Victoria, to administer the Government of the Commonwealth of Australia in the event of the absence out of Australia or the death, incapacity or removal of the Governor-General for the time being, or in the event of the Governor‑General having temporarily absented himself from office for any reason:

And whereas the Governor-General is from today absent out of Australia:

Now let it be known that, having taken the prescribed oaths, I have this day assumed the administration of the Government of the Commonwealth of Australia.

                                                                                    Signed and sealed with the

                                                                                    Great Seal of Australia

                                                                                    on 27 January 2022

                                                                                                Linda Dessau


By His Excellency’s Command

Scott Morrison

Prime Minister#


The Great Seal of Australia is unlawful. Australia does not have a legitimate Governor General and the Governor from Victoria cannot be appointed by the Federal Parliament which is also unlawful. The people must petition the Queen and ask her to appoint a new Governor General subject to a Petition of Rights served on Queen Elizabeth Second. The unlawful ‘Australian Government’ cannot appoint a Governor General.

We will soon post David Walter’s Petition of Right readers can use to send to Her Majesty.

Editor: We based this story on the information found on the Government website, per the link attached above, and the claims made by former Senator Rod Culleton in the video. We have known Rod for at least seven years so we trust his narrative. We are trying to find Rod to gives us an update.

About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. How did Morrison get his leg over the corpse?


  2. Convenient to be absent. Ed


  3. daviddd2 GG went to Dubai an UAE to open the Uni of the ‘Gong, check out some space ships, visit a park and meet the leaders.
    Sounds like a sweet holiday!
    read about it here:


  4. Yet Culleton’s video contradicts their narrative. We can’t find Rodney to comment. Ed


  5. Apparently he went to Dubai on an “official visit”. God only knows what official business he has in Dubai. Maybe he presided over a meeting of the Global Executive Council?

    Still, I guess he might as well do something for them over there since he’s doing SFA for us over here.


  6. Yeah Peter it seems he could be back GG daily diary been published? Ed


  7. How much money does the outgoing Governor-General continue to take from the Ozzie taxpayers after leaving and how much has he had for doing bugger-all while in the post?


  8. Even if he is/was back, the GG has to respond to Rod Culleton’s challenge to prove that he is lawfully appointed.

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  9. Where’s Hurley? How many GG’s are there galloping around today. How many Queens have we got now and which one is the real one? Who made Scomo vice-regal? Who’s on first?

    Now I’m thoroughly confused…


  10. Since when did Morrison officially become “His Excellency”? Excelllency of what? Anybody know what it is supposed to mean or refer to?


  11. Reality Check: ““On Thursday 17 February 2022, His Excellency General the Honourable David Hurley AC DSC (Retd) presided at a meeting of the Federal Executive Council.”

    Oh, ok. He met with himself? He seems to be the only Council member listed. 🙂 Did he do any minutes, I’d be keen to see them and who was in attendance.


  12. You will see Scott Morrison wearing a small badge on his jacket with a black Australian flag.This is, if I remember correctly (Dawn Kelly’s videos is where I first saw this) this is an indicator that Australia is no longer a country but a business/corporation.


  13. Yeah it seems he is back. We sent his diary to Culleton. Ed


  14. The appointment of Lind Dessau does not mean a hell of a lot, because she has not dissolved the Victorian Parliament despite the fact that just about everything the Andrews government has done is illegal, that Andrews has subverted the Parliament, and cajoled and probably bribed Upper House Members to vote for his “lock-’em-up” legislation. Dessau, as Governor of Victoria, should have stomped on Andrews many months ago, but did not. That is dereliction of her highest duty.


  15. We sent this link to Rod Culleton. Ed


  16. Excellent. I will include this page with the Constitutional corruption I have already compiled to give out to local people. Will be letter boxing this very important information shortly – and this just confirms what I have written! Great timing!!


  17. He is still doing his thing. Today he did this:

    “On Thursday 17 February 2022, His Excellency General the Honourable David Hurley AC DSC (Retd) presided at a meeting of the Federal Executive Council.”

    Earlier, the Governor-General received a phone call from Mr Jarrod Wheatley, Chief Executive Officer, Professional Individualised Care.

    Follow him here:


  18. According to Rod Culleton; if the Australian Government is a nonsense in relation to the Constitution of the Australian Commonwealth (the legitimate government) petitioning Queen Elizabeth the Second will be of no effect because the QE 2 does not recognize the Australian Government and can not compel them to do anything unless under the de jure Constitution of the Australian Commonwealth. Rod Culleton already has tried to with the UK parliament and they told him that there was nothing they could do because they don’t recognize the current “Australian Government” and that it was up to the people put the de jure Constitution of the Australian Commonwealth back into place and there after they could compel rouge governments to stick to the Constitution law. At least that what it seems that Rod Culleton has been able to research and find out. Any one please add a reply if this is not the case or there is more to it. Thank you.


  19. “By His Excellency’s Command
    Scott Morrison
    Prime Minister”

    His “Excellency” Morrison commanded Dessau to replace the GG? WTF!!!??

    The joint’s turned into a Wild West show! What happened to the GG? The head of state disappears and the people don’t even know? Is it a classified secret where and what our Head of State is up to?

    Australia lucky country no more! The treacherous politicians destroying it need to answer to the people, pronto!


  20. Hurley obviously realised that he had no authority to be Governor General so he got out; did the right thing. Should give him a “well done mate”! Those who presented docs to the GG on a via during the Canberra convergence, just gone, obviously had no idea he’d gone and why. A few might have known that Hurley was the fake GG but some didn’t obviously. Many were appealing to a government that only exists in their minds but is in actual fact pretending to be a government that is, for real a US, registered corporation.


  21. Top stuff. I am happy.
    Culleton has successfully unmasked the FRAUD!!!


  22. I get it. Our Governor General & his wife bolted overseas immediately he was formally advised the role was fake by Former Senator Rod Culleton. (Someone check the silver & candelabra…. remember Skase)

    And the next day, Victoria’s Governor Dessau claimed the job, given the nod by no less than “By His Excellency’s Command… Scott Morrison… Prime Minister”

    Somehow almost every day since then, as reported in detail at the GG’s official website, Hurley has been hard at work in Australia at 20 official events. Here what he did yesterday:

    ”On Wednesday 16 February 2022, Their Excellencies General the Honourable David Hurley AC DSC (Retd) and Mrs Linda Hurley as guests of Air Chief Marshal Sir Angus Houston AK AFC (Retd), visited the Murray-Darling Basin Authority.

    Afterwards, the Governor-General as Patron, and Mrs Hurley, hosted a presentation ceremony for the General Sir John Monash Foundation 2022 Scholarship recipients.”

    No I don’t get it and I’m sure it has never happened before. Seems we have two GG’s running around in Australia now and a vice-regal PM in “His Excellency” Scomo.


  23. So, we have no GG who can dissolve the criminal guvmnt? What can be done other than petition QE2 – does she care? Will she do anything? Would the criminals actually care if she moved against them? Looks like all we can do is keep up the peaceful protests.


  24. In three words – WTF?

    Riccardo Bosi’s strategy of persuading the Governor General to DO HIS F*CKING JOB and dissolve the parliament, clean up the AEC and conduct free and fair elections – has failed.

    It failed not because it was a “bad strategy”, in fact it was a good idea. Even given that the Governor General is just one more stooge illegally appointed under the nonexistent “Great Seal of Australia”, using this approach would still have accomplished the removal of the crooked Globalists from power and allowed another shot at setting up a legitimate government.

    Bosi’s strategy failed because the fake Governor General has DISAPPEARED. Maybe he was inclined to do the right thing by the Australian people, so they got rid of him all nice and quiet. Let’s see what “cover story” they roll out to explain Hurley’s absence?

    So now the fake Australian government – the Globalist corporation masquerading as our “government” – has installed their fake puppet Governor from Victoria (who has proven her Globalist loyalty by protecting Dictator Dan’s regime) into the fake Governor General position, under the nonexistent “Geat Seal of Australia”, no less.

    It’s out in the open now, folks, wide open for everyone to see. The Globalist corporation pretending to be the Australian government is going for broke – the fake Governor General has run for the hills (or been planted 6 feet under – who knows?) and a loyal Globalist stooge has now been ILLEGALLY INSTALLED by the fake government just like her predecessor, to replace him.

    Bosi’s plan was a good one if it worked – but the Globalists have proven themselves too bold, blatant and slippery this time around.

    What’s plan B? The Common Law folks are correct in their assessment of the legalities surrounding the fake Australian government and the Australian Constitution, but there’s a very practical gap in the logic of their argument – how do we take back the people’s sovereignty from a fraudulent governmental regime without the institutions and means of enforcement to do so? How do we wrest control from a band of gangsters when the gangsters have got all the guns?

    It’s getting to the point now that a kinetic response, an actual direct physical intervention, by the people will be needed to remove the Globalist stooges from power in Australia.

    Let’s hope and pray that enough patriots remain in the Australian military and police services to help the Australian people achieve exactly that.


  25. Great seal of Australia?
    What happened to our Commonwealth?


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