By Arley Steinhour

Over my years of longevity,
I thought Australia just might be,
Down Under, where, Freedom Rules,
And Folks, ‘up over,’ were the Fools

To, take in Refugees, that want to Kill,
Any and all, that won’t take ‘Bitter Pill,’
Subscribing to Satan, called ‘Refugee,’
Who’d pillage and plunder, out-back for free.


Christian, or not, all be a target,
Conversion, or Death, like at the Market,
They’ll Shiver your Timbers, take down your Sail,
Without guns or ammunition, you can only Wail.

You’d kiss Eternity, good-bye in a flash,
Taking their ‘Mark,’ plus giving some cash,
Then they would have you, your Soul quite dead,
For throwing it away, from Jesus, Eternities, Head.

Remember, your heritage, from the Condemned,
Turn to Lord, Jesus, and your Sins, He’ll Amend,
Repent your ways, and Accept His Redemption,
Your Sin-life erased, as His Just, Compensation.

The Time is quite short, before our Departure,
In Twinkle of eye, Gone, like Arrow from Archer,
High, into the Sky, to Find Jesus Awaiting,
Arms Open, to Hug, without any Debating.