Back in and around 1952 and possibility earlier there were many children that were involved in the divorce process when parents split up for one reason or another. Many of those children were placed in state or church homes because the parent with the custody of the children could not work and look after the children, You must remember that back in those days there was no supporting parents benefits, no support from the government for struggling parents that had under their control and care children from the failed marriage

Once in those homes the children were defenceless and were at the mercy of the so called house masters and many of those masters had a liking for young children and they would single out kids and molest them,

Then there was the situation that arose with young girls that became pregnant because of some misadventure or another.

Many parents kicked their daughters out on to the street or into church ran homes so people could not point the finger at them because their daughter had become pregnant.

These girls had their babies and they were stolen off of them, only it seems the healthy babies survived and if they were half cast or if they had a mental or physical deformity they had very little chance of being adopted out and by some strange coincidences they used to pass away.

How many babies ended up in care in some church homes, how many children were molested by their carers in these homes, how many babies with deformities died in the care of these homes, how many of the house masters were paedophiles. How many babies were stolen off of their mothers under the guise of looking after these children?

I know from personal experience that these home that these children were put in were breeding grounds for sexual perverts and that many young girls with no life experience had their babies stolen off of them by church groups or do-gooders that cause a hell of a lot of mental harm to young and venerable girls that had no support base because they had made a very serious in those days mistake and become pregnant.

Peter Schuback

Hervey Bay