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A call to all Australian veterans to stand once again to defend your country from the Deep State enemy within.

Not with arms, but with the diggers guts and determination to defend Australia, take back from the duopoly governments your nation, your rights, and your freedom they have stolen for their agenda of NWO genocide.

About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. Hope he is not on the square? Ed


  2. Jo

    Augusto Zimmermann

    I had worked in government systems for most of my life and fought against several corrupt departments. I learnt about legislation and law the hard way..

    Many years ago Augusto Zimmermann could have informed the Australian people about the theft of our country, our 1901 constitution being pushed out of the way and made redundant,
    and why private corporations are in control of our governments, etc, etc.

    It is a bit late for him to now get a conscience, he said little or nothing of any value for the Australian people. He should be on a list, for a common law court to try him for being complicit and likely assisting the grubs to keep things hidden.

    If I were him I would hang my head in shame.

    Of course I must say that the above comments are only my personal opinion and that I have no proof that Augusto Zimmermann is not an honest on the square person.

    I wish him well, if he now let’s the Australian people know the truth about our stolen Commonwealth of Australia.


  3. Port Arthur massacre, all well planned for a long time.


  4. Sorry The Jail, no to good for them, and the yearly bill is to much unless they must serve as an example for others slipping through the net. No pardon, exterminate them like Cockroaches… Their are many ways to kill Cockroaches…


  5. Daid,I would not call the Port Arthur massacre a fringe issue,saying that is insulting to all of the people who lost family


  6. ED, Lindsey or any of the other talented writers here on Cairnsnews, why dont you get in touch with Augusto Zimmermann in regards to “specific law” here in Australia. As AZ seems to have lately changed his mind about his stand in “legal justice” after recognizing that much is blurred in the international or domestic “Law system” and after researching where LAW was coming from in the first place. For sovereignty and freedom in Australia it would be a start to roll back “legally” the (law) system from within. Prof Augusto “lived” within long enough and the time might has come to fulfill finally what he is good at. Justice and freedom go hand in hand. Any dependencies will back fire again and again. When the “old political party system” is rotten to the core, “democratic” patch ups are worthless.


  7. Reading through the policy swag on the A1 webpage I see that one of their objectives is to help bring Australia as a nation to Constitutional Convention for the needed amendments to the 1901 and then to Constitutional Referendum. If that is one of the stated goals , then it would stand to reason they have have NOT registered as a political party as the Australian Constitution does not recognize political parties / factions – only independent candidates for election.

    The A1 policy swag is quite impressive. Never mind the supporters, hangers on, wanna-bes and show-ups-after-its-all over brigades, the question remains: does Bosi and his organisation have THE RIGHT SET OF ENEMIES?


  8. Jazega – Not enough Australians know the truth about Port Arthur for him to attempt to red pill people on every single fringe issue. He’d be written off as a conspiracy theorist. Or maybe he fell for the narrative on that one. Either way, it’s not politically adept to mention it in this upcoming election. All the other parties would have a field day. It’d be like him admitting to be a flat earther.

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  9. On the evidence that is patently wrong. There are not reds under every bed, just some. Ed


  10. I got cut off there Bosi tell us what happened at Port Arthur,you would know you, if you are who you say,you are are.At this stage imo Bosi is a govt plant to get numbers and dilute one nation and australia One

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  11. Yep we would come too. Ed


  12. Ed

    OK, wish I knew what he knows.

    It is already a sham parliament, has been for years, the only thing I would want to attend Canberra for would be to witness the arrest of the traitors.

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  13. He said what is coming down the track does nor necessitate Bosi being in a sham parliament. It will happen regardless. Ed


  14. Just checked, Australia one still not registered.

    Anybody know why – they won’t register his party?


  15. coneinspinner

    You have asked “pledge allegiance to our land and the people of Australia”

    Many years ago I swore to protect the Queen, I am sure that all of us joining the Australian Regular Army at the time believed we were swearing to protect our country and our fellow Australians, even though that was not worded in the oath.

    “Pledge allegiance to our land and the people of Australia” or similar words, should have been part of the oath.

    We need a new oath that indicates that ADF, police, politicians, court officials, etc, all swear to serve and protect the people of the Commonwealth of Australia. Make it a duty to do so.

    If they do not do their duty they get sacked by the people. Where necessary sacked and jailed. Where necessary stretch a rope.


  16. How do you know that? Ed


  17. This man swore his allegiance to the queen of Australia, and not to the sovereign queen…….


  18. As a loyal Australian citizen , I ask all Australian citizens to pledge allegiance to our land and the people of Australia. We must be prepared to stand and defend our freedom. our homes , our children.
    I do not want to live in slavery. I do not want any of my family to live in slavery. Service people did you take an oath to serve Australia or the United Nations ?.I pray you are on the side of Australia.I have no desire to be ruled by any foreign power.Well yes, i do realize we have been sold out by treasonous corporate politicians and co-workers. And I would bet they will be dispensed with when they have served their purpose.This is a cry for help.
    Come on Aussie come on.


  19. What he did say is for supporters in various electorates choose a candidate and run as an independent under Australia One banner. They won’t register his party. Ed


  20. Yes Peter, including coroners who have falsified cause of death.


  21. Charge the government the police , doctors and nurses that administered covid vaccines with crimes against humanity ,
    With causing injury , death and economic loss ,
    Jail the lot of them .

    Peter Schuback

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  22. Thank you Editor for posting this. Bosi is completely bona fide and I believe a great man worthy of our faith and trust. He’s been in this fight since the very get go, so his call to arms is not just a political ploy.


  23. I have certainly served in both the RAAF and Army completing 41 years of which 25 were on FTS. Wary George was our Hon Colonel in 51FNQR for quite a number of years. Well said Riccardo. Most of those in the dirty war you talk about have never strapped on a pair of boots or worn a uniform.

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  24. The entire Australian government vaccination policy is totally corrupted with systematic massive and widespread conflicts of interest everywhere and there has never been any independent body to stop them.
    The No jab no pay no play mandates brought in by Abbott Turnbull Morrison Labor and Greens in ? 2015 / 2016 Was a dagger through Nuremberg principles Nuremberg Code and informed consent and no independent body to stop these tyrants back then and the Corruption and conflicts interest as usual ignored.
    This by Neil Z Miller so important and the heinous atrocities of Covid jabs injections are the most appalling crimes against innocent populations aka crimes against humanity and all world governments must abolish all mandates and all other tyrannical government actions now and forever more.

    VERY IMPORTANT by Neil Z Miller Vaccines and sudden infant death: An analysis of the VAERS database 1990–2019 and review of the medical literature – ScienceDirect


  25. Australia One is not a registered political party, so it appears as if he is a fraud. Also, what is he actually asking people to do? Everything he says is theoretical bluff which cannot be undertaken.


  26. Sent from Mail for Windows


  27. The Owners of the UN are building their NWO both through creation and destruction.

    ‘The Globalists’ have the bad guy script. The Bad Actors of the ZOG West in league with cartoon Satans like Schwab, Gates, Fauci etc are tasked to meet the UN 17 Sustainable Development Goals through depopulation and tanking Western economies (shrinking the carbon footprint). Apparently, ours is the size of a Yowie.

    On the other hand, ZOG East is tasked building the NWO and it communist sistema through unification of Eurasia which will be the centrepiece.

    Australians must lay claim to the institutions of the Australian state which have been captured by corporate agencies of the emergent world communist state and re-establish them upon their correct Constitutional foundation. At present the nation is being destroyed under genocidal tyranny and conflicts of law that have been contrived ‘to exhaust the state in its own convulsions’. (Protocols of Zion 1,8).

    Australian sovereignty is the only basis upon which our principles of law and government can be restored.


  28. “once again to defend your country from the establishment enemy within”? Once again????
    The establishment within was onboard along Captain Cook and it lives here happily everafter and thrives! To fight the “duopoly” and their henchman will not change the design of Australia’s future. When the shackles have become one with the leg and are ingrown to ones ankle a different kind of sacrifice/attempt has to be made than trusting the law behind the “guts” that want the country free.


  29. Well said Mr Bosi.


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