Petition to ban chemtrails world wide

Petition to  ban chemtrails

Chemtrails photographed over the Cairns hinterland


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Patriot activist publishing information to Australians government do not want known

Posted on June 3, 2017, in chemtrails, Corporate Government, Corporate policy and tagged . Bookmark the permalink. 3 Comments.

  1. There is no telling how bad they are messing up the world. The U.N. is after control. Control the weather then you can control the food, then you will be able to control the People.

  2. Chemtrails will never be banned as they, in the very near future are to be used to force vaccinate every Australian and probably microchip everyone as well. But vaccination is definitely on the agenda. They, Chemtrails are the best way of forcing Fluoride, a Class H-6 poison, into every Australian. They are doing the same everywhere else. I would like to see it banned, but I am sure they will never stop it!

  3. Next: A petition to ban bunyips.

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