by Alex Bruce US correspondent

Ex-head of respiratory research at Pfizer, Mike Yeadon and researchers, including Craig Paardekooper have sourced VAERS data on vaccine death and injury in the US, database of over 700,000 adverse reactions caused by the Moderna, Pfizer and Janssen vaccines.

Red Republican states have been targeted by Big Pharma and the Democrats with the deadly vials

These vaccines have been deployed in different batches, officially referred to as “lots”.

This has allowed Yeadon’s team to back-engineer Big Pharma’s CoV-19 deployment agenda in the US.

All their information is published at and HowBad.Info.

And what we learn is quite telling. About 0.5% of all batches are highly toxic, resulting in hospitalization, disability and death within days or weeks of injection.

Other batches cause minimal adverse reactions and most appear to be harmless placebos.

When plotting on a timeline, we can see that these three companies have been working together to quietly monitor the lethal effectiveness the deadly batches.

While one company is deploying a lethal batch, the other two deploy harmless ones, creating the scientific environment to perform dose range finding for the maximum tolerated dose for each specific batch.

The timeline shows that each lethal batch deployment is preceded and followed by a “quiet” period, allowing them time to establish their baseline, before the next deadly batch is deployed.

Private leaked documents from the CDC show a list of expiry dates and only certain lots are included – the very same lots found to be toxic in Paardekooper’s database, which makes sense.

There would be no reason to list expiration dates for saline placebo, only the deadly ones.

This mode of deployment allows governments to direct deadly batches into specific populations, such as Red States (Republican).

Analysis of deaths per 100,000 vaxxinated in 50 states shows us that the overwhelming majority of vaxxine deaths are happening in Red States. Some Red States are experiencing eleven times more vaxxine deaths than other states. On average, Red States are experiencing twice the amount of death and injuries as Blue States.

Ruling out other possibilities, Paardekooper concluded that this could only be due to the fact that Red States received twice as much of the lethal batches than Blue States did.

Among several other crimes, they are tipping the scales of the democratic process by killing people who voted against the New World Order’s woke Build Back Better Great Reset, while at the same time, endlessly flooding the borders with unvaxxinated foreigners.

And it’s happening right now.# Forbidden Knowledge TV

Investigations in Australia have revealed that some patients received a placebo jab having no adverse effect while the toxic vaxxed suffered badly and the death rates in hospital with ‘Covid’ are more than twice that of the unvaccinated according to health departments. – Editor