Whistleblower David Walter being persecuted for court costs, unpaid rates across QLD

CALLING ALL PATRIOTS TO TRAVEL TO HERBERTON IN FAR NORTH QLD – urgent unlawful State Government seizure of house and land. David Walter needs 1000 able men prepared to help prevent the unlawful seizure of his property by Queensland Inc.

Buses will be organised to depart from Cairns on a daily basis. Those travelling by car can go to Atherton then Herberton and on to Watsonville. Please email cairnsnews@hotmail.com for a detailed road map and more instructions.

from Robert J Lee in Brisbane


David Walter

It is with great anger Cairns News has to put out a call for all patriots to help stop whistleblower David Walter from being tossed out of his home at any time from today.

He has already been visited by the thought police, no doubt at the request of dodgy judges and their even dodgier receivers, to ‘assess’ his mental state.

David Walter (above), is a retired police prosecutor and has spent the last decade and a lot of his own money exposing the corporatisation of every ‘government’ and every government department in Australia. Each one including the courts has its own ABN number because its sole purpose is to act as a political party corporation to earn income. He says the Queen (Crown) was removed from Queensland in 1991 by the Labor Party.

“The Supreme Court of Queensland not being of the Commonwealth being an entity or Trading entity known as Great Bigfoot and Mena Collection has no authority of the Crown,  it is a Statutory Corporation  ( no people no equity)registered in United States of America and held to Civil law of that Nation,” he said.

He has assisted dozens of hapless landowners who have been tossed off their land in a concerted corporate land grab assisted by the State and Federal Government and their compliant judges sitting in corporate courts.


Click on picture above to read full document

A Supreme Court judge ordered Walter be evicted because of alleged, accumulated unpaid court costs from the corporate courts of Queensland Inc.

This judge, according to David Walter, knew she was contravening the Commonwealth Constitution of Australia Act 1900 by saddling him with unpaid Local Government rates bills and court costs for cases WHICH HE DID NOT ATTEND.

He was made a party to the court actions brought against the State Government and shire councils by various plaintiffs across the state arguing against rates levies and unlawful fines for alleged illegal ‘tree clearing,’ some cases going back many years.

It seems the only ground on which to base this callous action was that Walter had prepared the legal argument. He says in many cases plaintiffs used only a part of his or in many cases their own arguments after talking to him on the phone.

On most occasions he did not attend any of the courts, particularly in Mackay where the City Council has prosecuted him for costs.

He said he was 1000 klm away when the court action occurred.

Walter says the costs being heaped upon him by the courts is unprecedented, and is a reflection of the extremely poor performance of the legal fraternity and the extent to which it has been corrupted.

He said the Law Society and Bar Association disliked him so much they sought an order from a compliant judge to prevent him from entering any Queensland courthouse, event to defend himself against this spurious action, with an immediate two year jail term hanging over his head.


Peter Beattie, former Labor Premier, allegedly is one of the most corrupt politicians in Queensland in recent years

If Queensland Inc is allowed to get away with this outrageous asset stripping of a whistleblower, the people of this State are doomed to another generation of slavery and fascism by political party corporations. The Crown has long been dispossessed. Just ask former Labor Premier Peter Beattie, who orchestrated the terrible Constitutional mess this State is now in.

(for a list of all corporate judicial officers, Mackay Regional Council councillors, their legal representatives and receivers involved in this unprecedented case contact cairnsnews@hotmail.com  ) David Walter can be contacted on 07 40963009

About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. Dear Cairns News,
    COURTS are where Justice is administered…..not at the farm gate…not in the streets and pubs. Presently, the courts are held by the people’s enemies, the banks and the judges. Out of these enemy encampments come orders which their henchmen enforce. Sooooo, you prevent those orders being issued by occupying those courts and returning them to the common people who will issue their lawful judgments. The police and sheriffs will then follow orders for the peace, order and good government of the Commonwealth, as they should. Therefore, focus on the source of the evil…it is coming out of our courts…our courts! David Walter is doing it right. He is challenging their jurisdiction. We are letting him down by not standing with him where he is fighting…in court.
    Yours sincerely,
    John Wilson.


  2. @mark andrew of the (Bates) family: > Absolutely agree about your private club statement. The men in black robes need to be made redundant along with their BAR mates & those in parliament who claim they have a degree in law. Beattie threw out Qld’s original constitution, rewrote it and claimed it to be HIS law/constitution WITHOUT putting it to a referendum. A totally UNLAWFUL act, but he got away with it because there is no lower house in our Qld govt and the teaching of our Fed & State constitutions was removed from our schools/educational facilities many, many years ago. If I am wrong, please correct me. As to David’s predicament, according to our constitution, he has the inalienable right to a TRIAL BY A JURY OF HIS PEERS (common law court?) Kangaroo Courts were outlawed back in the 1600’s and NO so-called judge has the right to rule over ANYONE in OUR public courtrooms. That is my understanding of how the law of the land should be applied.


  3. mark andrew of the (Bates) family

    I will be gob smacked if those who have been summonsed to appear will make a show. They have the arrogance of an army of men, and lawyers most to boot. It’s a private club of which rules are made by them for only their benefit and their china plates..


  4. The ongoing scandal over the NSW government’s plan to shut down the entire greyhound racing industry is raising questions Mike Baird would not like asked….

    You are welcome to publish this report if you wish, with attribution to CIRNow (formerly RestoreAustralia).


    Cheers! Mike Holt *No matter how many goals you have achieved, always set your sights on a higher one* Mobile (Australia): +61 412 677 223

    On Thu, Mar 31, 2016 at 3:20 PM, cairnsnews.org wrote:

    > cairnsnews posted: “CALLING ALL PATRIOTS TO TRAVEL TO HERBERTON IN FAR > NORTH QLD – urgent unlawful State Government seizure of house and land. > David Walter needs 1000 able men prepared to help prevent the unlawful > seizure of his property by Queensland Inc. Buses will be o” >


  5. I see we are reverting to the BLIGH ERA , NOT PREMIER BLIGH , GOVNER BLIGH


  6. OHH Papa pop Do you really think the Fitzgerald enquiry cleaned up the corruption in the Queensland police force and Government ?. I am living overseas because of what I know .If I had stayed in Queensland I would be a dead man now .


  7. There is no doubt Pappa Pop your comments have made the silliest slot of the month. Those of us who live in the bush surrounded by the harmony of nature still maintain an awareness of what goes on about them. Unfortunately your antennae like many city dwellers has been damaged simply by being an urbanite.
    Television propaganda, subliminal suggestions, WiFi, smart meters, cell phones usage, cell towers, HV power lines, dangerous motor vehicle emissions, chemicals, polluted water, billboards, computer haze, ad infinitum have drained the mind of creative thought. Absolute lies told by corporate party politicians and the mass media has programmed people such as yourself to become lost, as a soul and devoid of Christianity. We don’t blame you it is just that you don’t know it has happened. Have a break and take stock of your surrounds. Thanks you for your comments, albeit skewed.Editor


  8. It speaks volumes that this website publishes articles about a bloke who has just had his mental state “assessed” (as stated in the article).

    I guess the beauty of free speech is that everyone has the opportunity to speak, even those that have so little between the ears that they would likely have an IQ lower than the average greens supporter.

    If those taking the land are so “unlawful” then Mr Walter would call his fellow coppers.

    Albeit, the only conclusion available is the daylight obvious. Mr Walter is not entitled to be on the land, and he needs to be removed from it.

    I hope Mr Walter has made alternative arrangements for his future accomodation.


  9. back to 1938 again


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