International Common Law Court of Justice issues arrest warrants for Covid perpetrators

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One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. Ron.

    Yes…. looking back at events post and including 9/11 the tag ‘conspiracy theorist’ was the popular reply of people who were ignorant of the facts and refused to research. The high number of tagged conspiracy theories that became conspiracy facts never received any acknowledgement by these homoignoramuses especially from the mainstream media.
    Einstein quoted ‘criticism without investigation is the height of ignorance’.


  2. Gus


    After two years if people are still talking about conspiracies, they have done little or no research – or they are stuck in a world view that (already) totally changed two years ago.

    So called conspiracies are just a truth that is being hidden – something that they don’t want us to know about.

    Over the last two years a large number of so called conspiracies have been uncovered / exposed / admitted to exist / become proven fact.

    How do you quickly help people catch up with the rest of us?

    Very hard.and time consuming to help them unless they want to do some of their own research. Even harder If their mind is set to never have a genuine unbiased and open minded look at the other side of a story ..


  3. Well said Ron!
    I contemplated a reply but difficult to leave those four letter words out.


  4. ivan gluch

    You are correct you must have done a lot or research to come up with – it is all a conspiracy.

    Make sure you have had two jabs and the booster and wait for more boosters. Those who run the show have stated that you will have to keep getting the boosters for many more years.

    Enjoy the new social credit passport that will be for your safety and security.

    Enjoy the new already in place one world religion.

    Enjoy ending up owning nothing and being happy..

    People should be listening to you.for their own good.

    All of my research has been for nothing – it is a conspiracy, thanks mate, you have saved me.

    I must tell all of the idiots to stop worrying about their lost jobs, failing health, the deaths from the jabs, the kids now having heart problems after the jab, etc. etc.

    Wish you had of been able to tell us two years ago – “it is only a conspiracy, you idiots.”

    By the way there is such a court, and many others like it, do some research you may trip over the information.

    Ivan did you notice that I did not call you an idiot? My respect for you as a decent honest person.


  5. The Queensland water must contain minerals that fry rational thought, how anyone can be seduced by this conspiracy theories is beyond my sense of reason.
    The court you mention, there is no such thing.


  6. Hi Editor and others. Sincere apologies for temporarily hijacking this thread. I promise to hand it back real soon. I hope the following painting, on at least one of the many screens of life is worth picking up by you and many others.

    This is from the Epoch Times (subjectively 95% objective but the 5% other needs attention).

    “Someone Opened the Doors From the Inside,’ Jan. 6 Defense Attorney Says”.

    Thank you for your work and your heart in that work. Amazing stamina. We all need a bit more of that stuff. Well, I do. At round 60 times round the sun now, it seems the stamina bank is running low. What about yours?

    More sleep and a little tiny bit of exercise would go down well. Less nicotine and less alcohol might help too, “they” say. But, I like a wine or a beer now and again and want to excercise my “past” freedom to do that by personal choice

    [but not in WA … no jab no go alcohol serving venues. No go drive through at the pub or other. But you can go to the drive-through at Hungry Jacks, Kentucky Fried Chicken and – pick up your dry cleaning. Whoopee].

    Cut back on the “bad” sugar they say. Eat more organic is also a possibility. Well, they’re not all encompassing. There are many other dark rabbit holes and there many other light shining moments. Overall though, it could be agreed all the concepts listed above will likely improve ones chances of survival in a mixed up world.

    In particular, and in a real realistic twist, circumstance and chance play a super huge role in life itself. So called Mother Nature included. Best be cognizant and rudimentary aware that actual Nature (no mother) knows few bounds when it comes to how it treats human beings. Explore TAO and “The Straw Dogs”.

    Best we not sell climate change or environment redemption under the nature “mother” banner or flag (or ideology). Under that banner, among other things to happen, wholesale debates on objective truth will get 80% at least shutdown and blurred out for a while. That’s not going to be a long tern sustainable position when the absolute truth about nature itself is more revealed in the weeks and months ahead.

    Thank you also for allowing us under your leadership to express may and diverse views as open thought. [Hopefully, the thought police are not yet knocking too heavily on your door]. The work however, includes many many other commenters. Much of that is about inspiration. Back to you.

    This is a taking a big risk kind of PS. Hopefully short. [Nope – didn’t happen. Go to last paragraph].

    Almost all us us are being coerced into taking a mandated experimental health jab. One that may infect us beyond the stated purpose of that jab. Its one jab that many don’t want. And, empathically, many do want.

    There’s an internal struggle in most minds as to what is right and what is wrong, and very real consequent struggle in the hive mind, spiritual mind and, if there is one, one’s soul – with all of those (well, at least one) hopefully connected to others. But coercion is vacant from the minds mind of its leaders who believe they are doing the “right thing”. We’re being governed by many psychopaths and “should be” certified as insane people.

    Please get them under lock and key and throw away the key. Well, keep a key in case they need outside medical treatment.

    If your interested in mathematics Check out, if you’ve time, the story emphasized, complete with farmers and people and horses and children … in TAO about: “What is Luck”.

    I’m sure there are many cross overs from the above story, and cross backs, many many from an ideology concerned with all the worlds major religions. The theme is told as a unique story in TAO. But it is absolutely not a unique real time experience of life as told.

    Much of the CV 19 sell-job has inverted the theme of what is luck and replaced it with: “Let us manage that luck for you. We’re ready. All in this together with you. We’re on standby to put your bet into the great washing machine of life. We can improve your chances of a near jackpot. Join our heartfelt casino as we play the numbers for you. Now, just, drop your pants or skirt or … And bend over. Don’t worry. We got you. Oh shit. Wrong part. Wrong movie. Apologies.

    We mean roll up your sleeve and take this cocktale of unknown substances into your blood stream – now. No bending over. Very good. Don’t want the cocktale injected into you?
    Welcome to a crossroads time when totalitarianism (and others) and the Fascists get very friendly amongst themselves and meet frequently.


  7. About time that something get done about this. This vaccines is causing people to die it is depopulation. The people on the Cabinet does not take it neither their families we have to fight for our rights.


  8. Hi Ron,
    Just constantly chip away and i’m sure the groundswell will keep rising as it has done over the past year. Take care.


  9. Gus

    Thanks for the info. ” Very complex issue and made more so by the ongoing deceit and treachery of Government and media.” I agree with that comment. and I believe that you are one of those trying to fix this mess.

    If we could simply grab a gun and arrest the grubs and parasites count me in on that.

    Trouble is they have control of our firearms, especially the registered ones.

    Also, we will have to fight our police, military and the police and military the UN will send to protect the Australian new world order governments.

    I have researched for many years, not just the last two.

    They plan to have martial law in Australia in the very near future, they are looking for an excuse to do that. I believe that what the Victorian police thugs did to innocent protestors was a test or an actual attempt, to bring in martial law.

    Those who have started up common law community assemblies and courts in Australia are having a go, they could have positive results, especially if people stop knocking them and instead support them.

    Many people on Cairns News have asked others “what are you doing to help”.
    The people I have just mentioned are trying to help, but are being held back by people who keep asking “what are you doing to help”. and do nothing themselves – the majority of Australians.

    If any person is trying to help in a positive manner, I will support them, no matter who they are or what community they come from.

    I will not rubbish them unless it is proven beyond doubt that they are not being genuine in their attempts to help us.

    Many of those who are trying to help us are putting themselves at risk for doing so, if I were them I may well give up and say help yourselves, but they don’t, they keep trying.

    To all of those still trying, I thank all of you for your efforts.


  10. Ron,
    Very complex issue and made more so by the ongoing deceit and treachery of Government and media.
    Currently they are amending our Public Health Act.
    This ongoing sleight of hand political movement against the Australian people is, in reality, Government total war against its people; I tend to agree with Jo’s comment;
    “Nothing is going to change until protests anywhere start getting violent/homicidal against their despotic Zionist controlled & $elected Governments”
    However, to avoid this by getting all Australians to understand the enemy and unite as one people that could destroy this enemy; is this possible or will we wait ’till too late.


  11. Hear David Icke mention Cairnsnews in a telecast last year. He has done some good work. Ed


  12. Just to clarify with lindesymonds, there are a number of similar sounding ‘Tribunals’, ‘Law courts of justice’ and so on at the moment.
    Some may make progress we hope, while others may be there just to keep the hopeful hoping.
    I’m not holding my breath each time.

    I have now followed up my question to you if the ‘International Common Law Court’ ICLC was the one related to Sasha Stone and his New Age Movement at all.

    Therefore, in finding my answer, the group he founded is called “The International Tribunal for Natural Justice = ITNJ who say they too are involved in efforts to take WHO to court.
    Names in this group that one might recognise include Judge Robert David Steele, Dr Rashid Buttar and Dr Judy Mikovitz in the USA.

    A larger group of associates to Sasha Stone and his ‘Academy of Divine Knowledge’ include names such as Del Bigtree, Dr. Sherri Tenpenny, and David Icke.
    Guests to the Academy include Robert F. Kennedy Jr and Dr. Carrie Madej.

    Sasha Stone is involved in ‘Reclaim your Lives’ Organisation which is funded by ‘the Humanitad Foundation’ and ‘the New Earth Project’ both of which received awards from the UN – the Millennium Development Goals Award.

    There are claims that Sasha Stone is connected to Ciro Orsini, one of the 13 bloodlines/families in the Council of 13.

    Perhaps you can start to join some dots from there.
    Either way, I assume there is no association to the International Common Law Court.

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  13. From Mike Holt
    Whoever this coward is skulking behind a false name, he is skating on very thin ice. What has he ever done for Australia? I stand by my record and my actions.
    We don’t usually allow personal attacks in comments but due to the crap emanating from we allowed Mike Holt to reply. The Kaiwanshou wordpress site is a dummy. We haven’t bothered to check him out. We are far too busy. Editor


  14. Alison. It is good to hear there is a grassroots movement for Canada. That movement , I take it, would aim to represent all Canadians and restore sovereignty and government to them as a Canadian people. Like all Western nations, Canada has been penetrated and subverted by alien interests in collaboration with traitors.

    In Rhodesia, the Chiefs of the Indiba sat in the Rhodesian Parliament.. The African system of government is not a democracy. Africa, then as now , is governed by its chiefs and chiefs do not stand for elections. In the restoration of Westminster Law and government in Rhodesia , the RF government adapted this system of the African populations and made place for permanent seats in the Parliament for the Chiefs.

    The difference between Rhodesia and Australia is striking.

    When the UK Crown abdicated from its colonial possessions under the UN Resolution of 1960 on de-colonisation, the Rhodesian government declared its Independence (UDI) and commenced a path to the restoration of Westminister jurisprudence, a Constitution and Constitutional Referendum.They achieved these goals in accordance with the Westminster system. Not even a UK judicial review of their process conducted at the highest level of the UK government could fault them. And they drew the sword against the Communist Revolution. The UN [a Communist entity] put world-wide sanctions against them for their UDI and other exercises of their sovereignty. I was in London when the Rhodesian dollar of the independent national Bank of Rhodesia was blacklisted on all money markets. That did not stop the Rhodesians, of course, from busting the sanctions and shorting the pound even in the City itself.

    When the Crown abdicated from its colonial possession of Australia, the Australian political / governing class / media did the exact opposite of the Southern Crown Colony of Rhodesia. The political class concealed this fact from the people, claimed the sovereignty for themselves and set about creating extra-constitutional corporate entities with the ‘colour’ of law. They denied our sovereignty to us, the sovereign people of our Constitution and seized power substituting corporates for our legitimate institutions which come from the Westminster jurisprudence of the Ango-Celtic demographic. These political party actors are still pretending to be the Commonwealth of Australia.

    The Canadian experience under the Trudeaus would seem to have been similar to the Australian.


  15. lindesymonds, thank you for comments re the treasonous acts done in our Parliament.
    Unlike the Australia Act 1986 when power in Australia over the people was transferred to corporate entities, and Australia was severed from the UK, (vax reality), the movement of the Republic of Kanata and the Republican Party of Kanata in Canada has arisen from a grass roots vision by a remnant to establish equality, Common Law and liberty in Canada, and to take back their country from their oppressors in Church and State.

    A similar principle in regards to your comment, ‘cut the strings with the UK. Declare independence’, I think.

    The work of the Republican Party of Kanata can be heard on “Here We Stand”, which
    seeks to establish a new basis for society on principles of liberty, common law and equality.

    The Case for Kanata is a book published by the Provisional Council for the Republic and its political arm, The Republican Party of Kanata. The Case for Kanata, Amazon books states, “is a shot heard around the world. It pronounces the end of tyrannical foreign and corporate rule in Canada”. (


  16. Hi Alison. The reason why Kevin Annett’s name has been mentioned on this thread is because of his instrumentality in the set up of the International Common Law Court of Justice which has delivered a verdict against thirty indicted defendants for perpetrating and concealing genocide in Canada against indigenous people 2013.

    I raise the question: is the jurisprudence of this court the Judaic Noachide Law promoted by the Chabad Lubavitch?

    The Canadian inquiry into that verdict is now yielding important evidence against the ICLCJ verdict.

    Not One Body Found in Canadian ‘Mass Graves’


  17. lindesymonds, the evidence from the Archives of ITCCS show Kevin Annett is bona fide and being loyal to his mission. As you probably know, he began as a pastor sent to the Indian peoples where he encountered resistance to the church from these people whom the church and state had, and continued to, commit gross crimes against. Someone has said: we are all on the Indian reservation now.

    I have not seen any evidence to suggest that Kevin is > ZOG > an acronym for “Zionist Occupied Government”, and if he is supporting ZOG, please tell.

    As we read on and the ITTCS ARCHIVE Kevin’s work and mission is
    (1) To lawfully prosecute those people and institutions responsible for the exploitation, trafficking, torture and murder of children, past and present, and
    (2) To stop these and other criminal actions by church and state, including by disestablishing those same institutions.”

    To the shame of the churches involved. anyone who is a member of these churches gets compromised; but many of us have had to choose who our faith is in; a church or the Lord Jesus.

    Likewise, on amazon, we read about Kevin and his book ‘Unrelenting’ –

    A narrative of extraordinary power and importance, Unrelenting is the long-awaited account of how one man’s courage toppled a Pope and changed the face of the world.
    The twenty year saga of Reverend Kevin Annett to expose Genocide and child torture by his own Canadian culture has been recounted in part in other testimonies, but not until now has the entire story been told with such depth and humanity.
    In his own words, and drawing on a rich body of evidence and experience, Kevin recounts a Herculean struggle to force a buried truth into the light of day, and to prosecute Church and State for their unspeakable crimes against the innocent.
    Written as both historical record and spiritual reflection, Unrelenting moves past the bare facts of a global crime to the deeper question of how moral people are to respond to official malfeasance in their own back yard.
    Its passion and devotion reveal a man who has found his real vocation as “a doer of the word, and not merely a speaker”.
    In the manner of the author’s own cited 18th century ancestor, the persecuted English free thinker Peter Annett, this work is written not as mere commentary, but to arouse the readers and summon them to change.
    Reverend Kevin D. Annett has twice been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize.
    He is an award winning author, broadcaster, film maker and human rights figure.
    He lectures widely in North America and Europe and serves as a community minister and spiritual advisor to many communities including the International Tribunal of Crimes of Church and State. (
    He may be contacted at or through 386-323-5774 in the USA. Please see

    Our whole system of government authority has been corrupted and it’s taken the jab to shake up the whole world. I would call Kevin a pioneer in the field of “say no” and take up the cause.
    As best we all can.


  18. Seb, thanks for your comment. I am always looking at connections between these anti-Western, ‘one world’ white hat orgs and backing from the Kremlin or finance / training / support through the Soviet Union. I could be wrong but the Kevin Annett / Eagle Strong Voice angle looks very sus to me. More precisely, it looks like a Duginist set up from ZOG East.

    The Russian Federation (which is still the Soviet Union) is completely on board with the UN as the Praesidium governing in the absence of the Supreme Soviet which they dissolved 1991. That’s when they elected Gorbachev to the Praesidium and he is the real executive director of the UN.


  19. In response to Lindesymonds, is the ICLCJ represented by Sacha Stone?
    I also heard there might be UN links to Sasha but that would not be too surprising.

    The United Nations particularly pre 2015 was an Organisation that many were proud to be part of in relation to their
    “We are the world” ideology.
    That doesn’t mean they were privy to the inner circle plans for an exclusive New World Order though.

    If Australia ever manages to claw back it’s Sovereign rights by removing those who continue to sign away our freedoms, the first thing that needs to happen, is to tear up any agreements that were made with the UN.

    That would be the beginning of our freedom….

    But it would probably come at a big cost, and I don’t mean financial…

    Given the alternative, it’s a lose, lose either way.

    Imagine the domino effect if Country after Country tore up their agreements in Unison.
    Every one of those Countries could reclaim their Sovereignty and we could all be free.

    That’s one way to shut it all down.


  20. Ed,I previously asked if Riccardo Bosi would give his opinion of ,David Bryant and the Port Arthur massacre,when can I expect a reply


  21. Gus. You are very welcome. I hope you and others thinking the same will look into all the points I have made and satisfy yourselves of how these documents / events are impacting us in the present. The keys to understanding the framework of our current crisis lie in these events. . And the role of the High Court and Privy Council belongs with the events / documents I cited.

    Our High Court is the highest court in the Australian judicial system established in the 1901 under Section 71. Although The Crown abdicated covertly to enable the hijack of the Australian government by corporate agencies / political parties, we have a rough idea of the time line in terms of the High Court. And this was from the time The Crown abdicated / ended all appeals to the Privy Council from Australian courts (other than from the High Court). Our 1901 Constitution recognizes (Section 74) that appeals could be made to the Privy Council by the High Court. But in 1975 further legislation was introduced to prevent appeals being taken from the High Court to the Privy Council.

    Between 1975 and the Australia Act 1986 power was transferred Australia became a sovereign, independent state from the UK.

    When the Australia Act 1986 was introduced in all of the States, it was also passed (ratified) by the UK Parliament. The Australian States and the Commonwealth confirmed their sovereign independent status from the UK. And the Parliament of the UK ratified it.

    But there was no way the Masons, their political parties / corporate agents were ever going to allow the Australian minions to know that. This was when the corporate agents who concealed the fact of the sovereignty and concealed its international recognition from the Australian people set the nation on a course for the New Economic International Order. All Privy Council Appeals by certificate of appeal from the High court were ended by the Australia Act 1986.

    Ergo – Australia is a sovereign , independent nation and recognized as such by the former Colonial Power.

    The story of Rhodesia, the establishment of its republic and independent national bank will always give the Crown of the Corporation of the City of London the absolute heebeejeebees. This is what happens in a former colonial possession if a government like the Rhodesian Front gets into power.Thus corporate agents / political parties of Australia learned the lesson. They did a deal with the Crown to keep the fact of the sovereignty a secret from the people. And between them they kept very covert the legal machinery of the sovereignty enacted between the corporate agents in Australia and The Crown.

    This is where we can take them.

    The solution to Australia’s national crisis is to study the Constitution of Rhodesia with a view to amending our own and to reinvent the Rhodesian Front.

    And I can already hear the ‘racism’ comments from the Marxist Trolls, the whole sacred oppression narrative and all the rest of it. That is why I write to everyone searching for answers at this time of Australia’s supreme national crisis: learn the story the way we do in the home schools. it was the Indiba of the Chiefs of 4 tribes comprising the Black African majority that instructed the government in Salisbury: ‘cut the strings with the UK. Declare independence’. And even though, by law, the Black populations were not conscripted for the war of independence (only the White), the Indiba put boots on the ground to fight the war – something like 90% of the tribal men took up arms for the republic against Operation Mayibuye which was the name of the Communist Bloc invasion of the post colonial populations of the African continent.

    The Rhodesian Africa Rifles sing their regimental song. Sweet Banana is not exactly the song of a racially oppressed group whose lives are ground down by evil Whites. Rather it is the song of people who have taken up arms against the Communist Revolution that is invading their country and hell bent on the typical Communist genocide.

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  22. This is insane. One week to organise ourselves??


  23. How does the ICLCJ have jurisdiction in Australia?
    what eminent legal opinion in Oz would support this?
    Police will laugh at this unless they can be convinced.


  24. Lindesymonds: Great! … something to get the teeth into at last, regards.


  25. Hi Jo…. agree!


  26. Hi Clive can you give us a bit more info perhaps a link please.? Ed


  27. Great start but they need to add the health ministers who are acting as advised by WHO. This is documented. The premiers are acting under the health ministers.


  28. [cid:4FC5DA27-D11A-4E98-9067-FE6151745CF8-L0-001][cid:BB0E2A4F-1F0A-4A0E-8B16-46E1CDFE6081-L0-001]

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  29. Look up EO13818 EO13848. Number 19 , the C in C , we are now administered by him and the alliance. Due to treason and crimes against humanity . The commonwealth, queen all gone . MSM will never tell you this but will become obvious soon when world put under martial law .


  30. Mike Holt, aka MyCult, is the traitor! He has churned and burned 100s, if not 1,000s of Aussies sucking people into his Cult. Holt claims to be Vietnam Veteran when he spent the entire war in Thailand in Signals Relay. His Sunshine Common Law Assembly is but his Kingdom from which to dictate his edicts that have no basis in any law but his own fantasies. His attempts to arrest local council edicts are laughable, at best. He has no record of the monies he has collected from the sheople. He has no organisational structure. He appoints people to hold key positions without concensus of the group, nor votes. Fools rush in where eagles fear to tread!


  31. Since the listed c-vid perpetrators all think being injected with needless is such a blessing they should all have no problems if each of us sticks a few needles into voodoo effigies of them and puts them in a freezer box with our blessings and prayers.

    Ancient folklore remedy for c-vid perpetrators. 🙂 Imagine if it really works. Happy days!


  32. This decision and press release of the ICLCJ again raises the question: what is the jurisprudence of this court and what is its jurisdiction?

    The Commonwealth of Australia has been politically, judicially and legislatively hijacked by political parties and the Masonic Sectarians. And yes, I am sure that all religious institutions – totally penetrated and subverted by Freemasons assisted greatly in this state capture.

    Here is a brief timeline.

    1960. The UN [ a Communist entity ] clears the way for state capture of all colonial populations and their countries by the Revolution. General Assembly Resolution 1514 (XV) adopted the Declaration Granting of Independence to Colonial Countries and Peoples. In that momentous year King Baudoiuin of the Belgians cut loose the Congo which was promptly invaded by Gook armies of ‘national liberation’ with Warsaw Pact weapons trained in the Soviet Union and CRP. A typical Communist bloodbath that lasted for years. And in the end a Marxist state with a central bank thrown down on top of them. Humanitarian crisis is the basis of the economy. Human tsunami is the only export.

    The UK , hereafter The Crown, abdicated from its Commonwealth colonies and dominions shortly thereafter. They created Zambia out of Northern Rhodesia with the stroke of pen. The Crown Colony of Southern Rhodesia got away when their own nationalist front declared UDI Nov 11 1965 and they put the nation on the path to sovereignty with a Constitutional Referendum that later passed judicial review in the UK (The Pearce Report), established a national bank independent of the BIS cartel, declared a republic and fought their war of independence 1965 – 1979 against three Gook ‘national liberation front’ armies all backed by the Soviet Union and the CRP. They won. Militarily they won but were capitulated to their enemies in a UN Charter election by the Fifth Column of the Revolution (ANCouncil) in league with The Crown and its Empire of the Corporation of the City of London.

    With the Australian Dominion of The Crown, the Masons were determined to avoid another Rhodesia at all costs by hijacking the sovereignty / independence process from the git-go and committing the nation to the New Economic International Order under the UN.

    Click to access NEIO-PLAN-implications-for-Australia.pdf

    If we were to start digging now, we would find the UN connection with the ICLCJ.


  33. Nothing is going to change until protests anywhere start getting violent/homicidal against their despotic Zionist controlled & $elected Governments and their “lawful institutions” of this world. International law and National law is a house of fragile cards with has no substance whatsoever. Twisting words and turning phrases by talented wordsmiths and con men is no law. World colonization was built on the doctrine of discovery. “The Doctrine of Discovery emanates from a series of Papal Bulls (formal statements from the Pope) and extensions, originating in the 1400s. Discovery was used as legal and moral justification for colonial dispossession of sovereign Indigenous Nations, including First Nations in what is now Canada. During the European “Age of Discovery”, Christian explorers “claimed” lands for their monarchs who felt they could exploit the land, regardless of the original inhabitants.”
    Legal and moral justification for “colonial dispossession” is exactly what is happening right now. Though NOW it will be “christian explorers and their home nations” that will be LEGALLY dispossessed by their own elected two faced rulers. The only human LAW that has not changed over centuries is: There is no law! “Laws” will be made up along the way to suit those who were/are in power since time began.

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  34. Like

  35. What definition of Common Law does the headline and Michael on the video support?


  36. Sure……The governor or South Australia is not even the one stated on this…What a JOKE!!


  37. Dear Editor, doesn’t work but does


  38. Gus

    To be effective, common law needs the majority of the people to follow and support it
    Get the majority and we go back to law that the private corporations that call them governments, shut down when they shut down our 1901 constitution.

    Common law, the type that is in our 1901 constitution and applied by community assemblies, use people from the communities to give a finding to the court, It is legit.

    The now private corporation police are not legit under our 1901 constitution, they are now just pumped up private security following the dictates of private corporation legislation invented by private corporation governments. That is why they enforce mandates that are not law, they are in fact breaking the (common) law and criminal law.

    The video you have for us is one that the majority should see especially the police, ADF, courts, public servants, etc. More will see it now that you and others are putting it up for viewing.

    If, we get the majority it will be over for the tyrants, grubs and parasites.
    We could change their narrative using common law, then without the corrupt grubs running their corrupt systems, we could then vote for our representatives, for our parliaments.

    If we vote back in either major party and their supporting parties and independents, our 1901 constitution, fair elections, common law, peoples police, peoples courts, etc, will stay in the hands of private corporations, that are owned and controlled by overseas private corporations.

    The common law international courts (legit ones) are at least putting the NWO lackeys on notice.

    Thanks for the video, it’s a good one.




  40. As the elite in the Australian Judiciary and Police are Masonic how will it be possible to attain a verdict against their Political fellow Masons; they despise Common Law and Constitutions.
    Is Australia an independent, sovereign Nation with a Constitution or are we still a British colony under British Law and Constitution? Our Judiciary has ignored this since 1919. › australia-the-concealed-colony


  41. This is great news I would love to get it out so sorry I had to reblog- but it would be hopeless putting on FB they would get rid of it straight away-good job


  42. The website is not working, it up comes up as, contact domain owner.


  43. John Rodney Brown

    Hi Cairns News can we please have the direct Links to where we down load all these Documents that we need for the 31st of this Month which was on todays Video


  44. The Australian police in Australia are not scared of ‘heat stressed youths’ jacking cars, invading homes and assaulting Australians. Entitlement to crime is a part of the sistema of a Marxist state. In all Western nations, entitlement to crime belongs to Pakistani rape gangs in Britain and in Australia it belongs to African crime gangs.

    Favourite joke – How many Vic Pol does it take to arrest a carjacker for theft and assault? Answer: None. But it does take one to arrest one old Australian man who hit him with his cane. And it does take the Chief of Police to reassure the Sudanese, Congolese and Zimbabwean communities how much we value their multicultural contribution to our ‘vibrancy’.


  45. Can you please supply the link for this video please?

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  46. Just watched that. Thank you. HOLY SHIT _ TEETH …
    Reproduced below for others in case our links diverge and each of us is censored.


  47. That’s great news. But it appears the Common Law Court of Justice has very few, if any, teeth. The list of “guests” that ought (not should) to attend the Court is accurate but not exhaustive. My GP is, sadly, ignorant and is denying effective CV 19 treatment. In particular, she wouldn’t prescribe me Ivan and his sister Mect in, telling me: “you don’t want to put that toxin in your body”.

    So, there’s a lot more to be added to the above list of genocide enhancing people. It appears many many are not necessarily evil people – some are, and some are misinformed and or they have been bought off or they’re just generally lazy in the use of their minds and time.

    When the shit hits the fan, and it will, big time, hopefully over the next 12 months or less, we’ll all need to step up to the empathy and compassion plate and decide who stays and who doesn’t. Of course, we’ll need a few barrow loads of trust along with a few barrow loads of forgiveness to help decide.

    It appears clear though, no amount of positive empathy or forgiveness will be awarded to the real criminals in this global act. That act is the act of genocide and disability inflicted on the masses from on high. Many of those are named in the screen shot above delivered by the International Common Law Court of Justice (ICLCJ).

    Rest assured, even though there is a valid and objective truth effort, by what appears to be a group (ICLCJ) enamored in truth and justice, and looking very much like a gummy shark living in the bigger oceans and rivers right now, there are also many small and very large sharks circling. These are not “enemy” sharks. They too, push for objective truth within. And a living justice.


  48. The genocide has finally been exposed in the EU itself, they have been exposed in their own house. The hunters are now becoming the hunted.

    Liked by 2 people

  49. As if the police in Australia will do anything. They are scared of 10 -14 year old kids stealing cars they DEFINITELY won’t approach corupt politicians.

    Liked by 1 person

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