If anybody reading this now knows anybody who believes the official government report on 9/11, then tell them to snap out of it!

Everyone knows everything’s gone downhill, ever since that awful day; no-bid crony capitalism to rebuild Iraq and $730 billion per year being taken from our paychecks to fund the military to perpetrate psychopathic war crimes, that only make everybody hate us, all over the globe.

It’s not only gotten worse for us but MUCH WORSE for the Iraqis, who had absolutely nothing, at all to do with the
9/11 massacre, MUCH WORSE for the Afghan peoples of one of the poorest countries on the planet, whose lives have gone from bad to hellacious, only because the scapegoated US’ Man From Uncle had chosen to live in their country at the time of the attacks – although NO law enforcement agency was ever able to even bring charges against him.

He died of incurable kidney disease soon after the events and therefore couldn’t even speak for himself; only numerous CIA doubles in a series of dubious VHS tapes, which were aired thousands of times on Worldwide Television, as if they were the genuine article – including a fat black guy, gloating for the camera about the “success of the attacks” – except that he looked NOTHING like Osama bin Laden!!!

Can’t these whack jobs, who we pay to be “intelligent” tell the freaking difference between a skinny Arab and a hefty Sub- Saharan African, for God’s sake?

The fake killing of another Osama double in Abbottabad, Pakistan in 2008 was a hoax to make US President Obama look like a “powerful military leader” and boost voter perception for the his re-election campaign, held later that year. The half-assed “Viking Funeral” (sans the flambe’), when this double’s body was dumped in the Indian Ocean had nothing to do with any alleged “respect” for Muslim traditions about proper treatment of a deceased body, according to that faith: the captors were purely trying to hide the evidence that it was NOT bin Laden who was killed.

Shortly thereafter, the immediately-world- famous SEAL Team 6, called “heroes” for their responsibility for this kill – this information released, in complete breech of OPSEC – and then were swiftly set-up to be assassinated by a suddenly remarkably well-armed Taliban unit, as they hovered in a valley, like sitting ducks in a beat-up, 40 -year-old Chinook – in numerous violations of what kinds of helicopters can be used for the transport of Special Forces and how many members of such expensively-trained team members could be transported, in the same vehicle.

When I read that story about the Chinook on the front page of the NY Times, the only thing that I could think was that I was next.

But I’m not the only one who’s next!

Wake the Hell up – and wake up your friends – and LET’S FIRE ALL THE BUMS IN OUR SO- CALLED GOVERNMENT. NOW! How can they stand idly by, with infamy upon infamy being enacted in their – and in our names?

Why? Because we let them! Because they work for us. We both seemed to have forgotten that part!

Now we need to remember that we’re the boss and fire them ALL in 2016!

We need a functioning Third Party, made up of patriots who know the laws of the land and respect the peoples of other nations. People who stand for the legal principles that this country was founded upon, which was everything I just said in the first sentence of this paragraph.

And ALL lobbies need to be made illegal, immediately. Throw all the bums out, starting, now! We’ve got 2 years to get it together, folks.



This whole charade, with its DHS, TSA was never funny and it’s not getting any funnier.
Do you want a repeat of Watertown in your lovely neighborhood? No? Then, get crakcin’, my friends.

Post 9/11 America is a slow-moving train- wreck of a coup d’etat and it’s ONLY going to get worse, unless we stand up for our country.
And if we don’t stand up for our country, there is no telling what kind of mayhem will ensue…
so, get on it, people.

Create local, viable Third Parties in your districts and choose your candidates and let’s run ALL the greedy, criminal, degenerate bums out of town.

(Video: under 1 min):

9/11: CNN Pentagon Report: NO PLANE – Aired Only Once


– Alexandra