Look out if you live more than 100 klms from a major city because Labor Opposition Leader Anthony Albanese is coming after your petrol cars and diesel trucks.

Albo wants to follow the Green’s dream of doing away with power stations installing gigantic batteries around the country to charge up electric cars that usually have a range of about 200 klms.

Albo and the Green mafia want the country to run on 400 batteries sited around large cities

Comrades of the Queensland Labor Party are in lockstep with Albanese and will endorse this de-mechanisation of industry and farming in a split second in their pursuit of UN styled, socialist-Marxist ideology.

The stupidity of the ALP when it comes to the nonsense of climate change or global warming or whatever the tag is for this month is breathtaking.

Fruitloop Labor and the Gaia Greens are determined to shut down large and small business in Australia and in company with looming vaccination passports simultaneously remove all firearms. It will take about three years to bring the sheeples under total control at its present rate and there is no fair method for their removal.

Queensland, NSW and Western Australia have already consigned their electoral systems to the part-Chinese owned Scytl the Spanish voting company caught up in US vote fraud allegations last November, that manages elections for WA, Queensland and NSW and has a bad record in election security.

One has to fear for the country when we see how many dumbed down Aussies are running around with dangerous masks splattered across their faces.

Cairnsnews can find only one good aspect of the deadly masks and that is to confuse the myriad surveillance cameras installed in most public places with the blessing of the Liberal National Party.

Main stream media such as the ABC and News Ltd should be shut down. Although we should report the burgeoning number of readers’ comments about many ABC viewers and listeners that are turning off Pravda broadcasts.

This week the Queensland Labor Party in concert with Rupert Murdoch, although most unlikely stablemates, announced plans to even further admonish new regional newspapers by withdrawing government advertisements and Murdoch restricting circulation of eight News Ltd mastheads outside of major cities.

Rupert figures it’s much easier to condition large numbers of people with his major city dailies in the cities than try to coerce sparsely settled country areas, so he has withdrawn country circulation of his newspapers.

Not that a lot of rural people would miss them because News Ltd’s propensity for publishing fake news has not gone unnoticed.

Queensland Labor Treasurer Cameron Dick said he is about to channel most government advertising onto the internet and not support the host of new regional tabloids that sprang up after Murdoch closed down all his regional newspapers.

Deserting regional business is nothing new for the socialist Labor Party or for the LNP, it’s just a question of who would do it faster.