Palaszczuk ‘s pathetic police refused entry to Bar Wunder in Toowoomba

While blackfellas are stealing hundreds of cars and doing breakins across the state willy nilly every day then advertising their exploits on Falsebook, Comrade Annastacia Palaszczuk’s pathetic police spend many hours and thousands of dollars from their over-spent budgets chasing crooks without masks and cafe owners who won’t bend to the totalitarian state.

They were unable to get into the cafe because of the huge crowd blocking their way, so the moronic cops crept like thieves in the night to the cafe owners home and arrested them at 12.45am.

Sooner or later business owners will break and woe betide the clueless cops and Comrades in George St when they do and not a peep from the hopeless LNP.

Nuremberg won’t help these dumbed-down cops or Comrade Premier, 

About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. lol Very sexist of you, ed, I’m sure they’re not all boys, I’ll bet there’s some chicks involved too.


  2. Come and live in FNQ Maggie we live among the blackfellas and they all our mates. Cairns is full of them laying
    around the streets drunk or smashed on ice or joy riding in stolen cars. Then there are the good murris whom we live among and they live among us. Don’t be shocked, you get a dose of reality on this news service. I won’t tell you what my blackfella mates call me or my mates. Ed 3


  3. maggie augello-luke

    oh please!!! blackfellas ?????? all races have thieves. unsubscribing!



  4. “Sunny & David: Correction delete gestapo and insert NKVD/Cheka Marxist enforcers.”

    Same sht, different package. What’s in a name, by any other name it smells the same. lol


  5. From the Tropic of Capricorn north is is 85 per cent blackfellas. Cairns and Tablelands 95 per cent. Cops don’t bother catching them because the magistrates are forced to let them out of custody, if in it, straight from court. This is normal procedure because BLM and their human rights say so. Ed


  6. Sunny & David: Correction delete gestapo and insert NKVD/Cheka Marxist enforcers.


  7. I disagree that it’s blackfellas stealing stuff. Yes they are over represented in the numbers, but there are lots of white kids and low lifes doing the car thefts and break ins too


  8. We have been to nearly every rally in SE Qld & always talk to the cops. We explain how we are protecting each other. We get amazing feedback, all good, sometimes very sad.

    When I see an inspector I ask his fellow cops how they feel about their compulsory jabs but their bosses (& families) are exempt. The inspectors go livid & I say it is 100% true and the same exemptions with THEIR bosses, the politicians… their families don’t get poisoned.

    Try it next time. Yesterday outside CBUS the cops were happy & chatting away and but unfortunately I didn’t spot any inspectors, the bastards! Here are some great photo’s

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  9. A country where the people fear the government and its gestapo enforcers is a SICK country!!

    A country where the government and its gestapo enforcers fear the people is a HEALTHY country.

    No need to make Australia great! Just make it healthy! So what are you going to do about it, Joe Blow?

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  10. Thanks gone bush we will look into it. Ed


  11. Hi Maddy we have no control over WordPress settrings. Try changing servers. Firefox has been ok. Ed


  12. I hope I didn’t offend anyone, my vocabulary can be sometimes short. I try my best to be polite


  13. Bit like those cockroaches that come looking for morsels in your kitchen & pantry late at night, they scurry & crawl leaving their filth over everything. Pure mongrels, I don’t expect anything other than a coward hiding behind a badge these days of those that do that, didn’t have much respect before this either, but there was always some that had a bit of decency & helped any person or citizen out, did their duties & job right, went above what was required of them, not now though they’re hard to find. STOP THE LIE – DON’T COMPLY. If there’s any decent coppers out there (never used to call them that) left that got an exception to the fu#ck’d up shot, geez that’s right, only the higher ups of the feeding chain got that exception, however, if you’re one of them, there may be one or two, two might be a fantasy, but even if there’s one of you, if not you, then who?, I hope for the sake of your neck & soul, lay low, do your work, play the game, bring these (sorry can’t come up with a better word, it’s the only word that describes them), cu#nts to justice. We need at least one


  14. WTF!!!!??? We pay these smurfs to do this? And we pay some fool even MORE to tell them to do this? We’ve lost the plot, they’ve taken us over.


  15. Black Entitlement to Crime is a feature of the Marxist state. The sistema of crime, chaos and corruption is basically the social order imposed on the population. The corollary is the denial of the right to self defense to Whites.

    Favourite joke. How many cops does it take to arrest a car jacker?
    Answer: None. It does , however , take one to arrest the old White guy who hit him with his cane. And it takes the Chief of Police to reassure the —— fill in the blank name of the carjacker’s precious BIPOC community how much we appreciate their contribution to our Diversity. (Rinse and Repeat : Diversity is our Strength )

    You think that is a racist joke? I’m over it. Demographics is Destiny.

    Show us your stuff, Big Q coppers and take a knee.

    Steve Hofmeyr – Discrimination?

    Sounds better in Afrikaans. They get this. Oh yeah. They get this.

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  16. Hey listen, why don’t you change the settings on the comments. I have tried on multiple occasions to comment, but wordpress makes it so difficult to do so that I just give up. I just tried to comment on this article and same thing.

    Can’t you set it so that we can easily comment?

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  17. Wow. It’s disgusting that they went to their home. Cowards.

    Hey, what’s happening with the arrests of the premiers? Has it been done yet? When are we going to see Palace Chook behind bars?


  18. This is NOT going to end the way these STUPID cops think it will. They will rue the day they became gestapo for a marxist regime.

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  19. At least the people in Queensland know their rights and are not afraid to group together and voice them. In WA … well … its a small town. The dictator and his nefarious anti-overall-health minions are well and truly in charge at the moment.

    Maybe the people in Qld. know as much about the BS as Dr. John Campbell points in his Feb 2, 2022 video on YT: “Mandated vaccine, the science”. Maybe we’re a bit slow to start the push-back in WA.


  20. petercunningham

    Nothing surprises me about the low end (what we encounter) police.
    Spike Milligan explained why they wore number badges! (only older types would understand).
    All gun owners understand police behaviours – and warned but nobody listened even when on the odd occasion ‘we’ were permitted to air issues.
    Now it’s YOUR turn because the real issue isn’t “guns” – it’s about liberty and responsibility for ALL of us – both of which police will destroy wilst absolving themselves from any responsibility from acting on the whims of the political masters who pull their strings.
    Which brings me to when the inept, morons float to the top of their political cesspits to hold the reigns, so it is no surprise that what we see now is not only predictable (for those who can still join the dots) but inevitable.

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  21. It seems that Palaszczuk is acting just like Hitler and the police are just like Goebbels. It is a sad situation that our leaders have subjected every Australian citizen to.


  22. John Rodney Brown

    How wonderful will it be to see a heap of thugs turn on these useless PIGS i cant bring myself to call them Police because that used to mean something to respect not anymore.

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  23. The Corupt Queensland Police in bus loads, heavily armed raided the Mission Beach Taven on Australia day. The Mission Beach Taven has been Closed by the Corupt Queensland Police and the Mission Beach Taven owner and staff have no form of income while Dirty Corupt Queensland Police and Politicians Have not lost a cent during this Scamdemic. WE ARE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER 🖕

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  24. The communists must be removed.

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