23 August 2014: KAP Leader and Federal Member for Kennedy Bob Katter has responded to Former Liberal Prime Minister Malcolm Fraser’s comments “I would love to see an alternative” in politics – stating there is already an alternative voice in politics standing up for the ordinary Australian – it’s Katter’s Australian Party.

Mr Katter’s response comes as Former Liberal Prime Minister Malcolm Fraser, who has since resigned from the Liberal Party, spoke on today’s ABC Radio AM Program.

Bob Katter

“Katter’s Australian Party (KAP) provides an alternative voice – a sound and coherent government.” Mr Katter said.

Many of KAP’s polices are founded on Mr Katter’s first-hand experience as a senior government minister for the best part of the decade and one of the ‘power group’ in Queensland’s Joh Bjelke-Petersen’s Country/National Party Government.

“QLD is still coasting on the economic strength we created in those years. I’m well aware of the benefits of government building dams, building railway lines to develop multi-mining operations, building developmental beef roads schemes which doubled the cattle numbers in this country, putting in place the reserve resource policy – which amongst other things gave us the cheapest electricity in the world.

“These are simple policies where you act in the interest of Australian people. The market interest almost invariably, is the corporation interest.

“The market is a valuable mechanism, but the extremist zealotry of which its proponents have imposed on the Australian people from the ALP and LNP leaves the country with a vanishing manufacturing base, a dwindling mining sector, a slowly shrinking agricultural sector, the price of electricity skyrocketing and petrol prices going ever higher.

“With the cheapest land in the world, the ridiculous over-government restrictions on subdivisions have imposed the highest housing prices in the world.

“With Australian farmers suffering the highest attrition rates and sadly suicide rates in the world – as there real incomes continue to vanish. We have constantly increasing food costs.

“Not one of these issues is being addressed by modern government – in fact the forces that have imposed these extraordinary institutions on ordinary Australians have been advanced.

“KAP IS the alternative in Australian politics today – we provide solid policies and a voice in the interest of ordinary Australians – not corporate greed.” Mr Katter said.

The full list of KAP polices can be found at:


Legislation introduced by Bob Katter in the 43rd Parliament click here: http://www.bobkatter.com.au/your-member/43rd-parliament-a-retrospective.html