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8 January 2015

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New York City steps up security at French Consulate and for prominent media organizations after Paris terror attack –The French Consulate and some media organizations in New York City now have NYPD counterterrorism patrols –Deputy Police Commissioner John Miller has said there is a detective in Paris keeping the NYPD up to date | 8 Jan 2015 | The New York Police Department publicly addressed the city’s security on Wednesday after a Paris newspaper shooting which left twelve people dead. The French Consulate and some media organizations now have NYPD counterterrorism patrols, NBC New York reported. Other places are reportedly being watched. Police have been seen outside both the French Consulate and the Cultural Services of the French Embassy in the United States which are both located in on the Upper East Side of Manhattan.

Paris gunmen displayed advanced military skills; one carried rocket-propelled grenade launcher –Amateur footage shows them using classic infantry tactics. | 7 Jan 2015 | The attackers who killed 12 people in and around the office of Charlie Hebdo magazine in Paris acted with a skill and calmness that bears all the hallmarks of advanced military training…Each one [attacker] is armed with an AK47 automatic rifle. They wear army-style boots and have a military appearance and manner. One of the men wears a sand-coloured ammunition vest apparently stuffed with spare magazines. Some reports suggest that an attacker was also carrying a rocket-propelled grenade launcher. The men attacked the magazine’s headquarters with clinical precision, killing their victims and then shooting two police officers in the street outside.

Paris terror attack: ‘Several arrests’ in newspaper massacre | 8 Jan 2015 | French Prime Minister Manuel Valls says there were "several arrests" overnight in the hunt for two suspects in the deadly shooting at a satirical newspaper. In an interview with RTL radio Thursday, Valls said preventing another attack "is our main concern," as he explained why authorities released photos of the two men along with a plea for witnesses to come forward. Earlier police said they were hunting for two heavily armed men. One, Cherif Kouachi, had already served time on terrorism charges and had a history of funneling jihadi fighters to Iraq.

Charlie Hebdo: Gun attack on French magazine kills 12 | 7 Jan 2015 | Gunmen have shot dead 12 people at the Paris office of French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo in an apparent militant Islamist attack. Four of the magazine’s well-known cartoonists, including its editor, were among those killed, as well as two police officers. A major police operation is under way to find three gunmen who fled by car. The masked attackers opened fire with assault rifles in the office and exchanged shots with police in the street outside before escaping by car.

Obama condemns ‘outrageous attack’ at French newspaper as he offers the country help to pursue the terrorists | 7 Jan 2015 | President Barack Obama today condemned the ‘horrific shooting’ at a satirical weekly newspaper in France and offered the country his help pursuing the gunmen. In a statement on Wednesday morning, Obama offered his thoughts and prayers for the people of France, which he called ‘America’s oldest ally’. ‘We are in touch with French officials and I have directed my Administration to provide any assistance needed to help bring these terrorists to justice,’ Obama said.

Where was the ‘Je Suis Charlie’ campaign when the French government banned Charlie Hebdo in 1970? By Lori Price, | 8 Jan 2015 | It’s time for a new meme to dominate the corporate media landscape, so people will clamor to surrender additional civil liberties in the name of fighting militant Islam: ‘Je Suis Charlie.’ Interesting to note (although no one else seems to be willing to), the free-speech-loving (not) French government actually banned ‘Hara-Kiri’ — the precursor to ‘Charlie Hebdo’ — in 1970, when the magazine leaned leftward. Odd, the corporate-owned world media seems to have forgotten that fact, as they’re promoting pens thrust in the air to celebrate ‘free speech.’

‘Minority Report’ comes to the UK, amplified: Spy on toddlers for terror proclivities, Home Office rulesNursery staff given ‘duty’ to report toddlers they suspect of being at risk of becoming terrorists under new Home Office laws | 4 Jan 2015 | Nursery school staff and registered childminders must report toddlers at risk of becoming terrorists, under counter-terrorism measures proposed by the Government. The directive is contained in a 39-page consultation document issued by the Home Office in a bid to bolster its Prevent anti-terrorism plan. Critics said the idea was "unworkable" and "heavy-handed", and accused the Government of treating teachers and carers as "spies". The document accompanies the Counter-Terrorism and Security Bill, currently before parliament. It identifies nurseries and early years childcare providers, along with schools and universities, as having a duty "to prevent people being drawn into terrorism". [The UK is becoming worse than the fictional dictatorship taken down in ‘V for Vendetta’.]