April 15th, 2013. Mareeba Race Course, 10 am

The LNP Government plans to sell the former TAFE and AACCMareebaAgriculturalCollege site because it says it is broke. They are prepared to sacrifice training of our children to work successfully in the mining and agricultural industries. The community must prevent the sale. This meeting has been called by industry professionals to keep and set up the college for future training.

Acting Chairman: Len Harris

1 Introductions: those who are interested in participating in the formation and running of the proposed college to introduce themselves and give an outline of what they do.

2 Proposals: brief outline from those who want to speak how they think we ought to proceed and how to structure the college.

3 Appointment of an ad hoc Committee: meeting to decide on what form and structure is needed to progress the proposal and appoint a committee and administrator to do it.

4 Course of action: proposal and discussion of what is approved by the meeting as a guide for the Committee.

5 Media Release: Discussion onliaison with media.

6 Registration: circulate address book to be filled in by those who wish to remain involved.

7 Date and venue for next meeting, if so decided.