Trump: Fellow Republicans are ‘jealous as h-ll’ of Putin’s praise | 19 Dec 2015 | Republican donald-trumppresidential candidate Donald Trump said Saturday that anyone who criticizes the warm compliments he has swapped with Russian President Vladimir Putin is simply “jealous as h-ll.” Trump has maintained that Russia could be a powerful partner for the United States — and one that could help the country save some money. “You know, he feels good about me. I feel, frankly, good about him. I think that we can do things with Russia that are to our advantage…It’s a mutual advantage,” Trump said during a rally in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, on Saturday afternoon. “Now, they’re jealous as h-ll because he’s not mentioning these people. He’s not going to mention them, so they’re jealous as h-ll. So a couple of them came out with: ‘Oh, well, you don’t want to be friends.’ Oh no, we don’t want to be friends. No, we want to spend another five trillion dollars continuing to fight…”