Budget allows big tax deductions for Sharia finance and Sharia law follows

Allan Jones tips the bucket on a sneaky clause in the Federal Budget allowing Arab money to enter Australia to buy public infrastructure and get a big tax deduction on profits. This is the result of Liberal and Labor free marketing and deregulation and Australia loses its last vestige of sovereignty. Following Sharia finance is Sharia law.

Future Middle Eastern Investment (Shariah Law)


Link: https://s3.amazonaws.com/webstore.2gb.com/audio/misc/201605/10-alan-jones-comments—10th-may-2.mp3

About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. Ingrid Wescombe-Down

    Scarey…. Why is all of this done under wraps…Why don’t we hear about this before its finalized. How can we allow politicians to sell off our Country without our permission? We are supposed to live in a democracy…. This is not what I voted for! I will NOT vote for any major party.

  2. I for one am sick of our government selling off our assets because we are so far in debt that they’d rather sell of and sell out those things which made this country profitable. The farmers who produce our crops, herds and resources. ..the Australian citizens who toiled and bled for our freedom and prosperity…the future relies on us being self sufficient and we are going in the opposite direction of just that.
    Support OUR farmers, buy OUR home grown products, demand Australian values be upheld by our government and help given to help finance home grown businesses where the jobs and money stay here to be re-invested.
    We do NOT want to support anything to do with sharia investments whether it be religious, political or educational…it is not in the best interest for Australians or our future to continue to accept this scam as a positive, it belongs out of any western decissions concerning national security. Let Australians vote on what we can buy or sell!

  3. That is APPALLING … both Turdbull and Shorterm should be out in jail …

  4. Dale Marshall

    Absolutely disgraceful!! We are being lead down the same road as much of the UK.

  5. Helen Clinnick

    I think it is all too late now. We were warned a number of years ago on the Alan Jones breakfast show that we had five years to do something to protect our country from all that is happening now, it seems no one was listening!

  6. michael mazur

    ‘and get a big tax deduction on profits’. What does that mean exactly ?! I thought expenses were allowed as a tax deduction, but profits augmented by a grant from the taxpayers ??

    Suppose the company makes $1,000,000 net profit, instead of the company retaining, say, $700,000 after 30% tax, the company is given by the taxpayer $300,000 to augment the $1,000,000 net to a retained $1,300,000 ?

    Is that it ?

  7. Greedy politicians, they are selling us out, we have to do something to stop them or there is not going to be a free Australia for our children

  8. This is going to require a very large war-a world war. Muslims and liberals are attempting to take over the entire world, and the loud, very vocal minorities are pushing the envelope on this. These are insanity driven, dependency minded, leeches who do anything and everything, to depend on handouts from the working class tax payers. I and many others, resent this abusive invading mooches thar refuse to work and pull their own weight and I, along with millions upon millions of Americans reject the flood of hanger-onners being trusted on us, from all over the earth. Obama and his cronies in government, along with the Muslim factions infiltrating our country, are all responsible for such appalling actions by these treasonous politicians and this fraudulent president’s executive orders, that fly in the face of our Constitution. We, the people of the United States of America, MUST STAND WITH TRUMP, or the other side will finish us off.

  9. Thanks Leo we support Trump in Oz. He has an equivalent politician in Australia who seems to support many of Trumps policies. Bob Katter is a no nonsense speaker with a great determination to save what is left of Australia Inc, which is a company listed on the Washington DC stock exchange. Our Constitution has been trashed by the political party corporations, in the same manner as yours.Regards Editor

  10. Have the Politician’s gone crazy? Can’t they see what they are doing to our beautiful Country and our people!!! Maybe the Politician’s should go and live in the countries that have Sharia Law and see what it is like……no that’s right….they wouldn’t let them live in their country!!!

  11. Who are we suppose to vote for and how do ws geg katter into the priminister job

  12. Hi Craig we would like to see Bob Katter the elder of the Australian Parliament as Prime Minister too, but the Murdoch/Fairfax/Liberal/Labor, big end of town alliance would move heaven and earth to ensure this did not happen. As it is his excellent team of candidates for Queensland and NSW are having enough trouble getting newspaper coverage.Editor

  13. Chris hanley

    That’s for sure Allan! This needs to stop! Don’t want their money!!!!

  14. Sharyon Skontra

    Sly underhanded bastards selling us down the river.Neither of you two corrupt parties will get my core.Time to stop the rot and oust these two.

  15. Well if the current govt want to support any part of islam or sharia law ,when they get out voted this yr they mite wonder why .
    This is australia ,,,not the middle east .

  16. I’m voting Pauline’s One Nation. She’s been around for a long time, has the countries interests at heart, is loyal and hard working. She may not be as “slick” and “eloquent” as the new party which has been around for 5 minutes; but my research tells me she is far more honest and sincere than the “new kids on the block!

  17. Alan Jones is the most bigotted person in Australia. The changes allow the structure of the Sharia loan to be treated the same way as a normal loan by you or I, no more and no less.

    Even if they did allow the loans to have special privilege how does that equate to changing our laws to be Sharia laws, you idiots needs to remove your head from your arse and stick it in a bucket.

  18. Harry jump onto the 2GB talk back show and tell Alan. That will be interesting. Ed

  19. Harry Phillips….what a joke you are….YOU need to take YOUR head out of the sand and smell the roses…I think your real name is Mohammad Jihadi…

  20. You posted it, you defend it. Tell us all how allowing the Sharia loans to be treated the same as normal loans will lead to us living sharia laws. Here I will start the steps for you:

    1. Sharia loans are treated the same way as normal investment loans

    Good luck.

  21. Got any evidence to go with your paranoia?

  22. Carmen Bray.

    I agree with your comment and very sad to have some people like Harry Phillips living among US Australians – HE – Mohamed Jihadi – is typical person who goes to a Bank that deals with Sharia Law WHICH ARE NOT TREATED THE SAME WAY AS NORMAL INVESTMENT LOANS. Alan Jones IS RIGHT. Harry Phillips IS WRONG.

  23. Harry Phillips, fake name. I suppose it’s better than John Smith. These Moslems will do ANYTHING to rule the world! What a tosser!

  24. Australians will not cop fire breathing dragons either. Why stop at Sharia Law?

    I should listen to Alan Jones a lot more, I didn’t realize I was so unaccustomed to such paranoid insane rantings.

  25. Thanks Harry, we will send your comments to 2GB. There they can assure you the radio station does exist and Alan’s broadcast does originate from Earth.Ed

  26. tuxcomputers

    Ahh no, that is my name the one on my birth certificate and the one I have been using for the last 46 years.

  27. tuxcomputers

    Ummm….. what? It is not me with the delusions of things that do not exist.

    There is no threat of Sharia law and the fact that you can’t back up any claims of such is telling.

  28. tuxcomputers

    Wait, what? So what stops me being Australian? Even if I was a Muslim (I am an atheist) that doe snot mean Australian and Muslim are mutually exclusive, a single person can be both.

  29. Oh here’s another lefty troll….haha “Ben”…..commonly known as Armad Bin Laden

  30. hey harry how much did they pay you to say that .. now I’m not a fan of Alan Jones but why would he lie he has nothing to gain.. you say nothing about your qualification and or where you get your info from..but what we do know about Mr Jones is he tells it the way it is ..and has no reason to make this SHIT UP. that’s happening all around the world ..something big is in the pipeline and we the people are BEING in the dark about as to WHY are all governments WORLD WIDE panning to the Muslims and we don’t need Mr Jones to tell us that we can see it for our self’s by way of video footage on our social media NOT from our NEWS eighter by radio or t.v .. BY THE END OF NOVEMBER 2016 WATCH THE SHIT WILL HIT THE FAN stating with the USA and OBAMA AND THE CLINTON’S AND THE NEW WORLD ORDER THING .. NOW A QUESTION FOR MR JONES WHAT WOULD HAPPEN IF WE ALL DID NOT VOTE .. WOULD IT REMAIN AS IS ..?? you should be telling / letting us the people how to vote inorder to STOP THIS.. your silence means to little to late…for we the people ..


    is why the establishment want the Clintons back in the white house !!..all part of the establishments great plan for we the people !!
    because what happens there will have the domino effect around the world !! OBAMA will call MARTIAL LAW before they let MR TRUMP BECOME PRESIDENT !!..
    to which we the people are being kept in the dark about.
    we should thank god for men like Mr. Jones as he has nothing to gain by telling us just what the truth is and just what is happening in and around us !!
    if we care to listen !!
    id like him to tell / let us know which way to vote and who this year to get the best results for we the Australian people as this year is a very important year to vote..if not then we sit back and watch the Muslim SHIT HIT BIG TIME AS THEY HAVE 8+YEARS OF BRING THERE ARMY OF YOUNG FIGHTING MEN BY THE THOUSANDS INTO COUNTIES AROUND THE WORLD.WHO HAVE GIVEN THEM ASYLIMIN
    And we see what they have done and are still doing but we get silence from all news outlets.


  32. Hi Tuxy just dial Jonesy at 2GB and tell him you love Sharia Law and see how far you get!Ed

  33. And we knew this would happen eventually

  34. Me either, and I think there are a ground swell of us….we have had enough….we have to speak up through our vote, by voting Independents

  35. Dallas, you hit the nail on the head by mentioning New World Order…. All of you who ask, why our Governments are pandering to the Muslims etc….google NEW WORLD ORDER OR ONE WORLD ORDER,and you will have your answers to your question….its all coming to pass.

  36. why dont we get the chance to vote on these decisions???? how come the politicians have changed our constitution without our consent>> we didnt vote for a change to it and by doing this we have allowed it to happen… look at our constitution and read where it says there shall be no other law allowed to operate in this country.. also no muslims to enter parliament …so when did these things alter??? o read the original documents and see for yourself

  37. Debbie Carter

    Sharia Law my arse
    No Australians want Sharia Law zero Australians require the disgusting teachings Australian Govt stop kissing Muslim arses turn on your TV and open your F….. eyes
    Remove their machetes and the Burquas before they turn on You Malcolm Turncoat
    Yes I’m angry I’ve no Trust, no Faith in our Australian Govt

  38. They got your permission when you voted for them!

  39. So they get a heads up in life compared to the rest of us why ? If this is true I will get my whole family to convert just for interest free loans. And that will be the only part of Islam we follow.

  40. Are you a lefty ??? Anything to do with sharia is bad you don’t have to know all the intricacy of it to know it will bite us in the ass one day. Maybe you should get your head out of the sand.

  41. The likes of Keating Howard and Turnbull should be thrown in prison for treason for what they have done to the country.
    We have a government that thrives on corruption and trickery.Hopefully when our children grow up to find there is nothing left these 3 old men are dragged out of nursing homes to meet the same fate as Musulini.

  42. Is this Australia, or have we been sold out to one these shit Arab Countries.Why are the Australian Government selling there own people out to foreign Countries if they are.All these consecutive Governments should be had up for Treason, to the Australian people.Turnbull is selling our Country out to China.This should be the last straw, the Australian people should be taking note of this and now standing together telling this Federal Government enough is enough.Australia and Australian come first The government wants to remember you are voted in by the Australian People, in other words you are servants too the Australian people and they come first before anything else and that is even before your Egos.So start working for the Australian people first and Australia

  43. There will be rioting in the streets, on the beaches, in the parks, in the subways, in the cities and country towns . . . And we won’t surrender

  44. Raymond Campana

    If they told you what they are doing ,you would be able to fight it !!!!!

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