These poor silly buggers, the board members of Animal Health Australia, want to stop cattle dogs from biting the hocks of cattle.

Government National ResouceThey recommend jail sentences for those hard-pressed producers who cannot afford to hire labour, should their dogs bite a beast. From their appearances their is not one cattleman amongst ’em. People like these are destroying our primary industries.

They are professional social climbers among the burgeoning, useless, unrepresentative agri-political brigade infesting our industries at the behest of the ratbag animal rights groups like the vegan PETA and the silly ex-policewoman who runs Animal Rights Australia.

We must get rid of them or there will be more disasters just like the Indo live export debacle. This has all but ruined our cattle industry and exacerbated the dislike for us held by the Indonesians.

There are 17 properties in receivership in the Northern Territory, representing nearly a third of its land mass. Thanks to Animal Rights Australia, ABC Four Corners and PETA these pastoralists have been gunned down by now-proven dodgy animal cruelty footage shown by the Bolshevik ALP TV show Four Corners.

Cairns News suggests readers contact their federal representatives and instruct them to sack the board and disband the body.
This mob of professional bludgers should do something useful such as recommending a federal bounty of $150 for wild dogs and dingoes which have all but destroyed the cattle and sheep industries.

From left to right: Dr Bruce Christie; Mr David Palmer; Dr Bill Darmody; Miss Sharon Starick; Dr Helen Scott-Orr; Professor Martyn Leggo; Peter Milne, Chairman of the Animal Health Australia.