As the details of the Robin Williams
tragedy continue to unfold, shocking
new information has come to light
and the mainstream media has, as
usual failed to ask some incredibly
relevant and important questions.

Why isn’t anybody talking about
possible SSRI usage? Why isn’t the
association between SSRI usage and
Parkinson’s disease being discussed?

11% of Americans today are using
anti-depressants, a 400% increase
since the 1980s. $11.3B are spent on
anti-depressant medication annually,
in the US.

Eli Lilly’s application to sell Prozac in
Germany was rejected, citing the risk
of suicide.

In 2004, after much agitation from
parents and Congress, the FDA issued
a "Black Box" warning for physicians and
pharmacists, with inserts placed in the
packaging of all the most prescribed
anti-depressants, warning of suicidal
thoughts, hostility and agitation; its
strongest measure, short of removing
these drugs from the market.

Video (under 9 mins):

Robin Williams: What Nobody Will Talk About!

– Alexandra