Commonwealth Constitution forbids any form of compulsory vaccination

Here is the weapon to use against the medical mafia

Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act

(The Constitution)

51  Legislative powers of the Parliament

(xxiiiA)  the provision of maternity allowances, widows’ pensions, child endowment, unemployment, pharmaceutical, sickness and hospital benefits, medical and dental services (but not so as to authorize any form of civil conscription), benefits to students and family allowances;

The LNP/ALP duopoly know they can’t forcibly vaccinate the population (any form of civil conscription) so they dangle carrots and withdraw Commonwealth benefits, (some of them are mentioned above), if vaccination is refused.

Take the nursing home nonsense being pushed by Chief Medical Officers requiring visitors to aged care facilities to have taken the toxic, ineffective and dangerous flu shot. No shot, no entry. As we have reported the flu season only starts when Big Pharma starts marketing millions of flu vials for dopey doctors to infect the population.


Readers have suggested a fighting force be started to take on Big Pharma and a group can be started when a leader steps forward to spearhead a class action against mass medication using Section 51 as a defence.  Section 51 states unequivocally that  “… any form of civil conscription” is not lawful.

There are several large no win, no pay law firms who should jump at this one. Certainly some NRL footballers have been doing a great job exposing the danger of dirty flu vaccines by refusing the toxic injection.

Aggrieved nursing home visitors and those who want to place their kids in educational facilities but are prevented enrollment unless they subject their poor kids to a dozen dangerous injections, would have incentive to start litigation. There are others who have been hung out to dry over opposition to forced vaccinations and looking to stymie Big Pharma’s multi-billion dollar vaccine depopulation programs.

If we could roll enough of them together a snowball effect would begin. Furthermore there are enough senior doctors and authoritative medical researchers coming out of the woodwork exposing the Coronahoax who could provide all the evidence needed to overthrow the criminal pharmaceutical industry and their bribed political stooges.

Urgent action is needed now before PM Scott Morrison gets his hands on Bill Gates’ witch’s cauldron of toxic ingredients waiting to be forcibly stuck into the bloodstreams of innocent people.

This pre-planned, societal shutdown experiment is entering its exit stages carefully managed and documented by the so-called National Cabinet of State Premiers and the Prime Minister.

This is round one, conducted to gauge public reaction by removing people’s rights, then benevolently returning them one by one thus conditioning suburbia to accept the upcoming, harsher round two.

The most disturbing aspect of the economic decimation, food deprivation, home imprisonment, job losses, military checkpoints and swift para-military police intervention is that it is being overseen by Chief Medical Officers. What happened to our political representatives?  It seems they have been hiding under rocks since the contrived epidemic began.

Are there any class action starters?

Toxic Tamiflu and Relenza injections were rejected by the AMA six years ago but variations are still in use.

( FluQuadri, Vaxigrip Tetra, Fluarix Tetra, Afluria Quad, Influvac Tetra)



About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. response to Terry regarding the wording “any form of civil conscription…”
    it explains here Section 51 of our constitution 1901


  2. Mr G. H Schorel-Hlavka O.W.B.

    We all are entitled to our religious or non religious views but generally if you seek to argue this in court they likely perceive you to be some wako. It is better therefore to stick to legal arguments itself.
    Our constitution in my view is a Bill of Rights and Magda Charta in itself and when you understand and comprehend this then you unlikely have to argue any religious doctrine.
    I for months have prepared for a battle with the police and well on Monday the police claimed I was trespassing on private property (I was shopping at Coles) because I was not wearing a mask. Don’t worry he did see the medical exemption but didn’t understand this was applicable. I actually didn’t need to produce it. Anyhow, I explained to him he could issue me with a summons if that is what he wanted and I have been prepared for months to present my case in court.
    That is how I view is the best way to take on the police, the government and any dictators.
    I did it in the past very successfully and so actually look forwards to do it again.


  3. We are living in the end times as Jesus Christ taught the world was coming.
    As he said “the truth shall set us free” and “Love conquers all things”
    God’s spirit, the spirit of Christ is Love and truth as he demonstrated for us all to learn.
    We all need to call upon the Common Law of Love as taught in the Bible.”Carter’s Criminal
    Law of Queensland” fourth edition is largely in conformity to the true Common Law, but our Parliaments, political parties and authorities refuse to perform their lawful duty.

    Forced vaccinations are certainly unlawful and any one engaged in contaminated vaccinations or promoting vaccinations is acting unlawfully.

    Everyone who has a spirit of Love and Truth can use the Common Law

    This video will hopefully open the eyes and ears of many people


  4. Mr G. H Schorel-Hlavka O.W.B.

    I wasn’t in Australia when this part of the constitution was approved as a referendum to amend the constitution, however understand that the medical profession pursue to have this part “(but not so as to authorize any form of civil conscription),” inserted as to prevent them being forced to act against their will to provide certain services. One has to consider the original version of the constitution and what the amendment was about. If indeed this was insisted upon by the medical profession to prevent them being conscripted then it may not at all mean it denied forced immunization. This would have to be considered as to what the Framers of the Constitution stated in our “Bill of Rights” which our constitution actually is!

    HANSARD 17-3-1898 Constitution Convention Debates (Official Record of the Debates of the National Australasian Convention)
    What a charter of liberty is embraced within this Bill-of political liberty and religious liberty-the liberty and the means to achieve all to which men in these days can reasonably aspire. A charter of liberty is enshrined in this Constitution, which is also a charter of peace-of peace, order, and good government for the whole of the peoples whom it will embrace and unite.
    HANSARD 17-3-1898 Constitution Convention Debates
    Mr. SYMON (South Australia).- We who are assembled in this Convention are about to commit to the people of Australia a new charter of union and liberty; we are about to commit this new Magna Charta for their acceptance and confirmation, and I can conceive of nothing of greater magnitude in the whole history of the peoples of the world than this question upon which we are about to invite the peoples of Australia to vote. The Great Charter was wrung by the barons of England from a reluctant king. This new charter is to be given by the people of Australia to themselves.

    HANSARD 17-3-1898 Constitution Convention Debates
    Mr. BARTON.- Of course it will be argued that this Constitution will have been made by the Parliament of the United Kingdom. That will be true in one sense, but not true in effect, because the provisions of this Constitution, the principles which it embodies, and the details of enactment by which those principles are enforced, will all have been the work of Australians.

    The following will also make clear that the Framers of the Constitution intended to have CIVIL RIGHTS and LIBERTIES principles embedded in the Constitution;
    HANSARD 17-3-1898 Constitution Convention Debates (Official Record of the Debates of the National Australasian Convention)
    the protection of certain fundamental rights and liberties which every individual citizen is entitled to
    claim that the federal government shall take under its protection and secure to him.

    Hansard 1-3-1898 Constitution Convention Debates
    Mr. HIGGINS.-Suppose the sentry is asleep, or is in the swim with the other power?

    Mr. GORDON.-There will be more than one sentry. In the case of a federal law, every member of a state Parliament will be a sentry, and, every constituent of a state Parliament will be a sentry.
    As regards a law passed by a state, every man in the Federal Parliament will be a sentry, and the whole constituency behind the Federal Parliament will be a sentry.
    There is a lot more to it all but you may get some idea.

    I see absolutely no issue with a person who is medically established to suffer of some infectious disease to be ordered by a court (not some doctor or politician) to under go treatment which may involved a vaccination of sort specifically addressing the infectious disease. However, I do not accept that some politician and not even a Parliament can make it mandatory that healthy persons are vaccinated. Neither do I accept that the so called carrot to force immunization is constitutionally permissible, this as it goes against the grain of the legal principles embedded in the constitution.
    Neither do I view some so to say communist dictator can unilaterally order any curfew as it would have to be approved by the court and first the court must hear each and every person intended to be subjected to such order. We, the people own the constitution!

    HANSARD 17-3-1898 Constitution Convention Debates
    Mr. BARTON.- We can have every faith in the constitution of that tribunal. It is appointed as the arbiter of the Constitution. . It is appointed not to be above the Constitution, for no citizen is above it, but under it; but it is appointed for the purpose of saying that those who are the instruments of the Constitution-the Government and the Parliament of the day-shall not become the masters of those whom, as to the Constitution, they are bound to serve. What I mean is this: That if you, after making a Constitution of this kind, enable any Government or any Parliament to twist or infringe its provisions, then by slow degrees you may have that Constitution-if not altered in terms-so whittled away in operation that the guarantees of freedom which it gives your people will not be maintained; and so, in the highest sense, the court you are creating here, which is to be the final interpreter of that Constitution, will be such a tribunal as will preserve the popular liberty in all these regards, and will prevent, under any pretext of constitutional action, the Commonwealth from dominating the states, or the states from usurping the sphere of the Commonwealth.

    I for one will not be intimidated by some as I view it communist dictator. I stand for my constitutional rights as I did in AEC v Schorel-Hlavka on 19 July 2006 when I comprehensively defeated all the Attorney-Generals on constitutional grounds that the “compulsory” part of voting was unconstitutional.
    Anyone who desires to stand up for his/her rights better make sure to have the correct basis from which to argue.


  5. Natasha Lammers

    They use scare tactics.. media fed bullshit.

    Even after proven for most this covid is just a common cold.

    Vaccine should never be forced upon anyone especially a vaccine that hasn’t undergone atleast multiple rounds of testing.

    A proven vaccine takes years to develop not 6-18 months.

    I find it interesting how there seem to be no cases diagnosed of the common cold or flu by doctors at this present moment.

    How much are these so called professionals getting paid to bluff people to believe there normal cold or flu is covid.

    Oh and by the way to change the constitution and the constitutional rights there has to be a published referendum.

    So don’t give up guys.


  6. Lorraine McDonald

    Where are those who are already Awake? We need you. Please leave comments here for the rest of us, so we feel more confident in speaking out. Those of us who have been following closely though YT Channels, and other journalist websites, the US CITIZEN JOURNALISTS, aka Digital Warriors, the alternative media, trying to help the public keep up with the (now) daily truths that are coming to light as more and more people take on the task of investigating what Attorney General Barr uncovers for them to sift through, take it all onboard and try to sort fact from fiction. You need to dig and dig to get at the real true facts, because main stream media are so full of misinformation and twisting of half truths so that they are believable fiction, until and unless you have more information in your files. They are calling it “Down The Rabbit Hole” and you can go very, very deep into the lair of the Luciferians. So make sure you have God or The Creator or whatever higher being you look to, holding your hand as you enter, because I can assure you that the hole is deep. Much deeper than just the Vaccination Story, and those behind it. Prayer and meditation are a huge part of how we need to begin. I never expected to return to “The Church” and I won’t as it has been corrupted for so long, little of what was originally given to us in the Bible is of value. But for me to suddenly realise I could not continue without some kind of light in my soul was a revelation in itself. Now, as I dig, I feel a lot safer finding all the horrific and terrible things that have been hidden from us for centuries, simply by knowing there is a higher being watching over me. This is a story of science fiction become fact, and it is incredible to be living through it and hopefully helping in some small way in the fight against the collosal demonising of mankind. Fighting off the poisoned vaccinations is where most of us can make a start. People need to get informed and reading up on Robert Kennedy’s site is a good starting place. He is not an anti-vaccer, as he will tell you, but he has done serious research through scientists and doctors, and the information he disperses can blow your mind. Also I’d like to take the opportunity to let people know that President Trump and the Trump government are not the same thing or even on the same side in this war. Because War is what this is. MSM (main stream media, owned and run by the Luciferians) destroys any credibility that Trump has to a point where the public outside of the US are generally of the opinion that he is a lunatic in charge of the asylum. This is absolutely not the case and when you start to look for yourselves, you will see how MSM use half truths and twist them out of context to the point of believability. People should remember seeing the Trump series on TV a few years ago. How could that man who could run a business to such a high degree and hire and fire those attempting to find a place in his business with such alacrity not be the same man that got elected by the American people to be their President??? Please, start digging for yourselves and find some facts. Our Editor here has supplied you with places to dig. So dig. Australians need to wake up before they find themselves overtaken by those who intend to enslave us and the world. Australia is a good place for them to begin, as we are such gullible people. Look at what is happening in Hong Kong today. Do you want that for our country? I can assure you it is coming. Our own governments hid from us the fact that Darwin was bombed in WW2. We were finally given the information after Freedom of Information Laws came into effect in the 80’s/90’s. Never forget that, or that we had no idea that our Aboriginal people were destroyed by stealing their children, locking them into institutions where they were abused and enslaved. Look at that fact, and equate it with what will happen to you and yours if the Luciferians win this war. All that stands between you and them is TRUMP AND HIS WHITE HELMETS, MILITARY GIANTS WE NEED TO BE GRATEFUL TO. AND THE GALACTIC FEDERATION OF LIGHT. Look to Q. WWG1WGA. (Apologies to the Editor for taking over the page to have my rant).


  7. could this be …”Selective Ethnic Cleansing”….. World Wide?

    EG Ethnic ” Minority’s”…. in EU…..UK….USA ( illegals) given Covid thats GM
    …………Others EG water?

    You know >>> the FINAL SOLUTION?……..

    And Org like >> ANTIFA. be given TRACKING ….for Drone’s
    Did Trump anticipate the world Riot’s?

    lots of Qs


  8. Well said Maureen we are trying to wake up the sheeples. Until they take a determined physical stance we will be doomed like the rest.Editor


  9. Serene Teffaha has started a class action, but at this stage, only against quarantine & forced vaccinations for health workers or visitors to aged care facilities. Still it’s a start & is on top of treason charges against MP’s both here & through the UK High Court. The govt & the system have to go (preferably to jail), Every politician since, at least Whitlam, is & was guilty of treason, & sedition. Just wish more of the sheeple would wake up more quickly. THEY know THEY’RE in danger now & that’s why THEY’VE ramped up the Agenda. We must fight harder, there’s not much time left !


  10. .17.5.2020 Serene Teffaha, lawyer has started class action, looking for complainants, against quarantine & mandatory vaccs. Ph. 0425-754-299.


  11. Keep digging!!!


  12. That doctors are hypocritical, they push this dangerous vaccination agenda on the people, for what kick backs from big phama.
    We all know, or I should say a lot of us know what ingredients are in vaccines, mercury, aluminum, formaldehyde etc etc.
    Doctors take an oath….. To do no harm.


  13. Hi Terry another bloody typo. Our sub-editors haven been paid in eight years so they deserted to join the ranks of the Coronavirus economic casualties.
    Thanks, Ed


  14. Terry Shulze

    I never liked the Australian Constitution as it leaves out individual rights. I’d be more likely to find an issue under Common Law. Perhaps something like a ‘rational basis’ for the legislation.


  15. Terry Shulze

    I haven’t been a barrister since 2007 and am glad to see my career in the rear view mirror. As far as what the Constitution says, it says “any form of civil conscription” it does NOT say SUBSCRIPTION. Whoever wrote that article needs new glasses or to work on their reading comprehension.


  16. Hi Terry would you like to run a case as mentioned in this article? Regards Ed


  17. Hi Larry, the local blackfellas have started to revolt here. They are sick of being locked up in their communities. We sympathize with them. Their lot is hard enough without being locked in a yard like sheep. Enormous pressure is being placed on all governments and the first exit stage has started. Unfortunately we too are filled up with sheeples just like you have explained in the US.Regards from the Land of Oz. Ed


  18. Terry Shulze

    If you get a flu shot you are more likely to get Covid-19. A 36% increase in susceptibility is quite a lot.


  19. You are quite correct that this phony health crisis is a scam to gauge how obedient the masses will be. Here in the US it is truly pathetic. We are heading into an economic Depression over a strain of the flu! The contagious psychosis is the real threat to our health and our remaining freedoms. Civil disobedience is needed.


  20. could they just change the Constitution?


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