We have just witnessed the greatest propaganda farce in Australia’s history – the so-called G20 summit in Brisbane.

It was so boring, Vladimir Putin went to sleep, waiting for phoney Tony to shirt-front him! Where were you Tony? I had by flat shovel and mop ready and waiting, to scrape up what would have been left of you, and mop up the rest!

Chocked full of crapola and propaganda, as to how it – G20 – will “benefit Australia by billions of dollars,” – no details of course – how it will “boost the economy,” how it brought “millions into the country in just a few days,” (tell that to the inner city businesses, many of whom had to close) and just about every other lie you can think of – all for NOTHING! NIL! ZILCH! ! ! As we said, the greatest farce in Australia’s history. A complete waste of tax-payers’ funds, which it was secretly designed to be and to do of course!

No one has benefitted, nor will benefit, and many will lose heavily, and in many cases lose everything. Meanwhile many farmers out west are committing suicide, and thousands of pensioners and retired military personnel are struggling.

The only possible – and hopefully probable – solution to the overall “economic” problem,” which had nor has anything to do with G20 – is the establishment and operation of BRICS, which, if it is operated properly – and only if it is operated properly – will by-pass the present Rothschild-controlled current world banking system – a debt-based system as we all know – and operated on a credit basis, instead of the current debt-based usurious system, with all “money” created out of nothing, by the stroke of a few computer keys, and “loaned out’ as an interest-bearing debt.

Have you ever heard of, or seen anyone making (not earning) billions of dollars “interest” each and every year, on a few numbers on a computer screen? Your bank – and all banks – have been doing it for years Buddy, wake up!

We have just seen where Westpac has made several billions of dollars profit last financial year, all made with “money” created out of thin air, and then loaned out as a debt, and charging interest on all of it. All banks are doing it!

No mention at G20 of anyone re-starting their own bank, (including phony Tony of Australia) which is urgently needed here in Australia. I don’t know how phoney Tony sleeps at night!

In short, G20 was, as we warned, a major propaganda exercise, designed to mesmerise, hypnotise, and brainwash the “stupid goyim” yet again, and all paid for by the same “stupid goyim.”

The time to wake up is NOW, while there is still time, before the coming (deliberate) total collapse and take-over by the globalist banksters.

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Brian McDermott
Skype: governor2108