Refugee children make death threats to Rockhampton teachers

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Liberal MP Ewen Jones defies public opposition and demands 50,000 refugees of unknown origin

GOVERMENT whip Andrew Nikolic fears some of his federal parliamentary colleagues are trying to “out-compassion” each other on refugee intakes in the wake of Syria’s humanitarian crisis.

“What we need to do is act on the basis of evidence, not throw figures out there,” the Liberal MP said today. Any final decision on how to help refugees should be bipartisan, he added.

His comments come after Liberal senator Cory Bernardi told parliament yesterday the refugee crisis in Europe was becoming an “opportunistic cycle” that was masking the true humanitarian need of persecuted Syrians.

The outspoken senator accused Greens leader Richard Di Natale of using the image of a drowned Syrian toddler to evoke emotion.

Senator Bernardi is concerned about a growing trade in fake Syrian passports and Pakistanis ditching their documents and pretending to be from the war-ravaged nation.

“Of course there is a problem, but you cannot just open your borders and allow any number of people come through without the checks,” he said.

Senator Di Natale says Prime Minister Tony Abbott is effectively “turning his back” on some of the world’s most vulnerable.

“Even if Mr Abbott agreed to fast-track the three-year increase in the humanitarian intake from 13,750 to 18,750 it wouldn’t be enough, he told ABC radio today.

Foreign Affairs Minister Julie Bishop wouldn’t be drawn on Australia’s refugee intake today but said she felt for those fleeing the terror of Syria. “It’s heartbreaking. I have been there,’ she said.

Appearing on Channel Nine today, Ms Bishop was asked how many asylum seekers fleeing war torn Syria and Iraq would be granted humanitarian visas, or if the number would increase from existing protocol.

“We’re focusing on women and children and families of persecuted minorities who are currently in camps on the borders between Syria, Lebanon, Jordan and Iraq,” she told Today host Karl Stefanovic.

Stefanovic asked Ms Bishop if she felt for those fleeing their homelands.

“Absolutely, it’s heartbreaking. I have been there, I’ve been in Lebanon, I’ve been in Jordan, I’ve met with people in these camps.”

Refusing to be drawn on whether Australia would increase its overall refugee intake, Ms Bishop said the crisis in Syria will involve offering temporary and permanent refuge.

Immigration Minister Peter Dutton has provided an initial report to the government on his talks in Paris with United Nations officials and is on his way to Geneva for further discussions with the UNHCR and International Organisation for Migration.

Labor says at least 10,000 extra places should be offered under the humanitarian and refugee program, aid groups say it should be 30,000 while federal government backbencher Liberal MP Ewen Jones has argued for 50,000.

Liberal MP Ewen Jones in action

“I think if we’re going to play in that space we should have a significant number, somewhere between 30,000 and 50,000 people,” Liberal MP Ewen Jones told ABC TV on Monday night.

Ms Bishop said no decision would be made until further advice was received from Mr Dutton and she consulted with foreign ministers especially from the Gulf and Middle East regions.

However she said the government would consider both permanent places and temporary safe haven, similar to that offered during the Kosovo conflict, for those fleeing the violence.

“We will be part of an international response to this unfolding crisis,” she said.

Australia was also working with the international community on resolving the political crisis in Syria and stopping the killing of civilians by Islamic State fighters.

“It will require a military as well as a political solution,” Ms Bishop said.

On a domestic level, there was a need to ensure health care, education, accommodation and other services were available.

Refugee children make death threats and abuse Rockhampton teachers

‘We will have huge problems down the track’….Pauline Hanson on Channel 7 today.

Ms Bishop was making her comments as Pauline Hanson, on Sunrise, was warning that Tony Abbott faced a backlash if the government increased its refugee intake.

“On a per capita basis we take in more refugees than any other country throughout the world,” she said.

“When we see the photos … yes our hearts go out to these people, but let’s step back and ask where is the money coming from?”

The former One Nation leader claimed that refugee children in Rockhampton high schools were abusing and making death threats to their teachers, while their parents were taking jobs off local residents.

“If you want to have peace and harmony in this country you cannot keep increasing the Muslims, Islam, in Australia … we will have huge problems down the track,” she said.

“There are millions of Australians that are concerned about this, so go and speak to the Australian people because that’s exactly what I’ve been doing.

“And I warn Tony Abbott, he will have a backlash if he takes a lot of these people in at the next election, so he better prepared for it.”

Prime Minister Tony Abbott is considering fast-tracking the ­government’s planned four-year ­increase in Australia’s total refugee intake to cater for displaced Syrians stranded in the European ­humanitarian crisis.

The government had planned to increase the total refugee intake from 13,750 this year to 18,750 by 2018-19, but that rise could be ­expedited to allow Australia to ­devote the 5000 extra refugee places created to Syrians.

Sydney’s Catholic Archbishop Anthony Fisher, meanwhile, has joined calls for the overall refugee intake to be “very substantially” increased.

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One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. Muslim refugees have and still are proving that they are unsuitable for acceptance into Australian society. Only Christian and other non muslims should be accepted. Let the rest go to muslim countries.


  2. It is high time our Elected Politicians listened to the people who put them into the position of power. We have had a gut full of Politicians trying to appease the minority groups and Bleeding Heart Organizations. For God’s sake, get some balls and govern for Australians. Regardless of what the UN, UNHCR, Amnesty International and all the other Bleeding Hearts may think and say, govern this Country for Australians and think about the requirements of our own first. We have invested Millions of Dollars into some of these Countries and the only good it has done, is to keep a number of Charitable Organizations profitable and corrupt officials in a lavish lifestyle. My charity goes to Local Needs – Only. We cannot solve the problems of the World – these affected Countries have to do something for themselves and learn not to rely on the rest of the World. Pauline Hanson speaks for the majority of Australians who cannot make a Public Statement.


  3. Magic-Man-In-The-Sky-No-Thanks!

    Theocratic supremacist Islam is incompatible with Western secular societies. Period.


  4. I’m just like Pauline Hanson & Jackie Lambie I speak things Straight and I don’t Beat around The Bush , Ok regarding the situations with The Syrian Refugees they aren’t true Refugees they are just Economic Refugees I’m so sick of Bloody Islamic Refugees taking Our Jobs from The Locals they don’t mix with us Aussies or anybody else Islam has No place in Australia or anywhere else We Aussies shouldn’t take any Islamic Refugees cause they are a bunch of Country Shoppers to see Which Western Country do The Best Welfare System I’m not that Stupid to figure it out it’s not Rocket Scientist to figure it Out We Aussies should be taking in The Christian Refugees We as Australians shouldn’t be taking in any Crap Islamic Refugees I had it Up to my neck with this people


  5. Is the Australian government not looking at Europe, and the consequences of such a huge refugee intake? Open your eyes! Of the 18,000 you’ll let it, there’s likely to be only a handful of them who are after a NEW life!! To allow this many, you will open us up to the terror the EU is facing! WE DONT WANT THEM HERE!!


  6. Islam is incompatible.
    Their leaders admit this is an invasion.
    There are starving Africans, walking skeletons, and yet we are taking in spoiled brats with the bet technology, clothing, and have tossed the Christians overboard on the boats.
    Anyone who actually makes it to the Australian border has blood on their hands.
    Not to mention 70% or more of these so called refugees are military aged, unaccompanied males, who have left their wives and children to become slaves or worse.

    They are coming only to destroy, war is all they will ever know, and their Quran is worse than Mein Kampf in its hatred for Judaism, and it’s fascist up tenacity rhetoric.

    The left are defending their worst enemy, simply because their own racial bigotry associates Islam with brown people, and therefore a protected status must be applied.

    Sorry!! No!! Islam is multiracial, literally all races actually. One mission. Convert or kill the world.

    Wake up.


  7. Isnt the Apex gangs so called refugees.Do we want that in more of our capitals? Do we need more rapeists and kiddie fiddlers here, Funny how all this fit young men get the money to travel here there and everywhere looking for the best bennifits countrys offer.Where are thier women? They are such heros, men first women and children last, if at all.Have a good look at the young men.Looks like they have never known hunger or hardship, they are useing the refugee status just to get a foot hold in the west.Then slowly try to destroy us.NO MORE.


  8. Muslim have one only aim that is to get all in Australia to pray 5 times a day and worship Allah


  9. We need to take refugees, not illegal boat people of means, there are kurds and yazidis that can be proccessed thru the UNHCR that would welcome the chance to contribute to Australia and not be the welfare burden we have seen so far. A nd not pose the danger of other groups.
    We screened post ww2 refugees for skills and compatabilitiy to Australia, we benefited from thier technical and trade skills which we lacked, we put them in immigration camps to teach them english, then told them were they would work and live according were AUSTRALIA need them. A very succesful program of immigration that managed, unlike now, import them, let them go were the want, living of welfare, no skills, and very little to contribute


  10. Deport the bastards and torpedo their boats when 3 miles offshore!


  11. Bash the shit out of them and make them snd their goat fuckin parents sorry they came here give them a dose of their sharia law cut their heads off


  12. Can any of these refugees be given an mental illness check, they appear to suffer from mental issues, so they cannot work.! We’re told by the media the manus island mob are depressed & suicidal , but_ arent they Safe ?supposedly they were fleeing a war !!why cant the (u.n) arabs take these mental cases !!no more bludging assasins.we’re full !!


  13. Pierre-Anthony Christian

    Deport them all families and relatives and start with the old system, have skills relevant to our industry, must be able to speak English and fit in to our way of life with their own culture.


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