This little ditty is about how Earth’s

water and air were formed – and also

in the universe, according to Ronald

Patrick Marriott:

“I have made a discovery in Lightning

physics that revealed the very centerpiece

of our worlds. Since the beginning of

time, lightning effect on hydrogen has

been producing anti-hydrogen.

One form of this is a Gamma ray producer

12 ft. ringed sphere, Relativistic

Perturbation (Mantle).

“For 4.5 billion years… lightning in

Earth’s atmosphere has been producing

this self-contained sphere utilizing rings

of Carbon, Liquid oxygen surrounding a

sphere of fused negative energy (anti-

hydrogen fusion). Mantle’s release comes

in the form of Sprites above storms.

Mantle produced the atmosphere

Ionosphere and anti-protons produces

dark matter around Earth’s Ionosphere.

“Mantles are the missing link in the

Earth’s physiology and the tie between

Man, Metaphysics and the Dimensional


New Energy Discovery