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Woolworths Enforcers

Hullo Folks! I walked out of Woolworths today because I demanded to sign in with paper. The young bully told me “To get with the digital Age” I said I was still in the paper age” Well ,he was not going to budge,so I asked for a refund to get out of there and they told me that they did not offer refunds.So I said again I would sign on paper as the other shops gave choices. He refused rudely and so I berated him for being rude to an older Australian(he being a younger Australian approx of 25)

I put my goods ,paid and all on the counter and I left saying to him I hope that he would feel guilty at how they treated me.

He replied”I never feel guilty!”

I proceeded to shop at another shop and thankfully there was an other choice but I feel very saddened at this rudeness. If this is how the young treat us while we are still capable,heaven help us when we become very old!

I feel that Victor Dominello has gone “over the top” with this Digital stuff!He is the Minister for Digital NSW liberal government.

A RELY: Hey Mate – yep I shopped at Woollies for years but when they put the guard ( lady) on the door checking papers – no more. We should all start supporting our local shops/businesses and using CASH!! I do.. Coles is ok for now but really they are all owned by the same people – they implement their crap incrementally..And yes – we older people are in their sites for removal – The forced injection of these poisons on sick frail people in homes will haunt me to my (imminent as they would have it) death..disgrace..

Diminishing Nurses – No Jab No Job

Yes they are stupid, So many nurses are now vaccinated, this shows why we now get real poor service. I was a Nurse for 24 years and I walked out 6.5 years ago because of bullying.

If qualified nurses don’t know what Gene therapy is then they are lost.

Also any one wearing a mask for protection is a fool but remember there may be mask wearers who wear them to hide from crap scrutiny and to blend in, so not all mask wearers are stupid.

“That’s how it was done by the Nazis in Germany”

It’ll work better than in Nazi Germany. No need for executions or force or violence, You’ll be begging for your right to exist, own nothing and be happy as Larry after every brainwashed Tom, Dick or Harry shuns you in solidarity with the Fearless Leader.

Australian is a nation full of Sheeple

They have had the wool pulled over their eyes by corrupt, traitorous, politicians and the media, been fleeced in the process, of their savings, jobs and businesses, as they meekly allow themselves to be led to slaughter. Sheep are herded and controlled through fear, and that is what is happening here.

Once the sheeple wake up and realize they have been betrayed and are now trapped, they will proceed to bleat and may stampede. Woe betide those friendly family physicians who jabbed them with a poisonous vax – they may need to hide.

Some doctors have predicted that those who have been jabbed will die within 2-5 years.

Besides the threat of blood clots, the ‘vaccines’ so compromise the immune system that the body is open to all pathogens. Can you imagine life in 5 year’s time with 70-80% of the population gone?

Is that the worse case scenario?

Are you still awake, Australia?

Total surveillance and total population control in action. Soon enough you’ll have to have a passport to go to the toilet. A passport for anywhere you go and for everything you do.

When you refuse to toe the line, they’ll simply cancel you. No money, no food, no access to anywhere or anything. Simple, just press the DELETE key.

Can’t wait till I am happy and thrilled to bits by owning nothing and depending on the whim of some fashionably woke moron for survival.

Big Brother ID

What is the world coming to? A digital ID? Why don’t you just throw us all in the gas chambers and be done with it? That’s the control the government wants. I will slit my throat outside of parliament house before I do this or have the ‘vaccine’.

“This is your Australia Today”

About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. Any one who gives a vaccine injection for example Bunnings or anywhere, should be sued civilly if they get an adverse reaction due to the fact the information that’s been given before the injection is not 100% true. As they are not telling you what’s in the vaccine, or if it leaves the body, there also could be adverse effects as there has been over 50 000 so far in Australia,it could be putting your normal living at risk, ie could effect your motor skills thus rendering you unable to work etc. Also they have to prove what they are doing is legal and lawful, not going against any international laws, codes, constitution and federal or state laws. This and other things should be in a notice of disclosure. They didn’t disclose any of this. So now they are at fault. Informed consent only works when you have been told everything. All these people injecting people should be charged under deception of fraud, or worse knowing what they are doing is wrong. If you can’t give someone a headache tablet in case if him dropping dead even if it is health and safety so how can you give an injection without notice of disclosure. Think about this, if at work someone gets killed there is an investigation and it’s possible that your boss will get charged with manslaughter laws, and the person committing the offence whether it was an accident or not, so isn’t the nurse working at that time that gives you an injection, so why hasn’t any of them ever been charged. Reason being no one claims deception of fraud on the contract.


  2. “Uggghhhhh these statements make me want to vomit my vb and Vegemite right into the editors face.”

    Looks like you’re using suppositories instead of bitter pills, mate. Run along and get acquainted with the lessons of 1930s Germany and its history before you detox yourself again.


  3. There is a nasty and ultimately destructive virus destroying Australia, and particularly Victoria . Its has nothing to do with covid. The group most at risk is 99.9% of the Australian population.

    A State of Emergency must be declared urgently by the Australian people and the deliberate and silent spreaders of the imported virus must be placed in political quarantine for the purposes of protecting Public Health.


  4. I see Britain has an upsurge of cases. Will unvaccinated people be blamed even if they aren’t sick.Will we accept finally that the vaccine is the cause of the upsurge and it is not the Covid 19 virus anymore and you’re stuffed. You’ll have to keep getting boosters to keep it at bay until your body finally disintegrates. Make sure you’ve got an unvaccinated person on standby to look after your kids unless you’ve had them vaccinated as well. .


  5. The unvaccinated united on polling day should remove the duopoly for they have the numbers government do not want published .. ED2


  6. It seems your comment BitterPill has not come through correctly try again … ED2


  7. I insist on signing in, literally on a piece of paper.
    I qualify the signature with “by grantor” then an illegible squiggle and that’s it, no name, no contact details, nothing else.
    If questioned, I say “you are holding my property (my signature which is my personal property) and so qualify yourself as a trustee of a trust I have created, the terms of which I have yet to determine.”
    They are in a bind because they cannot destroy or use your property without consequence.
    That’s how I play their game and partake in it.


  8. I care not for their restrictions I grow most of our food and live on 5 acres so am isolated from the sheeples, LD mean nothing to me I got rid of debt 7 years ago. GL to all my fellow Aussies


  9. I call bs

    “What is the world coming to? A digital ID? Why don’t you just throw us all in the gas chambers and be done with it? That’s the control the government wants. I will slit my throat outside of parliament house before I do this or have the ‘vaccine’.”

    I will send you razor blades (Made in China) if you do it.


  10. Uggghhhhh these statements make me want to vomit my vb and Vegemite right into the editors face.

    This tired old shit.

    “That’s how it was done by the Nazis in Germany”



  11. A couple were driving around with their caravan trying to find somewhere to camp, as everywhere they had tried to check into (including national parks) had rejected them because they are not vaccinated. This is absolutely CRAZY. It infuriates me enormously to see people being treated so disgustingly because they are not vaccinated.
    I’m so upset about the injustice of it all.


  12. Yes, I feel this government expects everyone to pay top dollar to have the internet on their phones. My phone is a phone. The internet is on my computer at home and that is where it stays. I have walked into many shops expecting a paper sign in ….. no I have yet to find one that has it placed in view. Maybe they might have it under the counter, I don’t know. Nobody has questioned me why I do not scan in. The shops are more to blame for not producing the paper sign in. Maybe the government can pay for my internet on my phone, then I will be happy to sign in on their QR codes if that is what they want…..sorry but cannot afford t two lots of internet, just to make it easier for the government to do their tracings.


  13. I am an older person, I fear for my grand-children who seem oblivious to this whole situation. They know about the “Virus” and the “Vaccine” and expect that we adults will sort it out . Little do they know the future they could have if they don’t stand up for their future freedom..


  14. Stop funding GAVI Have a look at who the top donors are? :(( Ugh us!! Australia!! $324millionUS as of 30 June 2021 and our pledge 2021-2025? I wonder what the fine print of our pledges and contracts are?


  15. Better chance of holding a picnic on Mars .. ED2


  16. It is so sad that…as said in your article, the “sheeple” of Australia are letting this happen…we are all waiting for “someone to do something”. Super an wasn’t real folks!
    I wonder if Colin Powell’s sad death from Covid related problems “ALTHOUGH FULLY VACCINATED” might wake a few sheeple up 😩


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