Firstly, there is hope! We have a strong chance of winning a plebiscite or referendum on marriage if the Coalition is re-elected next year. When the issue is put accurately Australians support a child’s right to a mum and dad more than the claim that two men or two women can marry and found a family. (See polling <http://www.family.org.au/phplist3/lt.php?id=eEtaBkkIVk8AAAkC> ) Therefore, it is time to understand the agenda of the LGBT lobby more deeply. Today we ask you and your contacts, businesses, community and religious leaders to study our new brochure Who Will Be Prosecuted

<http://www.family.org.au/phplist3/lt.php?id=eEtaAEkIVk8AAAkC> . Once you have read it through, please think of people you know that should be aware of the SOGI (Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity) agenda. Perhaps you local pastor/priest or school principal should know? Perhaps you are the only one that can alert them? In the longer term we must start preparing for 2 things:

1) Upcoming federal election: Only the Coalition (supported also by smaller parties like Family First, Australian Christians, DLP, Katter’s Australian Party) have promised a people’s vote on marriage (Polling shows 76% support for this <http://www.family.org.au/phplist3/lt.php?id=eEtbAkkIVk8AAAkC> )

2) Encourage people everywhere, particularly our elderly citizens that WE CAN WIN THIS. Everyone must take courage and seize the democratic opportunity we have been offered. We predict a people’s vote on marriage will be the single most important democratic decision in Australia’s history since federation. Get ready for the campaign now. Not a member? Join today <http://www.family.org.au/phplist3/lt.php?id=eEtSAEkIVk8AAAkC> . Attitude matters. Generosity matters. Communication matters. Willingness to act matters! Regards, Paul Monagle National President

ACTION Download and print the new brochure <http://www.family.org.au/phplist3/lt.php?id=eEtaBUkIVk8AAAkC> . Take copies to your religious community, networks, schools, friends and local politicians.


In June this year, our friends at the Australian Marriage Forum commissioned Galaxy polling. They found…

  • By a margin of three to one, Australians agree we should try to ensure that children, where possible, are raised by their own mother and father.
  • By a margin of three to one, Australians agree that the right to marry includes the right to create a family.
  • By a margin of three to one, Australians think it is more important that a child should have a mum and dad than that two men should have the right to marry and create a family.

Read the full report on this recent polling here <http://www.family.org.au/phplist3/lt.php?id=eEtaBkkIVk8AAAkC> .

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