What’s behind the mask

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  1. Great Meme and I am certain that those contol the Narrative got an answer for everything and none of it is true.


  2. Peter I don’t think that is the case both the Bat Soup and Level 4 Biolab leak are both part of the Covid 19 Narrative its why none are Censored. I watched 1 hour interview with Dr David Martin and Stew Peters that has gain a lot of attention.





  4. I agree that what my thoughts are

    Both Dr SONA PEKOVA and DR ZELENKO Both agree the Covid Originated from USA and sent to China !!!!!!!!!


  5. You’ve all heard about those TOP SECRET contracts governments have signed with Pfizer ?

    Whatever happens, even if governments decide to dump supplies of the risky doses, they still have to pay for them, and bear all costs that injuries impose on national health services. For the Drug Company, it’s ALL PROFIT.

    It’s been reported that 85 million doses of Pfizer have been ordered for next year, and 25 million for 2023. It’s a certainty that as the injuries pile up from those shots, PM Morrison (aka “The smirk”) will ignore them, as he has with the AstraZeneca shots
    He’s not likely to risk the scandal dumping most of the 110 million doses as the injuries mount.

    To force the injections on Australians, expect MORE lockdowns, more jobs and businesses
    destroyed, and the army backing the police in imposing economically destructive “covid

    “’tis better to destroy the economy than let one Australian unjabbed !” seems to be the PM and the premiers belief.


  6. It was reported that PM Morrison (aka “The smirk”) ignored his public health advisers to scrap the RISKY AstraZeneca shots – restricted to the age 60 and over – and okayed it’s use for all ages.

    The PM had paid for a pig in a poke, and it was said he didnt want the risk to his political career from the scandal withdrawing the RISKY shots would ensure.

    Keep in mind that as more Australians are injured by the RISKY jabs it’s because PM Morrison (aka “The smirk”) didnt want to risk his job.

    Keep in mind that as Premiers lockdown every state, to force Australians to submit to the RISKY shots, they, too, are not concerned about how many Australians are injured. Their only concern is how they can dodge the blame for their reckless descisions.


  7. truthtellertonni

    It’s how cults indoctrinate new members.
    Also graphene oxide poisoning.
    Fear mongering. Keeps the lies real.
    Go to your doctor & get a mask mandate.
    By law they can’t ask you to produce one, it’s medical privacy act.
    All legislation they pass is nullified because they are a cooperation. They have no power except that which you give them. That’s why they need troops.
    NEVER COMPLY to death do us part.


  8. Stop using common sense and logic! It gets in the way of a good argument!


  9. halycreekfarms3

    The answer is simple The sheeple who got injected arent going to be with us very long, so be nice to them. They need tax breaks and other help. They need to get themselves along to church and stop their thieving and lying etc.SincerelyInterested Bystander.


  10. PERFECT QUESTIONS! Great layout and artwork.
    And thank you Richard for the childrenshealthdefense article!


  11. This is a great set of questions. Thank you, mmmmmmmmmmmmm

    Regards, Kevin Stiller, Brisbane.


  12. Were are all the Terror attacks that we had to live with on the TV?


  13. Barbara Brewster

    Thank you for your great journalism.


  14. The purpose of the mask and all of the changes from day to day, is to get more people vaccinated and to draw attention away from the real reason why vaccines are being pushed so much and why vaccines are rubber stamped into use here – not for Covid, but for something much worse, which ties in to Graphene – as long as “we” are running around, chasing our tails government does not have to be concerned if the truth gets out, that this pandemic was caused, on purpose and deliberately by the super elite:


  15. Is this available as a poster?


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