Chinese to take over the Tip of Cape York

by Jim O’Toole

The bloodless coup by communist China taking over Darwin Port seems set to continue as Chinese nationals move onto the Tip of Cape York Peninsula.

On a second visit to the Tip this week Chinese interests were shown the ruins of Pajinka Resort, nestled on about 700 acres of mostly undeveloped land , by members of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Wymarra tribe.

Local Aboriginal elders and genuine traditional owners for the area are aghast China could buy the three Perpetual Leases should the Department of Natural Resources allow the local government authority which holds the title in trust to be transferred.

A local Islander identity assisting the delegation, has applied to have the Northern Peninsula Area Regional Council transfer the lease into his name, which, according to local Aborigines, would allow it to be on-sold to Chinese interests.

A lease in perpetuity has no expiry date which means it can be held indefinitely.

The potential Chinese buyers have been reported taking photographs of the entire area including the rugged northern coastline sparking great security concerns.

It is believed state and federal authorities too are concerned about the Chinese delegation getting their hands on such a valuable and strategic site.

The Wymarra delegation has been proposing a new resort complete with a Greg Norman-designed golf course within sight of the iconic Tip.


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One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  2. One thing that I don’t think is well appreciated is that the globalists/communists/criminals are using the native peoples as a back door to hiving off land. What they do is support your locals natives – fund them etc so that they can get control – then they buy them off ..Of course they use our ( illegal) councils in a similar way.. It is somewhat ironic how we pay a levy to council so they can buy large tracks of land – and then limit our access.. When the day comes these lands will be completely off limits to us..

  3. Check out the ownership of motels in Australia and you’ll find too many Chinese owned

  4. This must not be allowed to happen! When shall our government realise that China does not have any benevolent intent towards our country……expansion is all that they want…..they shall treat us no better than the Tibetans, the people of the so Called Western Autonomous area or any other territory that they absorb. Now they are mustering to grind the yoke into the heart of Hong Kong.

  5. Cameron Harvey

    How on earth would the local government allow this ?? They cannot be doing that for good trade relations with China it’s more likely filling their own pockets ! Disgusting 😤.

  6. Warren Entch and Cynthia Llew where are you should be jumping up and down big time so these leases aren’t sold especially to overseas buyers

  7. Patricia Smith


  8. Are our leaders competly stupid.
    And can we buy chinese land.
    Say no

  9. The chinese have been buying up lands all over the globe.
    People all over the world should put an end to this if they really care about their nation.
    Do not ever sell your country to a foreigner.

    Do not do business with china.
    they are INVADERS of other cultures, period.
    All they care about is to make their own culture flourish.
    they have no respect for non-chinese whatsoever, and this fact will never change.

    Boycott china already.
    Also DO NOT EAT their food, either.
    If they see you are not one of them, they put nasty stuff and very “special” sauces in your food.
    This is a fact that has been going around for ever.

  10. Keep our beautiful country australian owned

  11. Silent Invasion:China’s Influence in Australia by Clive Hamilton: Here’s a review …In 2008 Clive Hamilton was at Parliament House in Canberra when the Beijing Olympic torch relay passed through. He watched in bewilderment as a small pro-Tibet protest was overrun by thousands of angry Chinese students. Where did they come from? Why were they so aggressive? And what gave them the right to shut down others exercising their democratic right to protest? The authorities did nothing about it, and what he saw stayed with him. In 2016 it was revealed that wealthy Chinese businessmen linked to the Chinese Communist Party had become the largest donors to both major political parties. Hamilton realised something big was happening, and decided to investigate the Chinese government’s influence in Australia. What he found shocked him. From politics to culture, real estate to agriculture, universities to unions, and even in our primary schools, he uncovered compelling evidence of the Chinese Communist Party’s infiltration of Australia. Sophisticated influence operations target Australia’s elites, and parts of the large Chinese-Australian diaspora have been mobilised to buy access to politicians, limit academic freedom, intimidate critics, collect information for Chinese intelligence agencies, and protest in the streets against Australian government policy. It’s no exaggeration to say the Chinese Communist Party and Australian democracy are on a collision course. The CCP is determined to win, while Australia looks the other way. Thoroughly researched and powerfully argued, Silent Invasion is a sobering examination of the mounting threats to democratic freedoms Australians have for too long taken for granted. Yes, China is important to our economic prosperity; but, Hamilton asks, how much is our sovereignty as a nation worth? ‘Anyone keen to understand how China draws other countries into its sphere of influence should start with Silent Invasion. This is an important book for the future of Australia. But tug on the threads of China’s influence networks in Australia and its global network of influence operations starts to unravel. ’ –Professor John Fitzgerald, author of Big White Lie: Chinese Australians in White Australia.

  12. We cannot go to China and buy land so why should we be selling our heritage no way I say

  13. This should not be happening at Cape York. They have enough of our country already. They will destroy a very beautiful part of our country and then hit us from all sides. Getting Darwin Port was the biggest mistake Australian Government made again. Come on Aussie’s keep our country Australian.

  14. Simon F. Burton

    Oh Boy. It seems Australia is starting to get into real mess now. I was in australian army in Puckapunyal in the late 60ies early 70ies. No way would Australian politicians even think of selling Australia to any foreigner. And we had laws under crown. I do not own a gun now, although I have had several through out my life. It looks like in my old age of 82 I just will have to get one again soon to defend Australia again. Not from invaders , but politicians and the man in power who are selling this country off .

  15. It’s time well past but it’s tome to keep things Australian!!

  16. just shows the REAL intent of the so called “traditional owners ” they won’t let Australians onto the land but will sell it to the Chinese for a couple of shiny gold , That would give China control over the entire Northern coast and the Gulf , Say good bye to Weipa , Adani , and everything south to Alice

  17. So the “traditional owners ” who so fervently protect their so called mother earth from everyone who isnt dark skinned are going to GIVE it all to the Chinese for a couple of dollars , just wait and see what they wil do with them , kick them off the land and deny them any use . The COMMUNIST CHINESE government will control the NORTHERN COAST of Australia . Darwin and the Gulf .

  18. All our land should stay Australian owned! No one should be able to sell off Australia!! Very much against this sort of behaviour! Protect our country from foreign ownership!

  19. The sale of the tip of Cape York should not be allowed to go ahead to any Chinese developers as it belongs to local Aboriginal people off this land the first people order local Aboriginal people Australia wide should vote against this from going ahead we can bind together as one

  20. Absolutely not. This would be a tragedy if This happened.

  21. This needs to be stopped. One way of China gaiming more control in the world. They can’t even treat their own people with respect, unless of course they are rich. At this rate Australia will not own any land at all. Money hungry politicians and people who have no scruples. All I can say is heaven help the future generations of Australians as there life is not going to great.

  22. Bloody pollies need to wake up to the slow erosion of all australians let darwin port be leased to any foreign power is disgraceful…leased without notification to us, the general public. There was no political or public debate over this matter AND the federal gov didnt seem concerned. Pollies have sworn to represent us, alas, once elected they swill at our expense n do whats best for them. Bullo!!!!!

  23. At Townsville residents and ratepayers Assoc we are taking in the Chinese development head-on through or FB page and with many other organizations.Time has come for you all to continually post in Public forums and educate the people as to what is happening in your neighborhood.

  24. How can you sell something that doesn’t belong to you.
    Is that Crown Land up there. Owned by the Queen. If so did she not
    Give Allodial title to first Nations People. So they FNP must own this Land,
    And any other Crown Land.

  25. Well said Simon. It is amazing what a few well-heeled Chinese can do to indigenous people by flashing a few silver dollars under their noses.Editor

  26. Larraine Young

    No, this land isn’t for sale and it belongs to the Australian people, not just a group of Aboriginal people that wont fight for it

  27. Brendon Wymarra

    Media and Government Propaganda RUBBISH! Get your facts right!

  28. Yes if you believe every thing you read, your a bigger fool, if you don’t have the true facts, the shut TFU and do your home work before passing judgement, if your not a TO than keep your nose out of it ..

  29. Brendon Wymarra

    You need to educate yourself. Visit our website Cape Crusaders Gudang Yadhaykenu & friends. Government BS!

  30. Richard D Noble

    You whites have no say in the matter of who owns the lands. You certainly do not own it. You murdered the true owners and stole the lands off them. Another thing. The Chinese have more respect than you will ever have with the Aboriginal people of Australia.

  31. you whites.. (smiley face) Just for the record it is the British Empire ( the those who came before ) who are responsible for the horrendous crimes carried out on indigenous peoples all over the world and are the true criminals – and still the problem.. The Chinese are just part of this..
    Our aboriginal friends need to see that these powers, the powers that would be, are using the native peoples to get access to the land and then slowly hiving it off – all over the world.. Read agenda 2030. We all need to see the real enemy.. BTW – I am Australian born natural man – definitely NOT a Citizen.. peace..

  32. Brendon Wymarra

    Truth said. You people have no idea! Kindly get the facts right. Us Wymarra family are the Allodial Land and Sea OWNERS. Stop being led by false government and media BS! Wakey wakey CYLC you don’t speak for me and my Wymarra family. Who da gor talk! !

  33. It must be stopped, i concur with the many views of other readers. Australia nn government musf wake up and stop foreign ownership.

  34. Aboriginal people must accept the fact they would not be in existence today carrying their ‘our land’ baggage and trashing white ownership. Had the American navy in the battle of the Coral Sea and Australian troops on the Kokoda trail not halted the Japanese invasion, there would be no Aborigines alive today.Editor

  35. When is the government going to stop the communist China takeover of our country? Surely there are a few politicians left who are not corrupt and who have enough guts to stand up to China. If Trump can do it shy can’t the Canberra lot.

  36. Send them packing scomo said he’d cut back foreign ownership maybe should step I to this one

  37. Australian cliche -” the dumping ground-” a cliche from British colonial actions,now its the -” grabbing ground-” by influxes of Asians..Any immigrants every take a interest in australians- as people? Never.They don’t even ask how we are..

  38. Our fake news media tells us how bad Donald Trump is lol – but he is one step ahead of China!
    Sadly I think it is too late for Australia without a miracle. I wouldn’t be surprised if China already owns more of oz than Australians do and also donate massively to both sides of politics.
    There doesn’t appear to be an honest politician left here except may be Bob Katter and he is basically powerless :((
    As an oldie it is devastating to watch how our once beautiful Australia has been slowly destroyed by our corrupt governments. We no longer have any major industries.

    This government passed a bill in Feb 2018 giving banks bail in powers as our interest rates decline into negative territory- thus the reason I feel they are banning cash transaction over 10,000 to force us to use the banks (reference the Citizens Electoral Council of Australia)
    Interesting reading. If we get to negative interest rates the banks can use our savings and issue us a bond certificate!
    My sympathy is with the indigenous people of Australia and I support them to keep control of the Cape if it is not too late.
    I personally believe Scomo is bought and paid for – but I guess time will tell.
    All I can do is pray in the Holy name of Jesus that there will be justice in the end.

  39. Thanks Alice your reply is well thought out and logical. We share the same sentiments.Editor

  40. yep – sad but true..

  41. Sarah thought she could watch Russia from Alaska so I suppose Cape York could become even more popular as a lookout for the rest of where to speak Mandarin and Naval exercises and meanwhile we may even get a motorway to the top, dams, pumping and pipes for water to drought areas and really, the Sky is not even the limit, the Gulf having potential to be the planets biggest fish farm and floating cities home to millions – who do we invest with?

  42. Atrocious it belongs to Australians and not other nationalities. Government must put a STOP to this.

  43. This is totally unacceptable to think Chinese have the lease on our port of Darwin, buying up our farms and homes pushing up the prices for our young wanting to buy a home. Unbelievable that this has happened. Not to forget the resort in Victoria where Chinese can go Wombat hunting and shooting. This needs to stop now and our fathers and grandfather’s did not fight for this country sacrificing their lives in order for us to have a country. Now it is being sold out. Time to stop this decay of our Australia.

  44. I have been saying for years China is invading our country and the government is letting them.
    What’s even more scarier is where all there money coming from?
    These companies are backed by the Chinese government
    Look at what they have done with our primary procedures
    They place big orders
    Wait til, the company invests heavily then pulls out of deal
    Only to come in and buy the business later at a cheap rate.

  45. get on to the PM and tell him

  46. What a bloody disgrace if our government lets this happen everyone should put in a vote of no confidence in governments next sitting and have these people sacked from government how could they be so stupid it absolutly has to be stopped period

  47. Should sell to the English.

  48. We have been to cape York several times. The government should encourage Australian companies to restore the area, previously you could enjoy the resort before it became pajinka lodge & left to rack & ruin. No Chinese to take over in this area, no lease, defenitely no purchase look at Darwin, Hong Kong, Vietnam.
    We don’t need Chinese owning our farms, land multi million dollar units in the cbd. Before. You know it they will own our fishing industry if not already.chinese should say out of Australia this is bullshit we all Australian should say No no No to Chinese it’s our country please Say No

  49. Christopher Godfrey

    We have been complacent for to long and all the time believing that the Governments of the day are managing things in a proper manner. Australia in my opinion is no different to many of the western countries where foreign investment in land and business is allowed. Have a go at acquiring land in most of the developing world and see what you come up against yet we have let it go on in Australia and not only with the Chinese. I’m not an educated person in politics etc. but I somehow believe that it won’t matter who is in government they won’t change a thing, is it possible that Australia actually has no say in the matter, is Australia or the politicians being dictated to by other organizations or powers. I think that were being jiggled around on the end of strings and until were prepared to stand up and be independent we’ll continue to loose it, it not only being the Top of the Peninsula. There should be no reason for Australia to be going down the road that it is and not only with land acquisition etc..

  50. Thank you for your thoughts. I admire input from all concerned. Government knows what is happening around our ALLODIAL COUNTRY! Kindly, is this reminder…. please understand who are the owners of OUR ABORIGINAL LAND AND SEA COUNTRY? Not the English, nor the Queen, nor the people that dictates our lands and sea country! I am not going to reiterate HISTORY! However… please wake the FK up!!! or say nothing! GET your facts right.

  51. AustralianRevolution

    I recommend motivational inspirations by Brenton Tarrant just like he did to Muslims, so let’s clean these fucking dog eating cucklechinks with blades off our land shall we?

  52. Yep – people need to understand that governments have been infiltrated and are not our friend – sadly..

  53. We reiterate there would be not be a blackfella left alive and the few remaining white people would now be speaking Japanese had the Australian army not defeated the Japs on the Kokoda trail in 1942. More than 600 Australians were killed and 1680 wounded in the most defining battle of WW2 which halted the Japanese invasion of north Australia. Blackfellas pretend they own the land. They don’t Australians do and if they don’t want to be a part of Australia as the Commonmwealth Constitution of Australia defines: ‘WHEREAS the people of New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia, Queensland, and Tasmania, humbly relying on the blessing of Almighty God, have agreed to unite in one indissoluble Federal Commonwealth under the Crown of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, and under the Constitution hereby established.’ If you are not in this binding agreement then stop taking handouts from the federal government.

  54. Dear Editor,
    I would like to thank the readers for acknowledging that all levels Government Local, State, Federal are all corrupt.
    The truth should be told, so readers are aware of the facts, First Nations people are not even in the Australian Constitution, even though we are the true Sovereign allodial landlords of our Gudang/Yadhaykenu nation area, on this Multicultural continent referred to as Great Southern land, then named Australia, Never the less this is the continent that we all reside in
    When major events occur, when welcoming our fellow Sovereign Asian, Indo-Pacific neighbours of this part of the world 🌎 to enter our multicultural Continent the Government asks First Nations people if we can do a “Welcome To Country” .
    Also be mindful that the so called recorded story of Cook sticking a flag on Possession island in 1770, is actually on GudangYadhaykenu’s very own State/Nations land.
    King George Queen Victoria was misinformed that the land belonged to no one.
    Go forward 1992 Mabo High court decision was finally reached after 10 year court case that was proved who are the land lords, even though we live in a system that that does not recognise the First Nations people. The Courts here and in Britain and around the world are actually well aware of this Truth, that our First Nations people on this continent have been here for over 80,000 of the recorded history, only .04% of that history is the colonisation of the British. The Privy Council rules that if Queen Victoria was misinformed then that means that decision by the queen is then Annulled.
    Forward to 2019 any decision by the all levels of the governments local, State, Federal, Commonwealth, actually have no legal effect on us as First Nation Sovereign people.
    In regards to the above media article on this story of my Wymarra family clan, it needs to be stated that our GudangYadhaykenu Tribal land & Sea Ownership have declared our own Autonomous Governance which includes our own international law experts, which consist of 60 Professors in International law. We have our First Nations lore/law team and respected elders, our rights as Indigenous people’s have been acknowledged by the Australian parliament when Kevin Rudd, whilst being the PM, signed the 2008 United Nations Declaration of Rights for indigenous people.
    We are closing our own gap with assistance, from not just here but also other sovereign Countries around the world. I will go as far to say if there is any inference, it is actually attempting to destroy our future existence.
    A continuation of the genocide and dispossession my people have suffered since invasion. The same governments whom are leading this propaganda, causing lateral violence against the First Nation people, trying to divide and conquer still to this day.
    The Gudang/Yadhaykenu area in question is part of Australasia, Indo-Pacific, and Asia, it is not part of the British empire or Americas war on Tariffs with China. We are a multicultural continent and this to discriminate against the First Nations land lords, when dealing will any country is going against the United Nation human rights Charter, as our human race obligations are to a better prosperity in a society that has completely forgotten First Nations people Allodial rights
    We are the oldest living surviving culture on earth, advancing our First Nations land & sea with opportunities on our very own terms, with our own land & Sea developing Nation.
    Cape York Peninsula has a dark history that the Qld state governments are very aware of, their police magistrate inflicted genocide that killed 3000 of our family.
    Our 2 Tribes, one Gudang and the Yadhaykenu formed together by a leader by the name of Wymarra Wymarra, to fight back against the Queensland government land grabbers. They called him Billy Wymarra, a very feared warrior whom defeated and protected our family and Tribes,
    The police magistrate that terrorised our people was named Frank Jardine, the massacre continued throughout the 1860’s and Wymarra Wymarra put an end to it by finally sending a spear through that devil, Qld governments owns Frank Jardine and buried him up side down at Somerset, its language name is Pulu.
    Today our families ancestors remains are laid to rest in our Cape York Peninsula allodial home lands, after the return of the our ancestors remains that were taken away to Uk in the late 1800’s. Nicolas Thompson Wymarra a modern day warrior went to Germany in 2014 to bring our family back home to rest, in the same area that Jardine’s own grave has been issued by Qld protection heritage site on the 25th of January 2019 of this year. A mockery to our people, including the naming of the Jardine National park, by the same Qld state government.
    Who gave them any Authority or permission to do this on our Ancestral homelands?
    We have our own Compliance and Integrity unit, please be aware readers when commenting and not knowing our Wymarra family Tribal history. Please be aware of whom are the Allodial owners of the land and Seas before being discriminatory about whom we are to deal with in this world, and it’s not just our neighbours, we are dealing with Sovereign Nations from all around the world, Joint Venture agreements to help close the gap! Building our own wealth from our First Nations allodial land & seas

    Ps The Queensland Government and the British Government did a joint venture in the 1860’s to build a port and a township called Somerset on our GudangYadhaykenu land & seas while trying to kill off all our tribes in the process, true facts! Go forward 2019 the frontier wars are still happening! Wymarra Wymarra & Gudang/Yadhaykenu forever we are still here!

    There are no hidden agendas like the government, check out the FB Cape Crusaders Gudang/Yadhaykenu & friends to be enlightened Ps the 36% on this continent are British subjects 64% are new Australians, welcome to this multicultural continent, there are really 500 State/Nations owned by the First Nations Allodial land lords .

    PS just for the Record Pajinka is not in our intermediate work plan at this point and if or when we were to pursue it ? it will be without any permission needed from the from the Northern peninsula area Council or the State government DNRM, so not sure whom they are referring to the individual that is dealing with lease transfer of Pajinka resort?
    Queensland governments govern people! They are not the allodial land owners!

    Joint ventures If they can do it then we can do it! 👌🏾😉💪🏾🙏🌎👌walk with us or get out of the way!

    Kind regards
    Alex Wymarra 👌🏾👌

  55. Hello Alex
    A very nice read. I know you are fighting for your own people and their rights .And that is commendable. I would do the same. You are obviously an educated person. where did you get this education? It was from australians. Where do your sick people go to get well? In australian hospital of course. Where do you get the medicine? From white Australia. Where do you get the motors and petrol that powers your dinghies so you can fish and live in peace? We Australians look after you so you can enjoy this peace. And this are the same people you are now saying that have no rights in your decision making. I am new to this land ,as is 40% of australian population today. You can thank your lucky stars that it was England that colonised this country. Yes you fought the british in 1860, and you LOST. I am sorry but that is the way it was. If it was France, or Malaysia or even China,that would have come here first, you would not be alive today to fight for your people as the Japanese in the second world war would have the whole of Australia. You and your tribe would not exist but I on the other hand would still be in Europe.
    We australians are doing our best for you and your tribe, and I would be mindful not to pursue your right as the leader of your tribe to be too callus about the decision to give land to Chinese. This would not go down well with australian people, and if you really think about it, it will be something that will eventually destroy your people and your way of life. Good luck.

  56. Well said Simon and we hope the blackfellas take your wise comments on board.Editor

  57. We never asked for your business, we certainly did not give up our lands and seas. Yet you “English BASTARDS “came out of your squalor to influence pain and suffering. The wars are you looking for what you created. Not us indigenous people’s of many countries. What is sad about you RED Neck ANGLO SAXON MAKE BELIEVE is f…. truth. You all find it difficult to understand. F… off!

  58. Author f… you and your United States of America c…. I will find you asshole redneck bastards 😂

  59. Fair comment – but the enemy is a few families who own the world – the english people are just like us – programmed and slaves..

  60. Thanks again for the replies. I shall populate the morning mindset. Anyone can and will continue to comment on our Allodial Lands and Seas. Have hatred and disbelief simply because you have NO CULTURE, NO TRUE UNDERSTANDING OF WE AND BELIEVE IT. YOU ARE SAD SORRY FOR YOU HAVE NOTHING! I learned to appreciate your recycling and colonialism through the English language education system. Thank you for providing me with this. I have to say. All the time of so called “discovery? You discovered nothing but greed combined with Anglo-Saxon BS! Grease your ass and slip into your world. Stop feeling we are going to let you go on to being the “Oxygen Thieves” that you ALL KNOW YOU ARE!

  61. Thank you. I should reiterate the understanding. Stop being so beautiful when color is like a rainbow 😂😂😂

  62. Dear brandon.
    It is obvious you are losing the argument of who owns the land you occupy, by your slander and bad language. I assure you that Chinese you are so fond of will be much worse for you and your people in the long run. Choose your own path, but don’t come back for help from us redneck bastards as you call us. Calm down and think what you are doing.

  63. Nice for someone “like you” to pass comment against me when YOU have NO facts and or NO idea who I am and where I come from! I am not Islander fyi, I am an Allodial Land and Sea owner that all you ‘rejects’ take pleasure of on our lands. So ‘to all you losers out there’ please get your “facts” straight. Our lands are not lost and there is NO argument! YOU all just cannot fathom the truth! Take your filth and colonial BS back to where you all ‘crawled out from’ including your ‘fake’ religious beliefs.

  64. Dear Editor,

    I see that some of your readers are continuing The Frontier Wars on our Wymarra Family, I realise this is just history repeating, as editor to the Cairns post I see that you encouraged these responses, also referring to us as “blackfellers”. Seeming to endorse the uneducated comments about us blackfellers, requiring hospitals amongst other things. For the readers information our bush medicine and medical practices are now being used in hospitals all over this continent and internationally, and having a much better impact then past medical practices. We never required hospitals before our Ancestral Homelands were illegally invaded, under the false claims of Terra Nullius, delivering disease and devastation.
    Please be aware there is over 300 million of us blackfellers on this planet, and we The United Tribal Allodial Nations are joining forces. We are the land lords of the realestate of our Ancestral homelands land dating back over 100 thousand years. For your information Indigenous peoples own over 80% of land & seas on this planet earth.
    I can see some of the Cairns post readers, referred to as the people of commonwealth, but seem to be anti government?
    This current State government, Qld Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk and indigenous minister, Jackie Trad are now the new ship owners of the Seaswift, which delivers Cargo that charges exorbitant and inflated prices for rotten food and other essential household items, for our people’s in the NPA & Torres Straight Island area. PM Morrison is selling hospitals to the Chinese, yet your paper pushes propaganda in regards to First Nations land lords dealing with other Sovereign Nations such as China?
    Please be area we are building our own institutions, using our oldest medical practices and our own Bush medicine for our own advancement. Our people are the earths oldest conservationists, farming our own resources.
    As the editor of this paper, I will offer you an exclusive interview from myself to enlighten yourself and your readers.
    An opportunity to learn first hand what members of our Wymarra family and Gudang Yadhaykenu clan are doing and who we are dealing with, whether it be Pajinka resort (we are proud of our People’s dealings of the Pajinka ) as well as other projects.
    Governments on all levels are invited to walk along side us or simply get out of the way. We are applying our First Nations right to build the wealth and prosperity on our GudangYadhaykenu Peoples Ancestral homelands.
    I will also enlighten your readers not just of our Gudang/Yadhaykenu tribe nation developments, but about the other 500 nations on the this continent, that we are uniting to Close Our Own gap! Economic empowerment on our own terms.
    I invite readers to prove radical governments have any authority over us as Sovereign Allodial owners. Not Traditional owners and not under the native (Slave) Title. We are the original Sovereign people of this continent.
    As we all know Our First Nations forefather Uncle Koki Mabo endured a long 10 year wait in the local district & supreme and High court to prove this fact and to disprove the claims of Terra Nullius. Even though there has always been proof of land deeds written in our caves and our ancestral bones buried on our homelands. That is proved (proven by our Songlines and past down stories that predate any other continuous culture on Earth) and we are still here.
    This will be a constitutional matter, let’s discuss this in your court system. I shall apply under section 78B of the Judicial act, which means the attorney generals of the state and federal governments will need to appear. When we are again victorious proving that We are the Allodial true land lords, not under Native Title government legislation. Which is designed to use First Nations People as a commodity, under restricted terms & conditions. A system built on Apartheid which still exist on this continent today. This will be followed by compensation that will need to be paid from the Brigalow Corp which is trading as Queensland State government
    Then we blackfellers will issue a class action for the dispossession and Genocide of our people, under the international rule of law, under our indigenous rights for self determination & Governance.
    I will offer your reader, a chance to come sit with me and my Wymarra Family Clan and our whole Gudang/Yadhaykenu tribe to explain to us how we have lost ?
    Hello! We are still here. Simon and his family is welcome to be educated about the true history of this continent, which as a New Australian, he is obviously unaware of, walk with us or get out of our way, it’s his choice.
    We Never Ceded our Sovereignty, we still own our lands & Seas. New Australians are welcome, we won’t reject our fellow Australians from our newly constructed First Nations Governance Constitutions. We will welcome the New Australians statement from the Heart to be included in our First Nations Constitutions.
    Also be aware our Allodial tribes of our United Tribal Nations are issuing new permits from our First Nations legal structures to supporters of the truth, Indigenous and our Non indigenous people of this continent, that includes New Australian supporting us First Nations People’s and the all Australian Families who are being misled by being conned under this governments privet Corporation chapter 111 of the Qld constitution 2001,
    Advance Australia Fair, let it be Fair for us all.

    Ps, Simon we Wymarra family are happy to meet with you and your family, face to face to discuss the English taught words Brendon had used. Simon, You seem to support the Massacre that happened to GudangYadhaykenu Tribe & our Wymarra family with your mockery that we lost!! Wrong we are still here! Our Ancestors bones were taken unlawfully overseas to the UK in the late 1800’s for scientific examination of the Gudang/Yadhaykenu a worrier tribe, and then returned to our homelands in 2013. Organised by Nicholas Thompson Wymarra and escorted back by Wymarra’s Selwyn and Colina.
    Simon Let us meet to discuss this further! We First Nations People’s never went to war with Japan or anyone else (we are far more evolved than that, and 500 seperate Nations lived in harmony on this continent before white men came). We have a Japanese princess buried on our Ancestral homelands, so during the bombing of Australia by the Japanese, the Fighter pilots as they only flu past by tipping their wings in respect of our people that had given her a resting place. I bet you didn’t know that. Like so much else you don’t know before commenting of our family/tribes and regions history, I think you would be very enlightened from the experience, we are happy to educate you about the truth. We are the Oldest Continuous Culture On Earth and far more evolved than you realise. How do you think we lasted so long before being invaded??? We traded with Nations all over the world for centuries before The British came here!! Let us see you show that disrespect in a face to face family to family meet!! Gudang/Yadhaykenu forever!

    Treaty Yer! Treaty Yer 👌🏾🌎🙏😂👌💪🏾 except we can only do treaty with other Sovereign Nations,
    Which the Brigalow Corporation trading as the Queensland Government is not!

    Ps dear editor please contact me on my email if you wish to receive an exclusive press release on some of our future projects and whom we are dealing with,

    Kind regards
    Alex Wymarra


    Hi Alex do you live in Perth? Or NSW? We are aware the Wymarras are spread far and wide and we share many of your sentiments. I must keep returning to the Japanese invasion in 1942. Are you referring to Mt Adolphus Island off the Tip of Cape York as the claimed burial place of a Japanese Princess? We are well aware there are many descendants of Japanese pearl divers across the Torres Straits and mainland whose forefathers married into local tribes many years ago. The Japanese spared few Pacific Islanders and your mob would have been no exception.
    You will find numerous stories in this publication in support of a better deal for blackfellas. There are other articles which have been submitted by archaeologists and anthropologists. There is a link to an important story above. In any case your letter is somewhat self explanatory and readers should get the gist of it. You would be aware the Aboriginal industry in Australia costs approximately an annual $30 billion to operate, nearly all taxpayers money. There is huge waste especially in payments to ambulance chasing lawyers like some of those found in the Cape York Land Council whose entire career and those of other private practices are entirely dependent on legal fees being paid by government, via the Native Title Tribunal or hundreds of other esoteric Aboriginal bodies. I could go on and on about the criminal waste of funds given to the industry. You keep referring to ‘allodial title’ which now does not exist in Australia. It does in America but the ‘Crown’ quickly removed any early allodial titles fearing it could lose mineral and petroleum ownership. The real Crown, thanks to traitorous Whitlam and that horrible kiddie fiddler Hawke, was removed in 1973. Today’s Queen of Australia is fictitious, ‘ultra vires.’ Our editorial panel could go on and on but we suggest you set aside a few days and read the volumes of articles in this publication referring to most of the matters you have raised.Editor

  66. I may be repeating myself .. The globalists use native peoples all over the world to get access to land and then take it over..

  67. Great piece.. The sad thing is that we are all slaves – only some of us are aware..

  68. Brendon Wymarra

    Nicely put. You will attest the fact that you are slaves 😂 we are not interested in BS attitudes of common law. However, I welcome your delisussion of factual matter. Lore is ancestral aboriginal cultural everything. Until now maybe someone who endure an insight into how much the government is strictly fraudulent, utilizing our being as pawns to their delight? Author. Please remember. My country. Not your country. Please sort out your BS fraudulent, Miss leading President of the un united state of AMERICAN INDIAN PEOPLE

    Hi Brendon you should look at this website before making any more land ownership claims.Editor

  70. I have no truck with the supranational bodies – they are the enemy. You need to drop this chip on the shoulder stuff.. We are all in for the kill and will have to work together… I despise what the British Empire did and is still doing.. The US is just a colony still and is used for military purposes.. They have no power! Many of us whities suffered also at their hands..They want us to fight amoungst ourselves – we need to be smarter than that..Mate – we are Australians all.

  71. Dear Editor

    My Wymarra family and Gudang/Yadhaykenu tribe do spread far and wide across this continent.First Nations family tribes spread across Many First Nations States and Natiions of the this great southern land/Australia.
    Thank you for sharing our sentiment, but it’s not just our story, it includes majority of the all Australians whom are also slaves as stipulated by pcwwp.
    I am aware that there are certain families that control the worlds wealth, 7 infact. The Queen of England and the Rothschilds, as for the other 5 control the worlds wealth i have no need to mention. Wymarra’s like many First Nations first families around the world are allodial owners of land and seas, in Australia. Government have sought to distinguish Native Tittle, our Sovereignty, our Allodial and our apical ancestral family Names of our land and Sea boundaries which are passed down, fee-tailed entailed tenure which supersedes the British fee Simple land tenure system.
    Our land & Sea inheritance can never be distinguished.
    Academic Paper argues that First Nations communal allodial land title cannot be extinguished by fraud, as has been perpetrated in Australia.

    The Australian ‘Songlines’: Some Glosses for Recognition
    By Gary Lilienthal and Nehaluddin Ahmad

    Paper download
    In Australia, successive governments have sought to extinguish ‘native title’, preferring English feudal socage, but not the Australian Indigenous systems of land title.
    The Australian ‘Songlines’:
Some Glosses for Recognition

    Gary Lilienthal
    Dip Counselling, (AIPC), LLB, (Syd), Grad Dip Legal Prac, (College of Law), M Psychoanalytic
    Studs, (Deakin), PhD, (Curtin). Professor of Law, School of Law, University of Gondar, Gondar,
    Federal Republic of Ethopia.

    Nehaluddin Ahmad
    MA, LLB, LLM (Lucknow), LLM (Strathclyde), LLD (Meerut). Professor, Faculty of Law, Sultan
    Sharif Ali Islamic University, Brunei.

    Australian governments want courts, constituted overwhelmingly by non-indigenous lawyers, to decide land disputes as for feudal socage. Therefore, this article suggests a need to understand this attempted radical reframing of Australian Indigenous titles to land, through the convenient lens of Goffman’s frame analysis.
    The research question is whether Anglo-Australian frame transformation of the Indigenous land titles into mere religion, song and art, extinguishes land title.
    This article tries to show that Australian indigenous land title is communal allodial title, as a bundle of subsisting rights by operation of Australian Continental Common Law, which therefore cannot be extinguished by the fraud inherent in frame transformation.
    Indigenous land title is true communal allodial title, beset by a fraudulent colonial occupation, suggesting a lack of internal reason in colonial policy and administration. Successive governments have tried to frame transform the highly sophisticated and ancient indigenous legal and social system, including sophisticated celestial mapping and navigation systems, into mere religious art.
    This frame transformation is reversible by epideictic rhetoric. The Indigenous system is transmitted phylogenetically, in which governance government officials can have no participation. Indigenous land title cannot be extinguished.
    In Australia, successive governments have sought to extinguish what is now called at law ‘native title’. Australian land title is based on the English common law land title system of feudal socage, rather than on the ancient subsisting Indigenous Australian systems of land title. This implies a severe disadvantage to holders of ancient subsisting land title.
    a feudal tenure of land involving payment of rent or other non-military service to a superior. More

    a person who brings a case against another in a court of law.

    Goffman’s frame
    is a set of concepts and theoretical perspectives that organize experiences and guide the actions of individuals, groups and societies – More

    allodial title
    is a real property ownership system where the real property is owed free and clear of any superior landlord. In this case, the owner will have an absolute title over his or her property. Property owned under allodial title is referred as allodial land.
    Some realms (such as Australia and Canada) recognize Aboriginal title, a form of allodial title that does not originate from a Crown grant.
    epideictic, ceremonial discourse:
    speech or writing that praises or blames (someone or something)
    phylogeny noun
    the development or evolution of a particular group of organisms. The evolutionary history of a group of organisms, especially as depicted in a family tree

    To explain socage, during the Middle Ages the villeins of England slowly changed their feudal food and labour obligations into an annual money payment, known as a quit-rent, creating a socage tenure.
    The statute Quia Emptores 1290, the scarcity of labour after the Black Death, and lower values of land with the rise of trade and industry, increased the process of converting feudal dues into quit-rents, and by the 16th century quit-rents had become the norm. The one monetary conversion exception was the swearing of an oath of fealty to the lord, arguably still now in existence in the form of implied obligations of tenure. Arguably, none of this is relevant to Australia.
    Australian governments want courts, constituted overwhelmingly by non-indigenous lawyers, to adjudicate the inevitable land disputes as matters of feudal socage.
    This argues a very substantive shift in frame, or context, for Australian Indigenous land title, arguably without Indigenous peoples’ fully informed consent. Therefore, this article suggests a need to understand this attempted reframing of Indigenous titles to land, through the convenient lens of frame analysis, and to try to uncover something useful to resolving current disadvantage.
    The concept of frame analysis is derived from Erving Goffman’s 1974 work. Social scientists use it to analyse how people understand situations and undertakings. Its procedures can give the practitioner the ability to re-set perspectives.
    This article deals with the apparent reframing of what is essentially ‘the customary laws of Indigenous Australian peoples’, of the Continent of Australia, into an alternative non-Indigenous frame of the sacred, artistic, religious, and the so-called ‘Dreaming’.
    Ronald Berndt says Australian Indigenous peoples have their own religious traditions of the so-called dreaming and ritual systems, with an emphasis on the life transitions of adulthood and death.
    Eliade states: ‘There is a general belief among the Australians that the world, man, and the various animals and plants were created by certain supernatural beings who afterwards disappeared, either ascending to the sky or entering the earth’.
    The Anglo-Australian legal system views the mythical narratives as mere religion and art. However, these Indigenous narratives may well serve a similar common law purpose, in Indigenous Australia, to that of the English legal and equitable maxims, in
    England, namely as containing and transmitting widely accepted customary laws.
    Kuypers regards frames as commanding rhetorical entities, equivalent in rhetorical force to an act of state. He describes frames as follows: ‘[Frames] induce us to filter our perceptions of the world in particular ways, essentially making some aspects of our multi-dimensional reality more noticeable than other aspects. They operate by making some information more salient than other information’.
    Reframing the Indigenous customary law into a religion, song, or art simply allows Anglo-Australian ‘churches’, for example, to deploy their ‘priests’ to reframe the Indigenous customary laws. They can force the more recent doctrines of Christianity onto a people whose cultural systems are tens of thousands of years older.
    Kuypers notes four categories of framing analysis:
    * (a) frame bridging;
    * (b) frame amplification;
    * (c) frame extension; and,
    * (d) frame transformation.
    Argument in this article deploys frame transformation. Frame transformation is an apparently forced process, for use when the planned frames ‘may not resonate with, and on occasion may even appear antithetical to, conventional lifestyles or rituals and extant interpretive frames’.
    When this reframing is indicated, new significations are required to capture new support. Goffman named this process ‘keying’.
    Keying is a systematic transformation across materials, which are already meaningful according to a schema for interpretation. For keying to take place, those who participate must be aware that a systematic alteration will create a radical reconstitution. The keying must have an agreed time span.
    Thus, it suggests ‘activities, events, and biographies that are already meaningful from the standpoint of some primary framework transposed in terms of another framework’, such that they now are seen differently.= For keying to be successful, to allow frame transformation to be stable, it must take place by informed conscious consent, or else the strength of the archaic heritage may reverse the process,= as it unravels just the same as does fraud.
    By analogy, in the 1847 case of Franks v Weaver, the court teased out something of the nature of fraud. The report extracted the case as follows.
    The Plaintiff invented and sold a medicine under his own name. The Defendant also made and sold a similar medicine, and on his labels, he used the Plaintiffs name and certain certificates given of the efficacy of the Plaintiffs medicine, in such an ingenious manner, as, prima facie, though not in fact, to appropriate and apply them to his own medicine. Held, that, although there were other differences in the mode of selling, the proceeding was wrongful, and the Defendant was restrained by injunction.
    Lord Langdale MR held that nobody could define what fraud was, because it is so multiform. Fraud is a form rather than as a state of affairs. He stated that in the present case it consisted in the crafty= adaptation of certain words in such a manner, ordinarily and constantly, as to be calculated to make it appear to persons when he was selling the product that the thing sold was prepared by the plaintiff.= Craftiness in words arguably means knowingly arranging a secondary meaning without prior public informed consent to the usage. The Defendant’s attempt at a frame transformation without informed consent, unravels into litigation.
    In the 1610 case of Waggoner v Fish, the court held that strangers and foreigners devised and practised, by sinister and subtle means, ways of defrauding the charters, liberties, customs, good orders and ordinances of London. The court held that such acts were criminal fraud. Mutatis mutandis, colonial frame transformation performed on the Australian Continental Common Law, without prior informed consent, would likely be criminal fraud under the English law itself, and would therefore inevitably unravel.
    The two types of frame transformation are: (a) domain-specific transformations, as in attempts to alter group status; and, (b) global interpretive frame transformation, as in attempts to change world views by conversions of thought, or complete conquest such as religious conversion. Both appear to be what the non-Indigenous majority are trying to do in Australia, by attempts at radical thought conversion of ancient land titleholders’ status, and purporting to transform the frames of the land titles’ underlying narratives, without the victims’ prior informed consent.
    From all this, the question arises as to whether Anglo-Australian frame transformation of the Indigenous land titles as mere religion and art extinguishes those Indigenous titles. This article attempts to show that Indigenous land title is characterised as communal allodial title, as a bundle of subsisting rights by operation of Indigenous customary laws, which therefore cannot be extinguished by the criminal fraud inherent in frame transformation without informed consent. The article’s methodology will be to try and reframe the term ‘native title’ into its true meaning.
    The article’s structure incorporates an initial briefing on the nature of allodial land title, and its failed struggle for emergence in English land law. Then, argument progresses to a critical analysis of Indigenous underlying titles and proximate titles. After setting this scene, the article looks critically at the songlines as devices marking out a lawful system of land titles, and finally at how these songlines form chains of connection into an ancient and subsisting Indigenous Australian customary laws.
    The research outcomes will strongly infer that it is most likely that Indigenous land title is true communal allodial title, arguing a fraudulent colonial occupation, and implying a lack of internal reason in colonial policy and administration.
    Colonial officials have tried to frame transform the highly sophisticated and ancient Indigenous legal and social system, including sophisticated celestial mapping and navigation systems, into a gallery of mere religious art. This ancient system is transmitted phylogenetically, to which governance colonial officials can therefore have no participation. The research shows that Indigenous land title cannot be extinguished.
    The research also suggests the frame transformation can be reversed by effective epideictic rhetoric.
    The research paper:
    The Australian ‘Songlines’: Some Glosses for Recognition
    By Gary Lilienthal and Nehaluddin Ahmad
    Download the Paper PDF (James Cook University Law Review):

    The Australian ‘Songlines’: Some Glosses for Recognition

    returning to the Japanese and yes thank you for the acknowledging that Japan did not forg war on us First Nations People Sovereign tribes. To clarify that the Japanese Princess was and is laid to rest not on MT Adolfus but on our home lands area on Thursday Island Language name (Weiban), the Japanese forged a better deal with our people and we live in harmony together. I can trace my blood line back in regions as far as a decedent from ( Sumu Kudal ) Clans of Saibai which is 4 km off our fellow First Nation (Douthaleig) of New guiaea, down to Wakied Argun tribe of Badu islands of the the Torres Straits ( Zenadth Kes ) over to boorroorra Northern Territory Weiper Mapoon Cairns Perth Syd Brisbane, I am a decedent also of ( Kauareg tribe ) Thursday Island a place some of the Wymarra’s are born the place where the Japanese princess is laid to rest amougst our First Nations allodial tribes, that have survived the massacres of the joint venture of the same queensland state Government and the British government against our Wymarra Family and Gudang/Yadhaykenu tribe, in which this Cairns post article started the discussion of our nations people’s Autonomous Business dealings

    Yes I am very well aware of the 30 billion dollar industry that uses First Nation people as a commodity creating non indigenous employment that pays lots of its employees mortgages while First Nation can’t own there Own home, under the fraudulent native Tittle act. This includes Cape York Land Council’s budget of 1,3 million dollars annually just on flights with its non indigenous lawyers flying in flying out of First Nations communities ,ticking boxes using tax payers money while then flying back home to their own families homes designed not made to live in poverty, this it self warrants a Royal commission into land Council dealing, Trusts funds Royalty money ect

    From Little things big Things Grow, 👌🏾🌎💪🏾🙏👌

    Kind regards
    Alex Wymarra

  72. The current government need to address this urgently..
    You can not sell land to a forgien country without serious security problems.
    It is also treason as per our constitution.

  73. Why are we letting china buy the lease to this land.

  74. I have read everyone’s comments and all i can see is racism on both sides. U whites, you blacks…. I’m actually both, and proud to be both .My dad is Aboriginal and my Mother is Australian/English background so I get both views. I have family on Dad’s side killed by whites. Family on Mums side killed by blacks. well, The land technically belongs to The original owners, which were First Australians. However it’s been 230 years and now we all live in houses which we all call our own and law of the land (yeah ok white law) says U can’t just walk into someone’s home or property and claim it. Every person in the world knows that. Collectively we live in Australia. All the past, We didn’t do it. It’s not our fault and we can’t change it. There’s no need for any of us to be trashing each other. This is why Australia is not United. What we need in today’s times is for indigenous studies in all schools, accept the past , respect for every heritage and TEACH our future generations about the looking after land. Real conservation. Become Australians as a whole and don’t sell OUR land ( collectively) to overseas occupants.
    Also, EDITOR, my uncles ( Aboriginal) were in the war too. They fought so you could have it too. All under one flag by the way.

  75. Do you see any million dollar Aussie investors taking any consideration of working and helping with them. No so stop your f’ing whinging everyone especially if your traditional land is from England, where your ancestors came from off a bloody boat. Do your research first before believing what the media says.

  76. Sorry Sean we don’t want any covert Chinese military bases on Cape York Peninsula.Ed

  77. Haha yeah good one! Whinging and complaining about others, but got no facts 😂

  78. Hey I’m Australian first, whitey second!

  79. Come on Brendon you can do better than that – surely? If we published the facts of the Pajinka deal, which we have, there would be immediate tribal warfare. Editor

  80. Joemicka newell

    No way this has to stop they are buying Evey think that belongs to us soon it won’t be called Australia


  82. STOP selling OUR AUSTRALIA to the bloody Chinese!

  83. David Schumacher

    No, simply no!

  84. Can’t happen

  85. Mrs D Trewartha

    Treasonous behaviour and must be stopped.
    Kick the invaders out & jail the people who were going to allow this yo happen. These invaders come armed with 💲💲💲💲💲💲

  86. What are they doing? bloody idiots i think we need a revolution stop selling or leasing shit you don’t own

  87. The Australian government should be ashamed of themselves. Look at what China is doing to their own country and people and you have the audacity to allow them to buy up Australia?

  88. No way, cannot happen. STOP selling Australia off to overseas businesses, They drain us of so much already.

  89. No way this government and all governments should not have the right to sell to foreign investors this has to stop especially Chinese

  90. OMG 😮 WTF is going on!! This must be stopped! At least give the aussies a chance!

  91. The Chinese own to much as it is. Stop it!

  92. Don’t sell anymore of the dam country to China. If you sell it all it will be China.

  93. Australia should be owned by Australians .. oz .. aussie, aussie, aussie – oy, oy, oy

  94. Should never be sold or leased to anyone

  95. No bloody way they own enough already

  96. Margaret. Giles

    This country does not need to be sold out to Chinese, they have their hands on enough and they destroy our land. DDo you want us and our children and grandchildren speaking Chinese well I don’t.

  97. Australian Government are giving the Chinese a very easy access point to invade our country.

  98. Enough of this sellout. Should stay in Australian hands.

  99. We have lost too much already to other countries. Especially China but also America and others. It was apalling that they leased the port of Darwin for 99 years to China. Australians were never consulted. It should be called treason tosell off your country to any foreign country. No wonder Australians have such low ashamed of out politicians.

  100. Patricia Honeybrook

    This has to be stopped

  101. No stop this immediately

  102. Elizabeth Adams


  103. Bradley Elleway

    Stop selling Australia 🇦🇺 you traitors 😡

  104. This has to stop. Australia belongs to Australians.

  105. Why are they selling us out to China

  106. Jeez a racist aboriginal , who would have thought ….

  107. STOP Selling Australia
    Hands off our beautiful home/land

  108. Benjamin Shiels

    Bloody disgrace! 😡

  109. The crown land is not anyone’s to give away
    The queen has to give permission
    Fuk off china

  110. The government all need to go they do not have Australians interests at heart…..


  112. It needs to STOP NOW !! Enough is enough ,nothing but bad will come from it all.

  113. No way this so bloody wrong that our government are selling use out , they are supposed to be working for the Australian people not the Chinese 🤬🤬🤬

  114. Ronald Johnson's

    Shoot the fool that give it to them and Australian people should vote wether any land deals with any multinational to buy up Australia land itdont belong to government to sell of it belongs to the Australian people

  115. Don’t sell our country out from under our younger generation. STOP 🛑 now before you don’t have somewhere to live!!

  116. No way it should stay with the original owners!

  117. Ronald Johnson's

    Shoot the fool that give it to them and Australian people should vote wether any land deals with any multinational to buy up Australia land itdont belong to government to sell of it belongs to the Australian people Japan invaded top end Australia was repeld China now walking in just reasently China give threat to Australia with war now they have a ideal pease off land ready for invasion we should beworried of a possible outcome6 u b

  118. This has got to stop Chinese don’t give a darn about our flora or fauna it’s about money and in a crisis time of climate change we don’t want to see our beautiful country turned into bricks and concrete people look at China itself it’s polluted to the max

    The untold riches that the China now possesses were handed to them by Australia (and others from the West) in exchange for cheap goods that we used to make for ourselves. One by one our manufacturing industries closed down, leaving us dependent on others. The money they wave at us was ours and we allowed ourselves to be sold down the river.

    Telling indigenous people they should appreciate us and that if it wasn’t for us – this and that, they would be worse off, is like me telling you are so lucky I haven’t burned your house down. It is a ridiculously negative and damaging tack to take in a world where unity is so paramount. And, by the way, Aboriginal people fought and died in defence of Australia alongside white solders and were not even acknowledged after the wars.
    Whatever the government or anyone else “gives” to Aboriginal People “we” (the white invading races) have taken away much, much more.
    Whole tribes were destroyed by massacre and diseases they had no resistance to along with their customs, history, culture and language. The loss of dignity and identity is incalculable and this deep sense of loss has been passed down the generations, partly due to what was lost and partly the behaviour of white Australia to first nation people through the years. On top of your finger pointing disrespect you are rude in how you refer to them putting the sincg on the racist cake and then you’re surprised when it turns nasty.

    If you’ve never read the books that detail what was done, never read of meeting at the pub with guns to go out and shoot blacks in the bush for fun, of old men, women and babies being thrown over cliffs, the hanging of bodies in trees by the government to “let that be a lesson to you” and a thousand other heart breaking things, you don’t feel deep within yourself the understanding that some of us do. You allow yourselves to be disrespectful and dismissive.

    No decent relations will exist while people descend into name calling and cheap shots, but the posts written above were derogatory and provoking .

    No matter what rights have been given or returned to to First Nations people by passing laws, the government of the day will still maintain control, I imagine.

    Brendon, do you really want the Chinese to take ownership of a such a big piece of land?

    Good will to all of you.
    Ralph Graham


  121. How can an illegal body local government(failed 2 refendums) be allowed to do this? Sooner Australia returns to original Australian Constitution (not the doctored version) then the country can relax with the traitors all kicked out.

  122. Jeannette Oliver

    Wymarra Family are not who they are. They are imposters. My Grandfather is Rex Wymarra. This is a fraudulent family who have deliberately left put the real Wymarra family for money.

  123. Jeannette Oliver

    My Grandfather is Rex Wymarra who took Nicholas McClaren under his name because they both have the same Mother but different Fathers. Under Aboriginal culture, Father’s names are relevant. This family has deliberately left out my family because they want the money and prestige. They are a fraudulent family and should be investigated. We have the documents proving such.

  124. Australia the new communist state of china👿👿
    This Should not be allowed to happen, what if we go to war with china,???😠😠😠

  125. Wake up Australia God has told us the Chinese intend to in bade us and we are letting them do it with our arms open to welcome them

  126. Well what do you know? You have stated the truth and no doubt upset Alex who loses the plot as soon as he gets hit with the truth. Well said. Editor

  127. Well here we go, Alex and Brendon won’t be happy because you have exposed them and their greed. Judging by the hundreds of comments from around Australia and all over the world the Chinese are not wanted on Cape York Peninsula.
    Thank you Jeanette from the editorial panel. We stand by our story and the facts we have researched. Editor

  128. We agree. Last week we received more reports from travelers that the Chinese influence in PNG is overwhelmingly corrupt. They are slash and burn merchants and it is obvious they are not wanted in Queensland. Editor

  129. No more selling of Australian assets and realestate to foreigners. 9 out of 10, it’s likely funded by drug money from China. Keep Australia, Australian. I’m sure the Traditional land owners would agree.

  130. I would hate to think if our Farmers walked off their Farms, that China would buy the land. Australia is rich in gold, diamonds, opals and coal. Forty nine countries own Queensland. Our Governments, including Local Governments, are star struck with greed for money.

  131. No Foreigners should be able to buy any part of Australia. Lease it yes but not own it

  132. Yes. China has destroyed PNG. PNG and West Papua is an Island of gold and diamonds. My brother was the CEO at Pogoro Gold Mine. Guess who purchased the Gold Mine and employed their own people? Yep! China.Mind you, the PNG Government is corrupt and are allowing their personal bank balance to grow at the expense of their own people. Plus, when the UN discovered that New Guinea is an Island of gold, they cut PNG’s Independence by 10 years so they could get their hands on the gold.

  133. Should not sell anymore stuff to the chinese . Fucken mad selling us out

  134. This is a global plan – across the western world – nothing happens that is not planned.. We are in a program of managed decline that started decades/centuries ago..

    Only when we the majority wake up – actually a smaller percentage – will something change.. But people would have to suffer some inconvenience and perhaps forgo some things. As we know – this is just a bridge to far..

  135. Negative

  136. Merv. Hargraves

    No more selling land to non Australians. Think of our national security.

  137. If this is true then it needs to be stopped, don’t know how the local and state government could even contemplate this the traditional owners won’t know any better,

  138. Corinne Millane

    This must be stopped. The “local islander” should be identified and called out on this!!!!’

  139. Looks to me like history is repeating itself but by another nation. Us humans never learn!! The first Australians be long to that land. Leave it as it is. I personally would hate the top end of Australia owned by another nation. Wish we would all just get in bed with our own … so to speak.

  140. Australia ….. not the lucky country…… the STUPID country. How can you let non-Australians take land ownership. All land should be held be AUSTRALIANS. How pathetic is this country.

  141. The relevant names have been given to Cairnsnews and we will publish them if the sale goes through.Editor

  142. Dear Editor

    You seem very happy about the division that seems to be occurring in this constitutional plot, while also debating on this conversation of land ownership, i am happy for this conversation to be entered and heard in high court of Australia as I have indicated to you in the past conversations. It will be a constitutional matter, under section 78b of the judicial act, a case to be heard of both our Allodial Title, as well Torrens fee-tailed entailed title inheritance of my Wymarra/Mclaren family of land ownership. Which not many people on this continent would able to prove ownership on both sides of the 1901 federation.
    I have our Wymarra family tree predating federation, but this is a conversation should only be with our Wymarra Families, on the issue that was commented on this post, Jeanette I will confirm there is no exclusion from any of the Wymarra families as you have stated, we are asserting our birth right to land & Sea. You obviously haven’t chosen your words too carefully, fraudulent hey ? I suggest you submit your evidence against us in this high court constitutional case. I welcome all First Nation families to stick together on this issue, Unity in strength. Jeanette you choose to go against us? I am happy for you to contact me, I will enlighten you of our Wymarra family tree, to see with your own eyes the facts of whom is Great Grandmothers father, and also whom is her one and only son. You need to get your facts right and choose your words carefully if you are going enter into a deformation case of our apical ancestorey, I have the family tree have you ? I’ll even enlighten you of whom our Great great Grandfather Wymarra Wymarra and his children and children’s children and so on and so on, you say you have evidence of my so called Wymarra fraudulent family as imposters? I am Not sure where you are getting your information, you call our family fraudulent, you choose to go against and disrespect your own mob with these Cairns post comments, it’s the government that is trying to divide & conquer? same old government tactics, but You are entitled to keep assisting them Jeanette, bring your proof of fraudulent claim against our Wymarra families to the high court, standby the oppressors against us! Just history repeating itself!Jacky Jacky conspired with the same QLD State government against our Gudang/Yadhaykenu familyTribes, all written in history books, and encyclopaedias.
    Dear Editor you seem to Be encouraging and assisting in driving this disunity. There seems to be some confusion and the readers are unaware, when it comes First Nations history. This revolution started in 1770, this continuation of proving land & Sea boundary ownership, and still continuing today.
    Combine together families, also non indigenous supporters are encouraged to support First Nations Family/tribes on this continent, This is disappointing Jeannette learn to walk with us, I am inviting you, it is an obligation to our ancestors, our late old people, our families, where is the prestige? This is not about money or Prestige as you are the one that had mentioned it, if that’s the case then I encourage you to walk with us through this journey, just be prepared for the continuing battle that is still continuing for this modern day Obligations to our family and mobs, hope you have the strength that is needed and hope you have the tenacity, to keep going never give up.i hope you have the drive, I hope you have the determination to not surrender which this is our birth right obligations,
    contact me direct if you want because you and family have not been excluded, step up and assist in this journey if you want Jeanette, 100% obligation! if not then I’ll see you in the high court, I’ll stand by my family, our tribes, my people, us black fellers!

    Ps dear editor outside of my apical ancestry of this continent, I am also Scottish, and as well as Chinese decent,

    Gudang/Yadhaykenu forever Wymarra Wymarra we are still here! Untied Tribal Nations no retreat no surrender! Let’s Advance Australia

    Kind regards
    Alex Wymarra 👌🏾🌎💪🏾👍👌

  143. Hi Alex we are not too worried about internal clashes of the Wymarra clan, but we are greatly concerned the Chinese will move into Cape York one way or another. This planned foreign takeover especially by the untrustworthy and colonising Chinese nationals is opposed by 99 per cent of our readers and naturally most Queenslanders including Aborigines from elsewhere. Have you seen what is happening in Hong Kong and PNG? Why would members of your clan want to involve Chinese with communist ties in land holdings? The Qld Labor Government is full of communists and look where they have taken us. No Chinamen thanks. When will you look at the article which will give you your real ancestry. Editor

  144. Jeannette Oliver

    Well said Editor. China already owns: all of Australia’s Dams, Electricty, Farmlands (Cattle). Not to mention the Saudi Arabia Princess owns Cardwell. All these Totalitarian countries see us Murris (Aboriginals) as easy targets, just like West Papua and New Guinea. They don’t like black people.

    The current genocide of Western Papuans by Islamic Indonesia is horrific. Papua New Guinea is an Island of Gold & Diamonds. The largest Gold vein in the World runs from Horn Island under Thursday Island all the way up to New Guinea. China bought Barricks Gold Mine at Pogoro and employed their own people. The local village will suffer under China. It’s no wonder China wants to buy Cape York. They will then move into the Torres Strait Islands and look at getting their hands on the gold. Who knows! Our Government might sell the Torres Strait Islands to China for oil and gold.

    Forty Nine countries own Queensland. If us Murris think we are safe from these giants (Saudi Arabia, UAE & China) then we are living in a list Dreamtime. These countries don’t give a rats arse about us Aboriginals.

  145. Wow. Thanks for sharing your words Alex Wymarra. You appear to be a good speaker so a great candidate for your mob in Court, if that’s where it ends up. That’s awesome you have all your heritage history available to you. Good luck to you and your mob!

  146. Jeanette you should get a Pulitzer Prize for truthful reporting. Editor

  147. Sorry, but I work in the coal industry. I don’t get paid thousands. It’s a job. I use electricity, steel, plastics, fuel for my car, etc. That means I use coal. I am also indigenous as well as English heritage and I don’t like the way we rape our land ( As an AUSTRALIAN ) but can’t be a hypocrite The Chinese are here already. But a lot of companies are owned by Indians. How many of them are here with our $$ going there?

  148. The yellow perral didn’t work
    They couldn’t take us by force so now they are buying everything
    What is wrong with this government enough is enough get some BALLS!!!!!!!!

  149. Thanks Trish and everyone for your support too deadly 👌🏾🌎👌

    Kind regards
    Alex Wymarra

  150. What the hell are you politicians thinking, for Christ sake stop selling off our land to foreigners it is not your place to sell it,s belong to the Australian people.

  151. Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s right-hand man, Alex Hawke, who leads the Australian government’s contacts with the Pacific, says Australia is willing to work with China on high-quality infrastructure projects that won’t be Bring bad debts.

    Pacific and International Development Minister Hawke expressed sympathy for Australia’s business community in the region, which warned that Chinese companies are creating an unbalanced competitive environment by importing labor and operating according to different regulations.

    But Hawke said that Australia can cooperate with China. “We will build partnerships with China on infrastructure. (This) is not a problem, if it means higher quality infrastructure and debt, because if you have the right assets, it is a good debt.” He told Australian newspaper.

    “The worst result for Pacific island countries is that they are in debt, excessive debt, and infrastructure is not working properly. I think this is why Australia is a leader and trusted partner in this field.”

    “We are willing to work with China on infrastructure projects in health or education, which will bring huge benefits to partner countries.”

    Australia and China and Papua New Guinea have only established a trilateral partnership in the Pacific to improve malaria diagnosis through enhanced labour intelligence services and research.

    When asked if Australia has or is considering establishing other partnerships with China, government sources pointed out that Tonga has invested in renewable energy with New Zealand and the European Union in a project led by the Asian Development Bank.

    Hawke confirmed that the Morrison Government’s $2 billion so-called Pacific Bank will not lend to six countries because of the high risk of their deep debt.

    Although he does not have a public list, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) lists Tonga, Samoa, Tuvalu and Kiribati as high-risk countries. Hawke said: “The relationship with Australia is different. We are always in the interest of the Pacific countries. We are not acting for any other reason.”

    But Jonathan Pryke, director of the Pacific Islands Program at the Lowy Institute, said Australia will have to learn to get along with China in the Pacific. “The reality is that it is much harder to do than it is. The (malaria) project is indeed full of challenges and illustrates how difficult it is for Australia and China to work together.”

    In the past two days, this scenic spot in Australia has been crowded! It turns out that everyone is getting together!

    The biggest commercial espionage case in Australian history! Hua Nan steals tens of thousands of confidential documents and is fired

    The price of residential land in Australia is declining. Can house prices rise so high?

    Welcome to Country
    Advance Australia Fair

    Kind regards
    Alex Wymarra

  152. Well said Alex and at last you have enlisted a journalist to get your message out. Ed

  153. Thanks Editor, it’s also getting your message out 👌🏾🌎👌

    Kind regards
    Alex Wymarra

  154. the editor wrote>the most defining battle of WW2 which halted the Japanese invasion of north Australia…he refers to the Kokoda Campaign…The Japanese had no plans , no intentions of invading Aus. All Japanese reserves were at the time following the Battle of the Coral Sea , in which Aus was a spectator, sent to GUADALCANAL, to repel the American forces that had landed there to secure the airfield partialy built by the Japanese. Aus forces were aided by American troops in the later stages of the Kokoda campaign , and both fought within proximity to one another at Buna + Gona. By now , all the fuss re- Chinese buying Cape York leases has settled , and the land has been AGAIN , been given away , after having been gifted to local peoples complete with Pajinka Lodge stickers , and some advertising. Like everything , these ALLODIAL CUSTODIANS have been given another title deed after scaring the government into action , by threatening to SELL THEIR MOTHER EARTH…WHAT A BUNCH OF BASTARDS.

  155. Never ever should this if true be allowed
    How crazy are us Aussies
    Foreign take over over Australia by Stealth ☹️

  156. William Rickerby


  157. What is wrong with our elected no hopers it wont be long & we will not aussie but far southern china . What a bunch of gutless coniving bastards are not running our country & all pollies are the same look after themselves & stuff the country.

  158. we need to stop this and take a stand as Australians! This is OUR country and our precious elders country! Next thing you know Australia will be just as polluted as China!

    Bugger off you pests!

  159. Discraceful!

  160. The Federal can’t let this happen. Where will it end?
    Going to the tip is every 4×4 drivers dream if the Chinese get ownership they will close it off.

  161. I was the Coordinator of the Northern Peninsula Land and Sea Management Centre a few years ago. I did try to warn the indigenous people there about the potential trouble surrounding Chinese investors there, I will talk to them again soon

  162. This is f….. up. What the fk is wrong with this government who you white fellas voted in parliament. You are all pathetic, useless, disrespectful aresholes.

  163. Is that all you’re worried about? 4×4 driving. This is part of Australia, not part of your play park you wanker..

  164. Maurice Timanus

    No way, this cannot happen. We have all seen in recent years the spread of the Chinese influence, east of the China mainland. Let them visit as tourists BUT do not allow them to take anymore of our land.
    Come on Mr. Prime minister, stand up for the people of Australia NOW.

  165. Or charge $100 for every one of the estimated, annual 40,000 vehicles to visit the Tip. The Jardine ferry crossing per car costs $100, combined with local fuel charges of at least $1.80 to $2 or more per litre then a trip to the Tip becomes less attractive to tourists.Editor

  166. Let’s wake up to ourselves we don’t need Chinese ownership of our land or resources here in Aus – who says yes to these schemes should be looked up

  167. F….. Dogg government wake up Australia we are getting well and truly f…..

  168. If this happens it will be a travesty. So much for the aborigines believing they do not own the land but are passing through it. Apparently when it comes to money nothing is sacred to some. If it happens it will be another nail in the coffin of Australia.
    I am 1 of millions who deplore the way this govt is treating Australia and Australians.
    It will all come to roost at the next federal election. Goodbye liberals, hello minority party.

  169. If this happens it will be a travesty. So much for the aborigines believing they do not own the land but are passing through it. Apparently when it comes to money nothing is sacred to some. If it happens it will be another nail in the coffin of Australia.
    I am 1 of millions who deplore the way this govt is treating Australia and Australians.
    It will all come to roost at the next federal election. Goodbye liberals(or should were say Chinese liberals) hello minority party.

  170. Chinese should be told to pack their Woks & go back to where they came from. Can we go to China to buy up their land or assets. The answer is an unequivocal NO. That’s the answer they should be given by FIRB. No exceptions.

  171. Firstly, a note to racist butt hurt illegal occupiers – what Aboriginal people decide to do with Aboriginal Land is not your concern. Don’t you *think* you’ve benefited from the proceeds of the crime of illegal occupation for long enough. You really *think* this is your Land? You don’t have a Treaty or legal evidence base, so shush or shove off. Greedy and entitlement days are over. #Bye

  172. Australia not for SALE OR given away to Chinese to take over is against Australian people and not safe for Australian future security.

  173. What in the hell is the Tradional owners, the Local, State and Federal Government doing to stop this outrageous deal, this land belongs to the traditional owners who should keep this piece of pristine land for their people and their children to be able to carry on their traditions on this land also it will still allow Australians to visit The Tip of Cape York Pennisula because if the Chinese are allowed to buy this site the tradional owners and Australians will not be allowed to enter this area as it will be a NO GO AREA.
    The Chinese are getting to bed with the Papua New Guinea government along with the newly elected independent government of the island of Bouganville for the operation of the very rich mine which has 60 billion in gold reserves so I hope that this sale to the Chinese is blocked for the sake of the traditional owners and the security of Australia.
    If this land is sold, then those who are responsible should be arrested and charged for treason.

  174. Maurice Timanus

    I’d believe that no one wants anymore Chinese influence or ownership here in our country, so what are the local MP’s and Federal representatives doing about it? As I understand it, the area belongs to the indigenous people of that area, correct? If so even they do not have the right to sell.

  175. Dear Editor

    People need to get their facts correct when it comes to selling land, i maybe making an uneducated guess or maybe a true fact when I say that it’s the Non Indigenous that are the ones selling our lands.
    Ask any realestate agent, where does he get the land from to sell it, then where do they also get land from and so on and on. No matter if it’s locally sold or its off shore money?? Ask Whom sold a record sale in of $140miilion penthouse in Barraragoo in Sydney few months back? The same Barangaroo that is named after a First Nations worrier a Cammeraygal woman. I May be confused here but doing business with people out of this country? is it only an option for the non indigenous, eg selling Milk Companies? Farms?
    selling coal? mining? minerals? Water? food products, infrastructure? ect whether its the State Governments or their agents of non Indigenous privileged consortiums trading with off shore money from other countries Selling selling selling land, approvals, or products!!! That they have no proof of real ownership ??
    Facts need to be set right here Editor! so the readers are not being misled, it is discrimination is at its worst,,
    It has been stated by the Cairns News that someone is Selling land? you say you have the names whom is selling Pajinka land and also an Islander is assisting the delegation,?

    Ps, First Nations Mobs can not, and are not selling our Allodial lands, get the facts right

    Stay tuned readers to be enlightened of the real people that needs to be charged with Treason, and guess what it won’t be First Nations people, there are other local & international instruments we are utilising to build our future prosperity. Walk with us or get out of our way it’s your choice.

    Kind regards
    Alex WYMARRA

  176. Thanks Alex we have received notification that the Gudang PBC will not support the sale of the Tip to the Chinese or other foreign interests because there are ample funds available onshore to develop the proposed resort and keep it in Australian hands.Editor

  177. Thanks Editor, it’s obvious the readers have been misled! selling our lands ? yer right! It was stolen in the past don’t forget, Gudang/Yadhaykenu forever we are still here. Always was always will be Gugang /Yadhaykenu Land! And to all the Strong First Nations people out there in your beautiful Nations, Combine together the allodial way! also thank you to the non – descrimitive Australia’s for your support

    We rest our case!

    Kind regards
    Alex WYMARRA

  178. Dear Editor
    It would of being very interesting to see a First Nations person being charged with Treason,

    I can see why?
    Is it because, we blackfellers came over on the Ships, The Endeavour? & massacred the British in this country to claim this great Southern Land?
    WOW! us blackfellers betrayed our British Government and created the Queensland Government! New Holland, then New South Wales, ( the South of Wales) yer right hahahahaha and then State of Victoria and so on
    It would be interesting to see blackfellers being the ones charged with Treason?

    Statement of Evidence: My Allodial Rights; my signature of the this document, of claim, is to establish that I do possess land resources as my birth right.
    I as an individual, family and a Tribesmen are entitled to significant land to provide for my people, I shall apply this as an Allodial First Nations person of this Great Southern Land (Australia), the Rights to establish rules of access to my boundaries my family land, Tribal land, and resources, and I shall not be denied my rights to my land through actions of fraud or acts of war.
    My Allodial Rights are free from any radical interference, these rights pre-date the foreign British claim to land, the home invasion, that is well documented in this Continents history. As a citizen, vesting of Allodial tittle, and for the record for general proposes this conversation is accomplished by peaceful means


    From little things big things Grow,
    Advance the Great Southern Land Australia Fair 👌🏾🌎👌 Alex Wymarra

  179. Thanks Alex its just as well Australian troops kept the Japs out of Northern Australia or you wouldb’t be writing to the editor today. Editor

  180. Look – you, like all peoples unfortunate enough to be subjected to the British Empire have a legitimate gripe. But we, the incarcerated lower classes sent here also suffered at the same hands – we are all victims of the same evil.. I can’t see a way forward unless we all become Australians – because as most people don’t understand , the old enemy is the current enemy..

  181. Thanks Editor Robert , I enjoyed this whole journey of this conversation from the start to the Finish, I did mentioned earlier, the Japanese did not forge war on us blackfellers! Anyway I do thank my Great Great Grandfather WYMARRA WYMARRA for putting a pause on continuing Genoside that enables me to write to you today!

    Ps, thanks for your support pcwwp I totally agree, although this time with all due respect our terms & Conditions to be included! if we are to advance Australia Fair! as apposed to just only being used as a commodity, the ( indigenous industry )

    Kind regards
    Alex WYMARRA

  182. Seriously !! The Chinese have a large amount of unoccupied land in their own and surrounding countries. Why come here and take land that doesn’t belong to the idiot’s trying to sell it. The state of QLD was literally built from stolen wages in the first place. Australian government officials portray the fact that Australia is very diverse and prides themselves on humanitarian laws and foreign aid when they can’t even respect the traditional land owners, just like America with the native Americans. White people invented corruption and disease and the worst. Just look at people like Hitler.

  183. Brendon Wymarra

    kiss ass with the ‘assuming’ true facts… land and sea is us!

  184. China is buying our country and industries out from under us. Many of us are furious that our government is allowing this. All Aussies should be extremely worried about this!! IT HAS TO STOP NOW !

  185. Well said. 👍🏻 Totally agree. We are all Aussies together. We need to unite to stop this Chinese invasion by stealth!

  186. Neville Jamieson

    Why is it not possible for traditional land owners to own such a resort, and appoint a reputal resort management company. I know the answer, however, if the answer is money, then surely the correct decision would be to leave Cape York as it is. Be smart for a change, and take a look at big mistakes being made all over the world. Neville Jamieson

  187. This MUST be stopped immediately !!!!
    Short term gain for a few people, long term PAIN for ALL Australians !!!!
    POLITICIANS must ACT NOW to ensure this does not happen !
    What about a Royal Commission into Chinese current ownership of Australia ?

  1. Pingback: Rise Up Australia » AUSTRALIA NEEDS YOU (NOT CHINA)

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