Congo doctor and Nobel laureate quits Covid team over false death records

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  1. for many years as far as I can remember the world ( Communist influence) has tried to remove
    Family and God and Christ the Lord out of the equation.

    Communists / Islam/ Feminists .have been allowed to destroy our Christian Fabric of life.
    Now when we all face extinction…….God seems to be coming back !
    Thank you Ed for publishing this……… its inspirational !!!!


  2. Good on him! And as his good book states: – As you have done unto one of My children, so have you done unto Me.
    What sort of hypocrite is Scummo? I’d love to be able to ask him..


  3. Dear Ed, at least two sources say this is inaccurate – he quit because the testing etc wasn’t stringent. I’m chief admin of a FB conservative page and find these days I have to double check anything that looks as good as this in case it’s a trap.
    If you have another address I could in future respond there. V


  4. Fact check is saying this is false. That he did not say that was the reason he resigned. Can you confirm ? Regards Lorraine Phillips

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  5. Definitely a man of honour, in the true sense.


  6. Well we won’t see this on the news..


  7. A quick scan has the reporting as follows :

    Is the image true? How do we find out? I mean I don’t doubt it..We have see the evidence in other countries..


  8. Given the environment Dr Mukwege lives in and the words exposing the medical hoax, it is no surprise to see the long list of articles on the internet denying he said such words.


    Denis Mukwege was born on 1 March 1955 in what is today the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). He studied medicine in Burundi and started practicing at the Christian Hospital at Lemera in South Kivu in the Eastern DRC. Shocked by the appalling difficulties of Congolese women in childbirth, he decided to specialise in obstetrics and gynaecology. After completing his studies in France, he returned to South Kivu in 1989. ………………….

    This Doctor Is Helping Congo’s Thousands of Rape Survivors Denis Mukwege has treated more than 40,000 women, despite death threats and attempts on his life.

    Denis Mukwege, founder of and medical director at Panzi Hospital, attends a celebration on the hospital campus with survivors and patients. (Photo: Torleif Svensson/Getty Images)


  9. We don’t take notice of any dodgy sites like fact check. These are run by the enemy.Editor


  10. We did some other research on this Christian doc and he came up looking good.Thanks Ed


  11. The takepart link comes up 404. Ed


  12. Ed, I have no problem, though sometimes it comes up with a forward slash at the end and other times not.


  13. WOW! A true Christian! satan will now go all-out to try to disgrace him or bring him down!
    I hope he is strong; and I believe that he is!


  14. Mr G. H Schorel-Hlavka O.W.B.

    Are the about 800 mysterious cases in Victoria of COVID-19 really so mysterious or just the product of gross incompetence in dealing with the issues at hand?

    This document can be downloaded from:


  15. They are quick – what was it?


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