Worried about unlawful drones hovering over your property?

Get a permit to remove ’em:



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  1. I saw one fly 100 ft above my head while walking up a hill from town….and it flew over me then about 1.5km over downtown……if it did not have the red light on it, I would not have seen it. Imaginbe what criminals and police/government could do with these? What happens when the battery power becomes so great they can fly 24 hours a day? Do we want these flying all over our heads recording everything? Imagine the FINES they could issue…..and that will be the driving force behind it all.

  2. Mike…have a look at the New World Order agenda on the Web.It will answer your question.Our government is controlled by them. (The UN is part of it)

  3. The legal maxim is: “When someone owns land, they own everything above it to an indefinite height and everything below it to an indefinite depth” Therefore, a drone flying over your property is yours to do with it as you want. If you fly a drone over someone else’s property, then you must first get a permit from the owner – otherwise, they can do with it as they want.

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