Royal Commission needed for missing age pension contributions

Letter to the Editor

Royal Commission required for age pension funds

Aged Pension Deception

Are you an aged person aged 65 or more and applied for an aged pension, when you have been industrious for many years and accumulated capital losses as contained in a family trust?

Have you then been told the following; Under the social security act, you are not able to receive a age care pension because you have been honest and declared the accumulated losses in the family trust which are now deemed to earn at an interest (usually 4%) a certain income (of money that does not exist and can not be spent). A typical scenario is an accumulated capital losses of say $750,000 then at 4% interest there is deemed to exist a mythical income of $30,000 per annum. Therefore this income prevents you from receiving an aged pension. Have you then been told that if you write out these accumulated capital losses, these losses are deemed to still earn this mythical income for 5 years. Maybe if you do this and re-apply after a further 5 years, you may be eligible for the Aged Pension.

Have you then been told that should you make any further objections, the social security officer would report this undeclared income to the taxation department and they would pursue the unpaid taxation, send you bankrupt, take your house from you and give you an imprisonment sentence for conspiring to defraud the Commonwealth of Tax Revenue. This scenario was established by the Hawk – Keating Government as a typical piece of Marxist legislation to cheat citizens out aged care pensions.

Comment… the aged pension was instituted in 1948 via a levy of 7.5% of personal income tax paid so at the age of 65 years, the aged pension was already paid for and actually owned by the Pensioner. These funds were kept sacred by all Federal Governments until Hawke and Keating 1980s and it is believed that this Government declassified these funds and transferred them to general social security and spent it all, subsequently inventing worker based superannuation to compensate. Should this be Correct, then it is not correct to assume that aged pensions are paid for by the Tax Payers as these pensions have already been paid for by the recipients. This scenario is worthy of a Royal Commission Surely?

From a WA pensioner

About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. Victor Sturgeon

    The aged Pension Fund was set up in 1946 and all workers from that time had to pay an extra 7.5% payroll tax to allow this fund to accumulate money for all pensioners who retired from then on, I believe it was Menzies who actually saw how much money was in it and he stole it by placing it into General Revenue even though when it was set up no government was allowed to borrow it steal it for other things or touch it in any way, as time went on the governments constituted to steal this money for other purposes and even some of it was used on building the political parties house of parliament in Canberra. it is believe that today if this fund had not been stolen there would have been trillions of Dollars in it and each pensioner would now be entitled to $600.00 per week, not $600.00 per fortnight like it is now. the part that makes me very angry and should make all workers very angry is the fact that the 7.5% extra payroll tax to fund this pension fund is still being taken as this tax has never been rescinded.ARE YOU ALL GETTING MAD NOW are you going to all join with us to kick these criminals out of the Parliaments and put them behind bars for the rest of their lives. they are the real criminals in this country, time to take a stand folks, we are being made into Slaves by those who are supposed to govern for us and not over us. they are all communistic dictators. wake up people time is getting short to stop this fraud, theft, and treason.


  2. Good story.  Thanks for running it in

    The Centrelink Department is arrogant and unaccountable, with no Minister from either side of politics having the skill or the courage to take leadership over the bureaucracy.

    There is a huge problem in that the Social Security Act 1991 is the only bit of legislation that I know of that contains no section with the heading “OBJECTS” – apparently the lawyers who write legislation cannot spell the word “Objectives” and so they call their sections “Objects”.

    During my 50-yr career I have worked with about 20 bits of legislation (e.g. air pollution control, road safety, coal mining, Occ Health and Safety etc) and _ALL of them contained an “Objects” section_

    i.e. all of those bits of legislation laid out what it was intended that the legislation should achieve – see for example that there is a section “Objects” at .

    It is significant that _*the Social Security Act 1991 contains no such section!*_ — have a look and see for yourself at or look in the attached word doc, with extracts which I cut and pasted from the Water Act.

    Therefore, because Centrelink’s legislation contains NO section entitled OBJECTS, then nobody can accurately know what it is intended to achieve!

    What you think that Centrelink and the Social Security Act 1991 should achieve could differ greatly from what the Minister or the bureaucrats think that they should achieve!!

    Do you remember Alice in Wonderland saying, “/If you don’t know where you are going, then any road will get you there!/”

    Similarly, if you don’t know what the objectives of the legislation are, then don’t be surprised when it achieves odd outcomes!  And ‘who cares?’

    PS — ON A DIFFERENT SUBJECT re the Water Act enshrining the worship of the environment above people:-

    PS note the words “/subject to/” in section 3 (d) (iii) of

    those words and that structure prove that THE ENVIRONMENT has been placed SUPREME over the economy and people by this Water Act 2007, a creature of Mal Turnbuill when he was Water Minister in the Howard Govt.  I think that PM Howard and other coalition MPs may not have understood that the Water Act 2007 gave, and still gives, the ENVIRONMENT supremacy over people and the economy, and my opinion is confirmed by barrister in the attached letter.


  3. Who runs a royal commission in this country? NOT QUEEN ELIZABETH 2ND, HEIR AND SUCCESSOR OF QUEEN VICTORIA rather the fictitious queen elizabeth 2nd queen of australia (to whom ScoMo swore aliegence [high treason]).
    So, do you think for an instant that the treasonous “Australian Government” would allow the outcome to prove that there is enough money in that fund to pay EVERY pensioner the average wage? I also believe in “The Wizard of Oz”


  4. Grumpy-old-woman

    Do some research, look up the original legislation, the pension fund was a bipartisan policy. How could Menzies “steal” it when he helped bring it in. He has been vilified by the left. I bet you don’t know about the Commonwealth Scholarships he instituted that were available to those bright enough to attend uni. Now every retard can attend uni even if they are only fit to sweep the floor.
    I, to my shame was a Labor voter, but now know how they have betrayed their constituents


  5. Grumpy-old-woman

    Of course the environment has been placed Supreme! That was the purpose of agenda 21, now called 2030 and rebadged as Sustainable Development.
    When Australia signed up, the agreement required that it be incorporated into all legislation. They did this by creating the National Strategy for Ecologically Sustainable Development.
    This is why Labor Govt created COAG, Council of Australian Governments. It has its own bureaucracy that can steer the premiers in the direction required by federal government. It’s purpose is to help implement and homogenize laws across Australia, including environmental laws. Leftwing ALGA is an advisory member which was a main driver behind the push for recognition of councils as a third tier of govt. This is a prelude to the restructuring of Australian Government.
    The Commonwealth of States cannot be dissolved. Therefore, with the Republic referendum, a Yes vote, would allow rewriting of the Constitution and dissolution of the States and the creation of Regional Govts. The skeleton framework is already there. These Councils will be working completely to the UNs Sustainable Development program and removing even more of our freedoms.
    Check out “A New Federation: A Cities and Regions Approach by Richard Murray for ANZSOG. There was a Senate committee on the subject too.


  6. Well explained Grumpy. Why don’t you write an article for us about the entire Agenda 21/30 scam which is controlling local government across Australia. This is from where landowners have lost ownership of their land starting with the shredding of original parchment land deeds by the ALP across Australia. Is it any wonder local government wants to be legitimised? You can send it to If we had the resources we could even pay you, but all contributors have for the past eight years been honorary writers. Welcome to the Socialist Republik of Oz. Thanks.Editor


  7. Centrelink is a foreign corporation with a Head Office in 1200 Grand Blvd, Kansas City, MO 64106…

    The Secretary in Australia is Renee Leon.

    The legislation and/or assets test must be voluntary as they are unable to validate whether it is a lawful and/or a legal document or not.

    It fails the test of whether it is legal having boxed sections throughout it. Even the signature is in a box, this renders the document as incomplete because pursuant to the application of the four corners rule it has no signature because all the answers are within boxes and therefore not part of the four corners of the document..

    It appears as though they are tricking us into sharing private information so that they can diminish our pension.

    It begs the question are they cutting and pasting this signature into another document to access the Cestui Qui Vie [CQV] trust account? You know, the one that they created at Birth where they consider that you have abandoned your Estate and have taken administrative rights over it believing it to be Probated…

    There is a serious fraud being perpetrated upon the Australian population by a foreign business in charge of a public Trust account with the blessing of Ministers that have a sworn oath pursuant to section 44(i) to not engage in and/or be subservient to a foreign power. They are sworn to protect our Estates are they not… So why is this not common knowledge and why are they allowing it?

    I have written to Michelle Landry and Malcolm Roberts about this… so far no answers only the sound of crickets…

    As for any Royal Commission, well how on Earth is that even possible? A Royal Commission requires a Royal Writ of Commission and how are they going to get that when considering the landmark case Sue v Hill HCA. Just another farce like the Banking Royal Commission.

    People are slowly waking up. I realized this when visiting Theodore Q’ld where they are fighting to save their Maternity Ward. A bloke said to me that all Pollies are in treason and I dare say, a statement that would be hard to deny…


  8. Well said Sam and correct as far as our investigations go.editor


  9. Romley Stewart explains the fraud, theft of our Dominion,freedom and how these Evil Psychopaths have done it. 10 minutes guys.


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