This little-known early-1980s film,
hosted by ABC radio host, Bill Jenkins
is a comprehensive documentary
about the historical, pivotal moment
in history, that determined the energy
system that the world is still using today,
while it explores the suppressed, non-
polluting energy generation technologies
devised by inventors throughout the ensuing
decades, whose lives have either been
ruined by powerful vested interests – or
who have remained unharmed, by quietly
keeping their inventions to themselves.

The film features maverick physicists and
inventors, including Viktor Schauberger,
Walter Russell, Paul Baumann and others
who have challenged the clasically-interpreted
Einsteinian physics to establish completely
different approaches to energy generation.

The film shows working energy-generation
prototypes, which defy classical physics and
it includes mind-boggling experiments in
anti-gravity – and even the transmutation of
metals, which is actually the by-product of
cold fusion.

(Video: almost 110 mins):

Tesla: The Race to Zero Point Free Energy