For all those ill advised people  employed by the  Commonwealth of Australia and do not yet understand what they are doing within their work that entails criminal ways. Let them read and comprehend because the freight train of enlightened Australians is heading  toward them to deliver a catastrophic blow upon their full commercial liability now outside public service protection as they continue to demand money with menaces from those of us who are not employed by their corporation the Australian Government. Their actions are in fact extortion. This include all members of federal and state parliaments all local government councils across Australia which includes ALL  public servants, consultants, etc.

The registration of The Commonwealth of Australia as a company in Washington DC by government without referendum or consultation with we the people now make political parties, parliamentarians, public servants and all who sail within Corporate Australian Government accountable in the real world of litigation and treason charges.

Corporate Australia listings from Dun & Bradstreet:

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