Do not pay ‘fines’

from Robert J Lee in Cairns

The Far North Queensland town of Mareeba was targeted today by dozens of police and Main Roads mechanics stopping every vehicle on the southern access simultaneously with another squad in the town area conducting breath tests.

Trucks, cars, motorbikes and buses were held up in queues on the roadside from both directions waiting for cars to be driven over the ‘shaker’ or inspected by mechanics for defects.

Highway Patrol cars and police motorbikes flanked the roadside in a great display of public intimidation.

Licences and registrations were checked and in some cases vehicles searched without warrants.

One woman motorist complained she had been ordered to drive her Landcruiser over the shaker then was fined $113 for an alleged faulty front indicator light and given seven days to have it rectified. She lives three hours away from the nearest police station or five hours from a Main Roads office.

Typical of a Liberal or National government these type of roadblocks have become more and more frequent across the State since the LNP Government came to power in 2012.

Penalising drivers for the most inconsequential ‘defect,’ police and Main Roads staff, colloquially known as ‘mermaids’ have been haranguing the working class, squeezing the last cent from them on some spurious infringement of the Road Transport Act.

Truck drivers lose their lifeblood licences from demerit points because of some alleged spelling mistakes or other innocuous entries in their logbooks.

Tradesmen, housewives and the many thousands of unemployed are slapped with fines which in the ongoing economic crisis they say are impossible to pay.

Now the LNP Government says it will force fine dodgers or those with unpaid fines of more than $5000 to undertake community services.

What a shame the LNP will not tell drivers that legally, they are not obliged to pay any government imposed ‘fine.’

The popular and helpful Aussie Speeding Fines internet site explains how motorists, legally, do not have to pay any fine and how thousands of stricken motorists have already had their motoring infringement notices overturned.

Cairns News does not support motorists who are driving dangerously unsafe vehicles, but like most of the LNP’s new law and order policies, it is cracking a nut with a sledgehammer.

It is all about revenue raising for a bankrupt government, and as Aussie Speeding Fines has advocated, speed or minor defects are not the cause of the majority of accidents.

Voting for the LNP or the ALP at the next State election will get you more of the same!