Banks instruct Turnbull to have a ‘Claytons’ inquiry

Banks order the Member for Goldman Sachs, Mal Turnbull to knock up an inquiry for which they will provide the terms of reference

30 November 2017: KAP Federal Member for Kennedy Bob Katter today applauded the Turnbull Government’s endorsement of a Royal Commission into the banks, but warns that whilst this battle is won, the war will continue should the Government opt to uphold a 12 month review period and construct the review board from those within the finance industry.

Mr Katter, who was the first Member of Parliament to call for a Royal Commission into the banks in May 2015 and who introduced legislation in the Parliament earlier this year, labelled today’s announcement as ‘a great victory of the people of Australia’.

“This is a great victory for the ordinary Australians. Today my fellow Australians we have won. We have proved that we can win. The Government has been resistant almost to a point of bringing down their own Government against having a Royal Commission into the banks.

“Resistant to a point where the people had a great stroke of luck and the Liberal Party was one down in the Parliament and since they were one vote down, we could cease control of the Parliament and get through the Royal Commission into the banks.

“But the victory lies with those people that did not cop if from the banks but stood up and fought and fought and fought, and with the meagre resources they had they went into the courts and got slaughtered, constantly coming to people like myself and the crossbench –  together were able to get the victory today”

Katter pushes to have social jurist Tim Costello on the board of Turnbull’s proposed bank inquiry, ordered by the banks

“I had the very great honour of having drafted the legislation in conjunction with George Christensen; just two ordinary Australians. The leader of the Government is a banker and unfortunately for him, from Goldman Sachs whose history is checkered.

“This is where the second ball game arises. The Government only acted at the request of the banks. They ignored the majority of the Parliament, they ignored the majority (I suspect) of their own Party and they most certainly treated with contempt the view of the people of Australia. They only acted when they got their writing instructions from the banks and that is a terrible indictment of the Government.”

Mr Katter said that the substance behind the Royal Commission will come down to the composition of terms of reference of the inquiry and said that appointments to the Commission should be approved by the Parliament.

“We put in our legislation, that there will be three judges and three people from the community. We don’t want Caesar judging Caesar. We don’t want just anyone from the financial sector. On our list of names, we suggested Oliver Yates who has a banking background but has proved again and again what he thinks is the right thing and not just what the banks say is the right thing to do. These are the sort of people the people of Australia would trust to do the right thing.

“To my fellow Australians I say this; you have risen up, not given in and fought, you never gave up and you never gave in. You kept out there fighting and fighting. But I warn you, the man from Goldman Sachs is not going to be giving you the inquiry that you want.”


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One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. Indeed ..Turnbull has been knocked OFF HIS PERCH!~But like the Vicious Snake(side winder)will keep lurking to strike!
    I can only hope that Bill Shorten “keeps the B***DS honest” as deceased Don Chip used to say!
    He is slippery as his tongue…I am still waiting to read about his Dual Citizenship confession as his mother is Jewish and by decent ..ISRAELI CITIZENSHIP
    G H Brandis is another one German Parents…by decent German Citizenship!
    Another one Josh Freydenberg Jewish mother ..Jewish Citizenship!
    Time for a “CLEAN OUT THE SWAMP”


  2. This happened with the inquiry into Petrol prices. A mate of mine worked at the accc and he said that the terms of reference were so narrow that the inquiry had no room to come back with any other out come other than what they did

    Peter Schuback

    Sent from my iPad


  3. Kenneth-Clyde Ivory

    Treasurer’s Scott Morrison’s today 30.11.2017 appears he may have announced “A Claytons Style” of a Banking Royal COMMISSION INQUIRY.

    What most people may not know or realise is that for some month’s now the Banks main retained law firm KING & WOOD MALLESONS with common directorships of directors and people in staked and rigged regulative authorities have physically had their own internal law firm office set up within the “Treasurers Office” and another in the “Treasury”.

    Now does any realist really think that just over night there magically has appeared a Royal Commission of Inquiry “Terms of Reference”, that was not pre-prepared by premeditated deceit over the last few months to get an out come the Turnbull Cabinet Members want?

    I suspect it may be found that all was most likely premeditated and pre-designed to achieve ultimately a finding to the effect that the Main Banks have no really serious cases to answer.

    Thereby KWM formerly Mallesons Stephen Jacques are still SHADOW DIRECTING the Commonwealth Government and the Prime Minister. The head of Malcolm Turnbull’s failed Republican Movement in Melbourne in 1999 was a MSJ Partner STEPHEN JOHN MEAD.

    I have found there is AN ELEMENT OF SCANDAL where ever KWM partners are involved as has been my personal experiences for the last twenty four (24) years. MSJ-KWM to me are proven experts in getting special judicial favours in exchange for retainer bribes paid to State of Queensland dual income officer who was a QC now a High Court Judge to do so and to also get retainer bribes paid to protect directors of Banks from getting indicted in 2004 via other dual hat competing dual income directorships.

    Let’s get these outlined facts before the ROYAL COMMISSIONER to test their so called independent honesty & integrity. If any “Terms of Reference” are broad enough to do so or to get past their chosen “Gate Keeps” who minders opinions do usually conflict with the peoples.


  4. Re Turnbull’s strong reluctance to hold a Royal Commission into the said wrong doings of Banks, the way I see it the following would apply –
    What is considered aiding and abetting?
    A person charged with aiding and abetting or accessory is usually not present when the crime itself is committed, but he or she has knowledge of the crime before or after the fact, and may assist in its commission through advice, actions, or financial support.
    What is the penalty for accessory after the fact?
    Someone who assists another 1) who has committed a felony, 2) after the person has committed the felony, 3) with knowledge that the person committed the felony, and 4) with the intent to help the person avoid arrest or punishment. An accessory after the fact may be held liable for, inter alia, obstruction of justice.


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