State Government awards $4 billion train contract to Canadian company

The awarding of a $4.1 billion rail contract by the State Government to a Canadian consortium to supply 75 electric powered passenger trains, build a depot and provide maintenance for 30 years has riled Katters Australia Party.

Bombardier, the world’s largest train maker said its share of the deal was worth about $2.7 billion with infrastructure investor and asset manager John Laing, Japanese trading firm Itochu and British investment company Uberior taking up the balance.

The project, dubbed ‘New Generation Rollingstock’ should have been built by Queensland businesses providing desperately needed jobs in Maryborough and Rockhampton, KAP State President Shane Paulger said today.

“I am angry that this LNP government is awarding overseas contracts of this magnitude when the whole state is suffering.

“What happened to the technology we had in Maryborough where our original electric trains and rolling stock were made?

The electric trains were manufactured by Walkers at Maryborough during the 80’s      

 and 90’s providing 2000  jobs across the state.  


“This goes to show the LNP and the ALP are identical in their policies of exporting our jobs because the ALP under Beattie and Bligh allowed our manufacturing base to disappear to China.

“Campbell Newman should be ashamed of himself for giving this lucrative contract to an overseas company following on from the destructive policies of the Beattie/Bligh Government.

“These trains will be built expressly for the south east corner, some of them operating in the new $5 billion under river rail link which will soon be built in Brisbane.”

Meanwhile farmers in the state’s north suffering a prolonged drought, have complained they cannot afford the huge increases in power charges for irrigation to keep their crops alive until it rains.

“This Newman government has been disastrous for primary industries and is sitting on its hands while the dairy industry goes bust.

“Combine the export of more manufacturing jobs with agriculture and this state is about to go belly up,” Mr Paulger said.

“Katters Australian Party is the only political force that will protect our manufacturing and agricultural industries.

“The ALP and LNP are one of a kind.”

For more information contact Shane Paulger on 0412166775

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