M60 rapid fire rifle amazing video

M60 model E4 fires over 800 rounds in under a minute and a half with one trigger pull. Check out this video.

M60 rapid fire rifle

Click on the picture to view – will take a few seconds top load

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  1. It is not a “rifle”, it is a GPMG (General Purpose Machine Gun), gas operated, disintegrating link fed, 7.62mm RIMLESS NATO. It fires from the open breach position, can be fired by one man but is actually a crew served weapon with a crew of two when fired from the bipod and crew of three when fired from the tripod in the indirect fire mode. A little more attention to detail folks.

  2. Thank you for recognizing our omission. Indeed it could be called a machine gun. This story was posted by a Vietnam Veteran, albeit a Huey pilot, who reckons they could have won the war in those days if they had one of these weapons.

  3. Not “could be called” it *is* a GPMG. My response was written by a former Rifleman and Assault Pioneer. This is my bread and butter.

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