Clive gives all the jobs to the boys

Mining magnate Clive Palmer and his political aspirations took a mortal blow this week with the resignation of his key State Parliamentary performer Dr Alex Douglas.

Political analysts nation-wide have predicted that Douglas’ exit spells the death knell for Palmers United Party in Queensland.

According to Dr Douglas, Palmer bypassed him with the State pre-selection process instead nominating family members, friends, associates, employees and his cleaner as candidates for seats in the March election.

Palmer has attempted to shrug off the claims by blaming the influence of Dr Douglas’ ‘Uncle’ Bob Katter proposing to merge Katter’s party with PUP.

Yesterday Bob Katter said that while talks had been held with Dr Douglas in the past, he had suggested the formation of an alliance, not a merger, was best method of bringing the Liberal National Party to heel.

Dr Douglas said he left the LNP because it too looked after its mates and handed out ‘jobs for the boys’ and he could not tolerate the same political culture from Clive Palmer.

“The public are crying out for politicians to be honest and accountable and are looking for committed community champions to represent them,” Dr Douglas said.

He said he had been sidelined in the pre-selection process which did not reflect his principles.

Katters Australian Party President Shane Paulger said Mr Palmer had, in effect by his dictatorial behaviour killed off the chances of alternative parties forming government which would allow the Labor Party to regain a foothold in the State.

Should Dr Douglas remain as an independent, Mr Katter said the party would continue to work closely with him in parliament, keeping the excesses of the LNP Government in check.

“But we would be happy to accept Alex’s nomination as a KAP member,” he said.