Top NZ lawyer warns PM Ardern of criminal charges if Covid jabs continue


June 4, 2021

From: Sue Grey

Date: Thu, 3 Jun 2021, 23:33


To: Rt Hon Jacinda Ardern, Hon David Parker, Hon Andrew Little, Hon Chris Hipkins,, Chris James,

Dear Prime Minister, Attorney-General, Minister of Health, Minister of Covid, Minister or Seniors, Director General of Health and Chris Hipkins.

I attach below some new and very important research which I must assume your advisors have not yet provided to you, or the experimental Pfizer injection rollout would surely already have been suspended.

It is now clearly established that the SProtein is a toxin that causes the harmful symptoms known as “Covid”.

Lawyer and Microbiologist Sue Grey (below) warns PM Ardern of criminal charges should Covid jabs continue

I surely don’t need to explain the legal, ethical and human rights consequences of a government knowingly promoting a program which intentionally injects a life threatening toxin into healthy people.

I also attach a report indicating that injected nanoparticles (and the SProtein) do not remain in the arm muscle but instead circulate throughout the whole body.

The combined effect is that the Pfizer jab injects mRNA to take over cells to manufacture the deadly SProtein toxin and this spread throughout much of the body, manufacturing the SProtein toxin for days and in some cases many weeks.

This explains why even the limited available research from the two months of study as summarised in the Comirnaty Data Sheet identifies possible harm to many different parts of the body including the heart, blood, brain, musculoskeletal system, nervous system, fainting and dizziness etc.

This is no longer just a shocking experiment. Everyone involved is now on notice of this “injection roulette” which may result in death or serious injury to previously healthy people. The health and safety implications for employers and those who push this jab, are significant.

No post injection death can legitimately be ruled out as being caused or contributed by the injection, at least not without a full coroner’s report. Certainly any post vax stroke, heart attack, other blood disorder, nervous system disorder or even suicide or car accident (known overseas as “vaccidents”) must prima facie be assumed to be caused or contributed to by the jab, at least until a full coroners report is undertaken.

Similarly it is not good enough to claim that our seniors who die post jab were frail and likely to die. Surely if they were that frail they should have been spared from the jab. Anyway, surely “deaths post Jab” should be treated consistently with “deaths post Covid”.

Despite the secretive, flawed and very passive official post jab injury reporting process ( CARM), and as a result of the more active community led follow up, you are already on notice of a number of deaths and life threatening and life changing harm from this injection. The deaths and harm will inevitably continue if there are any further injections. Perhaps initially you had an excuse that you thought the SProtein was “safe”. However now you are on notice that it is not “safe” by any definition.

Further, although you in privileged position are on notice, many members of the public who you were elected to represent remain deceived by misleading claims in crown propaganda that the jab is “safe and effective”. In these circumstances there can be no “Informed consent”., Each jab without Informed consent is in breach of the Health and Disability Code and is an assault.

In these circumstances, the ongoing program is surely criminal, and indeed may result in Homicide as defined by the Crimes Act:

158Homicide defined

Homicide is the killing of a human being by another, directly or indirectly, by any means whatsoever.

Compare: 1908 No 32 s 173

Anyone who aids, abets or otherwise incites homicide is a party to that homicide.

I note that the Director-General of Health has shared his view in sworn evidence that Covid is the most serious health issue for New Zealand in 100 years.

I invite you all to consider that claim very carefully and critically. Please put Covid in perspective against the many other challenges which we face, including for example heart attacks, strokes, cancer, suicide accidents and diabetes and the nitrate and other contamination of much of our water.

Surely you must agree that the harm is not from “Covid” but from the “Response to Covid”.

The best expert evidence is that the risk from Covid is similar to the risk from influenza. Many experts are now saying that Covid is simply a rebranding of influenza and colds, supported by PCR testing that was never intended as a diagnostic tool. The WHO says that PCR testing should not be used beyond 20-25 cycles. OIA responses indicate that in NZ PCR tests use up to 45 cycles, which simply multiplies any contamination.

Our government is about to enter dangerous new phase if it proceeds to inject more healthy New Zealanders with an injection that experts have established is toxic.

Apart from the direct harm to those who choose, or are bullied to accept this injection, there is considerable peripheral harm. This includes the contamination of our Blood Bank with SProtein. We can only speculate on the risks for vulnerable people who receive blood contaminated with this toxin.

Please stop and reflect. Please listen to international experts who are independent from Big Pharma and who are not invested in the Covid paradigm.

Please listen to the New Zealand scientific and medical experts who have put their careers and reputations on the line out of extreme concern.

Please correct the misinformation that this injection is “safe and effective” and “approved by Medsafe” when in fact it did not meet the statutory criteria that “benefit exceeds risk”.

There is no imminent health risk from suspending the program. Dr Bloomfield’s sworn evidence was that the risks were mainly financial and reputational.

Please find the courage to challenge whoever is driving this, and any who act on dogma rather than evidence, reason or ethics.

The future of New Zealand depends on your courage to step up and make this critical call for our people.

I urge you to listen, engage and act in the public interest.

Please put aside your pride and the dogma, and suspend this program.

I am happy to assist however I can.

Sue Grey LLB (Hons), BSc (Biochemistry and Microbiology), RSHDipPHI

Co-leader NZ Outdoors Party

About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. Dear Cate, after 12 years of considered research my view, supported by well credentialed INDEPENDENT professionals is – NO – NO vaccines at All!!!!!!!!!!


  2. Dear Kate- the reason “awakened” people are speaking out against the COVID-19 vaccines is because the pharmaceutical companies are putting nano-sized particles not only in the ‘vaxxines’, but also into every day medications that require capsules.

    I suggest you watch this short video to appreciate that the pharmaceutical companies (including Blackmores) cannot be trusted any longer.

    For the 5G Internet of Bodies (IoB) network to work on controlling the “sheeple”, they require the “sheep” to have greater magnetic properties. Graphene Hydroxide is the substance that provides the means for this to happen, which is most probably the substance in these videos.


  3. Alison

    Thanks for the info – good news.

    “Julian Assange has made unique and undeniable contributions to peace by lifting the fog of war,”

    I fully agree with that statement, he is on my heroes list.


  4. crisscross767 >
    I hope that this nomination of Julian Assange for the Nobel Peace Prize gives leverage for his release. The present heightened calls for national and personal independence from the global one-worlders and their one-world plans makes his nomination at this time even more significant.

    Monday, January 31, 2022
    Julian Assange is nominated for Nobel Peace Prize for his fight for democracy

    WIKILEAKS founder Julian Assange has been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize for his fight for human rights, democracy and press freedom, it was confirmed today.

    “Julian Assange has made unique and undeniable contributions to peace by lifting the fog of war,” Ms Moris (Julian’s partner) said urging support for the journalist who remains locked up in Belmarsh high-security prison.

    Last year the Nobel committee came under fire for “a sin of omission” after it failed to include Mr Assange as a joint recipient of the Peace Prize which was given to journalists Maria Resa and Dmitry Muratov. They were awarded the prize because of “efforts to safeguard freedom of expression,” which the committee said is “a precondition for democracy and lasting peace.”

    Former Nobel Peace Prize committee chair and former Norwegian prime minister Thorberg Jagland said the award “must raise pressure on the demand to free Assange and pardon [Edward] Snowden.”

    Mr Assange could face 175 years behind bars in the United States under the draconian Espionage Act after he revealed crimes and atrocities committed in Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere.

    Press freedom groups say that he is subjected to a “politically driven prosecution” for publishing details exposing the world’s rich and powerful elites.

    A British court ruled that the US could extradite him to stand trial there, overturning a previous decision blocking such a move on grounds he was a suicide risk.

    Last week the High Court gave him permission to appeal against extradition to the Supreme Court, which must agree to accept the case before it can proceed.

    Australia is one of the five eyes; Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and the United States..


  5. czar

    Two years in and the jab is still an experiment? It does not prevent you from getting any type of virus.

    Some countries are relaxing things due to push back from the people, no other reason.

    I believe that the vast majority of those who make comments on Cairns News are not anti vaxxers. I for one do not care at all if you take any jab, even an experimental one – go for it, I respect your choice.

    My choice is to not take an experiment, so do you respect my choice, or is it all one sided, your side only? Do the kids have a choice?

    It is an experiment but you want me to take it. even though I made a choice not to,. Who gave the righteous vaxxers authority over me?

    Even your relied upon experts have months ago admitted that the jab can harm and kill, that masks are useless and the test not so accurate or useless, and that after two jabs there is little protection, so you now have to get some more. Months ago, your all knowing experts and leaders said that this is expected to continue for many more years. How many boosters will you take before you say enough?

    The jab Is what has done the damage, by way of – the wrong treatments in Hospitals, the banning of proven treatments. and the ingredients in the jabs.

    More damage from – locking up the elderly and the sick and disadvantaged, main stream media keeping up the fear and panic, damaged lungs from prolonged wearing of useless masks, etc.

    I am not having a go at you, just letting you know that likely most of us here, long ago, found the real truths about the plandemic.


  6. that letter is a complete waste of paper . Adern. is a graduate of the Klaus Schwabe school for tyrant,s same as Treudeu & Chant in NSW greg hunt in Canberra.


  7. No one under the age of 50 has died from covid 19 in New Zealand. As can be seen from the official website.

    So why are we experimenting on our children. I see the need for elderly and the medically vulnerable to get the vaccine but there is plenty of evidence to suggest children do no need it. It should also be noted, that the government has taken away the rights of parents of children that are over 12 years old, stating that they can get the vaccine without the permission of their parents. Surely this is highly unethical.

    Why are governments ignoring the natural immunity factor, which is proving better than the vaccine. See dubdubdub dot youtube dot com/watch?v=6v5VrpgXPm4 ,for info on immunity.


  8. Proof Australians have small balls! Virtuous do goodie annoying idiots who think the world loves them while in fact nobody does! More culture in a pot of yogurt! Invading ancient civilisations for their American masters! Disgusting behaviour from a convict settler nation just over 200 years old!

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  9. Lord Joseph Langton

    I wish everybody could make such comments like this Christian lady make.
    Why is Australians are hiding? Why is everybody under the table??
    And wheres is the the so called Aussie spirit the blue spirit??


  10. Thanku Sue Grey. I’m praying for you. You are probably aware of the international team of lawyers and medical professionals that are taking the WHO and others to court that are breaking all10 of the Nurenburg laws.. I pray the Lord Jesus will send his angels to protect you for your very courageous and righteous stand for all people. God bless you.Mary O’Hare


  11. Lord J. W. Langton

    Exellent letter. Why Australians cant stand up? Why Australians hiding under the tables. Where’s the Aussie spirit? Where’s we are true blue?
    Kindly; Lord J.W. Langton
    From Thailand


  12. Kevin Garland

    Hi Sue as I have followed this (Political) virus from the very beginning and I am so pleased to read your letter which is exactly as I have concluded to be, and reflects my understanding the dangers of this jab listening to many different scientists and medical practitioners, and my hope is that Jacinda Adern takes on board your concerns of this jab. The longer term reactions could be catastrophic with many practitioners are saying will happen. Thank you for standing up for common sense humans.


  13. What everyone needs is to be empowered to do something about this terrible situation.
    The following paragraphs are from a book by Lynne McTaggart: ‘The Intention Experiment’ Page 241.

    For three months in the first quarter of 1998, forest fires raged out of control in the Amazonian state of Roraima, 1500 miles northwest of Brazilia, devastating the rainforest. It had not rained for months – an effect blamed on El Nino – the ordinarily humid rainforest was bone dry, perfect kindling for the fire that had by that time scorched 15 per cent of the state. The rains, usually so copious in this part of Brazil, remained elusive. The UN termed the fire a disaster without precedent on the planet. Water-carrying helicopters and some 1500 firefighters, including recruits from neighbouring Venezuela and Argentina, fought the flames to no avail.
    In late March, the weather-modification experts were called in: two Caiapo Indian shamans especially flown to the Yanomami reservation, housing the last of what are believed to be Stone Age tribes. They danced around a bit and prayed, and gathered a few leaves. Two days later, the heavens opened and it began to pour. Up to 90 per cent of the fire was extinguished.

    If enough people meditate or pray or send positive intent or whatever, every time they think about anything to do with covid-19 or the vaccines etc., that every vial of lethal vaccine be turned to distilled water, what could the corrupt drug companies, the money grubbing governments, politicians and murderers of humanity do about it when it happens? The power is with the people. As a collective we have the power to change this and take that power back!


  14. Michael toohey

    There have been grave concerns from the start of the rollout why has the science been ignored head’s must roll surly this needs a full & tougher investigation like nothing the world has seen before, criminals all!!


  15. crisscross767

    I see signs around labelled “Corona virus (Covid-19)”

    Corona virus is a generic term for all colds and flu virus’s.

    If (Covid-19) is just another name for the generic term Corona virus then (Covid-19) is also a generic name covering every cold and flu variant, Alpha, Delta or whatever.


  16. crisscross767

    When Too Much Power Makes Elites Insane

    by This article was posted by TLB Staff

    When Too Much Power Makes the Elites Insane By Jack Gleason We’ve all heard the phrase “power corrupts,” by Lord Acton, a 19th-century British historian. The full quote — “Power tends to corrupt. Absolute power corrupts absolutely” — referred to the absolute power of kings.

    Research from 2012 by Katherine A. DeCelles, a University of Toronto professor, concluded that wealth and power don’t affect everyone equally — they just allow existing personality traits to emerge to excess.

    There are many stories of wealthy people setting up foundations that help millions of people. But there is a dark side as well.

    People with great wealth and power quickly become surrounded by underlings who fawn over their every word. Every idea is brilliant; every thought is genius. After a while, they start to think they are gods.

    George Soros: “I admit that I have always harbored an exaggerated view of self-importance-to put it bluntly, I fancied myself as some kind of god or an economic reformer like Keynes or, even better, a scientist like Einstein.”

    Barack Obama’s “bitter clingers” remark, Hillary Clinton’s “basket of deplorables,” and Joe Biden’s “the coal miners can learn how to code” solution and his “farming is just putting a seed in dirt” comment offer a clear look into the inner workings of these corrupt minds. They are the smart ones. Others are too stupid to understand their lofty ideas, so their ideas must be forced on the unwilling “for their own good.”

    When their ideas and faulty logic are opposed, they use blackmail, bribery, and intimidation to get their way. Our rights to vote and to free speech are unimportant because we are too stupid to know whom to vote for or what to say.

    Read more of this post


  17. crisscross767

    The following is totally relevant to todays situation –

    On the sixth day of Tabernacles, the priests read Psalm 81:13, 14, which says,

    13 Oh that My people would listen to Me, that Israel would walk in My ways! 14 I would quickly subdue their enemies and turn My hand against their adversaries.

    When we link this to the sixth bowl of wine and water that was poured out on that day, it is clear that the “enemies” were gathering together against God’s people for the battle of Armageddon in Revelation 16:16 because God’s people had not been walking in God’s ways.

    One cannot simply blame the “enemies.” If God’s people had heard and obeyed God’s voice, there would never be such a battle. Believers tend to think that the enemies of God attack them for no reason except to do them harm or to enslave them. But that is not how God sees it. In the laws of tribulation in Leviticus 26 and Deuteronomy 28, it is clear that God Himself promised to raise up their enemies and empower them to bring judgment upon Israel if they persisted in their refusal to follow God’s laws and ways.

    Deuteronomy 28:47-49 says,

    47 Because you did not serve the Lord your God with joy and a glad heart, for the abundance of all things, 48 therefore you shall serve your enemies whom the Lord will send against you,…. 49 The Lord will bring a nation against you from afar, from the end of the earth, as the eagle swoops down, a nation whose language you shall not understand.

    The religious carnal mind wants to be delivered from the enemy so that it may continue in sin that grace may abound. Those who are carnal want God to bless them in their sin (lawlessness). But that is not the mind of God. Paul tells us that the carnal mind serves the law of sin, while the spiritual man serves the law of God (Romans 7:25).

    We may conclude, then, that the sixth bowl of water—which represents a prayer for the outpouring of the Spirit—is absolutely necessary to bring the solution to the sixth bowl of wine that judges Babylon. Babylon cannot fall until the people repent, because God raised up Babylon to bring the people to repentance………………….”


  18. Her ex boss & mentor War Criminal Tony Bliar is very proud of her …


  19. Susie McNeilly

    Thank you for speaking up. We need people like you.


  20. Brian Hutching

    I agree totally.


  21. Brian Hutching

    Need to take full notice of this.


  22. crisscross767

    Anatomy of the Plandemic International Crime Scene

    By: The Armchair Covid Crime Investigator

    What follows is the shockingly intentional step-by-step criminal conspiratorial plot to commit global genocide and seriously debilitate populations around the globe via various types of COVID bioweapons and the ensuing Covid Super Vaccination Agenda.

    Given the sheer depth and breadth of this worldwide scheme to deliberately kill and/or injure as many human beings as possible, it’s clear that every major government, globalist institution, Fortune 1000 corporation and nongovernmental organization (especially healthcare), which is controlled by the New World Order globalist cabal, had to have had foreknowledge of this highly complex criminal scheme. Therefore, each remains an unindicted co-conspirator in the greatest crime spree ever to be perpetrated against the entire human race.

    Now, here’s what these inconceivably brazen, desperate and reckless Covid criminals meticulously planned out in advance with great attention to the malevolent details……………

    Role Reversal: How the US Became the USSR

    Paul Craig Roberts

    “…………….Whatever serves the tiny clique that rules America is legal; whatever exposes the criminals is illegal.

    That’s all there is to it”.

    “There is but one solution. The root cause of this cancer must be extracted. This would be the Jewish Mafia. The objectives of the Jewish Mafia include both Zionist and non-Zionist elements. Their main goal is to extract all wealth from every nation and seize complete control of the entire world. Until Americans come to acknowledge the role of the Jewish Mafia in the subversion of their nation, they will remain enslaved indefinitely. The same applies to Canada, Australia and all of Europe.”

    Exterminating the Goyim is Basis of the Cabala (have another good think about all those COVID ‘vaccines’ invented by Jewish scientists)


  23. I think Terrence might be referring to this video.


  24. crisscross767

    The Australian governments subservience to higher authority (not God) in the Julian Assange case applies equally to the Covid scam/crime perpetrated on the Australian people.

    The Australian government, also in deference to Washington, has done nothing to help Assange. Australia, like every other vassal state, puts Washington’s interest ahead of both law and the interest of citizens.

    This week there were protests in Australia in support of Assange. However, Western governments are now so far removed from citizens who are today little more than subjects that it is unlikely that anything short of revolution can restore accountability to governments in the West.

    “Western democracy” has become an oxymoron. This article by Mike Head shows the disdain that the Western elites have for free speech, freedom of the press, truth, and the rights of citizens:


  25. There is no excuse for so much ignorance – Thousands of healthy people dead , hundreds of thousands injured – it is experimental poison – they could not get it approved because in stage 2 it killed all the animals – my god!


  26. I can confirm she is a lawyer though hardly a top one. While she did study microbiology at Otago University, that was almost 40 years ago. No, she’s not a microbiologist.


  27. Fantastic letter – thanks. For all in Auistralia I suggest take a copy and forward this letter to polititians and also the TGA bureaucrats. Its time to really stand up fast. I’m shocked how quickly they are rolling this out.

    We also really need to hammer home that there are now very well established treatments for this advocated by hundreds of doctors. This Dr Pr McCullough interview is long but really explains it well.


  28. Conspiracy, conspiracy, conspiracy. Many in the US, UK and other successful countries who have vaccinated much of their population have quietened down seeing that vaccination has brought Covid 19 havoc under control.

    Equating Covid 19 with the Flu is so ridiculous automatically discrediting the author. Hardly any healthy health personnel have died from treating Flu cases. Thousands have died treating Covid 19 cases when they contracted it from patients.

    New Zealand has been spared so far but if they start to suffer what these countries that have been ravaged by Covid 19 did, many of these anti-vaxers would change their tune. Vaccines have been fast tracked because you can’t wait years for their approval. By that time time the world would have been in a terrible mess.

    Yes vaccines can have side effects, any kind of medication can, but so far based on statistics it has been a huge success. The benefits far outweigh the few deaths attributable to the vaccine. It provides the only way out of this quagmire.

    Without vaccination the epidemic will go on endlessly killing more and more and many more will suffer the terrible Long Covid Syndrome. Variants will appear as the infection is rife and uncontrolled in the World.

    No country is an island, pun intended, and you can’t forever isolate yourself without suffering serious economic consequences.


  29. thanks for publishing this letter.

    There is an organisation in NZ called that is 1) providing a platform for civilians to report their or someone elses covid vaccine reaction 2) provide a platform for employees to report a business for bullying and intimidation or illegally firing someone for declining a potentially deadly medication and 3) taking the govt to court for illegal behaviour and 4) gathering funds to combat govt disinformation.

    Politically align with (but are separate to) The NZ Outdoors Party who ran a campaign 2020 election opposing the covid health response act, roll out of 5G without any safety data, opposing residual poisons such as 1080, opposing loss of democratic process, opposing Industry ‘science’ controlling govt policy and supporting organic farming, natural health care, etc etc. Please join the to support our mahi.


  30. This needs to stop right away and people are mislead massively. The big pharmaceutical companies, the big techs, Dr Anthony Fauci, the gates foundation and anyone else pushing uncalled for dangerous experimental injections needs to be charged for craimes against humanity at its highest level in history.. Everyone now knows what’s going on and what’s going on around this bogus PCR useless test kits for covid/Flu and when the inventer Kerry Mullis of the useless PCR test kits for covid says there no good and also says Dr Anthony Fauci is a lair.. Well Enough Said……….


  31. Can we get this clear – What they call an infection is simply a positive pcr test – The pcr test over 25 cycles is completely useless – they are using 40-45 ). The are re-categorizing anyone who is sick as covid, denying service to really sick people and just lying to the public.


  32. Ah ha we detect a NWO, China puppet Ardern supporter…..


  33. Hi Joseph there are pages on alternative solutions to the deadly mRNA jab, which does not work according to all the evidence, found in this publication. Government mandated Ivermectin and hydroxychloroquin will end the killer vax.


  34. very true I go against this injection n will take your advice warn my people on the harm this will bring..thankyou for the information.


  35. Good on you, Sue Grey.
    I am not sick and so will resist this vaccination.
    I understand that the Japanese have been researching the use of T Killer cells from an individuals own body to combat many types of diseases including COVID 19.
    It appears as though they have had success with this protocol.
    Worth waiting for, I think.
    Using your own cells to combat sicknesses seems to be infinitely better than what is being offered at present.


  36. William Jacobs

    To Sue Gray thank you from the bottom of my heart for I now know most of my family have taken a experimental vaccine and are part of the world wide GENOCIDE.
    Could you please post something so we can contribute money to you and your fight against this vaccine Pandemic.


  37. It’s good of Dr. Sue Grey to publish her findings of the Covid19 vaccines, it is a lengthy explanation but it will be Greek to many a reader. I am neither a vaccine supporter or an anti vaxxer, but coming from Malaysia I have seen the devastation of the Covid19 pandemic. Our country is experiencing a surge in the Covid19 infections due to half baked lockdowns and we are devastated by the following:
    1) daily infections are by the thousands
    2) death rates are close to a hundred
    3) hospitals, doctors, nurses are overworked and overwhelmed
    4) ICU wards are fully occupied
    5) mortuaries are full with bodies at make shift mortuaries
    6) the economy is heading southwards
    7) jobs are being lost, self employed are finding hard to make ends meet
    8) some are finding difficulty in putting food on the table and depending on food handouts
    9) many are suffering from mental exhaustion
    10) we are at a half baked lock down without a clear direction.
    For your party to post the evaluation of Covid19 vaccines is easy, for you all are do lucky to have a Govt who made a decisive move to eradicate the Covid19 pandemic, be thankful but your posting is hampering with the efforts of other countries with their vaccination programs. To know more about the situation of others I suggest you visit or read extensively the problems face by others. For me in cases like my country and countries like India, Brazil, Venezuela, south African countries, middle east etc etc they have no choice but to depend on Vaccination because if the Covid19 pandemic is not checked they will be devastated. We are thankful for your good intentions but without proposing a solution counter to vaccination you are actually putting fuel into fire. I pray that you will have Godly wisdom in sharing your knowledge but always try to provide a way out in your suggestions.


  38. Complete bullshit or rather suegreybullshit!


  39. Hi Terry can you send us a link to Murphy and Lambie please?


  40. I have taken the courtesy to quote Sue’s letter in my complaint and exposed the further rot/scamming in Australia.
    Despite the FACTS we still have politicians and health officials peddling misinformation, deception, etc. Well, they are put on NOTICE.

    This document can be downloaded from:


  41. HELLO I am Terry ive researched every ingredient and what it causes both AstraZenica and pfizer,there has been 11000 adverse effects and 2000 deaths from the vaccines reported to the TGA

    My reference is Senator Murthy having his head bittern of about the cover up by Senator Lambie in parliamentry enquiry into the rollout behind closed doors hear in Australia.

    As the money spent and furthering their careers the politicians,but infact causing negligence.
    Senator Lambie makes a squealing yell at Senator Murthy saying that the government got a indemnity and people will not be getting compensated in the courts that the people are stuffed.
    Sen Murths response is Ide rather you not tell them that.
    Feel free to call me or email me at or phone terry 0413508552 in country Victoria.


  42. Hi Sue Grey, u hit the bull’s eye. After many months of reading in the social media. I realised the mainstream media r not telling the facts anymore.

    Dr. Anthony Fauci has been colluded with Bill Gates (Microsoft’s founder) to depopulated the human race. They do not HV conscience & ethics. They r playing God now..

    They r planning for vaccinenating international travel visas. I knew something was fishing…

    The few ultra rich & friends (creme De la crème) r transforming themselve into the monster n evil beings.

    From: Loke wai how , retired young bizman


  43. We don’t like any vaccines especially after 12 months of research our journos have done with medical experts around the globe. Did you know nearly all our blackfella mates from the Torres Strait (between Queensland and PNG- most southerners have never heard of it) have been jabbed with gene therapy mRNA and their life expectancy has now gone from 48 to 24 years. How long do you expect to live after the same treatment? Editor


  44. My health in my business. I reject any proposition that Government has any right to tell me what to do with my body. We have to stop this creeping dependence on “Big Govt”. I want them OUT of my life – all they do is cause harm

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  45. Thank God for courageous individuals like Sue Grey! These half-baked political “pundits” are authoritarian tyrants who are willing slaves of Big Pharma and Big Tech. This madness MUST be confronted before it devours us all. Praying that lawyers will rise up in every country tyrranised by these bureaucrats and Nuremberg trials will take place NOW!

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  46. Are you telling me, in NZ babies don’t need to take ANY vaccines at all? If you show so much hate toward the covid19 vaccines, then STOP allowing any other vaccines to be used in your country. ALL VACCINES carry risks. Just like all medicines carry risks. Any kind of food you eat or products you apply carry risks. Not sure why people are coming up with so much bs about covid or covid vaccines when there are millions dead from this disease. So the next time any of you get into accidents try to avoid tetanus jabs at the hospital cos you don’t need it too. Shameful how there are even racist comments here.


  47. ..government duties to its citizen is accuracy of information and protecting its citizens livelihood and Heath care. By your implication about the vaccine producing SProtien being a toxin and harmful to our body, doesn’t our Singapore medical high standards of good health care system know about this? Everyday our health ministry is pushing out nationwide TV and billboards messages to get us all vaccinated with Pilfer jab! Is our government here hiding something that is so insidious that money can buy..please post this question officially to our news channel CNA for response..I was almost ready to get the jab but now holding back till WHO come out clean or has been already..


  48. Julie Andrews

    Thank you for the courage to speak this request on behalf of the NZ community. I wholeheartedly agree with you, Julie Andrews


  49. Coincidental I published a;lso on 8 June 2021 the following:

    Those who seek to deny opposing views to be published often have an intention to cover up any wrongdoing by vilifying someone who seeks to correct the records. Be aware always check for opposing views to be able to make an “INFORMED” decision.

    This document can be downloaded from:


  50. The silence of the legal profession has been deafening in Australia except for Serene Teffaha who had her practising licence suspended and bank accounts frozen without due process.


  51. Great work – but they won’t listen as they have an agenda (2030). Ardern is another puppet criminal..


  52. All about the depopulation vaccinations-Jew world order and making money out of killing people!same as WW1 and WW2! In this case it’s a bio weapon on the masses!its not rocket science folks


  53. Thanks Oz we are still at it. If we can stop just one victim from getting a jab then we have saved a life. ED

    Liked by 1 person

  54. Ed. Thanks for posting this.

    What an exceptionally brave woman – and a Lawyer AND a Microbiologist.
    Hopefully she isn’t ‘struck off’ for stating FACTS.

    One wonders if Ardern even cares what she is allowing to happen, after all, this appears to be this good lady’s 2nd open letter.

    I’ve often wondered how much $$ big Pharma is paying these miscreant government ‘officials’ who are following the WW UN/WHO/Fauchi fraud narrative.

    Keep up the good work, as it’s much appreciated and heart warming to hear of yet another brave soul who is willing to step up to the plate.

    Cheers. Cal aka ozbattler


  55. crisscross767

    They are injecting us with toxins (virus’)

    What is a virus? etymology

    virus (n.)
    late 14c., “poisonous substance” (a sense now archaic), from Latin virus “poison, sap of plants, slimy liquid, a potent juice,” from Proto-Italic *weis-o-(s-) “poison,” which is probably from a PIE root *ueis-, perhaps originally meaning “to melt away, to flow,” used of foul or malodorous fluids, but with specialization in some languages to “poisonous fluid” (source also of Sanskrit visam “venom, poison,” visah “poisonous;” Avestan vish- “poison;” Latin viscum “sticky substance, birdlime;” Greek ios “poison,” ixos “mistletoe, birdlime;” Old Church Slavonic višnja “cherry;” Old Irish fi “poison;” Welsh gwy “poison”).

    The meaning “agent that causes infectious disease” emerged by 1790s gradually out of the earlier use in reference to venereal disease (by 1728); the modern scientific use dates to the 1880s. The computer sense is from 1972.

    VIRUS (among Physicians) a kind of watery stinking Matter, which issues out of Ulcers, being endued with eating and malignant Qualities. [Bailey’s dictionary, 1770]



    “…….Dr. Thomas Cowan, MD, and author of several excellent alternative medicine books, speaking at the ‘Human Health and Rights’ summit in Tucson, Arizona, March 12, 2020, relates that the famous 19th century philosopher, Rudolph Steiner, when asked about the cause of the Spanish Flu, responded with, “Viruses are simply excretions of a toxic cell.” Cowan expounds with:

    “Viruses are pieces of DNA or RNA with a few other proteins. They bug-out from the cell. They happen when the cell is poisoned. They are not the cause of anything. And the first way I would encourage you to think about this is if you were a famous dolphin doctor and you’ve been studying dolphins in the Artic Circle for hundreds of years, or at least a long time, and they call you up saying, ‘Fred, all the dolphins, or a lot of the dolphins are dying in the Arctic Circle, can you come and investigate?’ And you have one question to ask, how many of you would say ‘I want to investigate the dolphin to see the genetic makeup of that dolphin’? Nobody. Because that is stupid. How many of you would say ‘I want to see if this dolphin and that dolphin has a virus because it might be contagious and that’s why all these dolphins are getting sick.’? How many of you would say, ‘somebody put some shit in the water’… like Exxon Valdez? Anybody? Everybody. Because that’s what happened. And the cells get poisoned, they try to purify themselves by excreting debris, which we call ‘viruses.’ … I had a dramatic example of this when I was growing up. Right outside our house there was a wetlands and it was full of frogs and the frogs kept me up at night and in the spring they made a big racket, and over time the frogs were all gone. How many think the frogs had a genetic disease? How many think the frogs had a virus? How many think somebody put DDT into the water? That’s what happened. (DDT in the water) Diseases are poisonings. So what happened in 1918 (with the Spanish Flu)? With every pandemic in the last 150 years there was a huge, quantum leap in the electrification of the earth. In 1918 there was the introduction of radio waves around the world. Whenever you expose any biological system to a new electromagnetic field, you poison it, you kill some and the rest go into a kind of suspended animation, so interestingly they live a little bit longer and sicker.”………….

    [QLD] More wastewater samples test positive to COVID-19

    My comment: So what! People are merely excreting toxins from a poisoned cell –

    25 January 2020

    Fragments of COVID-19 have been detected in sewage at seven more sites in Queensland.

    Queensland Chief Health Officer Dr Jeannette Young said viral fragments of SARS-CoV-2 had been detected at wastewater treatment plants at Caboolture South, Oxley Creek, Bundamba, Gibson Island, Luggage Point, Maryborough and Pulgul (Hervey Bay).

    “While this does not mean we have new cases of COVID-19 in these communities, we are treating these detections seriously,” Dr Young said.

    “A positive sewage result means that someone who has been infected was shedding the virus. Infected people can shed viral fragments and that shedding can happen for several weeks after the person is no longer infectious………………..”

    – PCR is not a test, it is a technique to amplify very small amounts of DNA to provide enough material to allow analysis of the minute DNA sample to be undertaken.

    As an example, think ‘Jurassic Park’ – you have a very small sample of Dinosaur DNA but not enough to grow your T-Rex, so you pass the small sample through numerous PCR cycles until you have ‘grown’ enough DNA to analyse and build that T-Rex.

    The charlatans (AKA Experts) are growing very small samples of C-Flu DNA and then stating that because they now have a manufactured large amount of C-Flu DNA (because of the high cycles, >40, used) a person is infected. This is wrong, wrong, wrong and not scientific at all.

    Kary Mullis – The Full Interview with Gary Null


  56. Great news. Hopefully they don’t remove her licence and try to silence her.

    Liked by 2 people

  57. Arden just another Jew

    Liked by 3 people

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