by John Koehler

John is a Theologian and political commentator

Moon God

From a Christian perspective we daily observe the absurdity of so called “western leaders”, expressing their dhimmitude to the moon god cult, Islam by making excuses for the murderous attacks of followers of the cult. The usual nonsense prattled by our “leaders”, blames the victims for not intergrading these “poor people” into our society.

We heard this ad nausea after the Paris and Belgium attacks. The moon god people suck upon the public purse for welfare at the same time producing another generation of our executioners. No one in the world but the West would allow such an outrage. And no nation on earth but the Christian West has been targeted for destruction in such a fashion.


We in the West are almost universally led by an eclectic coterie of apostate Christians, complete Masonic occultists or devotees of Darwinian monkey fables, masquerading as “science”, with no good man in sight. This is prophesied in God’s Word in Revelation Chapter 17 verse 13-14. The one thing, this motley lot have in common is their hatred of Christ. These fools are no match for the dedicated believers of the moon god cult.

It is ludicrous for anyone to expect our apostate “leaders” and followers of the monkey fables and the rest of the Christ haters to solve anything. Their very apostasy is viewed with total contempt by the moon god people and their “charity” and the humanistic concern of our “Compassionates” is viewed as ‘owed dhimmitude” because we fear them. I have been told this many times by the moon people.

Only a theological approach offers any hope for the future of the West. Interestingly the people behind our so called leaders have created multi cultural “hate” laws to prevent this very approach. However all these  pretend and purported “laws”, are void as none have, or ever could have, Royal Assent. Her Majesty’s Coronation Oath precludes Her from giving legal legitimacy to any anti-Christian or anti Biblical law. This is what is behind the Republican push. All the Christ haters are gathered behind this banner. Why is the Muslim cult “holy book” the Koran allowed into our Parliament? Is this Treason?

Racism is wrong and to kill your enemies is murder. The culture of freedom, we have inherited, is a consequence and reward for serving the real God. We are slowly losing it as we rebel. The death and destruction these refugees are fleeing is a direct consequence of their following the moon god.

We may take real refugees into our midst but on our terms. These people are fleeing from the consequence of their rejection of the one Living God and indulging in submitting themselves to the demons behind the cult of the crescent moon. Why should we allow them to bring this utter evil with them into our Nation and expect peace?

Are those who facilitate this, part of a fifth column? Before granting entry to these people we should require conversion to Christ and Baptism. Can you imagine how our home grown Christ haters would view this? Why would any sane nation allow this Trojan Horse within its walls? Why would any legitimate refugee, fleeing from the consequences of the destruction brought about by the moon god cult, object to Baptism. Or even our home grown acolytes for that matter. If they still haven’t learnt their lesson, shouldn’t we show them the gate.

Now let us look at what the God of the Bible has to say about the moon god cult. The manual of the cult contains many brutal and murderous warnings about what should happen to its followers if they ever stray or even question its conflicting ramblings. This poses huge problems for the deluded faithful.

Their manual recognizes the Prophets of the Old Testament and even admits that Christ is a Prophet, it also says that a Prophet can’t lie. It also allows mooners to lie in order to deceive and destroy the “Infidel”.  However let’s see what God, in the Bible, through his Prophets had to say about the moon cult. The Prophet Daniel, circa (B.C. 590). In Chapter 8, Foretold that Jerusalem would suffer under three further “desolating abominations” before the final return of Christ the Messiah.

The first was the Greek army under Antiochus Epiphanes (called the ‘Madman”). The second was the Roman occupation which led to the destruction of the temple in A.D.70. The third and last, was the Ottoman, moon god followers, who prevented any of the Jews from returning to their land. Daniel called these “abominations which make desolate.” So this is God’s description of the cult. For total proof that this is what God was referring to look at Daniel Chapter 12 verse 12. Blessed and happy is he who waits and comes to the 1335 days.

Throughout the Bible, God uses a code of days for years. What happened to Jerusalem and Israel in the year A.D. 1335? Nothing.  But in the moon god cult’s year, Anno Hegira 1335. Which is our year 1917 British army commander, General Allenby drove the Turks out of Jerusalem. This led to the return of the Jews to their homeland after almost 1900 years. Blessed indeed was Israel. Allenby ended the third “abomination of desolation”. No better description of the moon cult could be given considering its bloody history. Remember the prophets can’t lie and for this event to be prophesied close to 2300 years before it happened establishes the real God’s identity.

Not only this, but in the Prophet Haggi. (Circa B.C.536).  Chapter 2 verse 18-19. “Consider this; from this Day, the 24 day of the 9th Month, I shall bless you”. The rebuilding of the Jerusalem Temple began after the Babylonian captivity on that day. On the 24 day of the 9th month of the Jewish calendar, Judas Maccabaeas, drove the Greek abomination out of Jerusalem. This is still celebrated in the festival of Chanukka by Jews. On this same day in 1917, Allenby’s army entered Jerusalem, ending the third desolating abomination of the mooners.

Moon god followers should remember that true Prophets can’t be wrong. Your cult is called an “abomination of desolation”. This is Gods description, not mine. Repent while you can. This description is appropriate when we see the rivers of innocent blood shed by this evil cult since its inception.

How can strapping on a suicide vest and murdering lots of innocent men, women and little children get anyone into Heaven? This is nothing more than self deception. If the moon god holds the door of paradise open to murderers, what sort of paradise does he have in store? Dehumanizing the victims by calling them Infidels is nothing more than self deception, a demonic delusion, the monkey myth people aren’t a lot better with their killing of the unborn. Christ commands us to Love our enemies and do good to them, not murder them. The capacity for fallen humanity to practice self deception appears unlimited.

Christ, who is recognized in the moon worshipers manual as a Prophet has more to say than Daniel about the fate of these poor deluded people. In Revelation Chapter 20 verse 10 he reveals the final end of these deluded cult followers. He says that” the followers of the False prophet shall be cast into the Lake that burns with Fire along with the followers of the Beast, where they shall be tormented day and night, for ever and ever”. The first “Beast” was the pagan Roman Empire and obviously that has had several incarnations, right up to the so called Western Alliance of today, which is run by occultic Masonic Christ haters and  Jesuit agents of the old Satanic families of Europe.

Today this self styled “Prophet” of the moon cult would either go to jail or flee to the Vatican. He “married” his second “wife” Aiesha when the girl was 6 years old and is reported to have consummated the “marriage” when the poor little girl was 9 years old. Life in jail ought to be mandated for such monsters. No decent human being could say otherwise. There are no excuses possible.

These are just some of the reasons why Christian Europe fought and expelled the moon cult from its shores under the Spanish Queen. The fifth column has brought them back into our midst. Beware. Eventually expulsion or conversion, are the only possible solutions. Their manual demands not “multi culturalism, but conquest of the world. There can be no compromise with the desolating abomination.

Regardless of what the politically correct Compassionistas say, the so called moon cult extremists who put this into practice aren’t extremists but are obedient to their manual. The rest are regarded as heretics.

The Bible contains a prophesy from the patriarch Abraham, concerning the Arab nation which he was the forefather of, through his illegitimate son Ishmael. He foretold “ Ishmael shall be as a wild ass upon the hills, and every man’s hand shall be against his own brother” How true. Not surprising that they fell into the degrading moon cult.

Obviously, at some distant time in the past, a large meteorite fell onto some camel jockey’s camp on a new moon night, no doubt causing some serious collateral damage. This started a cult religion. Later on, the old Sanhedrin upgraded this cult and hired it a mercenary army to use against the Christians.

After the remake, Lunatics were required  at least once in their lives, to swirl anti clockwise seven times around this meteorite in order to be saved. Self deception and pagan ritual go hand in hand. Sincerity isn’t any excuse. The constant killings, between the four main subdivisions of the cult, is only a demarcation dispute between the demons which invigorate this abomination.

Christ said  “ I am the way the truth and the light, no one comes to the Father but by Me”. If you are a moon god follower please repent before it is too late.

In the west the biggest enemy is our Fifth Column.

The Greens support mass immigration of Muslims and along with the other Compassionisters are the real fifth column in this country.

The fall of Constantinople to the moon cult and the effort of the Fifth column in bringing about this disaster is necessary study for all Australians. History repeats itself.