A letter to Attorney General George Brandis

Senator Brandis,

Why don’t you read this Federal Court judgement?


Why don’t you read that Judge J Jagot had to say about the AFP, how their raids on the premises of innocent citizens was unlawful, and how they misled magistrates to obtain permission? Why don’t you read it very closely?

Then, why don’t you familiarize yourself with the full and long term context of the raids? I can help you with this too:


Why don’t you examine the correspondence, on that website, involving the former AFP Commissioner, Michael Keelty? Why don’t you establish what Keelty and the AFP actually did from 2005 onwards, relating to Sydney airport, Schapelle Corby, and unfolding events?

Why don’t you take a good look at Mr Negus and his subordinates: at how they have wriggled and squirmed every time they have been confronted with any issue related to this (for example, that of Allan Kessing)?

Why don’t you look at the insulting excuse they gave to the Senate for the unlawful raids? Don’t you understand that they are humiliating the Senate, your office, and politicians generally, with this flagrant deception? Can you not see that they consider you to be foolish enough to buy this obviously manufactured excuse?

The objective of the raids had nothing to do with crime, as Judge Jagot stated unambiguously that no criminal offence was even suspected. It was to increase the pressure, the political pressure, on Seven Network: to stop them providing a platform to enable Schapelle Corby to bring the Keelty correspondence to public attention.

It was to intimidate Mercedes and Schapelle Corby: to frighten them sufficiently to stop them referring to the AFP’s documented abuse, misconduct, and worse. It was to gag them, which indeed, has subsequently occurred.

Negus and his subordinates jumped at the opportunity to influence these external events. They seized the chance to protect their colleagues and former colleagues, and to cover-up conduct which would bring the AFP itself into serious and long term disrepute.

I put it to you that not only is a transparent third party investigation into the AFP’s role in the wider Corby case long overdue, but that immediate action, regarding the current AFP leadership, is required. I cannot see how your office can retain any confidence in either Negus, or those who surround him.

John Harrington Esq