Ardern family’s sleazy operation forces Pfizer shots on to tiny Tokelau Islands

Tokelau Deputy Director of Public Health, Alapati Tavite is sweet with the forced rollout of the dangerous Pfizer mRNA vaccine on his fellow islanders. Photo: Elena Pasilio
Jacinda Ardern’s husband Clarke Gayford, a PR guru, was spruiking tourism for Niue while his father-in-law was NZ High Commissioner and later administrator.

BILL Gates’ South Pacific vaccine dealer Jacinda Ardern and her father Ross Ardern, the colonial island administrator, are illegally forcing Pfizer’s dirty experimental vaccine on most of the population of the Tokelau Islands in what appears to be a preview of the military backed roll-outs in Australia and New Zealand.

Billy TK raises the alarm over the Tokelau opeation with Glen McConnell and two Australians identified as Sarah (a nurse) and Danny with Tokelau family connections.

As expected the islands’ health bureaucrats strongly supported the campaign, replete with all sorts of clever PR, psychological conditioning and media coverage that drips positivity. But some refusers of the vaccine, among them a pastor’s family, have been locked in their own homes without food and others threatened with being banished from the island in the divide and conquer operation.

A policewoman, described as a missionary by relatives in Australia, has been stripped of her rank for refusing the shots. The operation was carried out with the help of the NZ Royal Navy’s HMNZS Wellington and touted as “contactless”.

The islanders have been tricked into mass compliance by being told the vaccines were “mandatory”, an offence against New Zealand’s common law of informed consent to medical treatment and the international Nuremberg Code. The first doses were administered on July 19 after the navy ship’s six-day voyage to the islands.

The Tokelau Islands are a protectorate of NZ, and are not self governing. Nevertheless the islands are dominated by a no-doubt well-paid public health bureaucracy and administrators overseen by Daddy Ardern, who was previously administrator of the Niue Islands. Radio NZ reported Daddy Ardern “has been involved with the vaccination project from its inception”. No doubt.

“Coincidentally” Jacinda’s husband, the oh-so slick PR guy Clarke Gayford, has also been a big big South Pacific player, spruiking Niue back in 2016 as the new tropical island destination. Cairns News would like to know if Gayford was involved in the PR side of the Tokelau operation. We would also like to know how much Pfizer and Gates Foundation money was involved.

Two Australian relatives of the Tokelau islanders told Kiwi activist Billy Te Kahika online there was no COVID-19 there and said it sounded like the islanders were being used a guinea pigs in some sort of experiment. In fact anyone who takes the Pfizer mRNA vaccine is participating in a global vaccine trial.

Te Kahika said the news that came to him late on August 1 was “foreboding”. “We are seeing on a tiny island with three or four atolls, as (informant) Sarah was sharing with me, they are bringing in tyranny as they wish to bring in here.”

Glen McConnell of Freedom Media Resources told Te Kahika the operation “really does smell like a bit of a pilot study being run here, a bit of a test run of how they might roll it out elsewhere.” He said there was little vaccine uptake in New Zealand with only 2000 of 16,000 places set aside for a mass vaccination in South Auckland by health authorities being signed up. “We know there’s no mass uptake in New Zealand people are just waking up to it en masse… So there’s absolutely reason why you would take it to a nation that doesn’t have it and give them something risky.”

Daddy Ardern is the new “administator” (read colonial overlord) of the Tokelau Islands, which only have a population of less than 450. The shots were mandated for over 16s while pregnant mothers were fortunately spared the shots and the likelihood of involuntary abortions.

But for other women who are not pregnant, the Pfizer shots could prove disastrous because the nano-particles in the vaccine which carry the spike protein messenger RNA have been shown in Japanese animal trials to escape the injection site and rapidly accumulate in organs, and most particularly ovaries and bone marrow.

But that’s the sort of information that Tokelau Health Minister Siopili Perez and the islands’ national general manager Aukusitino Vitale, are inoculated against. It’s the same story in the health bureaucracies of all the “Five Eyes” nations – US (with some state exceptions), Canada, UK, Australia and New Zealand. These are the same nations notoriously ignore, lie about and even ban cheap repurposed drugs for COVID-19 treatment such as hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin.

Perez and Vitale both received their alleged Pfizer shots at the same time. Radio NZ reported: “When asked how they were feeling after their shots, Vitale says he felt “relieved and happy, we were prepared for this, I think, we were so engaged and involved in the preparations that we received enough information to be prepared for this”.

One might fairly ask the question about how these politicians and bureaucrats presiding over the island protectorate were “incentivised” to run with this operation and speak about it in such glowing terms.

A report on the news gathering site 1SEO revealed the big con involved in the operation – the promise of being able to travel. “Pateni Vakalasi, a Tuvalu citizen, moved to Nukunonu in 2019 at the age of 32. Vakalasi works as an environmental security guard. He said this vaccine was a ticket abroad for him and his family. “We want to visit our families abroad and that’s why I’ve really supported this vaccine. It’s a step for us to go back to see families – we’re very grateful.”

The report went on: “By 12:10 a.m. (local time), a total of 112 people out of the targeted 192 people on Nukunonu had been vaccinated. The hospital waiting room continues to be filled with people waiting for their own vaccinations.

“The vaccination program will continue on Wednesday and will end on Thursday 22 July. Tokelau plans to receive the second Pfizer dose on August 10 this year.”

About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. kaiwanshou. WOW!!!!! This needs to go viral worldwide & the Editor needs to get right onto this & chase it up. If this can work in courts around the world, then We, the patriots & common people could win this war against the murderous “Elite” yet.

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  2. Please check this out and publish:

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  3. Must Watch and share $500 trillion class action in place against the US government and monopolies. Declaration of Restoration



  4. How does an experimental treatment get misnamed a vaccine? How did it go from “an experimental vaccine” to a vaccine? It usually takes 10 or more years to become a vaccine. We are the guinea pigs for the experiment. I do not, did not, consent to being a guinea pig. There has to be, per the Nuremberg Code, per the Australian Immunisation Handbook, a full disclosure to the prospective receiver of what they are about to receive and then after reading the disclosure and clearing up anything not understood then a wet ink signature of consent/contract by the recipient or no signature. No signature = no consent, no contract. A signature by coercion is not consent, not a contract. But that is what is happening. Therefore without the wet ink signature of consent to a contract then those offering and administering bare full liability. That’s called ” a crime of omission”.
    Did all of the people who have had “the experimental vaccine” give their wet ink signature after full disclosure? Perhaps some, but the vast majority none, no contract was offered. Therefore the people administering the experimental vaccine who didn’t provide full disclosure can be held liable. That’s how we stop the genocide by telling every one we know and meet, basic contract law.
    Talk it up people!


  5. 460 people and not even 4 weeks between the Pfizer Shots. And the pastor and his family locked inside without food! How cruel can you get? Tranny Adhern a real commie bitch! OMG! 10% at least will die approx 46 people possibly more and what of the debilitating injuries? Who is going to help them? They’ll be left to endure a slow painful death just like in Stalin’s Russia. What a BITCH she is!

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  6. NSW has added another cudgel to coerce submitting to the toxic injections. It has claimed a
    resident in an apartment block has “tested positive” (An impossibility for the “tests” being used.)… the the entire aparment block was placed under severe restrictions, tantamount to home arrest.
    Now that PM Morrison has okayed the use of the RISKY AstraZeneca injections “mysterious outbursts” are affecting four states – now there are plenty of Risky doses available…


  7. “maybe next time we win..ED”

    Voting will not be the way to win anymore, if it ever really was.


  8. You get what you vote for Karen and we have this load of garbage back in office again and again and again .. maybe next time we win..ED

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  9. Outer Sydney suburbs have been isolated and subject the very severe lockdown restrictions

    Though the government has more than enough police to enforce its will, the military have been deployed as they are being used in a trial ru ton develop their most effective use as other suburbs are selected for isolation and subject to house-to-house ‘Covid tests’, etc.

    The military are deeply involved. PM Morrison handpicked Lieutenant-General John Frewen,. an unelected public servant, to run the vaccination campaign. It is a military campaign, not a medical campaign.

    Isolated people ,confronted on their doorsteps by police and army can
    be easily coerced to submitting to the RISKY injections.

    The Nuremberg Code doesnt get a look in. Morrison wants everyone to have the RISKY jab.


  10. During the 1920s Dr Otto Warburg published research that revealed oxygen starvation was the prime initiator of the cancer process. (he was awarded a Nobel Prize). Dr Wilhelm Reichs
    research also revealed inhibited respiration / oxygen starvation initiated the cancer process. (The Cancer Biopathy).
    It is a well established medical fact that restricting breathing can lead to hypoxia, and hypocapnia, both dangerous health conditions.
    Sydney people are compelled to wear facemasks, even outdoors, or be fined $500. Why is the government trying to sicken people ? To boost the Covid numbers ?


  11. Looks like another Gates collaborator wants the island mostly to himself.


  12. Its NOT a vax, its more correctly a ‘Synthetic Pathogen’ that can make you sick.

    Steve Bell


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